Boudior Bro-Ha-Ha

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‘What was I thinking?’ Louise thought holding up the red baby doll before her. The idea was a month old, a way of re-kindling her husband’s passions for her, of showing her husband that Louise Chester was still a woman at fifty and a sexy one at that. Boudoir photographs, erotic yes, dirty surely not. They had been her best friend Carols idea. Louise had spent the afternoon bitching and moaning about her husband Mike with Carol throwing in her own thoughts before she finally gave her the idea.

Carol leaned in over her coffee and said, “Ever thought of some photographs for Mike?” Louise asked her what she meant by ‘Photographs’. “Last year for Steve’s fiftieth I went to a photographer and got him to do some Saucy photographs of me to give to Steve as his birthday present.” The two women leaned and whispered over their Latte’s as if they were conspirators in some great scheme.

“I don’t know Carol, a man taking nude pictures of me. I think that would make Mike a little angry.” Louise had never been one for nudity in any real form, once on a holiday in Spain they had ended up on a beach surrounded by topless women with no one caring but Carol the stoic British female she was, kept her breasts hidden beneath her bikini top.

Carol shook her head, “Not nude you dunce, erotic. You put on a little outfit and the guy shoots you in all these sexy poses. No nudity or if you like some nudity,” Carol smirked when she said the last bit. Louise looked at her questioningly. “Look it was heat of the moment stuff, this guy was snapping away and one thing led to another and,” she shrugged her shoulders.

“How much did you show?” Louise asked, shocked at this sudden confession.

“Just my tits Louise. Calm down the man was a professional and to be honest it was kind of hot you know, showing off to a stranger. Steve certainly enjoyed the photos.” A smile creased her face as Carol remembered the afternoon she handed over the little leather bound portfolio to her husband a red gift bow stuck on the top corner.

“I don’t know Carol it all seems a bit dirty.” Louise’s doubts kept piling up.

“Exactly my point. You want to get that spark back you are going to have to play dirty. Or at least show Mike you still know how to play dirty.” Carol sat back. “If you want I can come along for moral support.”

“I’ll think about it, okay?” Louise said and moved the subject quickly on to the soap opera on the Television the other night.

Which was a month ago, give or take and here she now was in a little back room. Her short blonde hair teased to within an inch of its life and her face done up better than Louise could do it herself. The photographer had promised a professional shoot and so far he had been spot on with his small team of stylists. Now she had to dress. ‘How can you dress in this, there is barely any material.’ Her mind still fought against the whole idea, the red baby doll had seemed a good idea and hand picked by Carol no less.

Louise slipped it on the top barely covered her ample breasts. She was once a curvy 34D but pregnancy had changed those and the rest of her. Louise was now a 36D and with a little pot belly that her husband once adored. Curvy was what she was meant to call it, fat is what she really felt and unattractive. The front of the baby doll opened along the centre but was held in place by three red bows that she securely fastened before she slipped on the matching panties her dark blonde bush just visible. Lastly the red stockings slipped on over her legs. She felt silly and more naked than she had ever done in her life. “You ready in there?” Carol asked excitedly.

Carol beamed from ear to ear seeing her friend when she stepped out. The transformation was remarkable. Louise was dowdy and frumpy at the best of times more so next to the glamorous Carol but for the first time ever Carol felt a pang of jealousy towards her friend. Here was a woman of sexy curves a pity she didn’t know how to use them. “You look fucking amazing Lou,” Seeing the doubt on her friends face she continued, “seriously I have never seen you look so…” she hunted for the word, “so fucking sexy.” Louise let out a laugh and Carol joined in helping her friend relax a bit more. Louise lowered her arms that she held across her body in a very defensive pose. Carol could not help but eye up her friends breasts. Louise was known for her heavy jumpers and seeing her almost naked was one thing but now seeing her breasts. Carol wondered why Mike was ever off those things.

“Are you ready?” The photographer asked as he approached fiddling with his camera, he stopped and looked up. Carol noticed it and wondered if Louise had too, he had stopped cold a sentence on his tongue lost when he saw Louise in her get up. He licked his lips gave a cough and diverted his eyes rapidly away from Louise’s breasts. “Okay Louise you look stunning, this is going to be easy to shoot.” He held out a hand that Louise took cautiously and let the photographer walk her over to the small set.

