Company Cocksucker Ch. 01

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A new out of town job creates new opportunities to enjoy my favorite pastime, sucking and swallowing.


For most of my life, I have had a secret obsession that nobody would ever imagine, I love to suck men’s cocks. I’m a happily married bi guy and love women and pussy as much as the next guy, I just also have very strong attraction to hard cocks and can’t seem to get enough. I’ve been practicing my oral skills for most of my life and would say, and have been told, that I am very skilled cocksucker. My wife has no idea how much I love the penis, but every chance I get, you will find me on my knees with one in my mouth and even sometimes one in my ass. I usually take advantage of my alone time when traveling for work. It provides me the most freedom to find local guys who are looking for a hot mouth.

This story begins when I took a new job with a new company that would require me to be in training for several months. This training was to take place in a different state and the new company set me up in a nice hotel and rental car. It turns out that there were about 15 other people attending this class and all of us were at the same hotel. Classes started on Monday and we all got to know each other over the previous weekend we arrived. I hit it off with a few of my new co-workers, and we would all meet for drinks back at the hotel or go to happy hour at some of the local pubs around town. Most of the guys were ex-military like myself, so we all had a twisted sense of humor and got along really well.

In the evenings, after beers and dinner I would go back to my room and surf porn, usually updating my porn blog with new pics and videos of all kinds of sexual acts gay and straight. Since the weekend was coming up, I placed a personal ad online to see if I could find a nice cock to suck. It took a while to get a response, I didn’t seem like there were too many guys around looking for a BJ. Finally, on Saturday, a guy contacted me and we decided to meet at a parking lot of a hiking trail outside of town. He arrived on time and got into my SUV and I drove us to a remote place and parked.

In a matter of seconds after turning off the car, I reached over and felt his crotch, finding his bulge growing inside his jeans. Soon after, his pants dropped to the floor and I was bobbing up and down on his growing seven-inch cock. I licked and sucked him for about 10 minuets before he tensed up and shot his load into my hungry mouth. It was great to feel his cock explode in my mouth and I swallowed every drop of his cum and sucked him dry. I didn’t want any reciprocation, so he put his pants back on and I took him to his truck and we parted ways. My pants were wet from the pre-cum I leaked while sucking him off and I was still hungry for more.

It was Saturday afternoon and I was back at the hotel killing time, just surfing porn and stroking my cock and hoping another guy would answer my ad and feed me more cock. Later that evening, two of my new friends, Kirk and Chris asked if I wanted to get dinner so we all went out together. We had lots of beers and were having a lot of fun. Kirk would always make some sexual reference or joke that would sometimes make me uncomfortable, maybe because I was self-conscious about being a closet cocksucker and certainly didn’t want my new co-workers to find out. At one point the conversation turned to manscaping and Kent mentioned that he completely shaves his pubes because his wife prefers it. I was surprised by him sharing this info but couldn’t tell if he was just making stuff up for shock value. He was always a bit over the top in that I think he liked surprising people with these comments. We finished up the evening at the hotel lounge with a last drink before heading to our rooms.

Once back in my room I checked my email and was disappointed that no one else had responded to my ad. I was pretty horny and was looking at lots of cock and cum shot porn as I relived sucking the tasty cock I had had earlier that afternoon. My computer dinged and I was surprised to see a new email in my inbox. It was a response to my ad that read “Hey, I would love a hot BJ. I have a 7.5 inches for you if interested. Totally shaved and can host in Edgewood hotel or come to you. Must be discreet.” There was a picture attached of a great looking cock, nice and hard, cut, with a nice mushroom head and smooth low hanging balls. My pulse began to race just looking at the picture.

It was too much of a coincidence, I was almost sure it was Kent responding to my add. His cock being shaved as he had described earlier that night and he mentioned the same hotel I was in. Fuck, now I didn’t know what to do. Here was a guy with a great cock looking for head that was probably my new co-worker. I wanted his cock for sure but the fact I might be working with him scared me. What if he outed me afterword’s and I lost my job? I kept Casibom looking at his cock pic and my mouth was watering, I typed a quick reply, “I would love to suck you tonight, staying at same hotel. Your room or mine?” My finger hovered over the send key debating to go forward with it… I weighed the pros and cons and finally my cock lust won me over and I sent the email.

