Blacked in Goa Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Thanks to Madiha (Sweetdreamssss) for encouraging me to finish it, and to Rustyoznail for being so patient with the editing. I would especially like to thank Rustyoznail for his excellent editing skills to define and enhance the story. He also has added to the dialogues and the sex scenes in this story.
Please check out the stories by Rustyoznail & Sweatdreamssss. They have some really arousing stories.

Mira tightly embraced herself as she watched through her window for her husband, Raghav, to arrive. It had been over a year since they had seen each other, and she was aching to hold him again. Finally, a cab arrived and Raghav stepped out.

Raghav looked visibly different than he did before he left for the states. It was evident from his prominent paunch that he had gained a few pounds. Mira thought that was probably because he ate fast food almost everyday. His hairline had also noticeably receded and was showing clear signs of balding.

Though he wasn’t as attractive as he was before, he still had a cute smile which enamored Mira all those years ago.

Mira had prepared herself carefully for his arrival. Since she had met James, and then Jerome, she hadn’t cared about her looks or worried about the obvious signs of her liaisons. She had taken a long shower to make sure all the marks of debauchery had been washed off and had then taken care to flush her vagina out of any remaining cum. Luckily, the hickeys which the two men had planted all over her body had faded to be almost unnoticeable. That had been her main concern.

There was a knock on her door, and Mira threw it open. Seeing her husband in front of her, an overwhelmed Mira hugged him tight and she received an equally tight hug back. Taking Raghav by the hand, she locked the door and dragged her husband inside their room. The moment they were in the room, they kissed. After a year apart the kisses were more than just passionate.

Unable to control her emotions, Mira wept as she continued kissing Raghav. Her weeping was a mix of elation about seeing her husband and a deep sense of guilt. She had cheated on him during a vacation which she was supposed to have spent with only him. The guilt was not just about the act of cheating, but the fact that she did with all her senses, fully aware of her actions. It was not just a mistake committed on one drunken night, but a full-blown affair. And to make it worse it wasn’t with one guy, but two at the same time.

That deep sense of guilt and shame made her kiss her husband even more passionately. So much so that even Raghav was taken by surprise. He couldn’t recall her kissing him so lovingly before. She had always been such a submissive wife. Though he was surprised, he wasn’t complaining. Embracing his wife, he kissed her back with equal fervour.

Mira didn’t stop her initiative at kissing. She took charge, pushing her husband on to the bed and got on top of him before kissing him more.

Raghav had a raging boner witnessing his wife’s unexpected wild side. He thought she was aggressively expressing herself after so many months alone, and particularly excited by his late arrival.

Mira pulled his shirt off him and went down to take off his pants. Raghav silently watched his wife as she took off his jeans and then his underwear. He shuffled back on the bed a little allowing Mira to sit between his legs. She sighed in relief when her husband’s penis sprung up in front of her, and she could wrap her hand around his cock. It was at that moment she realized truly how big James’ and Jerome’s black cocks were. While she could easily wrap her hand around Raghav’s, her fingers would barely touch when holding their erections. Though she was distracted by that thought, she quickly dismissed it and went down on Raghav.

Raghav moaned as he felt his wife’s soft, warm mouth engulf his hard-on. He threw his head back and moaned. It was a year since he last felt her heavenly mouth work its magic over his member. He had remained steadfast to his marriage vows but had relieved his own tensions at times thinking about his darling Mira.

Mira sucked with all her heart. She used all the techniques she had learnt over the last 3 days making her husband moan. Nibbling, deep throating, tender kisses… Everything she had learned from James and Jerome, she applied to Raghav enthusiastically.

Raghav was surprised at his wife’s new moves but at that moment he wasn’t complaining. He wondered where she had learned these techniques, but thought she probably saw them while watching porn. It was something they both did, together and apart, as it was the only way he could see to relieve their sexual frustration.

While swirling her tongue around his cock, Mira’s mind inadvertently thought back to how thick James was and how full her mouth felt when his cock was inside it. She really wanted to avoid those comparisons with Raghav but she simply couldn’t. She closed her eyes and slowly breathed out through her nose. Maybe she would have to live sex hikayeleri with those thoughts all her life. She looked up at her husband, who also had his eyes closed and had a large smile on his face. That made her smile, knowing that her lessons were appreciated. Just when she was warming up and enjoying herself, she felt her husband stiffen up.

