Brandi Ch. 04

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I arrived home and immediately threw myself onto my bed. I could not believe what I had done yesterday. My craving for big black cock was taking over. Five different black men had used me like a white-trash whore. And I loved every second of it.

The feeling of their semen crashing against the door of my womb like warm cocoa on a cold winter day was the greatest sensation I had ever felt. My orgasms were so intense I was blinded by bright colors and visions of naughty consequences.

It was official: I was completely addicted to big black cock.

Xavier had not shown up to school Monday or Tuesday so I couldn’t get my fix. By Wednesday my cravings and the itch between my legs were driving me insane, and Xavier wasn’t there again.

I was standing by my locker packing up my back pack to leave when Chad stopped to chat.

He was smiling ear to ear, “Hey what’s up Brandi?”

“Not too much,” giving him a polite peck on the lips.

“Well, uh… Last time we didn’t get to finish,” He started shifting nervously from one foot to the other, “Do you want to study tonight?”

At that point, so pent-up and unsatisfied for not having some black dick inside me, I actually was considering giving my white boyfriend another chance. My mouth opened right as the janitor appeared from around the corner. He was black. That’s all it took to make up my mind.

“Awww, but we don’t have the same classes,” I smiled and cocked my head, “You would be too much of a distraction.”

He gave me a kiss, “That’s the idea. It’s been weeks.”

I swatted him on the arm playfully, “If you hadn’t forgotten the condoms we could have on Friday.”

Chad frowned, “I’m sorry about that. Why can’t we do it once without a condom?”

“You know I’m not on birth control. I don’t want you to get me pregnant?” I smiled wickedly remembering all the black semen that was taken into my unprotected pussy. I wondered if I said ‘you’ too enthusiastically.

“Baby, I love you. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing.”

I slugged him, “We have to go to college first.”

“Owww, fine, fine…” He feigned and slumped his shoulders a bit, “Yeah! I know with education comes a career.”

“Okay then stop asking. You have to use a condom every time. No excuses!”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. I’ll see you tomorrow then. I love you.” He gave me a kiss and walked away.

I let out a sigh of relief as I watched Chad leave. I could not believe what was happening to me. The sight of a black man was all it took and I got wet and horny. More confusing yet was the nasty sight that made me so. The janitor looked as if he had fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. He was fat, his great gut hanging over his jean workman jeans. With balding head and beady eyes, the disgusting man occasionally leered out at passing schoolgirls with crooked, yellowy teeth. His chubby face was all pock marked and scarred.

He was nothing like Xavier or the others, yet here I was ready to jump his bones because he was black as coal. When I turned to see if he was still there he wasn’t. I started looking for him.

When I finally found him he was entering the auditorium.

I followed opening the door. “Excuse me.”

“Jesus Christ! Ya trying ta gives me a heart attack Missy?” he puffed.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I instinctively rubbed by thighs together, “I was just wondering if you could do me… a favor?”

“Missy you shouldn’t be here. School’s closed fer the day.”

“I know. And the names Brandi,” Shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I couldn’t help myself.

His gangly teeth showed through his smile, “What ya want snowflake?”

“Is there somewhere private we can talk?”

“Follow me,” he grunted, and I followed without a second thought. He led me to an old storage bursa otele gelen eskort room under the stage. Dusty crates and unused school equipment lined the dimly-lit walls.

“What is this place?” I asked. It was musty with stale air. I could smell the janitor all the more down there.

“It’s the old storage for the plays sets. It was abandoned after da addition was built.”

I blinked as the lights flickered to life. The dim lighting was enough to see that this was used as a party spot by someone. Empty booze bottles, beer cans, cigarette butts and condoms were strewn all over the floor.

Looking past all the broken and dilapidated desks and chairs was an old Victorian era bed still set up. It put ideas in my head. I walked over to it admiring the beauty of the craftsmanship that went into making this furniture. I became brazen as I admired this bed. I sooo wanted to get fucked on it. I kicked off my sneakers and unsnapped my shorts.

“Well snowflake, ya wanted some place private to ask a favor. What do ya want?”

“Well sir,” I said just as innocently as before, “I want you to fuck me.”

I pushed my shorts and panties to my ankles. I stepped out of them before sitting on the bed. The sheets were silky soft on my rump as I pulled off my T-shirt and unclasped my bra. All my clothes soon made a pile on the grimy floor as the janitor looked on with his yellowy grin.

“Nuther one, huh?” His gut jostled as he chuckled to himself, “Ya told yer boyfriend ya wasn’t on birth control. Are ya?”

“You heard?” I smiled back, “Well, I’m not.”

