Brown Sugar Ecstasy

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After a very nice night with Henri and his woman, I took some time off, both to let my asshole return to as normal as possible, and to think about Henri, and what he and I did for each other. My only “gay thoughts” were on being in bed with him. But they were offset when I would think about how great it had been having his woman, Althea, in bed. All in all, I just wanted good sex.

Henri and I had several phone conversations, enjoying each other more with each call. We had even attended the local high school football game, finding it much more entertaining than the NFL games. In one conversation, I mentioned old fashioned tractors, and he was genuinely interested in them, so I mentioned that there was a fall event that had old farm equipment, including steam engines, and lots of interesting things to see and watch. He suggested that we attend that. I told him that it was a weekend event, with plenty to see on both days, but it was 200 miles away. He suggested we get a motel room, and I jumped at that.

He said that his woman would be with her family, up in Virginia that weekend. I went online and found a small motel with a restaurant, in a small town not too far from the event site, talked it over with him and booked a room for the Friday and Saturday night of the event.

We left home, headed for the Tractor show early on Friday, and got to our room at 1PM. After checking in, we necked for a few minutes, catching up on what we had missed, and then walked to the restaurant to eat. We sat away from most of the diners, and were able to have a good conversation as we ate. We were both eyeing one our waitress, a black chick, not over 35, that was a great server, obviously working below her class level, and doing her best to please her patrons.

I asked Henri, simply: “Would you?”

Without a pause, he came back with: “Hell yes, and invite Althea and you to help me with it. She has a lot to give up. She is a class act.”

We learned that her name was April Rain. But she used “April”. She went out of her way to see that we had an enjoyable dinner experience, and told us that yes, she would be working tomorrow, but on the dinner shift. I assured her that we would request her for our waitress when we came in to eat. We finished eating and left her a tip of thirty percent of the check. She had earned it, and we wanted the same with our next visit.

Getting back to our room, Henri pulled me too him, kissed me, and said: “I have missed you baby. We have some catching up to do. Let’s get comfortable and enjoy our evening alone.”

We undressed, with Henri wearing his boxers, and I was wearing some new men’s bikini briefs that I had bought. I had chosen the red pair to wear over here today. Our room was a one bed suite with a sofa bed to one side of the room. He turned on the TV, found a music station, and we sat on the sofa, as he took me in his arms.

He said: “Sugar, when you first mentioned role playing and that you wanted to play the lady, I was sort of disinterested but wanted to please you. Thinking about the fun we have had, the feelings that we have enjoyed, I have to say that I like it too. This weekend, to me, is my chance to get away with my side chick to give, and to get, some good pleasure.”

I thanked him, and said: “Baby, my Brown Sugar, I like that, and I want to give you some good memories to take home, as well as some good stories to tell Althea.”

I continued: “You have asked me before, what makes me want to be with a black, but not a white guy. As I told you then, mostly it is because a black man, or woman, are so much more thorough, so much more passionate about what they do, whether it is making love, or just plain fucking. And, while I love being the strong, yet femme when in the bed, I love the primitive thought that both my lover and myself, know that in society’s eyes, we are doing the unthinkable. When you, or even Jamal, and Marcus laid me down, you were convincing me that Black is Best, and that part of being best is being the strongest, the most dominant in the act.”

Henri was listening intently as I continued: “Im my “girl mode”, role playing, I am being taken by you, and forced to feel your strength, to feel that you are claiming me as your own. My pleasure during sex is basically to give you the best that I have, knowing that you could be on someone else, in another bed somewhere else. Giving myself up to you, thinking that you are claiming me, adds to the pleasures. Fucking hard enforces the thought of being claimed by you.”

I asked: “Does that make any sense, sugar?”

Henri replied: “Yes it does, and when I am on you, in you, I have claimed you as mine. If I do you well enough, leave enough of an imprint on your mind, you will be mine. Mine to fuck, mine to use to make my life as good as I can make it. Eddie baby, you are mine. I have tapped the bottom of your pussy, I have bruised your pelvis with mine, and I have smashed your lips with mine. When this weekend is over, you will know even more that you are my side chick.”

Once in the bathroom, I told him that ankara escort I had cleaned myself out earlier, before we left, but that I wanted to do a rinse, keeping me clean for his cock.