“Aaarrrggghhh….” he grunted, holding her head down before erupting into her mouth. His back arched and his body shivered as he came.

Instinctively she gulped his cum down before realizing her mistake. She had never done that with her husband before. She carefully looked up at him, dreading a confrontation but Raghav was still in his post orgasmic bliss. His head was thrown back and his chest was heaving with his release. Relieved he hadn’t noticed but disappointed that he came too soon, Mira sat up watching her husband. It was a good couple of minutes before his high faded off and he opened his eyes.

“I’m so sorry Mira… it’s just that I haven’t had real sex in a year and you were so good… I’m so sorry,” Raghav tried to explain himself.

“It’s alright Raghav… I know how hard it has been for you. I understand that. Relax,” she assured him, trying to hide her disappointment.

“I’ll make it up to you… I swear,” he said, pulling her into a hug.

Mira and Raghav spent some time in each other’s arms. She did feel good being with her husband again. Finally, her planned vacation had begun.

As noon approached, the couple made plans to head out for lunch. They got dressed and stepped out of their room. When they reached the front desk, Mira saw Karishma. She was the same receptionist who had smiled naughtily at her and James just a couple of days ago. Her heart raced as Mira feared Karishma would spill the beans. She surely had that knowing smile on her face. Mira looked outside, avoiding eye contact with her.

But Karishma knew better than to cause a scene with paying guests. She quietly took the keys, greeted them as just another pair of tourists and the couple went their way.

After handing the room to her shift replacement, Karishma set out for her final round of the hotel property. She hurriedly completed her inspection and checked out for the day. But she still had one room to check.

“Good day sir. I hope your experience at this hotel is satisfactory so far. Is there anything you need?” Karishma asked with that bright smile of hers when James opened the door.

James smiled back knowingly. He knew this woman had an eye on him. And now that Mira was busy elsewhere, she was all game for him.

“Ahh yes indeed. I can use your help,” James said as he stepped aside, gesturing to her to walk in.

Raghav and Mira drove to a local market. It was a famous market known for handcrafted local jewellery and clothes. Mira wanted to go shopping and Raghav wanted to indulge her. Hand in hand they walked, looking around every shop and every store. As she was trying on a thought came to her mind. ‘What must James be doing right now? He must be feeling alone. Oh, how I miss him…’

While back at the hotel, James was sitting on the couch in his room with his bathrobe wide open. Karishma was down on her knees sucking his big black cock. She licked and sucked with her mouth while her right hand wrung around the shaft. The buttons of her shirt had been opened and her boobs had been scooped out a few minutes ago. Her skirt was pulled up while her left hand was inside her panties playing with her clit.

Mira spent quite some time at the market, buying a whole lot of things. Raghav watched on, amused, as she hopped from one store to another trying almost every she saw and buying most of it. A while later, Mira and Raghav were on their way to the beach. They rode down the same open road and passed the exact same point where she first met James. The last few days flashed in front of her eyes. Her breathing got heavy and her nipples hardened as she recalled the whole experience. Her hand lightly rubbed her own leg. Oh, how much she yearned for his touch.

“Oohh yes… yeeeaaaah…” Karishma moaned as James’ thick fingers fucked her. She was lying on the couch, now completely naked. James was on top of her, sucking on her nipple while he furiously fingered her.

Mira and Raghav reached Anjuna beach. As they walked over it hand in hand, Raghav pointed out the same shack that Mira and James had first visited. They walked in and sat down at a table. Drinks and food were soon delivered.

Karishma was bent over, holding the edge of the bed for support. James was standing behind her, admiring her smooth, fleshy butt and poised to penetrate her. He rubbed his cockhead on her slit, first through her labia and then teasing her clit.

“Fuck me James… don’t tease me…” she pleaded.

James chuckled at her desperation but obliged. In one swift motion, he plunged his cock into her completely.

“Aaaaaahhh…” Karishma groaned.