I shuffled to the center of the bed as he moved closer and unbuttoned his jeans, “I aint got no condom, snowflake.”


“Ya told yer boyfriend ya didn’t want ta get knocked up.”

“No,” I said, “I said I didn’t want him to get me pregnant.”

He kicked off his jeans and mounted the bed like a bull walrus; his hard eyes leering into mine, “Why not?”

I stared back at his enormous package between his legs, “He’s not man enough.”

He leaned down and kissed me. His rancid breath somehow turned me on all the more. Our tongues dancing for a minute before he spoke again, “Yer white boytoy ain’t man enough, but I is?”

“Oh yes,” I kissed him again and stroked his legs with mine, “Of course.”

“Then tells me,” I could feel his cock stiffening between our bodies. It snaked up my stomach, “How does ya know?”

I was helplessly horny. I kissed him once more, our tongues again tangoing in naughty union. When I finally took a breath I answered with a sigh, “Because you’re black, and he’s not.”

I grabbed his dark cudgel and fondled its girth. Stroking it to full hardness I once again made a common observation: He was definitely bigger than Chad. I maneuvered his silky rod to my sloppy entrance as the fat man groaned.

“Ya want me ta pull out ‘fore I spunk ya?”

“Oh God!” My hips jutted up as he started to sink into my wanton depths, “Only if you want to. Now fuck me!”

The old bed stared creaking as he worked his steel shaft into me. My body was on auto-pilot as my arms and legs wrapped around his pudgy body. Unlike the other’s I couldn’t get all the way around his soft mass. My feet spurred his ass as our groins slapped together. His balls bounced off my ass as if punishing my naughty white rump.

“I ain’t gonna pull outta yer cunt,” he growled. The threat electrified me.

“Please. Cum in me,” Our lips met. Our tongues danced.

In just seconds I felt an orgasm approaching. My pussy started convulsing around the dark shaft invading my white lineage. My hips bucked meeting his thrusts, “Dats it snowflake. Cum on my nigger cock.”

“OH God! I’M CUMMMMMMMMING! Fuck me you black bastard!” My hips thrust up and shook with ecstasy bursa eve gelen escort bayan as my heels spurred his ass and my tongue dueled with his.

The kiss was passionate lasting several minutes as he fucked another orgasm into my craving body. His thrusts became urgent, his shaft pulsing hard inside me.

“Ya know I ain’t paying fer another little bastard,” he grunted, his heavy strokes brutalizing my tiny hole.

“I won’t make you,” I cried as another orgasm washed through me, “Just give me one! I’M CUMMMMMMING!”

Fireworks exploded before my eyes when his African semen blasted into my pussy. My legs tightened around his waist. My pussy convulsed around his dark shaft. Black DNA crashed against my cervix like a tsunami wave crashing on the shore. The foul janitor sent me to heaven.

I lay under this ogre of a black man I had just met. My pussy still milked around his onyx shaft, suckling up his life giving seed into my unprotected Caucasian womb. I realized at that moment and whined aloud.

“I’m such a slut.”

His cock began to soften as he laughed, “You’re a bitch not a slut.”

“WHAT?” I started, “Why did you just call me that?”

He laughed, flexing his mighty cock inside my spunked-up hole. Despite my anger my hips started to rotate on his dark lance sheathed in my pink pussy. His lack of concern about me in the slightest turned me on like nothing else.

“Do ya know the difference between a bitch and a slut?”

“Nooo…” I whined. His cock started growing inside me again. “What’s the difference?”

“A slut lets anyone cum in her,” He started thrusting into me, “But a bitch lets anyone but her boyfriend cum in her.”

“Oooh fuck!” Our pelvises met with a hard slap. It was starting again before his last load even fully sank in. “What if it’s only black men that get that privilege?”

He started riding me hard, “That would make you a blacked bitch.”

“Oh God!” I moaned, “I’M CUMMMMING! Fuck your blacked bitch!”

He pulled out of me, “Roll over bitch. I ain’t done wit ya.”

I immediately rolled up onto my knees, still shaking in orgasm. His chocolate cock moved between my milky thighs and massaged my clit with the slimy head. I was expecting him to thrust into my wanton pussy. I was surprised when he grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back. My head hit the mattress.

“You’s a good girl?”

“Yessss,” I heard a smack and then the stinging heat on my ass.

“Owww! I’m a good girl,” Another smack and my ass got hotter.

“You’re not a good girl,” He chuckled. “You’re a black man’s dirty bitch!”

“What?” A slap to my other ass cheek. “OWW!”

“You let a black man cum in you but not your white boyfriend.” My ass was ablaze as another smack hit my tingling rump.

