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So, where do I start telling you the story of a very eventful and fun time I had in Austria? Yes, Austria, not exactly known for its hot night life and wild reputation but hopefully this story will explain all. It all happened for real back in the 80’s before mobile phones and the internet. I will try my best to replicate exactly what happened in as much detail as I possibly can recall.

I was 18 when it all took place. I was a good looking lad, who typically didn’t appreciate the benefits of youth and I was just finishing a two year stretch at college. I had messed about at college and not took it too seriously, it was a fun time and had enabled me to be confident about myself, have some fun and hopefully get a few exams to show for my efforts. As a reward for the two years of study I had been saving my measly earnings from my weekend job and along with my good college friend Scott had decided to go on a celebration holiday to end our time in education before we started work in the real world.

We had it all planned, which in the days before internet was an achievement in itself. We were going to six different countries and Inter-Railing all around Europe. If I remember right our Inter-Rail passes were going to cost £115 and we could go anywhere. Yes anywhere, and with no parents to hold us back, what could possibly go wrong?

I was so excited and loved to travel at the best of time but this was the first big holiday abroad, away from the parents and I was determined I was going to have fun.

But like all good things there was a catch and this turned out to be a biggie. Scott at the very last minute had however ended the dream trip and all our travel plans in one. We both had full time jobs planned for our return in September which was supposed to leave us with six full weeks to travel, or until the money ran out. However with just five days notice he had been asked to start his job early, which understandably he had decided to do…GREAT!

The holiday plans were literally dead in the water. So I was left high and dry looking down the prospect of a long summer stuck at home.

So, I decided to do what most people in the Eighties did and go along to the Travel Agent and see whether they could offer me anything in my budget as an alternative. I had visions of ending up in Benidorm sat on a sun bed, crammed in next to thousand of families, but for sure I didn’t care at this stage.

The travel agent was very helpful but could see I really wasn’t looking for a package holiday and came up with a last minute two week coach trip to Austria, it left tomorrow, and best of all was a good priced last minute deaI, so I took it. Without really thinking about what the trip was, and how long it took to get there on a coach, not to mention what there was to do in Austria for a young 18 year old. I just needed the break and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

I’ll spare you all the details of the journey, safe to say I arrived in the middle of the night to a very nice and posh hotel in Kitzbuhel. I had struck gold, this was awesome and all my meals were included, it had a luxury pool and spa area, which to a novice 18 year old was pretty much all I needed. It was however fairly obvious that I was by a country mile the youngest person in this hotel.

After a good nights sleep I managed to make it downstairs in time for breakfast and with the help of a couple of very nice waitresses managed to work out how everything worked. It was fab, just help myself to anything I wanted and as many times as I wanted. I was in my element, it seemed like I had really struck gold with the hotel not to mention the waitress girls who were very pretty and spent alot of time looking over to me and giggling, which I loved but looking around the room I quickly realised I was the youngest in here, so I was kind of their only choice but either way would have to play that to my advantage.

I spent the first day getting my bearings and went around the town, I even met up with the travel rep in the afternoon and listened to her enticing me into the trips she on offer…Venice, Vienna, Mountains, Palaces, Waterfalls, etc. The list of trips was endless so I worked out what I could afford and booked myself onto a few. That night I felt I had had a busy day and made my way down to dinner.

Dinner was quite formal and the aged population in the dining room obviously made this the highlight of their day. I walked in and instantly felt out of place, even my new waitress friends were nowhere to be seen. I stood out, looked awkward and very quickly realised I was here on my own. Everyone else was in groups together, even the waiter didn’t have a table for one, so I had instantly caused him a problem. I guess this was the catch, it had been going too well and there had to be a downside; or so I thought?

It was then that a younger couple sitting together nearby noticed my predicament and invited me to join them, thank goodness I was saved. Saved from the embarrassment of being the only loaner bolu escort bayan amongst a room full of old folk.

Gillian and Steve were here on vacation to celebrate their anniversary of where they first got engaged; atop on of the many surrounding mountains. They were lovely and so friendly. They had gone out of their way to rescue me and I was so grateful.