“So Escort Kız tell us Andy, shoot many yummy mummies?” Carol asked.

The photographer Andy laughed, “A few in my time,” he was aware that Carol was trying her best to relax her friend and was willing to help as much as he could. A Cold model made for very cold shots. “But none anywhere near the class and look of Louise here.”

Louise blushed at the words. Getting from the changing room to the set was one thing now Andy was preparing to shoot. She took deep breaths as he told her to just relax. She lay down across the white fur rug and stretched out awkwardly arms going up then down, legs doing the same. She looked like she was having a fit and felt like a right prat. The flash bulbs on either side of her went off suddenly. Andy smiled lowering his camera from his face. “Test shot Louise, see how painless it was.” She smiled back still very unsure. “Think about it Louise I now have one image of you dressed in a seriously sexy outfit looking all shades of gorgeous. Why stop there?”

And with that she had no answer. He was right, one shot of her dressed like this was already on the camera and it had taken less than a second to do. He had not laughed at seeing her in fact she was pretty certain he had been surprised at how good she looked when he had approached her at the changing room. So what did she have to loose. Carol was here and the Photographer was not an idiot. She smiled and stretched out her legs placing one hand under her chin and the other behind her head.

!POP! The flash bulbs lit up the scene once, twice, three times. Andy pointed this way and that, first lying down then sitting her up. That feeling of apprehension started to fade in fact she started to have fun. Louise sat up legs spread and leaned forward arms dropping between her splayed legs and her cleavage heaving out as she starred into the lens. Andy snapped away then stood up from his crouched position a big smile on his face.

“Wonderful Louise, you are a born natural.” When he looked up from the small digital viewer on the back of the camera he noticed that Louise was sitting upright unaware that the last position had knocked the strap of her baby doll off her shoulders and dropped enough to take the flimsy material away from her right breast exposing it. Andy lifted his camera and grabbed a shot. He walked over to Louise, “Here take a look.” He said and offered the camera to Louise.

It took her a second to realise what she was seeing. The next instinct kicked in and she hurriedly pulled the strap back up and covered her breast. “Did you see that Carol?” Louise asked all embarrassed.

“So what Lou, it’s a boob, I’m sure Andy here has seen many in his life time.” Carol looked at Andy.

Andy nodded looking at Carol. “Just the odd hundred or so,” he turned to look at Louise “But none compare to what you have Louise if you don’t mind me saying.” Louise went to say ‘how dare you’ or something of equal displeasure but she found the words stuck in her throat. She looked back down at the image. In it she could see how relaxed she looked a slight smile on her mouth one breast exposed. She did look kind of sexy, but this guy. She did not know him that well and he obviously wanted more of Louise topless.

“Please could we stick with the other shots?” She asked Andy. He nodded a little sadly at her reply he had hoped to see more of the wonderful woman who had walked through his door this morning but it seemed that was not to be. As he walked away, she kept seeing that one image over and other and what did Andy say earlier, how painless it was and why stop there? So why should she? What was holding her back Andy was clearly happy to take more photographs and Carol, well Carol was just Carol.

Andy turned and caught his breath. Louise had lowered both sides of the baby doll exposing both breasts. He stared for longer than he knew he should have and caught the eye of Carol looking at him and a little cock of her head. He lifted the Camera and fired away. After a few shots he moved in closer, he knelt down filling the lens with Louise’s face and her ample breasts. ‘My god she is hot for a fifty year old.’ Andy thought followed quickly with ‘She’s old enough to be your mom’ but that only seemed to fuel his passion for this woman, he remained kneeling aware that if he stood up his erection was more than likely going to be visible in his black drain pipe jeans.

“Louise you are magnificent, I just hope we don’t give your husband a heart attack with this pictures.” Andy joked. “Are these photographs for a special occasion?” He asked trying to keep professional while wondering how good her nipples would feel on the end of his tongue.

Louise hesitated with an answer, “Birthday present.” She finally blurted out.

Carol laughed, “Pull the other one Lou. Her Mike doesn’t think she’s sexy enough, Lou is in the sex starved category of middle life.” Louise took major offence at that and stood up covering her chest with her arms.

