College, 1967 Ch. 03

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The first two chapters of this story are under samchandler.


Charlie, my gay roommate, and I, uncertain but probably bi-, continued to have oral sex pretty frequently. Here was someone, and a friend, who wanted to have my dick in his mouth and I certainly enjoyed it there. Charlie was only about 5-7, thin and a bit feminine, but his erection was big and I could only get the head in my mouth. I learned from him to firmly hold the bottom of his shaft and run my tongue under the head and around his swollen knob. I flicked my tongue down his shaft and back up where I took his helmet into my mouth. Jacking him lightly with one hand, sucking his head, tonguing him, I soon tasted pre-cum and a few moments later he came filling my mouth with his cum. Some dribbled past my lips but most I swallowed salty and musky. Whenever we came from a blow job, we would kiss pushing cum back and forth in our mouths. It seemed like this was the most intimate part of out love making.

A Casibom few days ago, late at night with the door to our dorm room locked, we were in his bed. We were naked and facing each other. I bent my head and ran my tongue over his nipple. Charlie’s nipples were small and light colored but in my mouth I felt his swell and the tip harden. I fondled his erection at the same time and he let out a low moan. I kissed down his stomach.

And then I did something that late surprised me. I ran a finger tip down over his testicles and then further to his anus. I had never had this done to me, never knew that this felt really good. I found the pucker of his hole and caressed it with my finger tip. I pushed my finger in. It easily went to my second knuckle. When I rotated my finger against his sphincter, I heard a grunt.

“That’s what I wanted.”

I pushed my finger in as far as it would go and began finger fucking him as well as making circles with it. I bent over and took his erection in my mouth sucking gently as I continued Casibom Giriş to finger him. Charlie began to make small thrusts with his hips fucking my mouth as I fucked his anus.

“Put another finger in.” And a second one slid in easily. My finger tips felt the soft lining of his rectum and when I got to a certain spot Charlie bucked his hips and let out moan of pleasure. I concentrated on fingering that spot. Charlie’s breathing quickened and the head of his penis grew more swollen. And then he came with kind of a whimpering moan. I had to press my other hand against his stomach so that he didn’t shove his dick down my throat. I’d never seen him come so forcefully. When he fished he lay back still breathing heavily. I scooched up to him and softly put my lips on his. I opened my moth and pushed his cum into his mouth. We lay like that for a bit French kissing and passing his cum back and forth in our mouths before swallowing.

“Well you seemed to like that.”

“Yeah, that feels really good.”

“I never knew the ass was Casibom Güncel Giriş such an erogenous zone.”

“Yeah, I actually like being fucked.” I just stared at him when he said this. Fucking had never occurred to me up to that moment.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes,” I said. My chest tightened. I was a virgin which in 1967 was not so unusual but here I was going to have my first time and it would be with another male.

Charlie turned and lay on his stomach. I kneeled and then straddled him. I took my erection and pointed it down. It slid easily between Charlie’s cheeks and then I was in him. His anus was loose and relaxed. I felt my penis in the warm hold of his rectum. I stopped for a moment just taking in the feeling and what I was going to do.

“Go ahead,” he said.

I leaned forwards and placed my hands on either side of his head. I slid my erection all the way into him and then began slowly fucking him. It did not take long to feel myself building. I kept my thrusting short not being sure whether I would hurt him by going faster.

“I’m going to come.”

“Go ahead.”

“Inside you?”

“Yes.” And I came, my hips bucking, thrusting in to him until I was done. I kissed the back of his neck and then lay next to him our bodies touching.

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