We instantly became friends and they were so kind to me. Gillian was a nurse. she was incredibly attractive, with long dark hair and a great figure. Steve was the quieter of the two and spent alot of time looking at me as we were chatting, saying little but always attentive and didnt miss a beat. They were in their late 20’s and I liked them both and we got along well, we hit it off and before I knew the night had gone without a hitch and my concerns about dining alone all trip seemed a distant memory.

We spent the next couple of days hanging out together, they were keen to discover what my plans were and before I knew had booked onto the same trips and we had an amazing couple of days. They were so friendly and genuinely wanted to hang out, not wanting to leave me out and best of all always arranging a time so I wasn’t left abandoned in the dining room.

After two days of trips I had decided that I wasn’t doing alot and had simply told Gillan and Steve that I was having a day in, hanging around the pool and maybe even a sauna. I had seem some guys using it the previous day and wanted to try it out.

We agreed to meet later for some food that evening.

I loved the pool area it was perfect for the hotel and large enough that you never felt cramped. A nice pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a plunge pool, relaxing beds all round and treatment rooms if you fancied something a little more costly, sadly out of my budget for this trip.

Not being used to such facilities I was determined to make the most of them and soon after breakfast was in the pool for a dip. Relaxing between swims on the comfy beds, watching the world go by. I had even brought a reading book to pass the time. It was amazing and I was loving it.

It was during this time that much to my surprise in walked Gillian and Steve.

“Hey,” I called out to them calling them over but as they approached I was blown away by Gillian’s amazing figure and the sexy bikini she was wearing under her robe.

“It’s lovely to see you enjoying yourself and relaxing” Gillian said, appearing genuinely delighted to see me and we greeted each other with hugs but I was trying so hard not to stare at this goddess before me, but more importantly not get aroused as she peeled off her robe.

“Do you mind if we join you?” she said, laying her things on the bed next to mine before I had chance to answer. “We loved your suggestion of a quiet relaxing day by the pool.”

“Be my guest,” I replied, smiling like I some how had any influence about the place.

There were not too many people about but it was obvious she commanded the attention of every male set of eyes in the place, including mine.

Steve smiled and simply said, “time for a swim.”

At the same time Steve effortlessly dived in the pool and swam a couple of lengths, and I watched as Gillian far more elegantly, took her time and lowered herself into the pool before swimming off. Thankfully giving me just enough time to cool off and try to think about other things. What I hadn’t bargained for was the way her figure was made hotter when she walked out of the pool sometime later, dripping wet. She was simply stunning, her bikini clung to every part of her and I must have had my jaw open, she looked amazing. Her breasts and obvious nipples had me transfixed and then she sexily pulled her bikini bottoms from her between her ass cheeks, before bending over to grab her towel right next to me. I tried so hard not to look. Wow!

Steve had followed her out and he was in great shape as well, and also had a clinging pair of Speedo’s that I couldn’t help but also look at. His cock being outlined perfectly before he grabbed a towel, at the same time looking directly over to me and catching me looking at him. At the time moving my towel to cover my fast growing bulge of my own. He smiled a tiny smile, and said nothing.

They weren’t obvious with the sexuality they oozed but it was subtle and almost as if they pretended nobody was even looking. They were an incredibly good looking couple, and I was suddenly in the world of the pretty people without even realising it.

We lazed around for awhile and chatted, all the time me trying not to look at Gillian or trying not to stare at Steve, even after he swam another few lengths of the pool and came strutting back showing off his good looking frame once again. This couple were hot and as I lay there next to them was aware that nobody else was feeling what I was feeling, my teenage hormones were all over the place. I had never been attracted to guys before but this guy was very good looking. They both were.

I decided escort bolu to get up and head over to the jacuzzi, a popular spot and I managed to wait for a quiet gap and headed over to join the three other people already in. After sitting for some time, managing not to speak to anyone else, I was soon joined by guess who, Gillian and Steve.

“Hello you two, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist for long” I said, as they walked in together, hand in hand they managed to effortlessly drop into the water.

Awkwardly I moved as they got in to make space for them to sit together only to end up with one of them on either side of me. All the time trying not to stare or be looking at the envious sexuality on display in front of me.

