Birds of Prey Pt. 02

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by NICHOLX, 09.09.22

4480 words

We climbed to 3000 feet, then leveled. Our primary objective was reconnaissance: German troop or armored movements would be recorded and passed on to artillery units. At this altitude we were vulnerable even from small arms ground fire, but we flew low to maintain ground visibility, as the air was hazy at best.

We flew southeast in diamond formation, in a zigzag pattern. Captain Renaud flew point, Scotty and Rolf flank, and Karl and I brought up the rear. We covered about sixty miles and no troop movements were observed, then Captain Renaud gave the home signal. We turned and zig-zagged northwest toward base.

About thirty miles from our airfield, we spotted them at two o’clock high: five Fokker triplanes coming from the east. As they came within range, I heard the tak-tak-tak of their Spandau machine guns. My heart started racing like a triphammer! I think it was not fear that I felt, rather excitement upon this first combat confrontation: there was no time to be afraid, I had to act! Following Renaud’s directive, we held formation and banked right, making us smaller targets but also bringing us head to head with the Fokkers at a closing speed of two hundred mph! Gripping the stick like my cock in my right hand, with my left I fired the Vickers intermittently, hitting nothing. Within seconds the two groups converged with guns blazing and passed by each other. Surprisingly there were no head-on collisions, then the Boche and we were headed in exact opposite directions. Our foes quickly reversed direction, my comrades turned to meet them and the crazy dogfight was on! I had no bag of tricks, but the ‘Immelmann Turn’ maneuver flashed through my mind: I pulled back hard on the stick, going into a near-vertical climb, and just before the stall I kicked rudder, turning me one hundred eighty degrees. Then I slid back down the climb curve, joining the fray at increased speed. To my surprise I got on the tail of a Boche who must have been as inexperienced as I. As he crossed my sights I fired the Vickers, slightly leading him. He trailed oily smoke, went inverted, then nose-dived. He jumped and I saw his chute open. I was glad I had not killed him but was elated with my first victory. My euphoria was short lived however, as my wings and rudder took a lethal hail of bullets from the Fokker tailing me!

I broke right, then left, then right, rolled and fishtailed wildly, made a loop, but could not evade my pursuer as another hail of bullets riddled my fuselage. Luckily Karl slipped behind and above him and dissuaded him with a salvo from his Vickers. My attacker appeared to have taken some damage, rolled left and spiraled toward ground. As my foe passed beneath me I saw the red/white/black of his top wing, and with a sickening feeling I thought that it must be Helga! Good Christ, no! It didn’t matter that she had fired at me! I would not have known her from Eve, yet I did not want her to die!

I glanced at the skirmish, and apparently the Boche, down now by five to three, had disengaged. I signaled to Karl that I was alright, he rejoined our group, and I decided to follow down the foe that Karl had vanquished.

I stayed within one hundred meters behind her as she spiraled slowly down. She was not trailing smoke but her flight looked a little unsteady, finally setting down on a snow-covered field. I stayed behind her and landed, staying about fifty meters from her craft, and cut my engine. I could see now that the pilot was a woman, and she appeared to be having difficulty climbing out of the cockpit. Was she injured? I grabbed my small med kit and jumped down onto the frozen snow. I wore a sidearm, but did not loose the holster strap. Except for the crunching of snow, all was quiet as I approached her. As I got within twenty feet of her, she was sitting on the side of her cockpit and was about to jump down. She drew her handgun. “Komm nicht näher!” she snapped.

I knew some German, and thought it best to stop. I raised my hands, the med kit in my left hand. She was young, and her face was beautiful; I wondered about the rest that was hidden beneath her leather flying togs. She jumped down and grimaced in pain. She had trouble standing.

“Französisch??” she gasped.

“Nein, Amerikanisch,” I said. “Sprechen Sie Englisch?”

“Ja, ich kann Englisch. What is your name?” she said.

“Billy Jones,” I said. “And yours, please?”

“Helga Schulz. Why did you follow me down, Herr Jones?” She grimaced again, I noticed blood dripping from her left sleeve, which was torn near the shoulder.

“I thought you might have been wounded, I wanted to help. You are bleeding, I have some medical supplies in this kit.”

“It is a small wound, however very painful. Your comrade’s bullet nicked my arm. You say you want to help me yet a few moments ago you might have killed me in combat. Why would you help an enemy?” She teetered and swooned, then leaned against her plane for support.

“We are sadly compelled to be enemies, but still we remain almanbahis mensch, as you said in your letter,” I said.