About 20 minuets passed with no reply, I was beginning to think nothing would happen and was a bit relieved knowing this could become a very awkward meeting. Just as I was about to sign off and get some sleep, I heard the ding from my email and looked in the inbox. He had responded, “My room 1114, ready now, door is unlocked”. Shit, it was Kent, his room and was just 4 doors down! I debated on replying or just flaking out and going to bed but the idea of sucking that cock really turned me on… I replied I would be there in 5 min and put on some shorts and quietly headed down the hall.

Standing outside his door, my heart was pounding and part of me wanted to run, but the thought of the cook inside, waiting for my mouth was too enticing. I turned the doorknob and entered the room. It was dark, thank god, I then closed and locked the door behind me.

“Take off your clothes and come here, I’m on the bed” he said.

Silently I dropped my shorts and shirt and walked into the room and stood at the foot of the bed. I could see he was sitting against the headboard naked; his legs were spread and was stroking his cock.

“I had a feeling you might be a cocksucker Steve, I noticed how you always look at guys bulges.” My face instantly turned red in the darkness, I was at a loss for words, fuck, he knew what I was hiding and called me out and here I was, standing naked at the foot of his bed.

“No need to talk Steve, get between my legs and show me your what your mouth was really made for.”

I slowley got onto my hands and knees and then laid down between his long legs. Kent was a pretty tall guy, about 6’2″ and pretty fit, I ran my hands up his muscular thighs and propped myself up on my elbows. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I could see his hard cock inches from my face. I could smell the manly musk of his cock and balls. I leaned in until the shaft of his cock touched my forehead and my nose was right at the base of his cock and inhaled deeply. His manhood flooded my senses as I took it in, I slowly began to lick his balls. They were nice and smooth and moist with his sweat and now my drool as I kissed and sucked them into my mouth. Kent let out a sigh as I sucked each of his balls into my mouth, swirling my tongue on them before I slowly licked my way up the shaft of his now rock hard cock.

I reached up with my right hand and held the base of his cock, feeling his thickness, I could not close my fingers around it. I was about to resume licking the shaft when I felt him shift on the bed as he reached for the bedside lamp and turned it on. Gone was the anonymity I had in the darkness, replaced with the bright light of the lamp. I looked up startled, to see him looking down at me between his legs with my hand around his cock, smiling. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights until my gaze drifted down and I began to take in the details of his cock.

“Do you like what you see?” he asked, “I want to watch you suck my cock and balls.”

I was mesmerized by his cock, he was completely smooth and his cock was very nice looking. A perfect combination of thickness and length and a pronounced ridge running up the underside to just below the thick head of his cock… the kind that is perfect to wrap your lips around and suck on.

I looked up and said “yes, I like what I see, your cock is very sexy.” He grinned and with that, I slowly began to lick the shaft of his cock. Lightly running my tongue over the veins and licking around the ridge of the head. He was so hard in my hand. I licked from the base to the tip before going all the way down and sucking his balls into my mouth. I ran my tongue back up the underside of his shaft and licked around the engorged head of his cock before sliding my lips over the tip.

I slowly licked and sucked on the head of his cock and began to slide my slide my lips down his shaft. Inch by inch I worked my way down, moving my tongue on his shaft as I moved my mouth up and down, further and further each time. Kent moaned as I moved my mouth all the way down to his balls deepthroating his cock. I felt his hands move to the back of my head and he pushed my down even further, his cock head in my throat and his balls on my chin.

“Yeah baby, deepthroat that dick.” He moaned as I struggled not to gag, but it was a bit too much and I started to choke on the cock being shoved down my throat. He pulled my mouth off his cock as I gagged and tried to catch my breath, strings of saliva hanging Casibom Giriş from my chin to his wet, glistening cock. He took his hard cock in his right hand and held my head with his left then rubbed and slapped my face with it. I submissively looked up at him as he smeared his wet cock all over my face.

“Mmmmm yes” I moaned, “Slap my face with your big cock, make me take it.” I said and he abused my face looking down at me!