It was so relaxing. Gillian closed her eyes and drifted off as she lay back and relaxed in the hot bubbling water. It looked good so I thought I would try it too. Soon after I felt something touch my lower leg, so gently moved to avoid it and instantly it was there again, a foot slowly teasing up my leg. I looked around and although everyone was sat fairly close and it wasn’t obvious who’s foot it was. The jacuzzi bubbles hiding any sign of who was playing footsie. Gillian was in a world of her own, Steve was somewhere else, and the other three people looked so dis-interested. It carried on, and slowly teased up and down my lower leg, and as the bubbles fizzed away I tried to establish who it was? I couldn’t. OMG, whats happening? Is it a mistake? Is it deliberate? Is someone trying to…??

I closed my eyes and decided to pretend it wasn’t happening but the more I tried the more I was feeling the arousal growing and slowly my erection was beginning in my swim shorts. As each rub of my leg happened my cock twitched some more and I got even more anxious, until I couldn’t take it any more and decided in haste I had to leave the jacuzzi.

“I’m heading to the Sauna,” I said to anyone who might have been remotely interested,

but importantly to the person rubbing my leg to let them know they had won and managed to scare me off.

I lept up from the jacuzzi quickly, not looking back and trying my best to grab my towel and hide the erection that was stunting my swimwear as best I could before heading over to the cold showers outside the sauna. What a relief. I had escaped and was sure nobody had noticed. I am not sure my inexperienced teenage self was ready for such excitement.

I didn’t look back toward the pool but instead went straight into the Sauna. My first time and one guy was sat inside when I entered.

I nodded to him and smiled. Nothing.

It was hot!

I know thats not a surprise but it is when you are not used to a sauna but I sat down and had to bluff it out in front of this obviously seasoned older guy who was hardly breaking sweat. The minutes ticked by and as it got hotter and I got sweatier. I managed to take my head away from the jacuzzi experience and put it down to being an error, someone was rubbing my leg by mistake, it was that simple.

As the sauna intensified I looked over to the guy who frowned as if to say, he was just warming up and after nine whole minutes I decided enough was enough. Once again I headed for a cold shower and washed off the heat of the sauna and once again cooled off after the experiences that I was dealing with.

This time looking over to Steve and Gillian who were relaxed once again on the lounger beds, and so I thought now was the time to leave. I quietly grabbed my towel and slipped out and headed back to my hotel room.

So as I lay there back on my bed I couldn’t get it out of my head, someone was definitely rubbing my leg, playing “Footsie”, whatever you want to call it, I know I hadn’t imagined it.

But nothing more happened and so I kept putting the incident to the back of my head, along with the image of Gillian in that tight, wet bikini but not forgetting the fact that I had noticed Steve and surprising myself noticing what an attractive guy was. What was happening to me?

As I lay there, between that state of semi sleep and slight arousal I was toying with the option of masturbation or dozing off. Normally one led to the other but not today.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted as there was a knock at my hotel room door.

I lept up, and rather panicked wondered should I answer it or not? Why ever not?

I wasn’t in a Hitchcock Movie, but then again who would be knocking on my hotel room door in the middle of Austria?

What was happening to me, I was becoming a sensitive wreck. So many questions; so after a few seconds I answer it, obviously looking bemused and a little anxious.

It was Steve.

“Errr, hi Steve, you ok?” I said, as I opened the door.

“Hey Chris. We didn’t see you leave the pool earlier and just wanted to check you were ok?” he replied, standing in front of me smiling, still slightly wet from the pool.

“Sure, errrr yeah I guess I am fine,” I replied. bolu escort “I was just thinking about resting, I didn’t want to disturb you guys, you looked so relaxed when I left.”

“Come in if you want?” I hear myself say, instantly wondering why I said it.

“Thanks for that,” Steve said as he entered, as I tried not to look as he brushed past, wearing a towel round his waist and a t-shirt, getting wet from from the towel, nothing on his feet.

“Gillian went back to the room for a lie down but I just wanted to check you are feeling ok,” he said, as he brushed past me into the room looking around.

