Breezier Than You Think Pt. 03

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Nate’s walk back to the hotel took him through a neighborhood of four-story hotels and small shops with wide open doors. Nate, having lived in big cities since childhood, was used to tall buildings – the concrete jungle. Cities bigger than Honolulu. So this city with its wide open doors and grass decorations made Nate feel like he was walking through an old place steeped of tradition. In his neighborhood at home, it felt like the oldest building was50 years old, tops. Everything was modern and designed to be functional. But this city felt like it still had tradition in it’s design. Of course, Nate mused as he turned a corner to see his hotel only a block away, it’s entirely possible that the city was designed to look that way for a tourist.

His thoughts were broken by the laughter of four young women who were climbing out of a Hawaiian Airlines shuttle across the street. They were too far away to see or hear well, but their laughter broke the spell. Nate walked towards his hotel, eager to just relax in his room and maybe even get a nap and read. Tomorrow was the day before the wedding and, while he had no real responsibilities as a guest, he thought he should walk to the venue and familiarize himself. As the doors for the hotel opened before him, he was hit with a blast of air to the face and met with an empty lobby. He sighed; he had a pretty busy day. It was well over 12 hours ago that he left this lobby for the airport. He strode by the counter, pausing. There, in a little plastic countertop display, was the pamphlets for “H.H. Island Experience Tours.” Nate picked one up. It read that it was a new company, with years of familiarity with the island, and a personalized experience, then listed stops along the Hana Highway. Nate smiled and took a pen, writing on the back of the pamphlet and speaking as he wrote. “Great experience. 10 out of 10, would tour again. Very friendly and very fun!” and he slid the paper across the desk to make sure the front desk worker saw it. Maybe a good review would help Natalie and Hermione. He turned to walk from the desk. “It’s up to you now, Natalie.”

“Who’s Natalie?” said a woman’s voice behind him. He turned and saw one of the women that had been in the shuttle across the street. She was early 20s, wearing a burnt orange crop top and faded high-waisted blue jeans, her very pale skin was accented by straight ebony hair that draped down to her stomach. A purple flower was tucked behind her ear. She was carrying a rolling case, a garment bag, and definitely did not look like she just got off a flight from anywhere.

“Oh, she runs this island tour. Sorry, I didn’t think anyone was here, I talk to myself sometimes.” Nate responded and smiled politely, turning to walk away towards the stairs up to his room. She narrowed her eyes and looked at him a bit more intensely.

“Nate?” She asked, as her eyes widened with recognition. Nate paused for a moment and stared at her again, his eyes exploring her face until he saw. This was Alicia. Another girl he went to highschool with.

“Oh my gosh, Alicia!” he said and he smiled, moving closer to give her the socially agreed upon polite hug of recognition to someone you haven’t seen for a long time. But it was very quick, just a one-armed hug. Nate did not have particularly good memories with this woman. He suspected she was the same. “What are you doing in Honolulu?”

“I’m here for Kyle and Shelby’s wedding, same as you right?” She broke away from the half-hug very quickly and looked back at him. She was remembering what a loser he was in highschool at that moment. Associating with a chubby nerd was not in her nature.

“Yea, I just got here yesterday. Here, let me help you -” Nate reached for her garment bag and took it from the short woman.

“Well – thank you,” she responded as she handed it to him, giving a nervous smile with half-hearted enthusiasm. She turned back to the front desk to see a woman behind the counter, reading the pamphlet that Nate had left on the counter. She had overheard the conversation and came up in case she was needed, setting the paper down as Alicia approached.

“Hi, checking in?” she asked. Alicia didn’t verbally respond, just slid her cell phone across the counter to show a confirmation email. The worker moved quickly and efficiently, printing her room keys, sliding her phone back across the counter, and pointing at the stairs, informing her that the room was upstairs, to the right. Coincidentally in the same area as Nate’s room. Alicia took the keys and spun around, putting her phone in her back pocket and reaching for the garment bag.

“It’s ok, I got it. You lead the way,” Nate responded. “I’m on the second floor as well.”

Alicia made a sound like she was politely laughing at an unfunny joke. “Alright, whatever you say.” She was already walking towards the stairs. Halfway up she asked, “So when did you get here?”

