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Carolyn had finally made it to the airport; tired, sore and about to cry, but ready to go. She had thought being a surrogate mother would be a nice way to make money but hadn’t bargained for everything that had come with it. She had flown to Phoenix the month before to live with the expectant parents. While they were nice people, and would surely be good parents, they were boring as hell. She had been so horny during her last trimester and had it not been for her discreet pocket-rocket, she might have made a move on the only man to touch her pussy in 9 months: her OB/GYN.

She also hadn’t planned for milk-swollen breasts. Since she had never considered the baby hers, she hadn’t even thought that her body would plan for keeping it. For two weeks now, her breasts has been leaking thick, sweet-smelling milk. The hospital provided breast pump had been a life saver. Every few hours she attached the machine to her swollen nipples and watched the containers fill. She happily turned over the milk for the baby but now she was going home and the milk would be wasted.

When she arrived at her gate, a very maternal looking woman was at the ticket counter. Figuring that it would be less embarrassing to ask the woman to direct her to private area than leaking all through take-off, she approached the ticket agent.

“Excuse me, I recently had a baby and I need to use my breast pump. Is there somewhere private in this part of the airport I can use?”

The agent looked puzzled, like she was looking for the baby. Carolyn quickly added that she had been a surrogate mother for an infertile couple.

“What an amazing thing to do for someone else! There really isn’t a public place where you can be alone but you seem like you deserve some çankırı escort bayan special attention. I know that the pilot’s lounge is empty right now. I am sure no one would mind and there is a nice sofa and a television.”

The agent escorted Carolyn to the small door just a few feet from her gate. Carolyn thanked her sincerely.

She was relieved to find that the agent was right: she would be alone. As she settled into the sofa, she freed her swollen breasts from her too-tight bra. She latched the pump to her turgid nipple and switched it on. Relief was slow but there was one benefit to this process, her pussy would vibrate right along with the pump.

Figuring she wouldn’t be alone again for at least 4 more hours, she took the opportunity to slide her free hand down her pants. As she reached her swollen clit, she began to roll it between her fingers in that familiar pattern. She was getting so hot that slick juices were coating her busy fingers. Her right breast was nearing empty.

Carolyn let out a small moan but suddenly heard a deeper moan. She opened her eyes and saw a man standing across the room, rubbing his cock through the front of his pants. His white shirt had gold pilot’s wings and his blue pants were decidedly tented in the front.

“Where did you come from?” she asked, quickly pulling her hand from her pants and trying to shove her exposed breasts back into her brassiere.

“I was changing my shirt in the lavatory, but I think you are going to make me have to change my pants too. Please don’t stop on my account.”

She looked at his face, so eager to see more. If his eyes hadn’t convinced her, his pants certainly did. She could see the outline of his dick as çankırı escort he slowly continued to rub it.

“Well, I do have to finish my other side before my flight.”

“I could help with that. It seems a shame to let it all go to waste.”

Carolyn stood up, undid her bra and let her breasts swing freely. The pilot approached her and his lips landed firmly on her left tit, circling her nipple with his tongue before latching on. Oh god, the suction he created! Her pussy slammed shut as his tongue rolled her entire areola against his upper teeth.

He guided her back to the sofa, laying her down as he knelt beside her on the floor. “Don’t stop playing with that pussy,” he said. They were definitely beyond boundaries at this point. Carolyn quickly slid her pants off, spread her knees apart and resumed her clitoral rhythm.

The pilot had resumed his stroking, too. This time, undoing his pants to let his fat cock spring free, barely grazing Carolyn’s outspread knee.

As he sucked the sweet milk from her purple nipples, she noticed just how thick his cock was. She had never seen one so big around; she doubted her hand would fit around it. She was thinking about that cock while furiously finger fucking herself.

“I think your empty now, ma’am but I am far from satisfied.” He swiftly swung her leg off the couch so that her pussy was directly in front of his face. He dove in and began licking all her slick, heavy juices from her swollen lips. His tongue was thrusting deep inside her box as his fingers mashed her clit in large circles.

Carolyn was rubbing his hair, trying to push his face and tongue even deeper. As good as it felt, she knew she wouldn’t be satisfied until she had escort çankırı had it all.

“Fuck me. Please. Now”

He pulled her to her feet, turned her around and bent her back down so that she was holding the back of the couch for support. He rammed his cock into her so fast that she thought she would scream. She had never felt a cock that wide before and it was stretching every crevice of her pussy while the head bounced over her g-spot.

Her tits were swinging back and forth, slowly dripping white drops as they moved opposite the pilot’s thrusts. His rod was thrusting quickly, deeper and deeper. She was cumming so hard, liquid was running down her thighs. She could hear his thighs slapping against her with wet smacks.

As her orgasm slowed, he pulled his cock out of her and slid onto the couch underneath her. His dick was waving like a flag, begging to be released from its load.

“Care to finish me off?”

Never one to forget a kindness, Carolyn knelt between his knees and tried to get her lips around his dick. She used both hands to get a rhythm going, letting her head bob down as far as possible. He began rubbing her nipples and bringing the thick drops of milk to his tongue. When he finally came, Carolyn swallowed every last bit of his salty cum before cleaning their juices off his entire package.

They dressed in silence, each catching glimpses of each other before clothing covered the sources of their pleasure. As she turned, to leave, the pilot took hold of her hand.

“Thanks, that was great,” he said.

“You too, I might just sleep all the way back to Chicago, now.”

“Chicago, huh?”

As Carolyn boarded the plane, she was escorted to a first class seat. She assumed that the nice lady at the ticket counter must have upgraded her ticket. She settled back and prepared for take-off.

Over the intercom, the captain greeted the passengers. He told the passengers to prepare for beverage service immediately after take-off. Carolyn knew that voice sounded familiar…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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