James knew a slut when he saw porno hikayeleri one, and what a fine slut she was. James went into overdrive from the very beginning. Pulling her hair back with one hand and spanking her ass with another, he went to town on her. James realized how different Mira and Karishma were. While Mira was a reluctant lover, Karishma was a proactive lover. Mira had to be gently pulled out of her shell while Karishma served herself on a platter, ready to be eaten. Mira, though she was a loud moaner, didn’t talk a lot while this bitch just didn’t shut up.

“Ohhhh yesss… yesss… that’s it… yeah, fuck me like that… yeahaahh…” Karishma hollered.

Mira was looking at the ocean silently, her mind occupied with thoughts of James. Occasionally she looked at Raghav and smiled, though she wasn’t listening to what he was saying.

By now James and Karishma had changed positions. She had straddled him and was riding him hard. Her hands were on his chest as she moved her hips back and forth.

Mira picked up a nacho chip from her plate and dipped it in the mayonnaise. When she brought it towards her mouth a drop of mayonnaise fell on her lips, instantly reminding her of James’ salty, delicious cum.

She blushed and smiled sheepishly, all the while Raghav was completely unaware of his wife’s lewd thoughts.

Karishma was kneeling on the floor in front of James. Her mouth was wide open in anticipation of his impending orgasm.

James was furiously stroking his cock. His body was sweaty, his chest heaved heavily as he worked towards cumming.

With a loud groan, he came. The first spurt of cum landing straight into her mouth which she happily swallowed. The next few ones landed on her face, covering it with a thick layer of his jizz.

And just like that, three days passed. Mira and Raghav would leave the next day. Mira and James hadn’t seen each other since Raghav had returned. At first, Mira missed James a lot and sometimes even hoping she could just find enough time for a quickie with him. But alas, that wasn’t to be. Raghav was with her the whole time. He was keeping his end of the bargain. He had promised his wife that she would have his complete attention, and that’s what he gave her. He pampered her, indulged her and smothered her with his love.

Though Mira was happy, she still felt incomplete. The three days with James had completely changed her, her way of looking at things, especially sex. The married couple would spend the day wandering the streets of Goa and spend the evening hopping clubs. After spending their evenings partying, they would retire back to their hotel room.

Mira was lying on her back with Raghav on top of her. Her arms were wrapped tightly around him. She cooed and sighed as her husband caressed her pussy with his penis. She was enjoying making love to her husband after more than a year, but she still felt a void, an uncomfortable feeling which refused to go.

She absolutely missed James at that moment. Even though Raghav was doing well in bed, much better than he did before; Mira still felt incomplete. She was now addicted to the hard long fucks she got from James. And inside her, she could clearly feel the difference. Raghav’s average cock failed to reach the depths that James’ cock explored. She missed that feeling of being stuffed. Mira and James didn’t make love, they fucked like wild animals, almost devoid of any emotion except lust. A few days ago, meaningless sex was unmentionable but now she craved it. James had changed her so much in such a short time.

Just as she was warming up for an orgasm she heard Raghav groan loudly and his body went stiff. She felt his cum leaking into her pussy. Raghav collapsed on her totally spent while Mira threw her head back in disappointment.

For their final night in Goa the couple decided to go to their favourite club, ‘Disco Valley’. They reached the club just after sunset. The place was crowded with vacationers, loud music was playing, and alcohol flowed freely.

Raghav and Mira had a blast together. They ate, they drank, they danced, talked and laughed. It was like they had never been apart. But as the night grew, Raghav kept drinking and soon enough was completely smashed but still wanted more.

“Raghav… enough… please stop drinking. You can’t even talk properly,” Mira pleaded with him.

“Just one more beer baby… pleeaassse… it’s our last night here… baby please… waiter… get me another one,” Raghav stammered in his drunken stupor.

Mira watched helplessly and in complete embarrassment as her husband got drunk. A few people around noticed that too, shaking their heads and laughing at the sight.

Halfway through his last beer, Raghav passed out on the table, completely drunk.

“Raghav, wake up… Raghav…” she shook him, trying to wake him up. He stirred a bit before passing out again.

Mira’s eyes teared up with the feeling of utter shame. She put her head down and sobbed. ‘How seks hikayeleri embarrassing could this be? Her husband passed out in public and with no way to get him back to their room.’

“Hey Mira,” a familiar voice said.

Mira quickly looked up to find James standing in front of her.

