Cheating Wife , Cuckold Husband #06

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I dedicate this story to Walter from Southern California.


With her sexy body her fishing bait, the mall was her fishing hole for her to find young men to bring home for sex.

Ruth loved wearing her high heels with her short skirts that showed off her long, shapely legs. As if she was a mature, runway, fashion model, looking at herself out of the corner of her eye as she passed by, she enjoyed seeing her reflection in the store windows. When she saw herself through her own reflection, liking what she saw, she enjoyed thinking that this is how men saw her.

In the way that a spy notices everything in a reflection of his sunglasses, she used her compact mirror and the reflections from storefront windows as her way to see if anyone was following her. As soon as a man had taken interest in her, ready to go fishing, she cast out her hook, line, and sinker. Now with a man of interest following her, it was time for her to play her role as the oblivious, mature woman so preoccupied with shopping that she wasn’t aware that she was flashing her underwear to anyone. Once he was hooked on her line, continuing playing her game of flashing, teasing, and enticing, she continued to reel him in all the way to her house.

Acting unaware, she was aware of men watching her when she leaned her torso forward to peer in the glass tops of the display cases. Having rehearsed all of her flashing movements in her bedroom mirror, she always had a reason for doing all that she did. Making sure that she leaned low enough and at just the right moment, she enjoyed wearing her low cut blouses that moved lower with her to show the tops of her breasts, her sexy bra, and her long line of cleavage. Her curvaceous underwear clad body was her man bait and the mall was her fishing pond for finding horny, young men interested in having sex with her.

Whether giving men down blouse views of her cleavage and bra or giving them up skirt peeks of her panties, she knew she wouldn’t be leaving the mall without a young man who wasn’t sexually interested in her. With her living in a college town filled with horny, young men, it was so easy for her to cast out her fishing line and hook a young one. As she had with so very many others, she met Chris at the mall. Young and dumb, he was filled with enough cum to satisfy any horny, older woman.

She teased Christopher by flashing him her shapely body to keep him sexually interested in her. It’s not always an easy thing to do for an older woman to maintain the sexual interest of a much younger man. Yet, a win/win proposition for both, she enjoyed flashing him as much as he seemingly enjoyed being flashed.

Flashing him is how she met him and brought him home from the mall with her. Continuing to sexually tease him by flashing him is how she maintained his interest in her long enough to get him to go home with her. With Chris a voyeur and her an exhibitionist, deliberately flashing him her panties at the food court in the mall, while making her up skirt flashes appear accidental, is how she initially sexually attracted him to meet her. If only by his leering stare, she could obviously tell that he enjoyed seeing her panties as much as she enjoyed flashing her panties.

* * * * *

Maybe because she was good looking and had the sexy body to match but it wasn’t always easy for her to tempt the interest of a young man enough to stop at the liquor store to buy her booze before going home with her. As if window shopping at the mall in the way that women do, but shopping for women instead of shopping for clothes, most young men look to see what they can see when at the mall. Most young men want young women, women their own age. Most young men are looking for a girlfriend and a long term relationship without the complications of an angry, jealous husband. Yet, most times, those men attracted to older women are looking to have sex with their mothers and even a role playing, surrogate mother will do.

Quite sexually experienced with picking up and seducing men, Ruth had a knack for spotting the young men who were looking for more than just sex. She had a knack for finding young men whose sexual fantasy was to have sex with their mothers. More than anyone who wasn’t interested in having sex with their mother would think, there are lots of men whose sexual fantasy is to have sex with their mothers. Once again, a win/win sexual proposition for both, as long as they plied her with alcohol, she didn’t mind playing the part of their surrogate mother.

“After you fix me a martini with two olives, you may call me Mommy, feel my tits, and finger my nipples while I suck your cock,” she routinely said to young men who she knew were interested in playing such an incestuous game.

