Coming Home

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The flight home was quick and uneventful. I had told my wife that I would be a couple of hours late because airlines tend to run behind schedule, but for a change we landed on time. I had arranged for a good friend to pick me up and boy was I lucky. As I caught a glimpse of her behind the crowd I felt a smile emerge. It’s always nice to see good friends after being away. When the crowd cleared I heard myself gasp. What was standing in front of me was a gorgeous smile, sun kissed curly hair and slender legs that went all the way up to her – well you know. Wearing 2-inch heels and a too short skirt, that surely caught the eyes of some passing men, I felt a sense of pride as we hugged. But this wasn’t a friend to friend hug. What happen next kind of sent a shiver up my spine.

Standing taller than me she bent over and gave me a tight hug and then gave me a small peck on the cheek. But she didn’t let go. She nuzzled my neck and gave me a playful bite on my ear at the same time groping my crotch with her hand between our bodies. Not wanting to pass up a chance I returned the favor by grasping her ass with both hands. What seemed like minutes I’m sure was only seconds but a memory that would last my lifetime.

We had the usual conversation as we headed to car for the ride home. And I managed to cop a sight of her blue panties as she slid in the seat. And I think she caught me because she made no effort to pull her skirt down as we drove away.

I suggested we stop for a beer because I just came from a dry county and was limited on what I could drink. But she was well versed on the local bar scene and agreed to have a beer or two. She told me her husband just happened to be out of town and she was in no hurry to go home. I thought to myself maybe she set this whole thing up! High heels, short skirt, nibbling my ear, husband is gone…. no, she’s just a cool girl and I’m lucky to have her as a friend. Who wouldn’t?

The atmosphere was dark, but charming with a short counter and a few booths near the back of the pub. She chose a booth and as I slid in she slid right next to me. I felt my heartbeat rise but settled back and drank my beer. We had some small talk about what I had missed being away for so long and who was mad at who and how disgusting some people can be, then I don’t know what had gotten in to me but I put my hand on her thigh and thought she is surely going to push it away.

She continued to chat as if nothing had happened and as I started to pull my hand away she grabbed it and brought it up to her lips and started to wet my finger tips. She then looked straight into my eyes and put my hand back between hers legs and with her other hand she slid her panties to the side and slid my finger into her already moist pussy! She just kept staring at me as she pumped my fingers in and out. She squirmed little and I squirmed a lot as I started to become engorged. I took my cue and started to nibble around her ears and on the back of the neck. I could her her starting the breathe a little harder and this just encouraged me more. She then stopped pulled my hand away and whispered in my ear.

As I bonus veren siteler looked around I noticed the bar had filled with customers. She grabbed my hand and led me back down the hallway towards the bathrooms. She peaked in the Ladies room, opened the door and pulled me in. She pushed me into the first stall and locked the door behind her. I don’t know if I was nervous or excited but I wasn’t about to stop her, whatever she was about to do I was completely in her trance.

She pushed me up on top of the toilet and unzipped my pants, pulled out my throbbing cock and proceeded to give my head right there. I don’t know if it was because she knew what she was doing or if I just don’t get a blow-job that often, but I was feeling really excited right about now!

She took her time, up and down my cock. Licking the tip. Cupping my balls. Then in one stroke she took the whole shaft into her warm mouth. I almost came right there but I wasn’t about to let this girl get me off that quick. It was right about then when I heard the bathroom door open, I don’t think she did because she was really sucking me off at this point. I tried to be quite as I could hear the lady pissing in the stall next to us. I was a little embarrassed at this point but this just made her more active as she was moaning and slurping like a crazed whole. I wouldn’t care if the whole world was peaking over the top because by now I was grabbing her hair and pushing myself deeper and deeper into her mouth. I could hear her choke and she was starting to drip saliva down her chin but this just excited me more. I was slamming her face so hard I was afraid I was going to hurt her but she just sucked harder and harder. I has been so long since I had a blow-job I knew I was cumming any second. I figured if she didn’t like to swallow it’s to late for her now.

I grabbed her by the back of the head and I swear to God I came into her so much she choked and slightly bit my cock. I just kept pounding her and pounding her. She tried to back away but to no avail. She’s going to have to swallow every last drop I was telling myself. I finally took my hands away expecting her to curse at me but she just looked up and licked the cum off her lips and smiled. She cleaned up as if nothing had just happened. She walked out and left me in the stall with my pants around my ankles. I quickly zipped up and as I was leaving a women opened the door and gasped at the sight of me leaving the restroom. I just smiled and walked on.

As we left the bar she threw me the keys. She told me she had some business to finish on the way home. I knew she had something else in store for me. We headed towards the highway when I noticed she started to rub herself through her skirt. She paid me no attention as she lifted her skirt and rubbed her pussy getting her panties visibly wetter and wetter. She started to moan when she arched her back and slid her panties off. She looked in the back seat and stuffed them in my briefcase. I just had to remember that before the wife opens it.

