Cheating Wife: Hotel BBC

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This is a stand-alone story. You do not need to read any other ‘Cheating Wife’ story of mine to understand this one.


“Thanks, but I’m waiting for someone.” Well that is the third guy I’ve blown off so far. He was cute enough, and confident, but not really what I am looking for. And I am looking for something special.

But I don’t blame him — or the other two — for trying. Sitting at this hotel bar, I certainly don’t look like I want to be alone. I also don’t look like I want to stay long. I squeezed my body into a gorgeous little leopard print strapless mini dress, stepped into a matching pair of 5″ spiked heels, and wore my hair down. Hell, I touched up my garnet colored lip gloss often enough to arouse every man in this bar.

It’s just that the right man hasn’t approached yet. I know he’s seen me, but so far he seems content to just watch. Maybe he’s gay. I almost laugh out loud at that thought, because you just wouldn’t expect it from his appearance. If he doesn’t come over soon I’ll just choose someone else. I’d rather not have to settle tonight, but I am not missing out on this opportunity. I don’t get away from the house that often.

“Tell him thanks, but I’m not interested right now.” Well, I must clearly be scary! This last guy didn’t even approach, he just sent the bartender with a drink. Maybe I should just approach him.

“Why are you alone?” And there it was! He came up from behind, and with a voice more perfect than I could have hoped, asked the right question.

“The right man hasn’t approached yet.” I said with my back to him.

“I’ll just sit here while you figure out what you need.” And with that he sat down. He was more attractive up close than he was from across the room. He was definitely taller than I expected — maybe a foot taller than my 5’6″ — and probably close to twice my weight, with what appeared to be a tightly muscled body. His black pants and dark blue button down shirt was perfect against his black as night skin. ??

“Have you decided what you need?” He said while looking me over closely.

“Well, I mersin escort need what everyone needs.” I replied.

“Naw, pretty lady, that’s too vague. What does a sexy, single, woman hope to find in this bar?”

“You’re a little off. I am a sexy, married, woman.” And with that I returned the favor of running my eyes over his body.

“That’s a little better! I like the detail. So, what is a sexy, married, white woman hope to find tonight?”

“This sexy, married, white woman is hoping to find what every sexy, married, white woman needs.” My heart was racing as I said this, but I did not take my eyes from his. ??

“Better still! But don’t hide behind everyone else. Tell me, what this sexy, married, white woman needs.”

“A stereotype. I need a stereotype.” I whispered. He met my overtly racist comment with a smile.

“You’re in luck. Now finish your drink.” As we rotated back towards the bar, he pulled his stool closer to mine, and directed my hand into his lap.

“This stereotype is going to split you in two.” And he might be right. My hand rested somewhere along a thick shaft, a few inches down his pant leg. ??

“Bartender! Put my drinks on this lovely lady’s tab, and bring her the bill now.” He said this loud enough for those close to hear, but I didn’t put up a fight, I just signed the bill.

“Now you sweet little thing, you’re going to kiss me so all these boys understand.” And I did, and it was sexy. Emotionally, I felt as if I was on stage, physically I felt butterflies as his tongue explored my mouth and his hand explore my ass. ??

“Lead me back to your room.” I complied without question or hesitation. The elevator ride was long, but I enjoyed being held close by him. I enjoyed his hand on my hip. And I enjoyed the image that was racing through my mind.

When we got back to the room, he continued to control all of our actions. “Undress me, and you better treat my clothes with respect.” I did, of course. I unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it from his impossibly broad chest, and hung it in the closet. Then I helped him out kocaeli escort of his shoes, and his socks, and carefully placed them at the foot of the bed. I then undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly, and lowered his pants to the floor. I took these, too, to the closet and hung them neatly. Finally, I removed his boxers, folded them, and placed them in a drawer.

He stood before me totally naked. He was breathtaking! His penis, still not fully erect, was thickest I had ever seen, and was definitely much longer than average.

“You look good in that dress. Leave it on. Do you know what sexy, married, white women like best?” He asked while rocking his hips slightly making his penis swing from side to side.

“Tell me.” I asked as I moved closer.

“They like sucking black cock, and I am getting tired of waiting.” With that I approached, kneeled before him, and pulled his head into my mouth. I could barely get it in, and instead I ran my tongue around it, and pulled on him hard with both hands. My stroking quickly brought him to full strength, and I tried to pull as much of him into my mouth as possible. The experience was incredibly sexy and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

“Come on now, you can do better.” And with that he pushed himself deep into my mouth. The feeling was uncomfortable as it stretched my skin, but the feeling in the back of my mouth was amazing. ??

“That’s a little better.” He seemed pleased as I sucked air through my nose and he fucked my mouth. He kept a pace comfortable for him, challenging for me, but certain to end in pleasure! After almost 15 minutes of hard work, he pulled himself from my mouth.

“Oh, you look sad.” And I am sure I did. “Don’t worry, you’re a good cocksucker, and I’ll let you do it again in 45 minutes, but right now I got something to do.”??

“What?!” I panted, pleading with him with my eyes not to stop.

“I got to fuck a baby into that tight blonde pussy. Take off your panties.”??This was so wrong that it was perfect. My thong was off almost before he finished samsun escort speaking, and the head of his penis was swimming in my wetness shortly after that. After teasing with a few shallow thrusts, he pushed his head into me. I gasped, but he was the one to speak.

“Damn bitch, you’re tight. You sure you been fucked before?” I was concentrating too hard to answer, instead focusing my attention on letting him push deeper. Which, thank God, he did. Making short, but sure, progress he pushed deeper and deeper, pausing only to let me catch my breath. ?

“How does that feel?” Words went through my mind — impossible, perfect, complete — but all I could do was moan approvingly. And with that I felt him pull back until only his head remained inside of me, pause for just a moment, and rush back into me. I came immediately, and uncontrollably.

“Shit! That was easy! Damn woman, you’re gonna love this!” And I did. With long, deep, impossibly powerful strokes, he fucked me. He fucked me hard. I slipped from orgasm to orgasm, as he went from strong pace to a punishing one.

“Talk to me woman. What do you want?”??Although not always loud, I took the opportunity to express myself. I told him to fuck me, I told him I loved his cock, I told him to cum inside me, I told him everything he wanted to hear.

“Beg me, bitch!” And I did, repeatedly, until a final, painfully deep thrust announced his orgasm. He was unbelievable. I felt him rush into my body, filling my world. It was perfect.

He lay on top of me for a few minutes, catching his breath, before rolling over. Once off me, I stood in his line of sight, and finally started to undress. First I stepped out of my shoes, pulled my dress over my head, and removed my bra. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and stood there for his inspection.

“You know I’m going to need you all night, right big boy?” He smiled his approval as the phone rang.

“Hey Babe, how are you?” I said to my husband as I sat at the edge of the bed next to my lover. “It’s been a challenging job, but I think I nailed it! I still have some work to do, but you know I love challenges!”??As I spoke to my husband I started stroking my lover back to full strength.

My husband and I chatted for a few more minutes, and then I stood as the conversation drew to an end. With my eyes locked on my lover, and his cum dripping between my legs, I said goodnight to my husband and told him I loved him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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