“Ah, so you read my letter last night?”

“Nein, but my captain read it aloud. Please, let me help you. There is a small farmhouse about a hundred paces behind me. Could you make it there if I help you?”

She holstered her pistol. “You are very kind. I will try,” she smiled.

A light snowfall began. As we neared the house, the snow had increased to a blizzard. We could then scarcely discern the house, which looked deserted as there was no smoke from its chimney. Certain she was weak from loss of blood, I carried her in my arms the last thirty paces. Our faces were close now. She was blond, and her eyes were a beautiful green, much like two other German girls I knew. I insisted to myself that I was not going to fall in love with her, but as surely as I lost the aerial battle with her, I knew I was rapidly losing this one.

The little house was dark and almost certainly deserted. Still, out of habit I rapped on the door a few times, then opened it. The house was almost as cold inside as it was outside. I made Helga comfortable on the big sofa near the fireplace, then brought in some firewood from the porch and started a fire. The little house started to warm, then I attended to Helga’s wound. It was a deep nick, but bone had not been hit. I applied antiseptic powder to the wound, bandaged and taped it, and the bleeding stopped.

She put her hand on my shoulder. “Danke, Billy. I would like to thank you with a kiss. Would you be alright, kissing your enemy?” she smiled.

“You are no enemy, not now, not ever,” I said. “Helga–” my voice caught.

“Hush,” she said, drawing me to her. “There is no need for words. I know what you are feeling inside.”

“How…how can you know…what I am feeling?” I said.

“Denn so fühle ich mich auch…oh, I mean because I feel the same.”

“I understood. Ich kann etwas Deutsch,” I smiled.

“Well then, kiss bitte,” she smiled.

We kissed, tenderly, and held the kiss a long, long time. The kiss finally broke and I said, “You need some serious rest, and something good and hot to drink. I’m going to rummage through the kitchen, maybe there is some tea or coffee.”

I found some teabags and sugar. I tried the sink but no water came; probably frozen pipes. Likewise, the stove was out of gas. No matter, plenty of good clean snow outside. I stepped outside, filled a pan with snow, and put it on the fire to boil.

“So, mein liebchen, soon we will have hot sugared tea,” I said.

“Bitte, sit beside me, Billy. How did you learn German?”

“In Iowa, I lived on a farm in Kossuth county, and there was a neighboring farm owned by a German couple, Hans and Gertrude Schulz. They had two daughters, and I learned some German from them. I also read and studied some German literature.”

“Those girls are twins, and their names are Kelly and Keely, are they not?” she said.

“What…how do you know that?”

“Because Hans and Gertrude are my uncle and aunt. They left Germany many years before the war to begin new lives in Iowa. We corresponded by mail until the war curtailed that. Small world, as you Americans say,” she smiled.

I glanced outside, and the blizzard was now a complete whiteout. We could not take off in such weather.

“Then Kelly and Keely are your cousins?” I said.

“Ja, and from their letters they are very sweet girls,” she said. “I hope to visit them, once this senseless war has ended.”

“Yes, I know, they are very…very sweet,” I said, not meeting her eyes. But I think she read my thoughts.

The water boiled. I went to the kitchen and made two large steaming cups of tea, with plenty of sugar. We sipped our tea, which warmed us nicely.

“Oh, almost forgot,” as I took two chocolate bars from my jacket pocket.

“Here, eat, chocolate is good for you.”

“Danke,” she smiled sweetly.

“I didn’t know the German air force recruited women.”

“It does not, normally. I had two brothers whom I loved dearly. They joined the Deutsches Heer and were killed in action early in the war, and that prompted me to join the army. I was then able to transfer to the air service through the influence of an uncle who was a colonel in the Luftstreitkräfte.”

“You have done very well. Your plane has markings of four english and five french kills. With nine victories you are almost a double ace!”

“I’m glad you were not my tenth…I like you, Billy,” kissing my cheek. “Tell me true now, have you ever made love to a German girl?” she smiled.

“Yes, many times.”

“You made love with Kelly and Keely, yes?” She started breathing faster.

“Yes, they were wonderful.”

She sipped her tea, “Bitte, we may never see each other again, so let us talk plainly now. Did you fuck them together, or one at a time?”

“They did everything together, so it was always a threesome.” I smiled.

“Sehr gut! I wish I would have been with you, almanbahis giriş to make a foursome!” She giggled. “Bitte, tell me how you fucked them both at the same time?”

“Well, I put my tongue in one, and my cock in the other, while they french-kissed and played with titties, and a fun time was had by all!”