He stepped into the shower as I used a douche bottle to give myself a rinse. Seeing that the water was clean, I knew that I was ready for him. Before getting in the shower with him, I got the lube out of my bag and laid it on the bed table.

I got into the shower and Henri, turned me away from him, pressing his semi stiff cock to my back as he reached around and lathered my chest, stomach and crotch. Feeling him that close to me, made me want him. I pushed my butt against his cock, and moved around, letting him know that I liked what I felt.

As he rinsed me off, I turned to him to wash him, but did it from the front, and as I took his cock in my hands, I leaned to him and raised my head to be kissed. He held my ass with one hand and my chin with the other and kissed me hard, then pushed his tongue into my mouth, as he worked a finger into me. I moaned, and squeezed his cock with my hand as he got me going.

When he let my face go, and broke the kiss, I was breathless. I looked up at him and said: “Take me to bed, honey, I need you so much.”

We turned off the water, and dried each other, and walked to the bed. Henri lay beside me and took one of my tiny breasts in his hand and asked: “Did your doctor tell you how big these would get from that medication?” Giving it a squeeze as he bent to suck the nipple of the opposite breast into his mouth.

“No baby, but I haven’t been back to him since starting the prescription. When I go to him in October, I will ask him. Do you like them?” I asked.

He smiled and said: “Baby, I love breasts, especially the smaller ones. Althea’s are the biggest that I can enjoy, but your tiny ones, being so sensitive, and having these big nipples are just plain sexy. Get on top of me, and let’s dry fuck for a bit, so I can see and love on them.”

I got on him, and put my legs inside his, and laid my cock on his pubic hair, and put his cock over mine, then lowered my pelvis to his, as he had done with me in one of our fuck sessions. As I bent to kiss him, he put his legs over mine, with his feet between my knees, and took both breasts in his hands, kneading them and rolling the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

I started moving on him, grinding against him, feeling his now hard cock against my belly. We made out like this for as long as I could stand it, and then I begged: “Please baby, turn me over and make love to me. I need you in me.”

I turned over and he got between my legs, raised them to his chest, and put lube on both his cock and my asshole. With my ankles on his shoulders, he pushed forward, past my sphincter, and into me. I was in heaven again, and he said: “Baby, your pussy feels so good. I don’t know whether to stroke you or just let it lay so I can feel your soft pussy lips against my cock.”

“Baby! Please, make love to me, fuck my pussy. I am throbbing, wanting you. Please fuck me. I need your black snake so bad.” I moaned, trying to raise up to him to take more of him.

Working his way into me, and finally hitting bottom, Henri said: “Baby, I need you to give up this pussy, I don’t know how much you will get from it but your man needs some fucking along with the loving. I am going to lay some pipe in you so I can feel what is mine.”

He withdrew until just the head was in me, pushed himself higher on my body, then slammed straight down into me, hard. And followed it with several pile driving, ass pounding strokes. He was getting the feelings that he wanted, and was bruising my insides, as he pounded his cock into me.

I wailed: “Oh fuck, use me baby, take it, you are tearing my pussy up. Let that black snake bite me in there.”

He fucked me for just a few minutes and then jammed his cock deep, before pulling out and cumming on my belly. I wasn’t ready for that, and he surprised me by cumming before I did. He had left me wanting.

I moaned, nearly crying: “Baby, please, I need you in me. Fuck me, please baby, fuck me more.”

Henri smiled at me, and tapped his still hard cock on mine, and said: “Baby, why should I give you more? I busted my nut and got what I wanted. You gave it up to your man.”

I was hurting for his cock, and pleaded: “Baby, please put your cock back in my pussy, lay on me, give me your loving. I need you in me.”

He said: “If I put this cock in you, I will get me some more of that pussy. Who is your black man? Who is the one that you will always need when you feel that itch?”

“You baby, you are my black man, it is you that knows how to fuck me best, and I couldn’t want anyone but you when I need to fuck. I am yours” I said breathlessly.

He put his cock at my asshole, just pressing, not entering, and said: “Whose pussy is this? Whose body am I on, and whose mouth is wanting my tongue.”

“It is your pussy, baby, it is your body, and this ankara escort bayan mouth is yours too. Take me, use me, fuck me like you need to. I am all yours, forever.” As he finally began pushing into me.