“How dare you say that Carol, Mike is…” What was Mike exactly nowadays? Husband yes, lover not in a very long time and oh how she missed it.

“Mike is a fool if you ask me,” Andy offered the thought had come out of his mouth instead of remaining fixed in his head. Both women looked at him, “Sorry but to have a woman like you in his life and not want to, you know?” He let the women fill in the gap.

Carol pointed at Andy, “See, he’s eighteen and he knows a sexy woman when he sees one.”

“I’m twenty four actually.” Andy offered though he doubted either woman had heard him.

Both women starred in silence at one another, finally Carol spoke. “Lou, you look amazing even Andy thinks so, the whole world knows so except Mike. You have a body that screams for attention and you now have photographs that will tell Mike that. If you don’t think so just look at his erection.” And she pointed directly at Andy.

The jeans were unforgiving and Louise could easily see the outline and bulge of a very hard cock pressed up against the tight fitting denim. Her mouth dropped open the penny dropping that another man found her attractive, physically attractive. Not only that a younger man. Louise was fifty one and Andy, twenty four? That made him twenty seven years younger! How was that possible? How could this young man possibly see her as attractive but the evidence spoke for it self or at least showed it self. “If I was younger, would I be your type?” She asked Andy.

He looked bemused, “why younger, you’re hot, well that’s to say attractive. Seriously if you weren’t married I’d have tried my luck by now.” The words were coming from his mouth but he was unaware of how they were getting there. “I’d bed you every single night if I were your husband.”

Louise looked at him, her bullshit detector remained silent. Andy was not a bad looker, not really her type but then again Louise had no type. Louise felt as if she were in a bad porn movie, ‘young stud fucks MILF’ or something equally as literate as the title of the movie suggested what you were going to see in a not too subtle manner like the ones she watched now and then online when Mike was off in one of his moods. But this was real life and she was married. ‘Get over yourself Lou this guy is just saying what he wants you to hear so you’ll get your tits out for him again.’ Somehow she had walked over to Andy. Louise felt out of control as if someone else was now controlling her actions. Her lips met Andy’s in a long lingering kiss before parting.

“Lou! Bloody hell what was that?” Carol squealed a look that was half shock and half amazement on her face. “You don’t have to prove anything to me okay.”

Louise turned and shrugged at Carol. For the first time in a long time here was a man, an actual man that found Louise desirable and clearly wanted her if he could have her. So why shouldn’t she? She kissed him again her hands finding his waist as his own hands found hers. Andy kissed her back as firmly as she kissed him. There was no hesitation by him he wanted this as much if not more than Louise right now.

Andy’s hand worked up her right side his hand rubbing across the red material of the baby doll, feeling the warm skin beneath. His thumb slipped beneath one heavy breast before he turned his hand and cupped the breast taking the weight and squeezing it ever so gently. Louise’s tongue explored Andy’s mouth the alarm and the nervousness were both quickly evaporating being replaced by lust at the taste and touch of this young man. Andy’s other hand slipped round and squeezed Louise’s ample backside pulling her in closer as he did so and pushing his erection against her making sure she knew of his intentions.

“You feel so good,” He said hoarsely as they broke their kiss momentarily. One hand squeezed her backside the other held her breasts and did the same. Andy lowered his head lifting the breast as he did so. Louise took a shuddering breath as his tongue flicked across her semi erect nipple. Her nipple firmed up after the first pass. The sensation was something she missed. Little electrodes of joy that warmed her breast with each lick and when he took the nipple in her mouth and gave it a gentle nibble she felt herself moisten and knew she wanted to feel him in her.

Louise broke their embrace and lowered herself to her knees. Her hands shook with adrenaline and she fought to undo the jeans. Andy finally reached down and unbuckled his belt. The button fly easily popped open as Louise pulled at one side. Her excitement was overwhelming it was not like she had not seen a cock before. She had seen Mike’s and she had seen enough lately online but this was better. This was real and it was going to be in her hand. She pulled the white briefs down and watched Andy’s rock solid cock bounce free and stand erect in front of her face.

One shaky hand reached out and touched the cock. It felt so hot and alive as she took hold of it. Bigger than Mike and thicker she had not felt anything like it, had only imagined what something like this could be like. She stroked it slowly listening to the gasps and short breaths of Andy as she worked his young cock in her old hand. ‘How did it taste?’ she wondered and opened her mouth guiding him in.

