Away for the Weekend

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Female Ejaculation

‘What’s up’ read the text message. God, my hands were shaking. I can’t believe he didn’t hear the vibration of my cell phone alerting me to the text message.

“Gotta pee, ” I say as I grab my pocketbook and run upstairs to the bathroom. I sit on the edge of the bathtub and pull out my cell.

Message Received appears at the top of the screen. ‘What’s up’. What’s up? What’s up is that my husband was supposed to leave for his camping trip a half hour ago and I was to meet him, my HIM. I hit Reply. ‘Still here. I’ll call you.’ I hit the send button. I watch my message go. My hands shaking.

“Hey, we’re going.” My husband yells up the stairs.

“OK, be right down.” I reply and flush the toilet in pretense.

I run down the stairs and see that he and all his friends are gathered by the door getting ready for their weekend.

“Have a great trip.” I say, “I’ll miss you.” I hug him tightly. He hugs me back.

“I love you. I will see you in two days!” my husband says as he walks out the door.

“O.K. Love you too.” I respond, a bit distant. My mind thinking of the next few hours.

I shut the screen door and watch them get into their trucks. I wave one last time, watching their tail lights disappear into the dark. I shut the door and lean my back up against it. I take a deep breath and run up the stairs. As I remove my clothes and jump into the shower, I think to myself, ‘What am I doing?’

I begin to prepare myself to be with him…HIM! I just want to look, smell and feel so good. I have never done something like this before. Tonight I was going to cheat on my husband.

‘I’m crazy,’ I think as I look in the mirror, taking in my naked body.

I touch myself. Imagining him touching me. I’m not a bad looking woman. Reddish-brown hair, green eyes. It’s a good face. I have been told I am attractive, to some more than attractive. I sigh. I take in the rest of my body. I touch my stomach. My abs are looking pretty damn good. I work out every day, which helps me stay in shape.

I have good, strong legs. I smile, remembering how he said he likes my legs. I move my hand down, touching myself lower, thinking of him kissing me there. I close my eyes and shake my head, picturing his face. He is so handsome and has an incredible body. I start to get nervous. He is younger then me, by at least 9 years and this is the first time he will see me completely naked.

He could have anyone he chooses. But he chose me, a 38 year old! I just hope he is not disappointed. I turn away from the mirror and look at the clock. 7:10 p.m. I am wasting time. Time that could be spent with him. HIM!!!!! I call his cell.

“Hey!” I hear on the other end. My heart flutters.

“Hi”, I whisper. My voice going completely away in my excitement. “He just left. I can meet you in, say 10 minutes?”

“O.K. Call me when you are close and I will tell you where to go.” He says.

We hang up. I stare at the phone. I take a very, very deep breath.

‘Here we go!’ I say to myself. My heart thumping in my chest. I fumble through my lingerie drawer looking for something sexy to wear. I put on a very small G-String, some tight jeans and a shirt.

One quick phone call to the babysitter to ensure her that I will pick up my son by 9:30 p.m. and then I grab my keys and head for the door.

As I am driving I keep thinking about what will happen tonight. Will I be good enough? I have only had one lover. My husband. My husband!. I rub my forehead. I look at the clock. 7:45 p.m. I am about 3 minutes away from where he lives. I call him.

“Hi,” I say breathlessly. “I am very close. Where do you want to meet?”

“Meet me in the parking lot of the shopping center. I am already there. I’ll see your car.” He says.

“O.K. Bye!”, I say and hang up.

I pull into the parking lot and see him put on his lights. I pull next to him. He rolls down his window. His gorgeous face Eryaman Escort smiling at me.

“Park your car and jump in here. I’ll take you to my place.” He says.

So I do just that. His car is very warm. I slid into the passenger seat and turn to him. Before I can anything, he kisses me with his tongue. That relieves some of my nervousness, but now I feel myself getting wet with excitement. I tell him so.

He laughs, “Well then let’s not waste any of that.”

We get to his house in less than 5 minutes. I start to make small talk just to ease myself. But the moment we get into his house, we embrace our bodies hot with anticipation. I become completely relaxed and then we start kissing. Our tongues entwining. His hands roaming my body.

“Let’s go upstairs” He says and grabs my hand, bringing me up the stairs.

When we get into his bedroom, he sits on the bed. He grabs my hips and pulls me towards him, bringing me between his legs. He lifts my top and starts kissing my stomach. He licks a trail with his tongue down around the edge of my pants. I moan with pleasure.

He undoes my pants, pulling them down. I see him smile when he sees my G-string. I remove my shirt. He looks at me. His eyes trailing over my breasts, my stomach. His eyes show that he is not disappointed in what he see.

“I want to fuck you!” He says.

