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Big Tits


After I got ass-fucked in a Seattle night club by Wayne, my girlfriend and I returned to our layover hotel, and I went back to Alan’s room, where he was already in a deep sleep. I glanced again at the card Wayne had given me, which had a private airline logo, a slogan, and a number to call if I was interested in becoming a private airline stewardess. Based on my discussion with Wayne while he was fucking me in the ass at the club the previous night, I suspected this ‘stewardess’ job involved a lot more than just serving coffee and peanuts. I decided I would call to find out more about it. The international travel and rich executives part of Wayne’s pitch had definitely caught my ear.


The next morning, I felt Alan’s hands reach around from behind and start fondling my tits to wake me up. I tended to wake up slowly, and as I stretched and yawned with my eyes still closed, I could feel Alan rubbing his morning wood against my naked back, clearly wanting some relief. Wanting to keep my eyes closed just a little longer, I reached behind me and started stroking Alan’s erection with my hand, causing him to let out a soft moan and to rock his hips against my fist.

After a few minutes of this, I finally opened my eyes for good, and rolled over to face Alan. I pushed him onto his back and threw the covers off of us, then knelt next to his hips and sucked the tip of his rock hard cock into my mouth. As I bobbed my head up and down on his rigid shaft, I used one hand to stroke him, while I fondled his balls with the other hand. My E-cup tits were swinging beneath me as I continued blowing his cock, so Alan –moaning softly with his eyes closed – massaged, pinched and gently slapped them as he enjoyed the warmth of my mouth and extra stimulation of my tongue on the tip of his dick. It didn’t take long before Alan grabbed my boobs a little harder, caught his breath, and slammed his prick deep into my mouth as he shot a huge load of cum down my throat. Grabbing the back of my head, he kept thrusting his hips into my face, as he spewed more creamy ropes of jizzm into my mouth. When he was finally done cumming, he settled back onto the bed with a dreamy smile as he enjoyed the throes of his climax, breathing deeply to catch his breath.

I laid my head on Alan’s chest and toyed with his softening shaft as his breathing returned to normal. Then, when he had enjoyed his orgasm long enough, I said, “OK, buster….your turn.”

I turned over escort bayan onto my back, and pulled Alan’s head over between my spread legs. Giving blowjobs always gets me wet, so I was already drenched and my clit was aching to be tweaked. Alan always gave good head, and he liked doing it, so he got comfortable and went to work. I closed my eyes and, moaning softly, guided his tongue to all the right spots around my aching pussy. Eventually he began focusing on my engorged and slightly protruding clitoris. As he used his mouth and tongue to flick, suck and rub my sensitive love button, I felt a massive orgasm sweep across my entire body. My legs trembled slightly and I let out a moan as I grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him hard into my pussy so I could grind my clit against his tongue as I came, drenching his face with my juices. I held his head there for a minute or so, with my eyes closed and my clitoris pressed against the flat of his tongue, while a warm tingling sensation coursed through me from head to toe.

I finally released his head and looked down at him with a smile.

“That was amazing, Alan. Thanks for the ‘good morning’ orgasm,” I said.

He smiled up at me with my cum juices covering his chin and said, “My pleasure, Lexy….and speaking of pleasure –that was an amazing ‘good morning’ blowjob! So, thank YOU, too!”

After catching our breath for a few more minutes, we clambered into the shower and washed each other – me, washing his beautiful cock and balls; and him, soaping up my pussy and teasing my nipples as he lathered up my breasts. We were too spent to actually fuck in the shower, but we still enjoyed washing and drying each other, before dressing and starting the day. Alan headed to the airport for his next shift. I had another day of layover, so I decided to check out the private airline proposition Wayne had told me about the night before.

I pulled out the card Wayne had given me, and called the number. A woman named Dana answered and we set up an appointment with her boss – a guy named Lance – for later that morning, just before lunch.

From my conversation with Wayne the previous night, while he was fucking me in the ass at the club, I sort of knew what kind of meeting this might be, so I dressed in a form-fitting, low-cut dress, with a top-to-bottom zipper in front. I wore G-string thong panties underneath, and decided not to wear a bra, which would show off my large, natural boobs a little better.