* * * * *

Once she noticed him looking and once she noticed that he was interested in seeing more flashes of her panties, she was ready to continue giving him a sexy between her denizli escort legs flashing show of her panty clad pussy. As soon as he gave her the eye, she returned his look of interest with her sexy, come hither look. A sexy game she enjoyed playing, just as she knew she had him hooked, she knew he’d be following her. With him hanging back and staring at her through the storefront window, she walked around the corner and ducked in a women’s shoe store. Without even having to turn around to look, she knew he’d be standing there watching her. Planning to give him a another sexy show of her panties, she picked out a pair of boots a size too small while knowing that he’d be watching her struggle to fit her foot inside a boot too tight.

Acting as if she didn’t know he was there watching her while struggling to fit her foot in the boot, she sat across from the window trying on the boots. With her short skirt rising higher and higher with her every sudden movement of her shapely legs, she crossed, uncrossed, and crossed her legs again and again while trying to fit the size 8 boot on her foot size 9 foot. Then, in a desperately exaggerated move to fit her foot in the boot, and with her skirt plenty high enough, she spread her knees wider and raised her leg higher than necessary to show him even more of her blue, bikini panties. Now that he was already hooked on her fishing line, she just needed to reel him in a little more. As if he was a homeless puppy looking for a place to sleep, she just needed to leave a trail for him to track and for him to follow her home.

Somehow able to hide her proclivity to expose herself by flashing unsuspecting men her sexy, underwear clad body, even her husband of 25-years never suspected that his wife was such an exhibitionist. He had no idea that Ruth enjoyed flashing men her underwear and her topless or naked body. Perhaps had he known she enjoyed flashing her underwear and if she knew he was a voyeur who had a keen interest in being sexually aroused by teasing him and by flashing him, they may have produced a sexual flame bright enough to keep them faithfully married.

With them both addicted to sex, instead of having separate, secret sexual affairs with others, they appeared to be the perfect couple for participating in the swinging lifestyle. Only, the swinging lifestyle was more hushed and whispered about back then than it is more out in the open and publically accepted now. Yet, seemingly, it was more fun for her to flash men she didn’t know, especially younger men who were nearly half her age, than it was to flash her husband. A flashing game she enjoyed playing with her husband before they were married, she no longer played with him now. With him no longer sexually interested in her in the way that she was no longer sexually interested in him, no longer did she tease him while trying to seduce him. She had much younger fish to catch and to fry.

Just as she couldn’t come close to how many men she’s had sex with, she couldn’t even come close to counting how many men she’s flashed. Easily, she’s flashed her pastel, bikini panties, her low cut, front snapping bra, her tits with brown areolas and gumdrop sized nipples, her bushy, brown pussy, and her shapely ass to thousands of men over the years. She had sexually teased a vast army of men. Unashamed to admit it, she was too addicted to flashing her underwear clad, topless, and naked body to young men for her to discontinue erotically enticing and sexually teasing young men. Only, unlike other women who purposely teased men to sexual frustrate them to the point of experiencing blue balls, whomever she chose to tease, as long as they supplied the alcohol, she was ready and willing to give them hot sex.

* * * * *

With her living in a college town, she had an unlimited supply of fresh meat of horny, young victims. Actually, any young man who came to her front door whenever her husband wasn’t home, especially when he was away traveling on business, was an unsuspecting participant in her sexy flashing game of voyeurism and exhibitionism. If only Jay knew the sexy naked show that his wife, Ruth, gave men, he’d be as shocked as much as he’d be pissed and, no doubt, sexually aroused. If only Jay knew that Ruth enjoyed flashing her sheer nightgown or sexy underwear clad body and/or her topless and/or her naked body, maybe he could have helped her flash unsuspecting men as a team. Only, with Ruth playing the faithful wife in the beginning of their marriage, even though Jay knew better, they never played any of the sexy games that some loving couples play.

Whenever Jay wasn’t home, she had all kinds of sexy games to play to attract young men to sexually entertain her with a few drinks before giving him hot sex. Whenever Jay wasn’t home, she’d answer the front door in her sheer, short, low cut, sexy nightgown with nothing underneath and without the modesty of wearing a bathrobe. Not shy, modest, ashamed, or embarrassed, diyarbakır escort she enjoyed showing unsuspecting men all they hoped to see of her shapely body. Whenever Jay was away traveling on business, she’d answer the door in her bra and panty, topless, or naked. Sometimes, acting as if she just got out of the shower, she’d make her flashing appear accidental by deliberately dropping her towel.

