Bold Girlfriend’s Game Ch. 02

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“Faster… Faster… you stupid elevator…” I yelled.

I was running out of patience. The elevator light indicated 12th floor and with a bell sound the doors opened and I sprinted across the flight of stairs to reach the entrance of the terrace.

It was dark outside. My eyes took a few seconds to adjust in the low light scene. A cool breeze was flowing amidst the silence of the night. The city had slept. It was here that Shanaya must be somewhere naked. I just have to find her and fuck her.

I jogged around rummaging Shanaya. The terrace of my building was quite large as it was shared amongst 6 building which were arranged in a hexagonal fashion. The terrace had 6 water tanks which supplied water to respective building.

I guessed Shanaya must be hiding behind one of the tanks and proceeded to circumnavigate around each of the water tanks but was unable to find Shanaya.

“Where the hell are you. You fucking cock tease. I’ll find you and fuck you real hard like a real man you fucking slut.” I shouted in the death of silence. Frustration was getting on me. Yet I had my hard on in anticipation of finding here naked here.

With a failed attempt of finding her. I had another idea pop in my mind. What if she had left some clue for me to find the next location where she would actually be.

With the newly acquired wisdom, I began searching for clues. It was already 30 mins since we had started the game. My balls were full and dick was craving her pussy.

“Hide where ever you want, I am going to find you and fuck you” I yelled.

Over the past years our sexual life had advanced to new heights. I loved that Shanaya took lead in trying out something new. And today was something very novel. Shanaya that I had met 8 years back could never dream of doing such things even in her fantasy. But with my appreciation and her willingness we started experimenting with sex.

Shanaya in all her sexual fantasies had some hint of submissiveness and at times exhibitionism. Like that one time we were roleplaying about two strangers meeting in a bar and then having sex. Shanaya had surprised me with a very daring low cut dress. The dress just covered her nipple and areola from the middle. She had received quite a lot of attention at the bar before i arrived. She was already down 7 neat drinks of vodka before a brought her 8th drink. That night when we went back to my home, we fucked like no tomorrow. She was insatiable that day. She later confessed and apologised me as she didn’t inform me about all the touching the other men were doing. Also she had danced with one or two. However, I had assured that I want jealous or mad at her for enjoying the attention that she had earned in that bar. After that incident she had started wearing daring clothes even in everyday life. And i was loving it. She had started liking exhibitionism because of the attention that it gained. She always asked me if I was fine or if she was showing too much. I always assured her with this dialogue “For someone as sexy as you, it’s never too much”

But today she had crossed all her kayseri escort limits.

Also over past few months, Shanaya had started liking dirty talk. Sexting had started to bloom. She would send me pictures of what she wore, especially when she was going out with her girl friends and was wearing something sexy and daring. I would in fun call her attire as slutty, which she would like and reply, “SLUTTY IS THE NEW SEXY”

This made our talk ever dirtier. I would call her my slut to which she would get very shy. That moment i realised that Shanaya did have a submissive side. But she hadn’t shared this thing with me and I didn’t want to force anything on her that she wasn’t ready.

Recently she confessed about her liking to be called names during dirty talk. However, the name-calling would have to be in English. The Hindi version sounded very vulgar to her.

Often we would be in the doggy style and she would scream, “Fuck your dirty slut…Aaaaahhhh. Fuck my pussy. Fill my pussy…”

Initially started with ‘Bitch do you like it’, to now where the sentence were more crude like

‘You liking it whore’


‘You cheating little Slut, cheating on your boyfriend’


‘Beg me to cum in you, you cumslut’

makes her pussy convulse around my dick and her speed increases exponentially…

Still jogging in the dark with absolutely no clue about Shanaya’s whereabouts, a frustrated me stood against the metallic ladder. Looking down on the ladder I saw a black piece of cloth tied on one of the metallic step.

I took it in my hands to notice a wet triangular-shaped cloth. It was black lacy panty, I could feel its wetness. The wetness of the cloth made my dick more harder. Just waiting to enter her love hole.

“Finally found you.”

I took a sniff of the panty and started climbing the metallic stairs. With each step, the cold metal made a sound against my shoes. As I approached the top on the stairs. I could she Shanaya lying naked on the concrete top of the water tank. As I approached, her breathing grew louder.

“Is it you, Sparsh??” she asked amidst her laboured breathing.

She looked like a masterpiece of art bathed in the moonlight. She was sitting down on her knees in doggy style position. Her back facing towards me. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back and there was a bling fold over her eyes.

She lay there with her ass raised towards me as if she presenting her gift to me. This was indeed my reward for winning the game.

Seeing her in such a state made pre-cum smear the tip on my penis.

“Who is it??” she asked again.

I approached her and touched her back, tracing my finger down her back towards her buttocks a loud moan Aaaaaahhhhh… escaped from her mouth.

Goosebumps erupted all over her body and she started to shiver.

“Sparsh… It’s you right???” she breathed again.

“Yes, it’s me. I have come to claim my reward” I said in a victorious tone.

“Ohhh…Sparsh…Come her and fuck me already.” kayseri escort bayan she said.

“There is a mouth gag also near my feet. Have your way with me. I am waiting for you to use me” she continued.