“Oh, God, please! I want you so much!” I manage to get out before he throws me on the bed.

He lays on top of me, his knee spreading my legs, one hand holding my hands above my head. He starts to kiss my neck, licking me, nibbling. I moan as his knee gently moves up and down my pussy, exciting me even further. He lets go of my hands and he works his way down my body with his tongue.

When he gets to my panties, he takes them between his teeth and slides them down. I arch my back wanting him, needing him. He starts to lick my pussy. Spreading the lips with his tongue, licking my clit deeply. He puts his hands around my ass, spreading me further apart, and sticks his fingers into me.

“Oh, God, that feels so good!” I say, and I start to grind into his fingers. My hands reaching to his head, pulling him closer to my pussy.

When I look down, he is looking at me as he is licking me.

‘That is soo hot,’ I think. “I want you to fuck me!” is what actually comes out of my mouth.

He stands up and I sit up on the bed. I help him get undressed. God, he is beautiful! I kiss and lick his stomach. I breath him in deeply. He tastes and smells so good. I take his pants off and his dick is standing straight out there, pointing at me, accusing me. I start to get nervous again. I swallow hard and look up at him. I melt when I see that he is looking at me with so much passion in his eyes. I begin to think about how much I want him. How much I want to taste him.

I take his cock in my hands and stroke it. I put it in my mouth, bringing my lips all the way down the shaft. I know he likes it when I bring it deep into my mouth, so I do that. I start to caress his sack, bringing my hands further between his thighs, touching his ass. I smile when hear him moan. We’ve talked about me fucking his ass with my fingers and I intend to bring this fantasy to life for him. I slide a finger between the cheeks of his ass.

Moaning, he grabs the back of my head, bringing his dick deeper into my mouth. Noting his excitement, I put my finger into his asshole.

“Ah, fuck!” He groans. “I want to cum on you!”

“Alright,” I say as I pull away, “But not yet.” I say and lay on the bed, sinking into the pillows.

I spread my legs, pulling my knees up and start to touch myself. He just looks at me. Watching what I am doing, bringing his hand up and down his dick. I lick my fingers and bring them down to my clit, massaging it.

“Not fair! I wanna have some fun too,” He says teasingly.

“No, Sincan Escort I want you in me,” I say and stick my fingers into my cunt. “Right here. I want you to fuck me….right here….real hard.”

He doesn’t hesitate. He pushes me further into the bed and enters me hard. I am so wet that he just slides in and out with ease. I grab his ass, pulling him closer. He thrusts deeply, fucking me so hard. I raise my legs to rest on top of his shoulders and feel him go in deeper.

“I want to cum on you now,” he says, his voice full with emotion.

“Oh, yes….that will be so good.” I whisper.

As he positions himself with his ass facing me, I start licking his asshole, sticking my tongue in as deep as I could. I encircle his cock with my hand, moving it up and down his shaft. I then take one finger, rubbing it against the wetness of my pussy, making it wet and put it into his asshole. I feel his body go rigid. But then he starts to move with my finger.

“Ah,” he groans. “That’s good. Talk to me.”

As I jerk him off and fuck him with my finger, I tell him how good he feels. I ask him if he likes how this feels.

“Yes!” he cries, “It feels so fucking good!”

“You taste so good”, I tell him. Whispering to him, telling him I want to feel his hot cum on my body.

With a loud groan, he lets himself go. His cum squirting all over my stomach. Before he moves off me, I grab him and bring him down on me. Rubbing his cum over both of us. He laughs, and starts to lick my pussy. Sucking at it, nibbling my clit.

He pushes me onto my side and I bring my pussy closer to him. He sticks his tongue deep into me, rubbing me, massaging me with his tongue, licking me. He movements become purposeful and as his fingers enter me, I feel my body tighten.

“Please, lick my pussy!….Oh, God, that feels so good!” I scream. “Don’t stop! Oh, yes….my pussy is so wet!”

He licks faster me. Then he sucks my clit. In and out he fucks me with his tongue. Sucking my clit. Blowing on it. Then he stops and smacks my mound with his hand. When he does this I feel my body begin to tingle. I feel a surge rip through me.

“Holy, shit!” I cry. “That feels incredible.”

He starts to licks my pussy again with long strokes of his tongue. He tongue moving from my clit to my asshole. He smacks it again. Each lick pressing deeper onto my clit. I have the most incredible orgasm and I just keep getting them, over and over again. My body pulsing with each one.

I grab the back of his head holding him there not want it to stop.

“That was incredible” I whisper.

He just laughs. His hand rubbing me softly, my body still responding to his touch. I look at the clock. 9:00 p.m.

“Shit, I gotta go!”

“You have to go pick up your son?” He says.

“Yes. Will you try and come to me later? Come to my house. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you cum in me.”

