Castle Secrets

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Princess Amana was woken by footsteps coming up to her tower. Assuming the soldiers were drunk again, she flung on her robe and slippers and swung open the door. Somebody was going to suffer, for disturbing her sleep.

‘Haha, there’s our little princess.’

She realised it was the blacksmith, a huge figure of a man. There was blood on his tunic, but he didn’t seem injured.

Amana took a step backwards, alarmed. Bruno should not have been anywhere in the castle above the stables, let alone close to her chamber three storeys up. Her sleep fuddled mind at last saw the danger she was in, and she backed away from him. Bruno grabbed her arm in his strong calloused hand and pushed her back into her room.

He held her still for a minute, and she could hear shouts, and the clash of weapons.

Bruno held his captive by the chin and forced her to look at him. He grinned at her with a leer, and Amana cowered before him, aware now of the danger she was in.

‘My men already control the castle.’ Bruno told her. ‘Now we are going to enjoy the spoils.’

Amana tried to scream for help as Bruno slung her over his shoulder but there was no one left alive to hear. Holding her legs together with one hand he hauled her down the stairs and into the courtyard.


Battle over, the rebels were enjoying themselves, passing round loaves of bread and tankards of ale filled from barrels taken from the cellars, and tormenting their captives. In one corner was a pile of bodies, carelessly laid to one side, many of them in guard’s uniform.

Bruno came down with Amana slung over his shoulder.

‘Let’s see what we’ve got’ he said, standing her on the floor.

His hand went to her throat and he ripped off her nightdress and gown in one move, laughing as he saw the result.

‘No underwear’ he scoffed, ‘Interesting, I didn’t expect that.’

Amana shook in fear and lowered her head.

‘Are you still a virgin?’

Amana was too upset to form any kind of answer; in truth she wasn’t sure what the question meant. She was too dazed by events. Bruno took hold of her again, unbuttoning his trousers with the other hand.

In seconds he pushed her to the ground. Amana screamed as he pushed himself roughly into her, and a few men moved towards her.

‘Help me! Help me!’ Amana screamed, expecting the immediate obedience that was her right as princess.

Instead they all moved in closer to watch, laughing.

Bruno continued to ram his thick cock into her finding some resistance. ‘Hey! She really is a virgin’ he laughed. The others chuckled back.

Amana’s body bounced with his thrusting as he passed her maidenhead and continued onwards. At last he came, and she felt something creamy run down her leg, along with the blood.

Bruno still held her down, and horrified, she saw the men forming a line. The first one knelt over her, and put his cock into her. He was gentler, and she felt herself moving in time with his rhythm. He leant over to kiss her. His breath smelled vile, and he forced his tongue between her lips. Amana squeezed her eyes tight and tried to ignore what was happening to her, until white light squeezed behind her eyes and she arched her back with sudden warmth as she felt his cum in her.

Not sure what had happened she didn’t even think about closing her legs until the next man was already using her. In a way she couldn’t understand, Amana was close to enjoying herself as the men used her.

The ninth, or tenth (Amana could no longer keep track) she recognised as a farm hand she had seen bringing meat to the castle. He was filthy, and the worst smelling so far. She tried to shrink away from him as he used her, and pulled away from his rough kiss, not daring even to imagine what caused the smell.

‘Who’da thut this las’ nigh’ I’d be planting babbies in Princess up-my-nose’ he laughed as he rose, and another replaced him.

‘Babies!’ Amana thought. She’d had a sheltered upbringing. ‘They want to give me babies. They can’t! Prince Timan is to be my husband.’ Mentally Princess Amana shrank away from what was happening to her, as more and more of her servants lined up to use her.

Exhausted by the abuse, Amana actually fell sleep while being fucked. The man using her slapped her awake, but it was obvious she was going to be of no use to the rest of her abusers.

The men looked down at her, shaking their heads, and again Bruno looped her over his shoulder, this time carrying her towards the castle.


Amana was woken by a hard slap on her delicate princessly bottom. Even the cold stone floor she was lying on felt comfortable, until she moved and felt the effects of the earlier rape.

‘Gerrup, cook lunch’ somebody yelled at her, aggressively.

Amana got to her feet. All she was wearing was a shapeless flap of burlap with a hole cut for her head. She looked at the owner of the voice blankly, She knew he had worked in the dairy, now he was sitting in the head cook’s chair.

‘Cumm on th’n – move!’ he ordered.