“And did you have Oralsex and shoot your cannon in Fotze und Arsch?” she grinned.

“Oh ja, a full salvo in each port of entry,” I smiled.

“I’m happy that you loved them, Billy. Sit closer, kiss me again.” I did, holding the kiss even longer than before. “Now please see in bedroom if there is a nice warm blanket.” I did, returning with a thick fluffy bedspread. I threw another log on the fire and stoked it.

“Please pull off my boots. Aaaah! Now please help me out of these wretched leathers. Aaah, danke.” She was naked then except for bra and panties. I could not look away from her, she was so lovely.

“The fire is nice. Why don’t you take off your uniform? I don’t think you will need it for a while.”

“Helga, you’ve lost a lot of blood and you’re in need of rest. I want to love you but–“

“In need of rest but also in dire need of a good fucking! Don’t worry, you will pump me full of the hot nectar of your love, and it will replenish me, you will see. Please, get naked for me, I want you inside me.”

I could not resist her beauty, quickly shucking everything off except my socks and shorts. She pulled them down and my cock stuck straight out like a hat rack.

“Aha, I see you have not had sex for a good while,” pushing my cock down and laughing as it sprang back up.

She held up her right arm, “Please help me to sit up. Danke. Now please release my bra in back.” I did, and her breasts were so perky and full and beautiful, I almost came in her face!”

“My God, Helga, you’re so–” words failed me, I couldn’t speak. I went to my knees, I had tears.

She said softly, “It’s okay, Billy, you don’t have to talk,” putting my face on her lovely soft bosom, my tears falling on her breasts. “Now be a good boy and do one more thing for me, slide off my panties.”

I did, and her sweet bush was blond and soft, just like her hair. She leaned back and I pushed her knees apart gently, kissed her breasts and warm soft belly. Then I went down on her, sucking and licking her pussy as if I were starving, then attended her sweet clitoris, until she trembled with orgasm and a violent climax, “Aaaaah, uh, uhh, uhh, Aaaaaaaaah!”


I waited a few minutes to let her recover, then started again licking her clitoris slowly, then faster and faster, bringing her to another even stronger orgasm, “Billy don’t, no, no, please don’t! Stop! Aah!” Then, “Don’t stop! Aaaaaaaah! Ach du lieber Gott! Ohhh! Mmmm! Aaaaah!” mashing her pussy into my face as her orgasm climaxed. We rested, her wonderful body glistening with sweat.

“How is your arm now?”I said.

“Arm? What arm? I don’t feel a thing!” she laughed. She sat up, smiling.

“My mouth is dry. Maybe a taste of your sweet Schwanz would slake my thirst. Stand, bitte.”

“Helga, you don’t have to–“

“Ja, I know that, but I want to. I want your cum inside me, Billy,” she smiled sweetly, gently holding my cock, licking the head, and I unexpectedly ejaculated hugely in her face, I couldn’t stop it!

“Helga, es tut mir Leid!”

“Don’t be sorry, that’s what a man is supposed to do, and I love you for it! Um, a little salty,” smiling as she swallowed.

I gave her a damp cloth to wipe her face, “Such a lovely face,” I said.

“Danke, Billy.” Then she gently squeezed my balls saying, “Anybody else?”

“Helga, do you want–“

“Ja, I do. Your Schwanz is still at full attention and needs to relax, and I have a nice warm place for him.” She leaned back, held her knees and spread her legs wide, and her vulva was a beautiful flower.

“Fick mich, Billy, fuck me deep and hard and fill me with your hot white cum, and let us forget this fucking war. The only time that exists is now, and it is ours! Fuck me Billy, and we will live forever,” and the river of her tears streamed down over her beautiful breasts.

I went to my knees, she grasped my raging cock and guided me into her seething vagina. I pushed into her slowly, until I was in balls deep. Before I started pumping, I kissed the tears from her breasts and face. “Mmm, sweet and salty, but I love salt.”

“I don’t know how this can be, but God has brought us together, and I love you, Billy Jones, now and forever.”

“Und ich liebe dich, mein kleiner Raubvogel,” I said.

Then I began pumping her slowly, deeply, ever so gently touching her cervix.

“Ah, gut! That’s it, deep, deep, God knows I love you, Billy!”

I pumped like that for an hour, and her pussy was warm and smooth and snug, and when I finally came I almost passed out! It felt as if I pumped a gallon into her! I sucked her breasts as my hot load jetted into her, and she locked her legs around me.

