By the Time I Get to Phoenix Ch. 04

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As we entered our hotel suite from the elevator, Jack yanked at my dress as if to remove it but he either had yanked hard enough or the dress was well made enough, it didn’t give at all.

“I want you out of that dress!” He ordered. “I have been driven crazy by that thing all night.”

Still a little wobbly from my alcohol consumption, I started to get a little unbalanced as I reach to pull the dress over my head. Jack rushed in and announced that he didn’t need me falling, he would do it. Pulling me in to lean against him, he lifted the dress over my head. Dropping it behind me, he kissed me deeply.

“I think you have a punishment waiting. I believe it is time to administer it.” With that he led me to our bedroom. Reaching around me, he unclasped my bra and let it drop to the floor. He then had me turn around and he unclasped my garter belt.

“Remove it completely now!” He commanded.

Using the bed for support, I bent over and slid the hose down my legs and over my ankles. In that bent over position, I felt a cr a c kkkk across my ass. I jumped, not having anticipated the smack or the sting that came with it. I started to stand in response. I felt his hand on my back.

“No, don’t move. Finish removing your stockings and then stay in position.”

Another smack; this one I was more prepared for. I finished removing my hose and held my position, expecting another one any minute. Instead, I felt Jack lifting my head and attaching a blindfold to my eyes. He drew it in tight so that no that no light was visible. Then I felt the next crack on my ass checks. The one side was starting to sting and I whimpered quietly.

“No noise or I find a gag. I didn’t bring one but I can make one.”

He proceeded to use his hand to smack my ass another 10 or 12 times, I lost count. When it was red, warm and stinging, he stopped. I felt him push up against me, still in his clothes but with a rock hard cock. He leaned over me and grabbed my tits as they were hanging down, squeezing hard, he dry humped me from behind and announced that he couldn’t make that happen soon enough but he had other plans first. I was so hot; I wished he would have just taken me then and there. In fact, my juices were starting to leak out of me and dribble down my thigh.

With the blindfold on, I used my other senses to try to figure out what was going on. I remained with my forearms on the bed and my backside in the air. My nipples just barely touched the fabric of the bedspread which has a roughness that I wouldn’t have suspected. It kept my nipples aroused. I could hear Jack moving around in the room. I was pretty sure he was undressing but I wasn’t certain. I could hear zippers opening and shutting and occasionally the sound of a lid popping off or fabric rustling. Without realizing it, I moaned.

Crack! Went Jack’s hand on my ass. “I told you no noise!”

“I am sorry, sir.” I quietly responded.

“I’ll bet you are,” He replied. I felt his hand gently massage my ass check. I then felt the other hand rub the other check and then ply them apart for a good look at my bung hole. I felt his lips as he sweetly pressed a kiss to each side of my ass. I heard some more rustling and then felt the cold jelly of lubricant being applied to my anal entry.

I stiffened. I had told Jack that everything was in play but anal penetration. Was he going to far, right from the start? I didn’t want to panic but the panic was welling up inside of me. He must have felt the tension as he said,

“Relax, I didn’t forget you limits. But you told me fingers and small diameter plugs were okay. Now just trust me!”

I felt hard plastic being inserted into my hole. It didn’t stretch me and it wasn’t really uncomfortable. He just kept pushing and pushing Anadolu Yakası escort – how long was this thing? I was afraid to talk because I didn’t want to displease him. He finally stopped pushing and slowly began to withdraw it. I could feel a pop as it slid out. After a couple of pops, he pushed them back in again. It was a slow, gentle but definite ass fucking. I had never had this kind of penetration and frankly, I wondered why not. It felt fabulous! As he felt me become more relaxed and he could tell I had accepted his toy, he moved them in and out a little faster. I felt so full but no pain, all pleasure. I whimpered.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” He asked gently.

“Yes, sir, more than okay, it feels wonderful.”

“Well, then,” he laughed, “I guess I need to stop. Not ready yet for you to cum.”

With that he pushed whatever it was back in again another two pops and then he stopped and I could feel he had walked away.