“Oh, I took a flight yesterday morning, got in before lunch. I already saw Ashley actually. Ashley Harrison? She said she was a bridesmaid mersin escort too.” He followed behind her, eye level with her small, but perky, ass and her phone sticking out of the back pocket. He was always nervous when he saw a woman with a phone in her back pocket. They could so easily be grabbed or fall out and break. Why didn’t women just get pants with bigger pockets, he wondered.

“Yep, then me and a couple other girls.” Alicia responded, turning the corner down towards her room. “We are doing the rehearsal tomorrow; are you one of Kyle’s groomsmen?”

Nate frowned a moment as he walked behind her. Ashley and Kyle had a truly toxic relationship that cost Kyle a lot of friends. He didn’t even know who was going to be a groomsman for his old friend. “No, I’m not sure who they are. I haven’t heard anything about it. I just got the invitation and showed up – have barely spoken to Kyle since high school.”

Alicia nodded as she stood in front of her door. She was fumbling for her key hurriedly. “You and he were tight in highschool. Wasn’t he your only friend?”

“No, he wasn’t my only friend.” Nate responded with a bit more bite. Clearly Alicia had not forgotten that Nate was a loser in high school. She opened the door and they stepped through.

“Well. You sure do look different now. College is treating you right, I’m sure you have more friends now,” she responded. Nate bit his tongue and smiled, choosing to be polite rather than bitchy. He hung her garment bag, presumably carrying a bridesmaid’s dress, in the small closet by the door.

“I’m doing ok, thank you for noticing,” he said, smiling as he thought to himself. My dick is practically still wet from earlier today with a super model and I’ve had sex twice in 24 hours. “I’m just down the hall in 216 if you need something, ok? I imagine the rest of the girls are staying with you too?” Nate moved to leave, asking the question at the doorknob.

“No, they are in another hotel. But that hotel has guests with dogs and I don’t want to listen to dogs barking all night, so I picked this one.” Alicia threw her bag onto her bed and opened it. Nate got a glimpse of a tattoo on her hip, but didn’t get a great look at it. He looked back up at her face, nodded, and stepped backwards through the door.

“Alright, well, you know where I’ll be if you need anything!” He closed the door behind him and thought as he went back to his room. What a thoroughly unpleasant person. What kind of person doesn’t like dogs?

That night Nate slept like a log. He barely gave another thought to Alicia, replayed his night with Ashley and his day with Natalie, took a shower before bed, started to read his book and before he knew it the sun was streaming in through the window. He blinked and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes in that brief eternity that exists before you know what time it is in the morning and reached over to grab his phone, seeing that he had knocked his Kindle onto the floor during the night; presumably he dropped it as he fell asleep. It was still early. Almost 6. He pulled himself from bed and slowly got dressed, he was in no rush. Until his stomach grumbled fiercely at him. He realized he barely ate yesterday, just a protein bar in Natalie’s van and some snacks when he got back to the hotel.

Mere minutes later he was in the hotel lobby. They had a basic continental breakfast set up of cereal, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, and a make your own waffle machine. Nate loved those; he never had waffles without one of these. And just as Nate was putting his phone away after browsing Amazon for Death Star shaped waffle makers, the machine dinged and he happily took it back to the tables, only to see Alicia sitting nearby with yogurt and eggs. He looked around, the rest of the room was empty. Sitting by herself, it would be very noticeable if he didn’t join her. He breathed deep and stepped over to her.

“Morning. Mind if I sit with you?” He politely offered.

She looked up from her phone for a moment and smiled at him, surprising him. “Nate! Sure, have a seat!” She grinned widely and her eyes gave him a quick once over from his head to his waist.

“Someone slept well, it sounds like.” He smiled back and sat across from her.

She looked at his food and then back at him, chuckling. “How do you stay in such good shape if you eat like this?”

“Well normally I don’t. I don’t have a waffle maker, and I usually work out after breakfast every day. This week I’m just getting in extra walks though – tourist stuff right? In fact, I’m going to walk over the venue, make sure I know how to get there. You could join me if you want?”

“Oh, no thank you – Shelby and Ashley and the other girls and I are going over there tonight for the rehearsal. It shouldn’t take long, you just go where they tell you.” She smiled at him again and finished a cup of yogurt, watching him stuff his face with the waffle.

“So who else is here?” he asked. He found it a bit strange that she seemed to almost avoid mersin escort bayan the question.