“Oops. Oh, my God. I’m so embarrassed,” she’d say putting her hands to her mouth instead of covering her tits and pussy with them. “Please don’t look at my naked tits, ass, and pussy,” she’d say as her way of teasing them to look, leer, stare, and ogle her naked body whenever her towel fell as low as her morals and modesty.

With each man giving her a different reaction, seemingly they all believed that they were at the right place in the right time instead of suspecting that this flashing was all prearranged and deliberate. Yet, as with any man who saw her topless and/or naked, all men wanted more than just seeing her tits, her ass, and her pussy. Unless they were gay, all men who saw her in all manner of undress wanted sex. Any man who saw what he shouldn’t have seen of her wanted to have sex with her. As long as they were willing to buy her booze, she was willing to give them sex. Mostly about the booze to her, it was all about the sex to them.

If only her husband knew she had flashed the mailman, the UPS man, the FedEx man, and the pizza and Chinese food delivery man, what would he say? If only her husband knew she had flashed men wanting her to sign their petitions, realtors wanting to buy their house, and door-to-door salesmen wanting to sell them things. What would he think?

If only her husband knew she had sex with the mailman, the UPS man, the FedEx man, and the pizza and Chinese food delivery men, along with men wanting her to sign their petitions, realtors, and a door-to-door salesmen, wouldn’t he be surprised. Wouldn’t he be shocked that his wife of 25 years was just as sexually active with male strangers as he was sexually active with young, college coeds, female prostitutes, and sexy escorts? If instead of just suspecting that Ruth was a drunken whore, how would he react to her having sex with every man who came to her front door.

Only, with neither one having proof, just as his wife suspected that he was whoring around, he suspected that his wife was whoring around too. With neither of them wanting to know the details of their sex trysts, they were content continuing to do their own sexual thing. Seemingly the perfect marriage, while she had sex with a multitude of young men from meeting them at the mall, he had sex with a multitude of young women from meeting them all over the country and all over the world.

* * * * *

Not shy, ashamed, or embarrassed about showing men all that they wanted to see, flashing men sexually aroused her as much as it obviously sexually excited them. Once she noticed him looking and once she noticed that he was interested in seeing more of her than just her panties, she was ready to continue giving him a sexy flashing show of her entire naked body. After flashing this young admirer her panties at the food court and again at the shoe store, with him in tow and tagging along at a safe distance behind her, she was ready to show him even more. With her ready to make his sexual fantasy come true, obviously, he had no idea that she was about to show him all that he had hoped to see of her naked body.

She rode the escalator up to the second floor in readiness to give him a real show of exhibitionism. Not wanting him to leave in the middle of her flashing show, she needed to continue sexually teasing him again so that he’d continue following her. Then, culminating in her giving him the real naked, flashing show, she needed to continue sexually enticing him so that he’d come home with her. With her climbing his escalator of sexual interest higher, when she was high enough and he was low enough on the stairs, she bent at the waist on the pretense of fixing her shoe.

“Holy shit,” she heard him involuntarily utter under his breath.

She stayed in that position fiddling with her shoe longer than necessary. Having practiced this sexy, flashing move in her bedroom mirror many times before while standing on a stool, she knew she was giving him a good in between her thighs look of her panty clad ass and pussy. As if she was smuggling a small, brown, furry animal in her panties, hopefully he liked women with bushy pussies as he could definitely see her brown bush peeking out the sides of her panties. If he had doubts of wanting to have sex with her before, after already seeing so much of her underwear clad body, surely he wasn’t having any doubts about wanting to have sex with her now.

Her next stop was the only women’s clothing store in the mall that still had curtains on their dressing rooms. Every other women’s clothing antalya escort store had those damn, dreaded, privacy doors. Without making it appear obvious by leaving the dressing room door open, it was impossible to deliberately flash unsuspecting men when standing behind and hidden from view by dressing room doors. She could leave the dressing room in all manner of undress to look at herself in the mirrors outside of the dressing room, but that would draw the attention of the sales staff and even security. Besides, she wasn’t free to flash unsuspecting men all that she wanted to flash with dressing room doors in the way that she could flash unsuspecting men with dressing room curtains.