“Ah! At almanbahis yeni giriş last I feel it squirting into me hot and thick and fast! Fill me with your sweet love, Billy, give it all to me! All!” she pled in her ecstasy.

The fire was getting low, and I got up to throw on another log.

“Bitte, stay in me Billy, don’t pull out!”

“I’m just tending the fire, liebchen.” While up, I got the blanket I’d found. She changed from a sitting position to lying, opened her legs invitingly, and opened her arms. I lay next to her and pulled the blanket around us as the fire blazed anew, then I gently moved her so I was on the bottom. This sweet beautiful girl, who had shot down nine enemy warplanes, curled up on me like a little kitten, and satiated, exhausted, we slept, indeed like little kittens.


Just before dawn, Helga rose and threw some sticks on the fire. Then shivering, she went to the kitchen. She went through all the cupboards and found an unopened package of strudel and a tin of cheese. Whoever left this place left it only a short while ago, she thought. There was enough water left for two teas, so she put the water on the fire to boil. She made tea and sugared it and brought everything to the fireplace. She woke me by kissing an ear and gently tugging my arm.

“Breakfast time, sleepy head,” she said softly. I opened my eyes and thanked God that she was really here, that it was not all just a dream.

“Guten morgen, liebchen. I love you,” I said. She kissed me, then naked, we sat close to the fire, wrapped up in the blanket, and enjoyed our breakfast of strudel and cheese and tea.

The snow had abated, and soon we would have to return to our own Jastas. The thought of never seeing her again caused physical pain in my chest, probably it was the weeping of my heart.

“We will have to return today,” she said wistfully.

“I don’t want to return, I want to stay here with you,” I said.

“As do I, but we are soldiers, we have no choice.”

“If we meet in combat, would you shoot me down again?” I smiled.

“Nein, I will not let that happen. I am going to ask for a transfer to a distant Jasta, so we will be beyond each other’s fighter range. My uncle will easily effect such a transfer.”

“Then I will never see you, unless this war ends,” I said.

“Worry not! You will see me again, and sooner than you think. I will find a way. And besides, the war is winding down. Germany will lose, she is simply running out of every vital resource. But enough sad talk, I have a serious problem.”

“And that is?”

“Um, leather pants made me sweat and itch down there, and even up inside my pussy. Would you perhaps have something you could stick in there, to give me a good scratching, hmm?” she smiled sweetly, nuzzled my neck.

“I have something that might do the trick,” I smiled.

Four ejaculations and three hours later, we emerged from the little house.

“We should return here someday, and buy this house, and make love forever by the fireplace,” I said.

“Yes, someday, perhaps on a warm sunny day,” she smiled but her eyes were sad.

I helped her into her plane, “Are you sure you are alright to fly? You could come with me, and you would be treated well. I’m sure my captain would love to meet you,” I said.

“Thank you for the kind offer, but I cannot accept. Kiss me now, and know that WE WILL meet again one day! And that day will be bright and sunny! Auf Wiedersehen, my sweet Billy!”

I could not speak, but my tears told her what was in my heart.

I cranked her prop. She gunned her engine, taxied down the small field, then lifted into the eastern sky, dipping her wings goodbye…and was gone from me.

I blocked the wheels of my plane with two large rocks, cranked prop, then kicked rudder and fishtailed to clear the rocks. I flew low, and the flight home was uneventful.


Apparently Karl had covered for me, as best he could. After lunch, Captain Renauld called me into his office.

“Karl told me you were hit but that he shooed away your attacker, and also that you have a confirmed kill. Not too bad for your first battle,” he smiled. Is there anything you wish to tell?”

“Nothing of importance, sir. My plane took a lot of damage, I thought it best to set down. I could not take off in the storm that followed, and–“

“No need to explain further. I’m just glad we didn’t lose you. Here, drink this glass of sherry, my wife sent it. Then get some rest, and tomorrow will be an off day for all, as it is the day of Christmas Eve. No shooting except for shots of whiskey, haha! And there’s a rumor of an unofficial ceasefire tomorrow and Christmas day. I pray it is true.”

The captain was a good egg. I think he surmised what I didn’t tell him, but he said nothing.


After supper, I lay on my bunk trying to sleep. As I closed my eyes, images of Helga flooded my mind. It was almost impossible to not think of her. I tried thinking of other stuff, music, silly things, like the time with Kelly and Keely when they invented a new blindfold game:

“Okay, now we’re all stark naked, now what?” I said impatiently.

“Stand up, and put this blindfold on. Now, are you sure you can’t see anything?” Kelly said.

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