Amana had only once been in the castle kitchen, as a curious child. She had soon Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort been chased out again and returned to her nanny. She had no idea what lunch was like before the piled up silver platters appeared on her table.

The voice resumed ‘I don’t like any who warn’t do their share.’

Before he finished Amana was over his lap, the burlap folded back uncovering her bare behind. He held her in place and slapped her bottom.

Amana grunted as the pain hit her, and heat spread over her buttock. Most of her body screamed its pain, but her pussy throbbed just a little. Then it pulsed as more blows connected with her bottom, and Amana screamed more in pleasure than pain. Her tormentor hit her as she was coming down from her orgasm, then his body slumped over her as a sword hilt knocked him out.

He was pushed away and Amana was helped to her feet.

‘There you go, miss. It’s all over now.’

She looked up at him, and saw he was holding a sword in one hand and wore a uniform tunic. He was not one of her father’s men, but a knight none the less.

Sheel couldn’t help but look hard at the woman he had rescued. A pretty wench he decided. Her body looked comely – and he could see most of it due to the brevity of the outfit she was wearing. It was too long since he had taken a woman, perhaps this rescue could turn in his favour.

He led her to a wooden bench, then reconsidered, and folded a soft piece of cloth for her to sit on.

‘What’s your name lass?’ he asked.


He gasped. ‘Oh my God!’ He shouted ‘Timan! Over here!’

Now it was Amana’s turn to gasp. How could she face Timan in her condition? He wouldn’t want to marry her if he saw her like this.

Timan moved towards Amana, and the two men looked at each other. Unknown to Amana it was not her face which showed Timan what had happened, it was the mixture of blood and semen dried onto her thigh. Timan’s look at Sheel made it plain that if anyone was having this woman it was the Prince not his guard. Resentment on his face, Sheel headed for the pump.

Timan looked down at the girl, barely recognising her. Her head drooped, hiding herself from him, but not disguising her exhaustion. Gently he lifted her head, forcing her to look at him. With difficulty he kept his face neutral as he looked at the mess in front of him. The short dress hid little and she had several purpling bruises. Her face was filthy, her blond hair matted. Sheel returned with a beaker of water and Amana took it gingerly, unused to such rough vessels. As Amana turned to take the drink her skirt lifted, and Timan saw her red butt. Sheel looked at Timan as his leader looked at the girl with a gleam in his eye. Then Sheel too noticed the wet patch where Amana had been sitting. Hurt or not, that girl had orgasmed very recently. Sheel smiled, knowing where this was likely to lead.


Timan was able to reassure Amana about her parent’s safety. He and his men had been quick to answer the call for help sent by a messenger. The servants who had overrun the castle had little experience of fighting, and Timan’s army had been able to retake the castle quickly. Amana was free to return to her parents, but that was not what Prince Timan and his guard had in mind. He would have to play this carefully, but was sure he would have her eating out of his hand in no time. He ran his eyes up and down the body of the scantily dressed princess, feigning disgust.

‘I’m guessing you don’t want your parents seeing you like that?’

Amana nodded, horrified by the thought.

‘Sheel, let the king and queen know Amana is safe. We’ll take her back to my castle to help her recover in a more tranquil atmosphere. Minta will be able to find some nice clothes for her, and sort her out with a bed – and a bath.’

‘Yes sir’ Sheel agreed smartly.

Timan led Amana outside, carefully calculating his next move. He decided on one of the classics.

He had never been one of those princes who proudly rode the finest white stallion, but there was one in the group who did.

‘I’ll just get someone to saddle my horse’ he told Amana, before approaching Gwynson.

‘Mind swapping horses? I’ll make it worth your while.’

‘No problem Sire’ Gwynson replied smartly. He was well aware of what his master was up to. ‘Seventy, and it’s yours’

‘Fifty. Just for the rest of the day. You can ride mine’

‘Deal sir!’ Gwynson was well pleased. His white horse was good looking, but he knew Timan’s was a more comfortable ride. Both men thought they had the best deal.

‘I’m sorry but all the carriages appear to have been destroyed so all I can offer is a seat on my charger’ Timan lied to Amana, putting on his best ‘sorry’ face. He was a fine actor.

Amana looked a little unhappy.

‘I’ll put a blanket over the saddle for you to sit on.’

Amana cheered up, to his delight. He knew the impact of turning up on a white charger to rescue a princess had on any red-blooded woman, especially one who was a real princess, even if she didn’t look the part at the moment.