As if she had hooked a young fish on her sexy line of exhibitionism, with her using a curtained dressing room, she’d soon be showing him all that she hoped he wanted see. Having done this type of flashing many times before, she picked a couple of specific clothing items from the rack to help her in exposing herself. She picked out a sweater a size too small and a pair of pants a size too tight. The real show of exhibitionism began not when she was undressing to try on clothes but when she was removing those too tight clothes that she picked to model.

Heading off to the dressing room, she closed the dressing room curtain not all the way but just enough not to be too obvious in her flashing intention. With her having practiced this curtain closing move dozens of times before, not an easy thing to master, in one quick motion, she waved a well-practiced hand to slide the curtain across the rod. She deliberately left room enough for him to watch her through the opening at the end of the mostly closed curtain and through her reflection in the mirror.

She didn’t want to make herself appear too obvious and to make him think that she’s an exhibitionist and a slut, even though she was. She didn’t want him to think that she was interested in seducing him, even though she was. A game she enjoyed playing, it sexually excited her to show him her semi-naked and naked body as much as she imagined it sexually excited him to see her semi-naked and naked body. Should she be caught by security flashing him, wanting to make her flashing appear accidental, she wanted to put the onus on him for peeping on her and not the onus on her for deliberately flashing him.

‘Oh, my God,’ she imagined saying should she be caught flashing him by security or by the sales staff. ‘I had no idea my curtain was open enough for him to see me undressing. I had no idea a pervert was peeping on me changing. Preoccupied with my potential purchases, I thought the curtain was closed all the way,’ she imagined saying in her innocent defense to security or to the sales staff. ‘God, I’m so embarrassed.’

Flashing him her blue, bra-clad breasts and sexy cleavage, giving him a slow striptease show, she took her sweet time in unbuttoning and removing her blouse to try on her too tight sweater. Then, struggling to fit the too tight sweater over her big tits, she knew as soon as she tried to remove the snug sweater that she’d deliberately lift her blue bra along with the sweater to expose her naked breasts to him. Now that the sweater was tightly on over her bra-clad breasts, turning one way before turning the other, she looked disapprovingly at herself in the mirror. Acting preoccupied and oblivious to him standing there ogling her trying on clothes, she made a sour face, along with her body movements of her arms and her shoulders to show that the sweater was too small.

Not wanting him to get away, not wanting him to leave, and not wanting to lose him, she needed to keep him interested enough to want to see more of her. With her ready to show him plenty, she reached her hands down to grab the bottom of the sweater and started lifting it off her shapely body. Up, up, and up, she slowly lifted the sweater higher and higher. Just as she knew would happen, with her fingertips hidden by the material of the sweater, she discreetly slid her fingers beneath the bottom of her bra and lifted her brassiere while removing the sweater.

Lifting the sweater up, up, and up higher, along with her bra cups, she slowly pulled up the sweater until it was bunched up and caught beneath her chin. With her arms helplessly in the air, with her naked breasts totally exposed, and with her not making any attempt to pull down her bra, she continued lifting the sweater higher until it covered her face. With her struggling to free herself from the sweater, she flayed her arms and bounced her tits. Now that the sweater blocked her view of him, he was free to ogle her naked breasts through the dressing room mirror without embarrassment or feeling that he was peeping, when he was. Only, with her as much of a voyeur as she was an exhibitionist, she could see him leering at her through the stitches in the sweater but he couldn’t see her watching his reaction to seeing her tits.

‘Oops,’ she thought while lifting her bra to deliberately expose her shapely breasts, her areolas, and her nipples to him. If this move of exhibitionism wasn’t enough to make him sexually want her, the next move she had planned, no doubt would pique his sexual interest in her even more. Now that he’s seen her tits, she couldn’t wait for him to see her naked ass and bushy, brown pussy.

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