When I arrived for the meeting, kocaeli escort bayan Dana was stepping out of an office, while pushing one of her breasts back into the top of her blouse and straightening the bottom of her skirt. There was only one office door connected to the reception area, so I assumed the office she had just left belonged to Lance. Dana smiled at me, welcomed me, then sat at her desk and used the intercom to let Lance know that I had arrived. She showed me into the office, introduced me to Lance, then left the room, closing the door behind her.

Lance was a good looking guy – maybe mid-40’s – definitely in good shape and well dressed. He came around from behind his desk with his hand out for a handshake, saying “Hi, Lexy….I’m really glad you called. Wayne had great things to say about you….thinks you’ll be a great asset to our private airline company.”

I shook his hand and said, “Thanks, Lance. Based on what Wayne said, I’m definitely interested in working here.”

“Go ahead and sit here,” he said, pointing to a chair in front of his desk. Meanwhile, he leaned back against his desk directly in front of the designated chair, with one thigh resting on the desktop, his leg dangling in front of the desk. I couldn’t help but notice that he had a sizeable cock, as the shaft was clearly outlined down one leg of his trousers as he sat in front of me on his desk, one leg swinging casually back and forth.

“Now, Lexy,” he said, “to be clear, we are a full-service private airline. We provide all the services our clients want and expect when traveling on our planes. Do you have any questions about what that means?”

I kept glancing at the outline of his prick under his slacks, which was only inches away from where I sat, then adjusted my gaze to his face and said, “I think you’re trying to say that your ‘stewardesses’ provide sexual favors to your rich clients during their flights….is that where this is going?”

He obviously noticed that my eyes kept darting to the outline in his slacks, so he laughed, used one hand to adjust his dick and said, “Heh, heh, yep, Lexy…that’s what we do. And if they want additional company when they arrive in Paris, London, Tokyo, or wherever, we offer them that, as well. Some of our clients take full advantage of these services, others only partial advantage, and still others do not partake in those services at all. We flex to whatever the client wants.”

“And the pay?” I asked.

“Your kocaeli escort salary with my company would be at least four times what you earn at a commercial airline, and our clients tend to tip our stewardesses EXTREMELY generously for the services they provide.”

As he said this, his eyes kept wandering down to my cleavage, and his hand kept adjusting his – now growing – cock through his slacks. He smiled and asked, “So….does this sound like something you’d be interested in?”

I smiled to myself as I watched him continue to adjust his growing erection, then I sat forward in my chair and looked him in the eye and said, “Yes, Lance – I’m in.” I reached over to where his sizeable cock had grown to full length down one leg of his trousers, and rubbed my hand along its length.

With a smile I asked, “Would you like me to help you with that, Lance?”

He grinned, unzipped his fly and pulled out his fully erect staff, saying, “Hahaha, that would be amazing, Lexy. I’m really glad you asked.” As I sucked the tip of his prick into my mouth, he said, “Wow, Wayne was spot on about you….you’re going to do great in this job.”

As I sucked his cock and stroked his shaft, he reached between us and pulled down the zipper in the front of my dress, allowing my boobs to pop out and swing freely beneath me. He grabbed them with both of his hands, squeezing and massaging the flesh and pulling on the nipples, as I continued to bob my head up and down on his dick.

After only a few minutes, Lance began bucking his hips as his climax approached, then squeezed both tits and held them as he blasted a torrent of cum down my throat. I swallowed his load, and kept stroking his dick, as he continued emptying his nut sack into my mouth. I swallowed that load, as well, then used my tongue and mouth to clean his shaft, while I continued to gently pull out the last drop of jizzm. When he was completely done, I continued to slowly stroke his huge – now flaccid – cock as it dangled between his legs, while I asked a few more questions about my new position with his company.

When all my questions were answered, I leaned back, tucked my tits back into my dress, and pulled up the zipper. Meanwhile, he shoved his meat stick back into his slacks and zipped himself up. He gave me paperwork to complete, I agreed to give my two week notice the following day, and we shook hands as I left his office.

As I walked past the receptionist desk on my way out, Dana smiled and said, “Welcome aboard, Lexy. I think you’re going to like working here.” Then, with a wink, she added, “Lance’s office isn’t sound proof, so I think you already know this….but, the perks here are amazing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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