By midnight, Amana was Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort a changed woman. Her bottom hurt, though whether from the spanking or the horse ride she wasn’t sure. Being rescued by a prince and riding away into the sunset wasn’t neally as glamorous as she’d expected, although she had carefully hidden it from the Prince. Now she had bathed, and settled into a comfortable bed with a silk nightdress on, and her hair clean and brushed, she was starting to recover from her experience. She blew out the candle and stretched out on the bed, too tired to worry about her experiences during the day.


Breakfast in Timan’s castle was more informal than Amana was used to. When she woke up Minta helped her dress and showed her where the food was laid out in a buffet. Amana helped herself, and without her mother there to correct her, soon had another helping. Minta had fed her a thick soup before putting her to bed, but that was a long time ago. Amana was starving.

‘Can I join you?’ Timan asked her, entering the room from behind her.

‘Of course, this is your home.’

Timan laughed. ‘We need to talk about what happened to you.’

To her surprise, Amana felt she should have been more upset by the events of the previous day than she was. She still wasn’t certain what the men had been doing to her, but a few of them had made her feel warm and excited. The pain she had suffered when hit by the rough-handed dairyman had died away, but she still savoured the warm feeling his treatment induced.

‘Why? It’s over now, I’m safe.’

‘Well if we’re to have a life together I need to know something about your feelings. Don’t worry; I won’t tell anybody else, it’ll just be between us. If you talk about it now, it won’t bother you so much in the future.’

Amana sighed, and Timan held his breath, much of his plan depended on her decision now.

Amana pondered the decision. ‘I guess you’re right’ she admitted, ‘but let me eat breakfast first.’

‘Eat all you like, Princess Amana, while you are here, my home is your home. Don’t feel awkward; we’ll just use this as an opportunity to get to know each other better.’

His words encouraged Amana, and she ate another helping of breakfast before letting him lead her to a small study looking over the castle’s impressive drawbridge.

‘I have told everyone not to disturb us in here. Nothing you tell me goes outside this room.’

Amana fidgeted a little, but he leant over, so his head was level with hers, and looked her in the eye.

‘How did it feel when he slapped you?’

Amana blinked, she hadn’t expected that to be his first question.

‘It hurt. I’ve never felt anything like it before’

‘Did it make your cheeks warm?’


‘How about the little spot between your thighs, did it get warm, and a little wet’

Amana blinked at him.

‘How did you know that? Yes it did, and I felt a very strange feeling.’

‘A happy feeling?’

‘Yes. In spite of the fact he was hurting me, I felt a strange kind of joy. What was it? ‘

‘It’s called an orgasm. It comes when you are really enjoying yourself.’

Amana looked doubtful. ‘How come I enjoyed being hurt?’

‘I know it sounds odd, but some people enjoy being hurt.’

‘Do you?’


Amana looked disappointed at his blunt answer, and it took all of Timan’s acting skill to hide his joyful reaction. She had accepted his words with far more ease than he had expected.

He waited for a minute, letting her absorb her answer before firing his cannon shot:

‘But I like to hurt people, and some enjoy it. Would you like me to hurt you, just a little, so you can try it? I’ll stop if you don’t like it.’

Amana sat still for a minute, but not as long as he expected.

‘Yes please.’

Timan had sat on an armchair for their discussion. Now he moved to an upright chair so his lap was in the best position for slapping a woman.

He risked ordering rather than asking.

‘Come here. Put your sweet little mound against my leg.’

Amana bent over him, and he felt the sweet perfume of an aroused woman.

‘Princess, if I am to do this properly I need your bottom bare.’

To Timan’s surprise Amana pulled down her drawers instantly. He expected her to put herself back on his legs, but to his delighted surprise she shrugged out of the dress and its petticoats, and returned to her place on his knees, resting her bare body close to his now erect penis.

‘Now ask me to hit you. Would you like ten slaps? Fewer?’

‘Please slap me ten times, I want to see what it feels like. The dairyman only gave me four before you stopped him.’

Timan tried to be stern, but it was not easy ‘Keep still then, and I will show you how it feels.’

The first slap landed hard.

‘Ooh’ she yelped.

Timan lifted his hand, worried. ‘Do you want me to stop?’

‘No sir, I asked for ten. That is what you must give …’

She didn’t finish the sentence as he landed the second blow, on the other cheek.

Amana continued to lie Ataşehir Ucuz Escort on his lap as the noise of the last blow echoed across the room.