“Oh you dirty bitch!” Carol exclaimed. Andy jumped with surprise as did Louise at the sound of her friends voice Andy’s cock slipping free of her mouth and slapped against his belly.

Carol had taken a seat on metal chair, her jeans and yellow thong around her ankles. Her legs were spread as wide as they could and one hand worked slowly across a shaved pussy, finger tips already wet. “Who are you calling a dirty bitch?” Louise mocked and returned to Andy taking his cock and feeding it back into her mouth.

Andy held Louise’s head his fingers dug into her short blonde hair letting her dictate the pace and the amount she sucked. He could not believe his luck so many times in his life he had wanted an older woman. Ever since he learnt the fine art of masturbation he had discovered the joys of older women through the pornographic magazines he had found in his brothers room. Finally all those fantasies were coming true.

Louise sucked what she could, Andy’s cock was bigger than her Mike’s and even that she barely took more than the tip and an inch or two. But she found herself trying to get as much of this young cock in her mouth as possible. Her own moans seemed louder than those of Andy, but then again she was sucking his cock and playing with herself. Andy pulled back with his hips pulling his cock with it and out of Louise’s mouth. He took hold of it “I want to feel it between your tits.” He said through heavy breaths.

Louise straightened up and held her breasts slightly apart allowing Andy to fit his cock between them then she pushed them together encasing it. His cock head poked out from the top of her cleavage, shimmering with spit and pre cum. He started to buck his hips moving his slick cock between her heavy warm mounds his cock head dipping almost out of sight then rising up with each thrust. “Oh fuck they feel so good.” He said voice quivering with excitement. Louise stuck her tongue out ‘just like the movies’ she thought to herself. Her tongue met Andy’s cock head on his next up thrust and tasted a good layer of pre cum, she kept her tongue out catching tastes with each thrust. “I have to stop or I’ll cum.” Andy said pulling his cock, reluctantly from the warm embrace.

“I bet you want to taste her don’t you?” Carol called out as she watched her friend and the young man. One hand moving across her pussy, one finger buried deep inside her.

Louise lay back on the fur rug her legs spread wide. Andy knelt between them and could already see the mess that Louise’s fingers had made. The gusset of the red panties had been pulled aside and her meaty lips were puffed and spread eager for more. He leaned forward smelling her sex as he got closer. His tongue ran in one long slow motion starting from the bottom and working its way up between the lips to her clitoris where he lingered with a gentle rotation.

Her hairy mound tickled his nose and cheeks, he had had enough trimmed and shaved in his lifetime and to finally have a real woman before him was so much more of a turn on. He ran his tongue back down, poking it further in tasting her juices, feeling her warmth and the satisfying motion of Louise pushing her hips up to meet him. His tongue returned to her clitoris as his right hand index finger slipped with ease into her waiting warmth. Louise let out a long moan as she felt the finger slide in and the electric snap as his tongue played across her clitoris. She moaned even louder as his free hand worked up her body and found one breast, pinching the nipple between finger and thumb.

Louise detected movement next to her when she opened her eyes she saw Carol had come in close and was kneeling next to them and was still playing with herself, her eyes alight with lust at the sight. “Enjoying the show?” Louise managed to ask.

“Not as much as you.” Carol replied. Andy lifted his head, eyes admiring the other mature woman in his studio, “eyes down stud, I’m off the market.” She chided.

With renewed passion Andy returned. Louise could not believe how good it felt to have someone work so diligently to make you orgasm. Louise gasped as she felt a second hand on her breast. Carol smiled down as she used her free hand to rub and pull at Louise’s free nipple. It was all too much, both breasts were alight with their touches and her clitoris was sending shockwaves across her whole body. “I’m cumming!” Louise cried out her hands grabbing Andy’s head forcing him down as her hips began to buck with the force of the orgasm.

Andy felt her release, a gush of warm liquid across his fingers and hand he lowered his head trying to lap up the mess that he had helped create even as Louise kept on cumming. She held his head firm and he licked and poked his finger, well actually fingers. He now had three inside her feeling her walls spasm as the after shocks rippled through her.

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