“Yeah I am fine, thanks for asking.” I replied “I think the Sauna was a bit too hot for me in the end and I stayed in a bit too long.”

“Yeah they can take a bit of getting used to, I dont like them too much,” he chatted, at the same time leaning back against the window ledge.

“Say, have you got any beers in that fridge,” he said, pointing to the mini bar. “You fancy one?”

“Ummm yeah, why not?” I replied as I leant forward from my bed and opened the fridge door. Passing one to him and keeping one for myself. Trying not worry about the obvious cost implications to a young man on a tight budget raiding the hotel mini bar!

“So, did you like the pool area then Chris? What was your favourite bit?” Steve asks as he opens the beer and slurps away.

“It was all pretty good I guess, I am not used to having such facilities on offer.” I said looking over to him. “It was great to relax and enjoy all the luxuries I am just not used to.”

I liked Steve, he was a friendly guy and this was nice just chatting away, a couple of guys enjoying a beer but what happened next was to change my life in so many ways.

Steve whilst drinking his beer had accidentally split some down his already wet shirt and decided all of a sudden he would take it off.

“Jeez look at me, what a dork, spilling beer all down me,” he said, as he peeled off the shirt and put it over the chair.

“Sorry you were telling me about the pool area,” he said.

“Err it’s ok.” I was a little mesmerised and stifled my words as I tried not to look at him.

A guy half naked in my hotel room, a good looking guy at that. Trying not to stare.

“It was all pretty good, the jacuzzi’s good though.” I said, still trying not to stare.

He laughed and said nothing more.

“What…??” I asked laughing back.

“Its nothing, I just…no forget it.” he was playing with me.

“Please…?” I said, looking to him.

“Well, I couldn’t help but notice how much you liked the jacuzzi when you got out,” he smirked as he said it.

“Oh god,” I went bright red and didn’t know where to look as he said it.

“Well I can explain,” I said, embarrassed at knowing he had seen my erection.

“You don’t have to explain to me Chris, its perfectly natural,” and as he said the words he came and sat alongside me on my bed where I was sat.

As he sat close to me on the bed I felt my heart leap out of my chest, my mouth dry made worse when he said “I saw you looking at Gillian as well Chris, maybe that was the reason you were so aroused?”

“No, no, I couldn’t help it Steve, I am so sorry, it wasn’t like that at all,” I spluttered, feeling myself going redder as I spoke.

“Ssshhhh its ok, Chris, you don’t have to worry, she does look amazing and that bikini is awesome on her,” Steve said softly. Leaning into me playfully as he said it.

At the same time as he said it his hand rested on my leg, just in a reassuring kind of way or so I thought. There seemed to be an age before anything more was said.

“But I wasn’t sure she was the only thing that caught your eye Chris?” he continued.

There was the biggest pause, I was nervous as I could see where this was going, my heart now beating so hard. My mouth so, so dry. I just couldn’t comprehend what was happening and felt myself getting so nervous and embarrassed.

Then softly he whispered “I wasn’t sure but thought that maybe you were looking at me at the same time, would that be true?”

His hand now subtly and gently running up and down my leg as I sat there. Dying with nervous embarrassment inside and not knowing what to say, my reaction and silence making the situation more tense.

There was an even longer silence.

“No,…I…Maybe,” I uttered “but…,” I said nothing more.

My heart beating so hard, but unsure was it because of the fact he had seen me looking at his wife, seen me looking at his body or the fact that he was running his hand up and down my leg.

I couldn’t hide my new obvious arousal and the more I did the worse it seemed to get.

“So, did you like what you saw Chris?” he asked, as he sat next to me.

His hand now slowly moving up and down and even inside my leg. Smiling towards me as my erection grew inches from where his fingers were. As he played with my emotions and obvious vulnerability, like a lion and its prey.

“I cant, I haven’t, I don’t know,” I spluttered nervously.

I was so so nervous as he was obviously trying to take this friendship to a new level. A level I was not sure I was ready for. My heart pounding so hard, so out of my depth, frozen to the spot. Nervous, scared, and yet so turned on.

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