He hadn’t let me clean his cum off my belly, and as we fucked, with my legs over his waist, and my heels pounding on his ass cheeks, the wetness on my belly, increased the sound of our slapping together. He fucked me like I needed it, hard, deep, and forceful. In short, he owned my pussy, and my body. And when he put his mouth to mine, and forced his thick tongue into my mouth and throat, he owned that too.

As he fucked me, he moved his mouth to my neck, and kissed it, then began a strong sucking, holding me to him as he used what he knew he now owned. He hammered his cock into me, he rotated his ass as he fucked, hitting different places inside with each stroke. He was giving me what I needed, and he was still sucking on my neck.

I felt the change inside me, felt an orgasm building that I knew would be better than any before. It began deep inside me, and boiled to the top, making me heave under his pounding cock, and nearly tossing him off me. He kept his hammering up, and kept sucking my neck. Never in my life had I gotten off this hard.

As I finished cumming, Henri began slow fucking me, and then he finally released my neck. I moaned and said: “Baby, that was the best ever. I want you to cum in me. Breed me, fill me with your black seed. I am yours.”

He pounded into me, still slowly, but with a lot of force, looked me in the eye, and said: “Eddie, you are mine. You will give it up to me anytime I need it, and when you need it I will be the only one that you will call. The only time that you will spread your legs is when I tell you to, for whoever I tell you to fuck. I want my pussy clean, and I want it ready for my cock. Now get your ass moving, and pull this load out of the black snake that you love so much.”

I felt better and said: “Yes baby, I am yours, give it up to me, fill my pussy with cum. I want to feel you throbbing in me.”

I raised my ass off the bed, rolled my hips under him and felt him start to spurt, deep inside me.

The thought of Henri cumming inside of me was so erotic that I began to cum again, squeezing his cock with my ass, trembling, and rolling around under him a he filled my pussy with his cum. “Oh my god, baby. I love this. I could feel your cock pushing the seed into me. I have been bred, honey.” I said, pulling his face to mine, for a kiss.

He rolled off me, and we sat up. I said: “Baby, I need to let my pussy drain or we will be sleeping in a puddle tonight. I will be right back.”

Going into the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. There was no doubt that I had been fucked, but what caught my eye was the huge hickey on the side of my neck. It had been sucked so hard that there was blood just under the surface, and there were teeth marks in the midst of it. My lover had marked me for everyone to see. I felt it carefully, softly, feeling again how I felt when he was doing it. I had been taken over by my black lover.

While I was sitting on the toilet, Henri came in. I finished and stood up, and we could both see that there was a lot of cum and lube floating in the water. He pulled me to him, turned me, and with us both looking at the mirror, he put a finger on the hickey that he had given me. He said: “Baby, no one gets one of these unless they are being properly fucked. We can show anyone who sees that your pussy belongs to me.”

Back in the room, we sat on the sofa, with me snuggling up to his shoulder, caressing his chest. I spoke, softly: “Baby, after Jamal fucked me so long ago, I knew that I wanted to find a black man that would not only fuck me, but that would want to make love to me, would want to neck with me, and yes, even to give me enough that he could claim me as his. You have done that, and seeing your mark on my neck is my reminder that I am yours. I don’t care what others think, you took me, you bred me, and you satisfied me. You are all that I need.

I took his cock in my hand, and lowered my mouth to it. I licked it, I sucked it, and I stroked it into and out of my throat. I pulled up off it, and said: “Baby, stand up and fuck my mouth, please? You can cum in my mouth or my throat, whichever you want, but please, take it.”

He had other plans, saying: “No, just play with it with your mouth while we watch some TV. As he picked up the remote, and found a program.

I had to admit that we did need to restore our bodies before more of that full steam sex that we loved so much. I kept working his cock around in my mouth, and with his attention diverted to the TV, he wasn’t getting hard. While I wanted him to fuck my throat, this wasn’t bad either. I seldom got to see his cock when it wasn’t standing proudly and throbbing.

As a commercial began, he leaned sideways, toward me, and used his middle finger to gently rim my ass. It felt good, and in no time, he had me escort ankara writhing on his finger, sucking harder on his cock. Thinking back, I could remember having more than one woman in the position I was in right now, making this even more sensuous. I was his “girl” right now, freshly fucked, marked by him, and pleasing him while he did his “man” thing. Life is good.