I picked up the ball mouth gag. It was a rubber ball with two leather straps with an adjustable clip at the back of her head.

“Fuck this stupid slut of you…mmmmmmm” she exclaimed as I fixed the straps on the backside of her head.

“I will fuck you like a slut.” I said and swung my hand up into the night air and swiftly down onto her buttocks only to hear her muffled moans. I repeated is a few more times.

I bent forward to grab her breasts and began squeezing them and kissing her neck. Biting her neck and hearing her moan even harder.

My hands then moved towards the face and then downwards tracing every curve of her body down to her thighs.

My hand now started ascending her thighs, separating her thighs to finally reach her pussy.

I felt the moistness of the pussy the moment I touched it. I started rubbing her clit with gentle pressure. I wanted her to feel the same pain of waiting as I had felt the entire night.

“Ohh… just look how wet this slut is. Handcuffed and blindfolded naked on the public terrace where any person could see her and would definitely fuck her. Which man in his right sense let such a beauty go away without having fun.” I said and continued spanking her ass, alternating between each buttock.

“But…that’s what you wanted isn’t it slut.” I asked in a dominating tone. My fingers were now creeping inside her pussy moving in and out with great ease because of the profuse wetness of her pussy. She kept moaning and moving however I had kept still by the traction over her hands.

“You waited for your boyfriend out her willingly naked and ready to be fucked. But what if someone else had found you before him or what if your boyfriend had given up on the game and slept at his home. What would you do then? Or would it even matter to you… aaaeeeee slut?” I said and slapped each buttock twice.

She moaned and trembled uncontrollably.

“But it wouldn’t matter to you. Would it…my slutty Shanaya” her breathing now more laborious than before.

“You just wanna be fucked hard by someone.” I said as I inserted my dick inside her. It slid in as smooth as a hot knife through butter. She started moaning at the top of her voice. Any open window 2 floors below could easily hear her muffled moans. I increased the speed. I was fucking her in doggy style position with her hands pulled behind her back. Intermittently let her hands go and pulling her back while squeezing her breasts.

“You don’t care who it is. It can be our neighbour or your gym crush Mr. Sharma or…even… the fucking watchman.” her moaning increased. Her breathing now very rapid and her heart was pounding out of her ribcage. Her hips helping my dick penetrate even further inside.

I was almost about to cum but was happy to see that even Shanaya was also on the verge escort kayseri of her orgasm.

“I am cummmmmmmming…” I grunted and herd her loudest moan of the night and felt her vaginal walls convulse aroud my dick.

Spurts of cum ejected from the tip of my penis and hit her cervix to fill her vagina completely. I withdrew my penis to her the semen drip out of her pussy on to her thighs. I released her hands, she immediately fell flat on her face on the concrete. Motionless as the orgasm still in progress.

I rolled onto her side and removed her ball gag. I pulled her in an embrace and removed her gag to kiss her. Our lips just dug into each others.

I broke the kiss and said “Thank you, this was the best sex ever.”

She reciprocated with a kiss, I could still feel the goosebumps on her skin as her body was still recovering from the orgasm.

“You were so fucking GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD…” she yelled and hugged me.

“And, you were so slutty…so fucking slutty” I said as I spanked her.

“Proud to be your Slut.” She whispered.

We rested at that place for a while silently like the silence after a storm until she pointed out to a constellation which I was totally oblivious about. She pointed out to few more constellation and it was around half an hour that I reminded her that we need to get back to our home or risk everyone seeing us naked in the morning.

She chuckled. I helped her get up. She was too exhausted and the heels were just making her for wobbly. I suggested she remove her heels.

“I am too exhausted would you please.” she yawned.

I removed her heels and helped her down the metallic stairs onto the terrace. We spent a few minutes seeing watching few lights light up in some homes. I saw my clock and it read 5 am.

“Are you gonna walk down naked?” I asked her in a mischievous tone.

“I came up here naked. What makes you think I would mind that, now I feel I can go anywhere naked!” she teased.

We silently walked down the steps. It was a different kind of excitement to have Shanaya naked with me walking down the stairs of my apartment where I knew almost every household. We stood in front of the door.

“What if in the excitement I had forgotten to take the door keys with me” I asked.

“Then I guess we would have to go find the keymaker at 5 am with me in a just a lingerie and he would’t even need any convincing to come along.” she teased.

I spanked and opened the door and led her to the bedroom.

“Thank you for such an amazing night. Here’s my return gift” I slowly moved down near her pussy. Kissing her swollen vulva before inserting my tongue inside her pussy.

“NO…NO… Please… I will pass out…Nooo…Ahhh…” she screamed as I started licking her clitoris.

Twisting and turning my tongue, I rocked it in a crossing pattern causing her to moan louder and louder.

“Ohhhh… FUCK… FUCKKKKK…” she moaned with a shuddering orgasm with her nails buried in my back.

I got up to get some water and found her passed out. I kissed on her forehead and pulled her in an embrace to fall asleep with her.

The sky was starting to get lighter and sun was about to rise while we were about to sleep. What an adventurous night it was. No one had any idea that a naked bound girl was there on the terrace and was fucked in the presence of stars and moon. Or did they?

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