“I will try. I promise.” He says as he kisses me and walks me to my car. We hug tightly.

“I will text you. OK?”

I nod. I feel my eyes welling up. ‘Don’t cry, idiot’ I say to myself. ‘Maybe he will’

I check the clock. 1:30 a.m. is blaring at me. I give the clock the finger, wishing it were him. I knew he wouldn’t call or text. ‘I am an idiot.’ I think and draw the covers up around my shoulders. But then I hear it. The vibrating pulse of my cell phone. I grab the phone – Message received – I hit Show.

‘What’s up’ it reads. My stomach drops. I hit Reply ‘I want u now’ and I send it to his phone. Seconds, which feel like hours pass and I get an answer ‘I’m cumming’, I smile. I call his cell.

“Hey you” I say.

“Hi. Tell me how to get to your house.” He says. “I thought about you alnight. I smelled you on me.”

“Oh?” I ask. “Did it smell good?”

He laughs. “Yes. I love the way you smell.”

I give him directions Etlik Escort and say, “I will leave the door opened. When you come up the stairs and my bedroom is at the top.”

I run into the shower and freshen up. ‘What will I wear?’ I think and grab a pair of stockings. I nod. ‘Yea, this will be perfect.’

I check to make sure my son’s bedroom door is closed and I lay on my bed, positioning myself so that when he walks ups the stairs all he will see are my legs clad in the stockings he loves so much. I hear the door and his footsteps on the stairs.

“Very nice.” He says.

I laugh and sit up to face him. As I begin to rise, he shakes his head.

“No. Stay like that.” he whispers.

I reach down and stroke my legs and start to touch myself. I lick my fingers, bringing them my clit rubbing it, watching him watch me. Never taking my eyes from his face.

He starts to undress. I watch as his muscles ripple as he removes his shirt. I lick my lips remembering how good he tastes. I feel my pussy get wetter. He removes his pants and tosses them to the side and slides on the bed next to me. He takes my hand and licks my fingers, tasting my juices. I moan.

He takes his hand and caresses my hip, moving up to the swell of my breast and then down again and around to my ass. His finger sliding down the crack.

“Do you like my ass?” I ask him. He smiles.

“Would you like to fuck my ass?”

“I would!” he says.

I turn onto my stomach and raise my ass up, looking at him. I give it a smack.

“Oh, please fuck my tight little ass!” I say in my sexiest voice.

“Here, put this on you and my asshole.” I say as I hand him a bottle of lube.

He takes the bottle and puts some where I tell him and then I feel his finger moving into my asshole. I get so excited. I feel myself get wet. I raise my ass to him. He takes his finger and moves it in and out, preparing me, making me more and more aroused.

He positions his cock with his hand and brings it to the opening of my ass.

“O.K. Baby, I’m ready. I’ll wait for you to push back.” he directs me.

“Mmm O.K.” I say, as I reach down and work my pussy and clit, pushing back slowly.

I want him in me so much. But he’s big and I am already tight from being so excited. I take a deep breath, bring myself back feeling the tip of his cock spread my asshole. I feel a bit of pain, but know the incredible pleasure that will follow. I pull away and then move back again, slowly. This time, I feel it enter me. Instinctively my body tightens up, but I continue to work my pussy. I feel the heat of hands on my hips as he slowly brings me back and forth on his cock.

Oh! The sensation of being fucked in the ass is driving me crazy. Feeling his cock slide in me was bringing me closer to an orgasm. I pushed back a little more, wanting him deep in my ass. As I pushed deeper, I feel his cock get bigger, thicker and then I feel it.

As I start to have an orgasm his movements become stronger. His hands gripping my hips, driving harder, he cums in me. I feel how hot his cum is in my ass. It feels wonderful.

I hear him moan in pleasure as he finished. His hands easing up on my hips, as he leans on my back. Both of us are breathing heavy as we collapse on the bed.

“I’ve wanted you to do that to me since I saw you.” I confess.

“Me, too.” He said. “That felt really good.”

“Mmmm. Too good.” I whisper.

He hands start to stroke my body. I feel myself getting excited again. Loving the way his hands feel, the warmth of his body next to mine. I feel his cock getting hard again against my ass. I reach around and take it in my hand, loving the smoothness of it.

We lay there holding each other, memorizing every inch of our bodies, knowing that there may never be another chance like this again and not wanting it to end. I turn my body to his, arching my back and pressing my breasts against him. He kisses me deeply.

He brings a hand up and strokes my cheek. I strain my body against his. Wanting to feel him in me one more time. Wanting him in my pussy.

“I want you again.” He says.

“Please!” I whisper, and wrap my legs around him.

I take a deep breath, “Please fuck me one more time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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