“Oh, nobody else you know I think.” She responded quickly and changed the subject. “You know, I used to think that waffles were like Kleenex or Tylenol or Frisbee? Like ‘Waffle House’ was a brand, so why wouldn’t ‘waffle’ be one?”

“They are only waffles if they come from the Waffleaux region of France, otherwise it’s just sparkling french toast?” Nate rolled his eyes at his own bad joke. But Alicia burst out laughing like it was the first joke she ever heard. She grabbed at his wrist and bent over double at the table.

“I knew you were a dork in highschool but I didn’t know you were funny. Or in such good shape.” Her laughing finally died down and, after a suspiciously long amount of time, finally let go of his wrist.

“Well, it took a lot of hard work, but thank you. The biggest thing was getting away from the food my parents cooked and having more time to exercise.”

“Well it worked well – good job. I should get out to get some exercise this morning. Gotta look good in my bridesmaid dress tomorrow.” She stood up and walked to the garbage can to dispose of her plate before pausing at the table, gathering her phone and room key.

“I think you’re going to look great in that dress. But definitely, have a good workout.” Nate finished his waffle and leaned back in his chair, crossing his hands over his lap. He looked up at her, she did actually have an athletic build, with slightly wider hips, smaller breasts that were just barely a handful, and a flat stomach. It wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to say that she would look great wearing just about anything. Nate frowned a bit as she walked away. He never really got to know her. He just knew she thought he was a loser in highschool. He was, but he hadn’t changed that much between now and then. It was a shame, maybe he could have hooked up with her this week instead.

A couple hours later, Nate was back in his room. He felt like he was spending an inordinate amount of time in his room today just reading or watching TV. Yesterday he had a rather active day that kept him up for hours longer than usual, the day before that he had a flight that took over six hours. Today was his vacation and relaxation day before the wedding and his flight back. Or it was supposed to be.

Nate sat up and climbed off the bed, putting on a pair of jeans as he walked to the door to respond to hurried knocking. “One sec, just getting dressed!” he called. He opened the door finally and blinked in surprise. “Alicia – wha…wow.” He couldn’t really form a sentence properly. She stood in front of him wearing a light blue strapless dress that shimmered with green highlights as she walked, pushing past him, one hand behind her holding the back of her dress to keep it falling, the other on her chest to keep her tits from falling out and clutching the garment bag.

“Help, I need you to zip me up.” She turned the corner to look in the mirror next to the TV and stood with her back to the room. Nate closed the door and came around to face her.

“Why didn’t you just get dressed at the rehearsal?” Nate asked as came around.

“Because I just didn’t. Now help me please!” She whined a little bit and bounced up and down in urgency. Her breasts bounced in the strapless gown, there was a seam under her breasts to accentuate them. Nate didn’t know the first thing about dress making, if there were specific terms he never knew them.

Nate stepped behind her. He was met with the bare naked skin of her back almost all the way down to her ass and he swallowed, exhaling slowly. He had a sudden urge to trace her tan lines with his fingers that he needed to squash. Ashley was attractive, sure, but Alicia was sexy. She was hot. There’s no better word for it. He placed his hands on her hips and started to zip up the dress, starting at her waist. “I suppose, without your party here. Happy to help out. Are you heading to rehearsal soon?”

“Not for a few hours yet actually.” She turned to face him, holding her arms out to do a spin for him, which he greatly appreciated. “How do I look?”

“Great,” he smiled widely. He actually didn’t love the color or that it seemed to shimmer, but Nate certainly knew better than to comment anything that dumb. “You look beautiful,” he smiled as he spoke. “Do you like it?”

“It’s nice,” she said as she examined herself in the mirror. She leaned forward to check her cleavage, she cupped her breasts, turned from side to side, lifted her arms, and about half a dozen other moves to examine how the dress looked. “I don’t think any woman ever really likes a bridesmaid dress because they are a one-time dress. They say ‘oh you can wear it again’ but no you can’t. There’s never any occasion for a blue-green floor length dress, I’m not going to the Oscars. It’s like a prom dress.”

“I always wondered about that actually. What do you do with them afterwards?” Nate stepped back and watched escort mersin her moving in the mirror.

“You can sell them, regain some money. Someone else will need a bridesmaid dress and maybe they buy it. Or you can sell them as prom dresses. Or you can donate them to Goodwill. But yea, usually you only ever wear them once. Men are lucky, you just hear ‘wear a suit’ and that’s about it.”

