Big Women Sex Stories

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Do you like large women? Does the sight of large beauties turn you on? If so, here at the Big House Brothel, we have a bevy of large women for you. We’re embarking on a trip to go meet plenty of them. It’s going to be something, folks. You’re going to see large women doing all kinds of freaky things. Oral sex. Anal sex. Group sex. It’s all good down here. Don’t say you weren’t warned. It may thrill you, it may shock you, but we’re certain it’s going to leave a mark. Strap yourselves in for a chunking good time, folks!

Gina Terrier is one of the large women of the house. A five-foot-nine, red-haired, green-eyed, big-bottomed and large-breasted large woman from Idaho. This average-faced Irish gal makes up for her shortcomings by being the kind of slut who will literally do anything for sex. Next to her is Kali Marvel. A five-foot-ten, average-faced, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed and bow-legged black woman from Chicago. Her skin is jet black and she is rather average in the face department. While quite ordinary, she possesses extraordinary sexual talents. Looking at her, you’d never know that she was the best oral talent in the house and that her list of favorite sexual proclivities include a talent for anal sex. Yeah, you read right. The large black woman digs booty sex!

Last but not least, there’s Lola Valdez, the gal from Mexico. This young immigrant is new to the United States. She spent her whole life in Mexico. Culture shock aside, she has adapted quite well. Finding steady employment rather quickly. Well, the world’s oldest profession is always hiring. This five-foot-eight, bronze-skinned, round-faced, shifty-eyed, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Mexican woman found her sexual talents in demand in this new country. That’s why she ended up at the Big House Brothel, whose clientele was rather refined, though demanding.

Tonight’s clients were a diverse bunch. First, there’s Adam Leroy. A tall, good-looking Black man. A six-foot-three, ruggedly handsome professional football player and small business owner. Second, there’s Michael Lamont. A five-foot-ten, good-looking, middle-aged Frenchman with long blond hair, green eyes and an aristocratic demeanor. Last but not least, there was Pablo Carlos, a stocky and ruggedly handsome Hispanic gentleman with black hair, bronze skin and light brown eyes. Pablo Carlos was a professional race car driver as well as an entrepreneur. The three men sat comfortably in the lobby of the Big House. All three of them were brought there by the same need and desire. A special interest which none of them dared to admit in the light of day. They had come to indulge their secret lust for large women.

The madam of the establishment was actually a mister. Master Ebony, a stern-looking black man from Columbia. Master Ebony was a tall, good-looking black man. Back in Columbia, he worked as a gigolo, servicing both male and female clients. He hooked up with Emilia Guillermo, a wealthy Columbian widow and became her lover. The widow in question was once the wife of Pedro Guillermo, a wealthy and powerful Columbian warlord whose legions of followers once ankara evi olan escortlar tried a coup against the government. Emilia Guillermo, a beautiful Latin woman in her early forties had both male and female lovers. Her sexual escapades were the talk of the Columbian capital. She was known to sometimes be cruel to her lovers. Master Ebony had been no exception. One night, fed up with her cruelty, he ignored her cries for help when a brigand assaulted her in a dark street. She died from knife wounds inflicted by the urban criminal. Master Ebony, whose real name was Paolo Ramirez took the widow’s money and moved to America.

Once in America, Master Ebony worked as a male model. He eventually met a female porn director who offered him a lot of money to star in her videos. Master Ebony appeared in dozens of gay, bisexual and straight videos. Equally comfortable having sex with men and women, he was totally cool and looked good on camera. Also, the fact that he was gorgeous and well-endowed also won him legions of male and female fans. Master Ebony retired from the porn industry with a lot of money. He went to college, got a degree in accounting and worked for a firm. When they discovered he was once a porn star, they fired him. He walked away from that life and never looked back. He met an aging porn actress named Betty, the former madam of the Big House Brothel. They ran the place together. When Betty died, Master Ebony took over. He was the Man of the House.

Master Ebony observed the three men who sat in the lounge. They were all handsome professionals. He ran their names through his super computer and discovered all kinds of facts about them. Adam Leroy, the gorgeous black football stud was dating a white supermodel named Jessica Derrick. Michael Lamont, the French businessman was married and had two sons and a daughter in college. Pablo Carlos was single, but his race car buddies and conservative fan base wouldn’t approve of him frequenting a brothel. Smiling, Master Ebony took their money, told them the rules and introduced them to the ladies. Then, he retired to observe behind the scenes. He would see everything on camera from the top secret control room.

Adam looked at Gina. Damn, the sexy large Irishwoman was tempting. She took his hand and led him to a secluded spot. Once there, they began to do their thing. Adam was not a very eager man. He wanted to appreciate the charms of the larger woman. Gina put on a show for him. She slowly undressed, letting him see her large and sexy body. Adam enjoyed the sight of her. For reasons he couldn’t fathom, he found himself checking out large women while in public. He hid this from his fans, all of whom were successful, macho men who dated only the prettiest women they could find. He kept his lust for full-figured women to himself. He only indulged himself through discreet encounters. It was ironic. One of the most sought-after bachelors in America, a professional football stud who had women throwing themselves at him had to pay for sex because he feared what people would say if they discovered he liked large women.