He gently stroked her cheek, and she turned her head to suck on his fingers. As he helped her up she showed no signs of distress, and surprised him again by immediately stroking his penis through his silk trousers. He shivered in his seat.

‘Sorry, did I hurt you?’ She sounded worried, and he suddenly understood: she had no idea what had happened to her the previous day. Like most well brought up ladies of that time she had been kept ignorant of anything sexual. He smiled inwardly. It was going to be fun teaching her.

‘No, it’s nice. Do you want to do it again?’

Amana put her hand back. Timan leant back to unbutton himself, and Amana took hold of him, moving her hands up and down.

‘Harder!’ He pushed her down trying to be gentle, but struggling. As her head came level, he shifted, holding her hair so he could put his cock in her mouth.

Instinctively Amana sucked, and Timan struggled not to come in her mouth. That experience could wait for another day. Reluctantly he pulled himself away from her mouth.

‘Did I hurt you?’ he asked her.

‘Yes, but it was nice’

‘Stand in front of me so I can feel for myself’

The princess stood, and Timor, with a fine show of caring, stroked her ass, then worked down to her pussy. As he had hoped, she was soaking wet.

‘I need your help now’ he told her. ‘Stand with your legs on either side of me, and then lower yourself, gently.

Amana did what she was told, and felt his cock between her legs.

‘This is what the blacksmith did to me yesterday’ she told him, as she lowered herself onto Timan.

‘I won’t hurt you’ Timan moved himself until he was firmly inside her delicious pussy. He held her waist to keep her still as he tried to control his own movements. Her pussy began to massage his penis, and he heard her groan.

‘Is this okay? It isn’t hurting?’

‘No, Prince Timan, this is fun. Are you going to do squirty things like the men did yesterday.’

Before he had a chance to answer her, Timan lost control and came into her. He held her tight as they both came.

‘That was lovely. Can we do it again?’

Timan smiled at her enthusiasm.

‘Later Princess, later.’

Amana rose.

‘Oh!’ she looked at his cock sadly ‘It’s gone down’

Prince Timan pulled her to him and kissed her soundly. To his surprise she pulled away in fear.

‘What’s the matter?’ he asked, confused.

‘Won’t that put a baby in me?’

After dealing with this girl Timan was getting so good that any acting troupe would not hesitate to employ him should he ever need a job.

He struggled not to laugh, and just about managed it.

‘Love, we’re well past that. We had sex on the chair, this is just kissing. Do this for me and then we’ll talk about sex.’

She looked at him for a long moment then pushed her mouth towards his. At first she was hesitant, but Timan soon guided her into passion, and she moulded her body against his as they kissed. She felt his penis rise again, and moved towards it.

Timan’s amusement showed as he laughed aloud, reluctantly shifting away from her.

‘We need to talk first’

When they had dressed again, and had an informal lunch in the study, Timan did his best to explain rape, sex, kissing and BDSM. Amana listened carefully, realising how little she knew about these things. When Timan finished she kissed him again, more confident now she knew what it meant. After a minute she drew back.

‘I like it’ she purred before returning her lips to his.

Timan didn’t answer, just enjoyed the sensation.

Timan and Amana had long been expected to marry, but until now he had thought her a vain stuck up prig. Now he was seeing her differently. In a strange way the horror of the rape had awakened her inner sensuality and allowed him the chance to show her what her body was capable of. He idly considered teaching her about blow jobs and masturbation, but decided to leave it until after the marriage.

‘After dinner, I want to show you one more thing’ he told her as he led her to her bedroom so Minta could help her prepare for the evening meal.

He had intended to lead up to his other interest with a lot more circumspection after they were married, but now he was sure she would be receptive.

Amana was intrigued by Timan’s reactions after dinner. Up until now he had seemed so masterful, so confident, and sexy, so when he seemed a little jittery leading her to the cellar, it took her aback. What in the cellar made him so nervous?

Timan led her to the cellar door, and unlocked it. The steps were difficult to negotiate in the fancy clothes she had borrowed for dinner, but with the help of his strong hand she made it to the bottom. Timan fished a bunch of keys from his jacket pocket and unlocked the heavy iron door. Amana inspected the room closely. It was dark, but as soon as Timan lit some wall sconces she could see the contents. Some she recognised from her father’s torture chamber, many she didn’t. The rack looked identical to her father’s, as did the giant crosses used to hold men in a spread-eagle position. There were many masks around the wall, some metal with mouth pieces to surely silenced the wearer. Others were leather, and some of these did not have eye holes, so the wearer would be blindfolded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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