“Stand up!” He commanded. I stood, still blindfolded; he led me to a chair that I saw early in the room. I could tell by the way the back cut into me. It was a wing back chair about 3 feet high on the back with padded arms on both sides. It was a substantial piece of furniture. He pulled a small box, ottoman, or something for me to stand on my tippie toes. He had placed my hands to carry my weight on the arms of the chair. Where I had felt strong metal cuffs early today, tonight I felt soft Velcro cuffs with adjustable lengths. I felt the cuff go around first one wrist then another. Then it was my ankles. He must have secured them tight to legs of the chair, because I couldn’t move an inch. He must have padded the top of the chair somehow because while my tummy was carrying the weight of this position, the chair was not cutting into me too badly. I kept thinking that this is the way I would feel if someone had tied me to a gymnastic vault.

My breasts were dangling with the chain and weight pulling them down. For the first time since Jack had put them on me, they were causing pain – not unbearable just intense. My head hung down but I knew that it, along with my pussy was now at cock height. Jack was a tall man and he had found a way to secure me for his services which would not make him work hard and make me very uncomfortable. I wondered what would happen if my arms gave out from hold my weight.

This was all done without a sound or a word from Jack who was moving around stealthily. All of a sudden, I heard noises and I felt a breeze blowing against me. I shivered and Jack responded,

“Oh, you won’t be cold long, my sweet, I intend to warm up every part of you and if anyone out there has binoculars, they can watch. It was then that I realized Jack had positioned this chair in front of the balcony and with the lights on in the room, which I guess he had done, the show was visible if you were watching for some action on the sixth floor.

Then just as I predicted, Jack arrives in front of me, his moderately hard cock, slapping at my face.

“Okay, slut, you are now mine to use for my benefit. If you get some pleasure out of it – fine but don’t count of me taking time to make certain you do. In fact, if you don’t well then, it will just leave you all the hotter for tomorrow. Now suck this piece of meat until I tell you to stop.”

With that he placed the head of his cock at my lips and I opened my mouth obediently. As I had no hands to use, it was up to him as to how I sucked. I sucked all that he gave me being very certain to keep my teeth out of the way. I could feel something like silk boxers or shorts or something as my forehead bumped them as he pushed further and further into my mouth.

My gag reflex started to kick in and while I tried to stop it, Anadolu Yakası escort bayan I couldn’t, he was just going so deep. He reached down and pulled on the nipple clamp chain until I jerked, my mouth still full of cock. He was fully hard now and my mouth was more than full.

“Keep taking, bitch. I know you love it. I want you to take it all. I haven’t figured out if I am going to let you taste it again or not. Maybe it is just time to use that pussy of yours. Gawd, this is so easy, it is like dancing. No muscle stress, no uncomfortable position, I just thrust, you swallow.”

With that he reached under and caressed my breasts which were hanging like udders on a cow. He slapped them back and forth and laughed that they were like those metal balls on a fishing wire, once you got them going, they just didn’t stop. My breast swayed back and forth with the nipple clamps’ weights also going to and fro and increasing the tension and the pain for my nipples. The pain was causing sensations to rock my world, particularly in my pussy. I wasn’t certain that I was allowed to come and I wasn’t certain I was going to be able to control not coming.

Just then, he stopped. “Enough of that. Your mouth is good, but I bet your pussy is better.”

He disappeared from my front. I heard the rustle of clothes coming off, the box or thing that I was resting on kicked away, and then I felt a slap on my behind and a very hard cock’s head, push at the entrance to my pussy. Then in a push, he sunk it balls deep and grunted. “Oh gawd, for an old broad, you have a tight pussy!” Before he started to pump, he pulled on whatever was in my ass, in and out. He began to find a rhythm with his hips and his hands and my holes.

It was just moments before the frenzy of orgasm that I had just barely missed from before was nearly there again. This time he could see it in the spasm of my buttocks, and little bit of writhing I could do on the chair.

“Oh, no you don’t, not yet. He stopped playing with the ass toy and started pumping furiously. Then he reached around my thigh and found my clit. Just a touch or two and I was off like a rocket. I had not cum since the airplane earlier and I swear I must have cum like a nun who had never cum before. I could feel him gushing into my pussy. As he jerked and spasmed, I could tell he was getting a great relief.

After a moment or two, he slumped over me, draping his body onto mine and he reached around and held onto my breasts. Giving me little kisses on my back, he whispered, how much he loved his slut and his fuck machine. This would be a position that we would try again. But for now, it was time for some gentler times.