Gina grinned at him and ankara olgun escortlar gestured for him to come to her. He got up, and kissed her. She kissed him back. She could tell that he liked her. She touched him through his clothes. Yeah, he really liked her! She unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants. Out came his manhood, which was both long and thick. Gina stroked him gently. Wow! This stud was well-endowed! She knelt before him, and took him in her mouth. At first, Gina didn’t know what to expect. No two men tasted the same. Once she had a taste of Adam, she knew exactly what sort of man she was dealing with. As she sucked him off, she sensed passion, virility and masculine strength in him. And she couldn’t get enough of it! Adam was perfectly willing to give it to her.

Michael Lamont, the handsome Frenchman looked at Kali, the gorgeous large black woman. Grinning, he asked her to show him what she was working with. Kali smiled. It’s always good to see a man who likes large women. Such men were held in high regard in her eyes. They often had class and good taste. Michael leaned back, relaxed and enjoyed the show. He watched as the large ebony dame got naked, showing off her full-figured body. His eyes widened when he saw her thick bubble butt. Damn, this woman had a really nice behind. He began stroking himself through his pants. Grinning, Kali asked him to feel her up. He did. She unzipped his pants and unbuttoned his shirt before gently pushing him down on the bed, which was conveniently nearby. Time for this gal to go work. Michael lay on the bed and gently stroked that fine hair of hers as Kali began sucking on his erect manhood. The lovely black dame really knew what she was doing, of that he was sure.

Meanwhile, Pablo was having some fun with Lola, the lovely Mexican gal. the two of them laughed as they kissed and undressed each other. Pablo couldn’t believe his luck. This was his first time going to such an establishment and he had found a lady from his own background. A lovely Latina. Lola eyed Pablo coyly. He was certainly handsome. Judging by the way he kissed her, touched her body and played with her, she knew that this Latin stud knew his way around the female body. He was suckling on her breasts and his fingers slipped into her womanhood. She felt his digits searching, probing and exploring. She gasped at the welcome intrusion. He played her body like a fine musical instrument. Yes, he was loving it and so was she! He gently pushed her down on the bed and went to town on her. He probed and licked her, for what seemed like an eternity. Then, finally, the floodgates opened. Lola screamed as wave upon wave of pleasure hit her body. Pablo looked at her, and nodded with satisfaction. The Latin stud still had the magic touch.

Meanwhile, Kali and Michael were going at it in full swing. Michael lay on the bed, his hands firmly planted on his partner’s hips. Kali looked at him, grinning as she straddled him. She thrust downward, impaling herself upon his erect manhood. He thrust into her, at last sheathing his member deep inside her. Kali gasped as Michael entered her. Slowly, they ankara sarışın escortlar worked on establishing a good rhythm both of them were comfortable with. They changed positions. Now, Kali was on all fours. Michael came up behind her and gently spread her full, around butt cheeks. He spread them, and placed his member against her back door. With a swift thrust, he entered her. Kali did not scream when Michael inserted himself into her anal cavity. She had been expecting this. Slowly, she backed up against him, driving him deeper into her. Michael placed his hands on her hips, and thrilled with the fact that she was so into it, began to take her with all the passion he could muster.

Pablo and Lola were also doing their thing. The lovely and curvy Latina looked at the macho hombre who had taken her to high heaven with his dexterous talents and skilled lovemaking. How she wanted to return the favor. He straddled her. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed him into her. Pablo smiled as he felt her fleshy body embrace his stocky, muscular form. How he loved this! He thrust into her, reveling in the supple firmness of her flesh. He was loving every second of it. They went at it like this for some time. He was thrusting into her and she was undulating underneath him, loving his every thrust and feeling the passion behind it. She screamed, begged him for more. Like a real macho Latino, Pablo gave her all he had. This was his first time indulging this particularly sexual interest of his and he intended to enjoy it to the max. And he did.

Adam and Gina were trying their own particular brand of lovemaking. He was suckling on her breasts and fondling her genitalia. She welcomed his fingers and tongue into her womanhood. He was quite dexterous and knew what he was doing. He made her cum rather spectacularly, after probing and teasing her for an eternity. Eager to return the favor, she gave him oral action the likes of which the rest of us can only dream of. When she had him at his hardest, she climbed on top of him like he was a stepladder and began to ride him for all she was worth. Gina gasped as he entered her. The handsome black athlete thrust into her, filling her up. They went at it like this for some time, then changed positions. Gina got on all fours. Adam gently spread her butt cheeks wide open, and inserted himself into her anal canal. Gina gasped then smirked, welcoming the intrusion. She backed up her fine behind, grinding it against his groin, craving more. Adam smiled and gave her all he had, thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow. He took her like this and they screamed passionately, reveling in the sensations they experienced until they lay exhausted on the bed, pleasurably sore.

A short while later, the three couples parted ways. Adam, Michael and Pablo became regulars at the Big House in the following months. Kali, Lola and Gina were always pleased to see them, as was Master Ebony. Indeed, on those nights that the three professional gentlemen visited, the action burned up the screen where the Ebony Master watched everything in private. Action like this was the result of true passion, a rare thing in this world. Thanks to his special interest clientele, Master Ebony was amassing quite the video collection. For his eyes only. Those were the perks of being the Man of the House at the Big House Brothel. He got to indulge his voyeuristic tendencies, and then some.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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