As the show came back on, Henri casually asked: “Did you ever have anyone eat you out?”

I replied: “No baby. Except for Jamal and being with you, I have never been cleaned out, and I wouldn’t want anyone near it when it wasn’t clean. It would be something to try. It would make the foreplay a little more exciting, maybe.”

He said: “On the nights when I have Althea clean herself out, I eat her out before I put the snake to her. She goes fucking wild, hopping up and down on the bed, and has even had an orgasm while I ate her asshole.”

Continuing, he said: “I might have to take you there later, baby.” He then pushed his middle finger into me, to the first knuckle, and gently flicked it back and forth as he watched the show.

As I sucked and licked on his cockhead, I began playing with his nutsack. Hefting his balls, feeling them inside the sack, I could imagine that they were busy replacing the seed that he had emptied into my pussy. I wanted this fresh seed in my mouth or throat.

Henri, picked up the remote, turned off the TV and said: “Get the lube.”

I got up and went to the bed table and got it out, returned to the sofa and handed it to Henri.

He said: “I am horny, and I need some of that pussy again. Turn that chair away from the wall and bend over the back of it. Your pussy will be a little swollen now, and will feel tighter than normal and I want some tight pussy.”

He lubed his cock as I turned the chair and leaned over the back. I had never taken a cock while standing, but I was about to. Henri moved behind me, tossed the lube onto the seat of the hair, took both of my hips in his hands and pushed into me, all the way, trapping me between the back of the chair and his cock. My pussy was throbbing, hurting, burning, but my man was deep inside me, and began fucking the pussy that he had claimed as his own.

Henri pulled his cock all the way out of me, and then pushed back in, all the way to the bottom. And again, taking it all the way out of me, and again pushing in and going to the bottom of my ass pussy. While all the way in this time, he stopped, and said: “Baby, can you feel my cock?”

Moving my ass a little, I replied: “Gawd yes, baby, it is plowing me open. I have never had it while standing, and this is really different. When you went in, I felt like you had ripped me wide open.”

“My cock is deep in my pussy, and I am going to get me the ride I want. When I have had enough, I am going to show you something.” He said as he began a steady fucking. He pushed, pulled, and tore my pussy up. This was different from anything else he had done with me.

Getting used to his cock, beginning to really feel this, I moaned: “Oh baby, this is intense, I don’t think I can take it like this.”

That got my ass slapped hard, several times on both cheeks. I think hat he began hitting bottom even harder than he had been, and he said: “You can take it, and you will love it. You have a black snake biting your pussy, and you know that you love it. Now, move your ass, and give me some action.”

He kept up, fucking me hard, more for his pleasure than for mine, and said: “I need to stick two cocks in your ass so you will appreciate mine. I will get some 5 inch pencil dick white boy to fuck you. Then you will know what your man is giving you.”

“Baby, I know what you are giving me, and it is the best that I could want.”

He laughed, and said: “And I need to have some big cocked brother give you a jail house fuck.” As he said that, he slammed his cock into me and began to cum.

I squirmed, and rolled around, helping him to get off, and loving the load that was filling me.

I had to know: “What is a jailhouse fuck, baby?”

As he pulled his cock out of my swollen man pussy, he took a picture of my asshole with his phone.

“He’ll spit on your asshole, then push his dry cock into you and fuck you til he cums. You won’t cum, but you need it at least once. Then you will appreciate me.” He replied, pulling me off the chair, and standing me up.

He said: “Get on the bed. I want to show you something.”

I lay in the middle of the bed, and he lay down beside me, and kissed me, feeling me up, kneading my tits, and pinching my nipples. “Do you feel like you just got fucked?” He asked.

“Yes, baby. I got fucked. It wasn’t lovemaking, but it was some deep fucking. I don’t know if I would ask for it again, but it was the real thing. Why did you do it like that?” I asked, as he lifted his head to kiss me again.

He said: “I did it because you wanted me to. You want me in your life because I am not a sissy assed white boy, and you want me to be myself with you, and to be the strong lover that you have wanted since you first got blacked. It ain’t just that we have big cocks, it is because we are strong lovers that makes you love us black guys. If we were like those wimpy white guys, able to only get two strokes, and only able to fuck in the position they are told to fuck in, you wouldn’t want us in your bed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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