With that he picked himself up and removed my blindfold, I looked around and saw the open balcony and sure enough the lights were on everywhere. I looked out and there was another 7 story tower across the way. I wondered if any one had watched. I looked around the rest of the room from my perch. I was pretty much dangling, resting on my now painful belly and my arms. My gold collar was on my neck and the nipple clamps on my tits. I was ass high on chair being used for a sex toy. I was in love. But now, get me down I thought. I didn’t dare to demand because my ass was already sore from the previous words I had spoken with asking.

I heard the tub running and Jack had disappeared. I was just hanging there. After a few moments – longer than I want to be there, he reappeared.

“I guess you would like down from that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

“Tell me how much you love it.”

“I loved every bit of it, sir.”

“Be specific.” He commanded.

“I loved whatever is in my ass; I loved your cock in my mouth. I loved having escort bayan my pussy pounded by you and I loved serving you, sir.”

“Very good, but you forgot the nipple clamps and the spankings.”

“I love them too sir.”

He laughed. “I hope you liked the blindfold. It makes your senses sharper.”

I nodded. With that he proceeded to withdraw the ass toys, and to give me my little box back to tip toe on and then he went to remove the cuffs from my wrists. With that I fell back to the box, finally taking the pressure off my belly. He then released my ankle cuffs.

“I might as well leave these on that chair. That was too good and too convenient not to use again.”

The alcohol of earlier had just about worn off and I could now walk without a stumble. He pulled me in his arms and kissed me deeply, rubbing his hands all over my back and arms, stroking and caressing me.

He first undid the collar he had place on me earlier. “I am taking this off because I don’t think it was designed to get wet or to sleep in. Tomorrow it will go back on.”

He laid me back on the bed, and lifted the weights from the nipple clamps and laid them aside with the collar. He placed one hand on the right nipple clamp and his other in my nether lips, twisting his fingers and rubbing his thumb against my still sensitive clit, he removed the clamp. The pain of the blood flow back into my nipple was almost excruciating. The feelings in my pussy on the other hand warded off any serious pain. Now I understood he was protecting me from the serious pain I would have felt otherwise. He did the same thing with the other side but this time when he removed the clamp, he ground his thumb into my clit and forced his fingers inside of me, creating enough sensation that I couldn’t hold back another orgasm. I shook and trembled and contorted my face and when I opened my eyes back again, he was smiling fully at me and his fingers were at my lips, encouraging me to lick them clean of my juices and his as they had mixed.

With that, he pulled me up, kissed me again and then pushed me towards the bathroom where a large tub full of bubbles and hot water awaited us.

“First, sir, I need to pee.” I said.

“That is fine,” he replied. “I will watch, then I will wipe.”

I shook my head, as I didn’t understand but did I as I was told. I sat on the toilet and he commanded me to spread my legs wider and wider until my pee was almost going to shoot out of the bowl. Pee came spraying out and hit the edge of the seat before flowing back into the bowl. Jack watched with a grin on his face. When I was finished, he reached for the toilet paper, and knelt down and gently wiped the seat, my labia, and ass. He reach up with another piece and wiped from within me as well as if to remove the juices we had both left inside me.

He pulled me up and had me stand in the tub. He then stepped in behind me. Sitting down himself first, he then urged me to sit between his legs, my back to his chest. As I sat, he leaned back with a nice sign. The hot water stung my backside and my sore nipples but it felt good on my clit and my pussy. He pulled me back into his chest. I could feel his now soft cock lengthening but not getting hard. His hands softly washed and soothed my breasts. He urged me to lay my head back against his shoulder.

The hot water must have reactivated the alcohol because I felt myself going further and further into some dreamy land. I could feel his hands all over my body, softly washing and stroked. I could feel him splash water into my pussy as if to rinse it well. My neck was awash with soft kisses from his mouth and my belly was rubbed and fondled. I kept getting further and further away from the sensations that felt so good.

The next thing I remember is awaking in the darkness, with his leg over mine, his hand on my breasts, and his soft snores in my ear. I don’t know what time it is but I feel nothing but contentment. I let my thoughts return to the events of the day before as I drift back to dreamland.

Stay tuned for Saturday’s events.

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