Nate thought for a long moment about that. That was true. He did really just have to put on a suit to be dressed for any formal occasion. “Well you can put on a suit or you can go naked. Although that might distract from the bride a bit.”

Alicia grinned wickedly. She saw an opening and she pounced. “You first, Mr. Fitness,” she stuck her tongue in her cheek and turned to face him, crossing her arms and striking a sassy pose.

He laughed at that. “Oh yea? I go to the wedding naked and you do too? Is that the new rule?” She stepped closer to him and put a hand on his chest and dragged it down to her stomach.

“Who said anything about the wedding? My. You weren’t kidding when you said you got in shape.” She dragged her fingers over a firm stomach hidden under a simple t-shirt. She stepped back and picked up her garment bag. “I”m going to take a shower. Unzip me.”

Nate blinked, taken aback. “So you don’t think I’m a loser anymore?” He said simply, knowing that shutting up was usually a good move.

“You were. Look at you now though” She lifted up the bottom of his shirt enough to touch his abs. He didn’t look like a body-builder, more like a swimmer. “Now I wouldn’t call you that.” She pulled her hand free and smirked, turning around. “Unzip me, now,” she said, a bit more demanding this time. Nate obliged, pulling the zipper down as she stood with her arms at her side. Her dress fell forward, and she wiggled her hips, letting it drop to the floor. It slid down her body like a shimmering puddle of satin until she stood in front of him, nude, with her ass towards him. “Good boy,” she said, looking back over her shoulder and sauntering into the shower room, closing the door. Nate saw that tattoo on her hip again. It looked like the ying-yang symbol but there were three of the swoop things. He didn’t recognize it, although he was admittedly distracted by her sudden nudity, peach of an ass, and tan lines he wanted to see closer.

Nate nodded to himself. Rocking his head back and forth. “Alright Nate. You got this, man. She thinks your hot, she wants to fuck you and that’s it. You got this.” He started to prepare, he brushed his teeth, used mouthwash, and then he thought for good measure that he would prepare a bit more. He stripped naked and went to lay on the bed, making sure to deadbolt the door with the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the handle. He was stroking his cock, hard and fast, trying to make himself cum before she got out of the shower, to make sure he would last longer. He closed his eyes and replayed the last couple days. What stayed in his mind more than anything else was Natalie bossing him around on the boat, telling him what to do, moving him how she wanted him. The shower stopped and his cock was pulsing and hard, his head fully swollen. He stroked faster, but he was too anxious listening for the door – he wasn’t able to cum. And then he heard it, the door opened. Fuck, ok. Calm down. Think of baseball or something.

Thinking of baseball was impossible when Alicia came out of the bathroom a moment later. She was very clearly wearing some kind of bondage gear. There was a leather piece that went from her pussy up to under her breasts, with rivets along the edge, thin leather straps that wound around her body to keep it on, a gap that her pussy was peeking out of, and fishnet stockings. Nate looked at her and gulped. He didn’t expect this.

“Were you playing with that while I was in the shower?” She pointed down at his cock and flipped her long, wet hair behind her head, exposing her perky breasts with small dark nipples. The garment was cut so they couldn’t be covered up.

“Yea, I was just getting ready for you.” Nate said, suddenly feeling awkward.

“And who told you to do that?” She responded, stepping forward and putting one foot on the bed. Nate saw the fishnet stockings go all the way down to her toes and he swallowed, looking back up at her, stealing a quick glance at the landing strip leading to her pussy.

“Well. Nobody. Just, I thought you made it pretty clear.”

“Don’t ever assume, little slut. You’re too pretty for thinking. Do as you’re told, it’s what you’re best at.”

“What the fu-” he started to lean forward. She moved quickly, pushing one hand against his chest and keeping him leaned back while the other hand reached down to touch his abs again.

“Do as you’re told. I want to hear only two words come from your mouth. ‘Yes’ and ‘ma’am’ and that’s it. Do you think you can do that?” She ran her fingers against his abs and up his chest, tracing his nipples for a moment.

Nate’s eyes were huge. He had never been in a situation like this. He had never even seen an outfit like this in real life. He thought it was just something from the movies. Finally, he spoke up a bit. “Yes ma’am. I can do that.” He said, feeling excited for the new experience. “AH!” he shouted a bit as he felt her fingers suddenly twist his nipples.

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