The whole situation I was in was totally confusing to me. Jawan and Xavier had dominated me, but this new and different experience was really exciting me. I had never been spanked and my ass was on fire but my pussy was aflutter with desire.

He let go of my arms and pulled my hair back whispering in my ear, “Who owns yer pussy?”

“You do,” I moaned, “Fuck me.”

“Yer pussy is owned by black cock.” He smacked my ass again to punish my stupid answer, “Who owns yer pussy?”

“Black cock… Big black cock owns my pussy, sir.”

“You like black cock in yer pussy?”

“Yes! Oh God I love big black cock in my white pussy!”

I was losing my mind. The dark shaft rubbing my little pink pearl made my snatch hotter than my ass. I needed that bare black cock pounding my unprotected pussy till it stung like my behind. I turned my head and stared into his scowling gaze, “I need your big nigger dick. Stop teasing. Fuck me like the black cock bitch I am. PLEASSSSE!”

He snickered, “Bitch wants ta be bred black.”

“Yessssssss. Breed me black,” I mewled, wiggling my ass for him.

He started rubbing his bloated cock between my nether lips. My pussy lips were kissing his mushroomed cockhead while the tip teased my gushing hole.

“Black cocks gonna turn ya into a traitor ta yer race.”


“Once ya start havin’ nigga babies ya’ll be a traitor ta yer race,” He said so matter-of-factly. “No white boys gonna touch you when you got a nigga’s baby. Yer lineage will be spoiled to breed black fer life.”

I couldn’t even comprehend my state of mind. I was acting like a blacked-out alcoholic in need of another drink. I needed black cock no matter the consequences, no matter if it meant the end of my happy, privileged life. My brain told me I’m not on birth control and I’ve been letting black men cum in me. Any black man.

Yet the more I fucked, the more risks I took, the bigger my cravings got. If I wasn’t getting it from one I was thinking about getting it. My dreams were filled with my swollen belly and suckling a dark-skinned baby. I was a black cockaholic. I wanted it. I needed it. I wanted a nigger baby.

“OH GOD! Stop teasing me. Fuck my white pussy! Turn me into a traitor to my race. Give me a nigger baby! FUCK!”

He slammed his chocolate cock into my wanton pussy. His cockhead crashed against my wanting cervix. He grabbed my tits, pinching and twisting my nipples. His thighs slapped my burning ass as his heavy gut crushed me beneath his overwhelming weight. The mixture of pain and pleasure intoxicated me as I thrust back onto the ebony lance that sheathed itself inside my vanilla snatch.

My lewd mind reeled. Our DNA would mix inside me like Hershey’s syrup and milk.

The giant purple mushroom sluicing in and out of my honey pot massaged my G-spot. My eyes rolled as I arched like a cat back into him. This along with his thighs slapping my sore ass brought me to new heights of pleasure.

When he started mauling my boobs and pinching my nipples I exploded in orgasm, squirting all over his thighs.


Euphoria washed over me as my quim coated his cock. The sounds of our mating became louder as I thrust back to meet his pounding thighs. A white, frothy ring of our comingled love formed on the base of his midnight cock.

The slurping and smacking of our fucking sounded like some tribal music written for breeding. The dance was of brutal thrusts and shaking limbs, of mashing lips and rutting hips. My cervix flowering open as his dark shaft pushed his first load even deeper into my pale, vulnerable pussy.

My vagina was convulsing uncontrollably like a starving baby suckling a mother’s breast for milk. My body was shivering as the electrical pleasure shot through my body. I was panting like a dog in heat, a bitch needing to be bred.

“FUCK ME!” I screamed, “Breed this blacked bitch!”

His thrust became erratic. He started grunting. My pussy clamped down on his black shaft. I came knowing what his seed would do to me, “I’M CUMMMMMING!”

The steamy flood of his African DNA fired into my pale pussy, dousing out my white lineage like a fire hose smothering out a tiny candle. I was blinded by bright colors and shooting stars as his dark warriors conquered my willing love box. My womb had turned traitor to my own race.

When his cock finally softened he pulled out of me. I rolled over on my back as his sperm burbled out of my teenaged fuckhole. My hand covered my mound as I rubbed the flow into my bare skin like a moisturizing cream.

“Oh yeah… tight cracka cunt…” the janitor sighed. I watched him dress and came to the conclusion I was a black man’s sperm bank. Any black man. I watched in disgust at the fat-bodied man that just came in me. Twice. His gangly teeth smiling down at my angelic face and model’s body. He pressed his foul lips to mine again, and I couldn’t help but surrender to him despite my revulsion.

“We’ll hafta do dat again, snowflake.”

I nearly tossed my cookies as he left me sweaty, naked, and overflowing with negro cum.

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