She then turned in her seat facing me and pulled her legs to her chest. I had a bedava bahis full view of those moist lips as she spread them wide. She continued to play with herself. Slowly at first then faster and faster… I could see she was enjoying me watching her. Then she pointed at my side window. As I turned I saw a trucker giving me a thumbs up. I think this just made her hornier as she was rubbing harder and harder and her eyes started to roll up. I could see she was starting to shake when I noticed our exit off the highway and turned just in time. Right then I heard the truckers horn and she must have came right then because she shook and let out a loud moan. She stuck her fingers in my mouth and I licked those babies clean. She then rubbed herself again and licked her fingers also.

She said we better head to her house so she could change before dropping me off. I thought that was a good point but she had other plans as I was about to find out!

We pulled into the garage and went to the kitchen. She told me to grab a couple of beers before she took me home. She said she was going to change real quick and to just have a seat on a kitchen chair. I didn’t think anything of it and slowly enjoyed a few sips.

She came out wearing some sexy outfit right out of Victoria’s Secret. What a knock out! I could have came right there again!But knowing that I last far longer the second time I thought I was going to make her work for it this time.

She knelt down between my legs, pulled down my pants and took me in her mouth. Just like the first time only I wasn’t going to touch her. I was just going to kick back and enjoy. She sucked on me for a good 10 minutes. I could tell she was enjoying herself. Then she stood up and mounted me with one stroke. She was so wet there was no friction as she proceeded to hump me. She closed her eyes and continued to fuck the hell out of me. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. She obviously has done this before. She knew how to grind and rotate she was fucking me so hard I could feel our pelvic bones hit. It hurt but it was a good hurt. At one point I thought the chair was going to break but she continued to fuck.

Finally she stood up, turned around, grabbed my dick and put it in again. She pressed her hands on the wall and kept fucking the crap out of me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her harder on top of me. This was one helluva lap dance. I sensed she was getting tired so I thought I should take over. I took her to a couch and proceeded to fuck the living daylight out of her. I was pounding so hard I knew it must hurt but she just bit her lip and took it. I could feel the sweat dripping on her belly as I slid in and out of her. She pulled her legs up to her chest allowing me to penetrate even farther. What a ride girl! Pounding and pounding. Grinding and grinding. I’m starting to pant when she grabs my shoulders and pulls me on top of her. I could feel us sliding on the sweat.

She tells me to, “Fuck Me, Fuck ME!”

I was too tired to speak. I knew I was about to cum and she did too! She wrapped her legs around me and squeezed. I could feel her fingernails digging deneme bonus in my back. She squeezed harder. I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer and let out a scream! At that moment I could feel her squeeze her muscles and milk my cock for every last drop. She didn’t release her grip as I fell on top of her. Panting and sweating. She continued to squeeze her muscles, I was thinking she has mastered a good fuck! I still had other plans.

I slowly withdrew and kissed her lightly on the cheek then the lips. Slowly moved down her chest and cupped her breasts, kissed her erect nipples. Slowly sucking each one. I kissed her belly tasting the sweat of both of us. Slowly working my way down to her small patch of pubic hair just above the slickest pussy I have ever seen. I gently pulled on her hair with my teeth and I could hear her breathing get deeper. My cum was still dripping from her as she pulled her pussy lips open. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could tasting the sweetest taste I have ever experienced. The both of us!

As she held herself I licked her clean then took a breath. Now was the time to pleasure her. Very few guys take the time to do it right. I love going down on a woman and take pride in my skills. I softly kissed her lips and slowly found her clit. I flick back and forth ever so lightly. I could feel it getting erect and hard. I took my tongue and made circles around it. Then slowly I sucked on it. She clutched the couch and started the arch her back. I could tell she was enjoying it. My fingers explored her feeling the slight contractions. I concentrated on pleasing her. She kept arching finally falling back on the couch. She grabbed my head and pushed me into her crotch. I could hear her panting. Then one more suck on her clit and she came. I swear she ejaculated right in my mouth! And I continued and she came again.

We both were panting and trying to catch our breath. She winked at me and suggested we take a quick shower before I went home. I just thought, a quick shower my ass!

She turned on the water and pulled me in. Grabbed a sponge and soaped it up a started scrubbing me. We took turns washing every inch of each other. What a turn on! I knew she was by her erect nipples and she knew I was by my erect cock. She soaped up my dick a started to give me a hand job. And I was playing with her. But when I spotted a bottle of baby oil I had other plans. I turned her around and started to play with her tits. Then I put one of my hands to her pussy and started to play with her. My cock was between her ass checks slowly grinding up and down while I continued fondle her. With my other hand I grabbed the baby oil and poured it on her back as I watched it trickle between her checks. I covered my dick with more oil then pushed on her back to make her bend over. I think she was expecting a good old fashion fucking but I was going for a new target. “Has she ever done anal before?, I asked myself. No time to ask! It was now or never. She knew what I was up to and grabbed my dick and slowly put it to her ass.

She slowly pushed back as I held firm. It took a few strokes but I finally entered her. I could feel the muscles tighten then slowing relax. She started to get the rhythm. Being my first time I came within seconds. But what an experience. I knew it was time to go so we got dressed and left. She drove me home and gave me a wink as she drove away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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