Bad Girl

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I always try my best not to dissatisfy or anger Daddy. I was in a really bad mood for some reason. He text me at lunch time to tell me he’d be home at six and I was to have dinner ready. I was to be kneeling in my usual spot when he got there.

Things didn’t go as planned.

I was late to get dinner started so everything else fell out of line. I started to get nervous about not being ready but my mood quickly changed again.

I felt frustrated and lost. I didn’t know why and it was pissing me off. It was quarter to 6 and dinner wasn’t ready. I was a mess. I went into my room to remove my clothes so at least I’d be ready for him when he came in. I laid down on my bed for a minute. I was lost in thought.

I was startled and jumped off the bed when I heard my bedroom door slam open. Daddy was standing there. A stern angry look on his face, it terrified me.

I quickly tried to scurry to the kitchen to finish dinner but Daddy had already turned the stove off.

I walked towards the living room. He caught my arm and gripped it tightly. He led me to the middle of the floor.

I stood there with tears streaming down my face. I started to speak but Daddy stopped me. His anger was so clear on his face. He began to strip my clothes off. He piled them on the floor.

He wrapped his hand in my hair as he pushed me to my knees. He walked to his room and returned with handcuffs. He brought my arms behind me. I knelt as I sobbed quietly with my head down. I’ve angered Daddy and it hurt to see him like that.

He sat in his chair as he ignored me. He picked up his phone and ordered Pendik Grup Escort a pizza for dinner.

He walked into the kitchen to retrieve a beer and came back to sit in his chair. Being ignored by Daddy is the worst thing ever. It’s been over a half hour now and I rested my head on my shoulder. The crying had worn me out.

The knock on the door startled me and I straightened my body back up. He rose from his chair and headed to the door to open it. The delivery guy handed him the pizza and he set it on the table. He told the guy to come in while he got the money out of his wallet.

He walked in and was surprised to see me as I knelt there with no clothes on. I would not dare try to cover myself and anger Daddy even more. He handed him the money and thanked him. He walked out as he looked back the entire time. Daddy let him in on purpose to embarrass me. He closed the door and sat down with the pizza. He ate and drank his beer.

Daddy always waited at least an hour before he began my punishment so he’d have time to calm down and think about what I deserve.

After he finished he got up and walked into the bedroom. Daddy’s gone for about ten minutes before he came back in. He was holding the flogger in one hand and the crop in the other. I knew I had to take my punishment for displeasing him.

He reached down and pulled me to my feet. He removed the cuffs and took me to his bed. I climbed on the bed and positioned face down with my arms and legs stretched as far as they’d go.

Within seconds I felt the harsh sting of the crop, blow after blow across my backside. Pendik Manken Escort From my legs all the way up my neck, I felt the burn on my skin from it. I cried into the bed so the sound was muffled, I stayed as still as possible but my body trembled.

All I heard him say was “flip”, I quickly turned my body to carefully position on my heated and painful backside. I turned my head to face away from him, my body spread out again. Quickly the leather made contact with my skin again and my tears slithered down my face.

Once daddy’s satisfied with using the crop he set it down and sat beside me to give me a drink of water. He set the glass back down and guided me off the bed and stood me I placed my hands behind my head with my legs spread apart as far as I can.

Daddy picked up the flogger and started at my thighs, the blows harder than usual. My knees weakened but I stood tall as I felt the leather straps crash across my ass, my back. He moved around to the front of me and started at my breasts and worked his way down my body. The flogger whipped through the air and between my legs several times. I was in pain but also turned on. I couldn’t let that show.

As I sobbed uncontrollably, knowing all to well that I deserved my punishment. Daddy means the world to me and I’ve disappointed him, that’s the worst feeling in the world.

Once Daddy is was satisfied with my punishment he walked me into the bathroom and ran a cool bath and helped me into it. I soaked for a little bit and daddy walked me to his bed. He layed me down and applied salve to the welts on my body. Pendik Masöz Escort No matter the punishment Daddy always took care of me after.

He left the room and came back with a glass of juice and some pizza for me, I took no time to finish it. When I was done he picked me up and carried me to my bed. I never get to sleep with Daddy after a punishment and that hurts more than the punishment itself. He set me down in bed and kissed my cheek.

I looked up at him, “thank you for my punishment Daddy.”

He left the room and closed the door. I laid there thinking to myself that Daddy punishes me because he cares so deeply, if he didn’t he wouldn’t bother.

The next morning I woke and headed to the kitchen to start breakfast for him. Just as I finished he walked out and poured some coffee. He sat at the table as I gave him his food. I went to leave but he gripped my arm and pulled me into his lap.

His hands reached down between my legs. His fingers roamed and dipped into my pussy. He softly bit my neck as his fingers fucked me. He pulled them out and they glistened with my moisture.

I was gently pushed out of his lap and bent over the kitchen table. His hand wrapped through my hair yanking my head back. He guided his hard cock and with one thrust he was deep inside me.

I let out a muffled cry as daddy pounded away at me. His hand slid to my throat wrapping it around. His grip was tighter than usual. My moans echoed through the kitchen.

He thrust deep and let out a growl as I felt his juices drain inside me. His body collapsed on mine as he rested. After a minute he stood and turned me towards him. Daddy kissed me.

He raised my chin to look me in the eyes as he said, “don’t ever disobey me again my little one!”

I replied, “I promise I won’t daddy.”

We all know that will never happen though. Some little girls like to be punished!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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