“What happened here… is he ok?” James asked.

“Don’t ask… he is fine… just… just passed out from too many drinks,” Mira replied, to which James laughed out loudly.

“When did you get here?” she asked.

“Just a while ago. I was at the bar and noticed you when I was going to the men’s room. I’m here with my friends,” he said pointing at the bar. Mira saw four black men at the bar waving at her. “You want to join us?”

“I can’t… can’t leave my husband like this,” she replied, sounding helpless.

“Well, let me take care of that,” he said before calling someone over with a gesture from his fingers. It was the receptionist, Karishma. She approached the table and smiled at Mira. Mira smiled back but felt even more embarrassed. Karishma was followed by one of the big black guys from the bar.

“These two will take your husband back to the hotel safe and sound. So now you don’t have to worry about him and can join us for a drink,” James said.

“Uuhhh… but… mmm,” Mira hesitated.

“Relax Mira. I’ll take care of this,” Karishma assured her. “Trust me. Your husband isn’t the first drunk I’ve had to help home.”

“Well… okay…” Mira replied as she stood up holding James’ hand.

The big black guy moved towards Raghav and picked him up. He did it so easily that Mira couldn’t help but giggle seeing her husband hanging from that man’s shoulder.

As James and Mira walked towards the bar, she looked back and saw Karishma and the big black guy walked away with her husband.

They reached the bar and Mira was handed a cold beer.

“Mira… meet Jamal, Michael and you already know Jerome. And that other guy was Tyrone and that girl there was Karishma. And guys… meet Mira,” James said, making the introductions.

Mira smiled and nodded as she met everyone. Jamal was tall and a bit fat with a bald head and a beard while Michael was lean but a bit shorter than the rest and had thick, curly hair. Tyrone was burly and the largest of them all. Mira felt like a dwarf in comparison to these guys.

“I told the guys about you and they were eager to meet you,” James said, grinning.

“What! What did you tell them?” Mira looked at James, shocked and embarrassed.

“Well… you know…” James winked at her.

Mira looked at the guys and their knowing smiles. Mira was visibly embarrassed. She blushed and sheepishly looked at the floor.

James was standing to her left and Michael to her right. Jamal was sitting on a barstool to Michael’s left while Jerome sat in the barstool in front of her. Michael had his phone out and was videoing the scene. Mira thought that was curious.

James saw her looking at Michael. “Mike’s our Social Media Director,” he laughed. “He takes shots of our vacations and puts them up on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and ummm, other sites.”

Michael zoomed in on Mira. “Yeah, we get a lot of likes for our specialist videos. I think you’d appreciate them.”

“Mira and James paid a visit to my shack the other day. Did you enjoy the place, Mira?” Jerome asked. The guys chuckled at his loaded question.

It was clear to Mira that James and Jerome had spilt the beans on their fun. But instead of being offended and confronting them, she strangely felt the opposite. She could see the blatant desire in each man’s eyes and that made her pussy tingle. She had never been so openly ogled, and being the centre of attention like this was arousing. She could feel her nipples harden as the men teased her about her visit to the shack. Nothing was said that an outsider would link to her being fucked by two of the two guys surrounding her, but to her, it was as intoxicating as the beer her husband had consumed.

She caught Michael glancing at her butt through the camera. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a white halter top. She wasn’t particularly dressed for a night club, but her curves were quite clear even through these clothes.

“You know my bro’s here are just like me… you know what I mean?” James winked at her.

Mira blushed and the guys had a good laugh at her embarrassment. “I know how Jerome is… don’t know about the others.” Mira replied.

“Care to find out?” Michael retorted. The guys laughed again.

Mira was already feeling a light buzz. She had four beers with her husband and two more with the guys. As she got higher, her inhibitions got lower.

“Last order guys,” the bartender said, leaning over the bar.

“Don’t keep the lady waiting here my man… get her a drink,” Michael said to the bartender. The other guys placed their orders.

The bartender went to make up the order, shaking his head. ‘That girl is going to have some fun tonight,’ he thought.

“You know we can keep this party going at the villa,” Jamal finally uttered a word in a deep, gravelly voice.

“Oh yeah… we can. Jamal and Michael have taken a villa. It’s nearby. Wanna join us?” James asked Mira.

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