I was in heaven, all of the nervousness was gone, replaced by my lust for his cock. My own cock was rock hard, I was on the edge of cumming so I moved my cock off the bed by getting up on my knees, my ass in the air as he continued to beat my face with his dick. He rubbed the head over my lips and then shoved it into my mouth, down to the base, holding it there for a moment before pulling me back up. He used my mouth on his cock, forcing me up and down his shaft, fucking my mouth. His cock was wet with my spit and his pre cum as he continued using my mouth like a flesh light.

With his dick buried in the back of my throat, holding me down, his other hand slid down my back and I felt his fingers slid into my ass crack as he touched my hole. He teased it with his finger tip before raising his hand up and slapping my ass really hard. I winced in pain and choked on his cock and he held me down. He slapped my ass cheeks several more times before pulling my mouth off his cock, then pulled me up to his chest, squeezing my stinging ass cheek.

He whispered “You like that Steve? Or should I call you faggot? You like deep throating my cock and getting your hot ass spanked?”

“Yes, I do. I love taking your cock and being spanked.” I gasped as he reached down and gave my cock a squeeze.

“Your ad said you like verbal, dominant guys and you don’t really want any reciprocation right?’

“Yes” I gasped again, “Yes what cocksucker?” he demanded as his big hand slapped my ass again.

“Unnnnf, yes Sir” I squeaked, my ass burning.

“Well good then, I think this new aspect of our friendship is going to work out really well for both of us. You suck my cock whenever I need it, and I will feed you my cum. Fair enough cocksucker?” He asked.

“Sounds perfect Sir.” I quipped. “Great, now get back on my cock faggot!” he demanded as he slapped my ass again and pushed my head down towards his cock.

I went back to work on his cock, licking, sucking, and slobbering all over it. I was lost in the feelings of submission and power. Submission being naked, on my knees, servicing his powerful man’s cock and balls, I could feel his strength emanating from his hard cock. It held me under it’s spell as I worked for his pleasure. The power I felt was not the power over the man, but the power of the pleasure I was bringing him, they way his cock would throb and twitch in reaction to my actions, my sucking and licking him, and taking him deep into my throat. It’s really my happy place, my favorite place to be, serving a man and his cock, taking pleasure from giving pleasure.

I worked his cock like this for a long time, teasing, edging, keeping him on the edge and rock hard. He really loved me deep throating his cock and would hold my head buried in his crotch. As I got used to his cock, my gag reflex abated and I was able to throat him and lick his balls with the full shaft down my throat.

“Fuck that feels good when you throat my cock like that.” He moaned.

Pulling my wet mouth off his cock head with a sucking pop, I smiled and knelt between his legs.

“Let’s play Gag the Fag, it’s my favorite position.” I said and lied down on my back and scooted my head over the edge of the bed.

“You got it faggot.”

He stood up and came over to the edge of the bed, straddling my face and pushed my mouth open with his fingers. He then grabbed his balls and began to teabag me, putting his balls into my mouth. I eagerly licked and sucked them as his tight, smooth ass loomed in front of my eyes. He moved forward and slid his tight hole over my mouth and commanded me to lick.

“Tongue my ass, be my full service cocksucker, I’ll give you a big load of cum as your reward.”

I mumbled yes as I tongued his hole, lightly licking and teasing it between thrusting my tongue into it as deep as I could manage. I reached up and stroked his cock as I rimmed his ass. He pulled my hands down to my sides and told my to keep them behind my back. He then guided his cock to my open mouth and pushed his cock in. I opened my mouth as best as I could as he entered my throat, I could feel the thick head of his cock push past my tonsils and into my throat until his balls contacted my nose and rested on chin.

“Oh yeah, take all that dick down, I want to see your throat bulge.” He said as he began to thrust into my mouth.

He slowly thrusted in and out of my mouth, balls deep each Casibom Güncel Giriş time causing me to gag sometimes, and making my mouth and his cock wet with my throat slime. Before long, there was so much spit on his cock that is was dripping off his balls and running down my face and forehead. He would pull his cock out and use it to smear the spit all over my face before shoving it back in. He placed his hand over my throat and started thrusting into my mouth and throat. I was choking on his cock and my spit as he kept fucking my mouth. I could feel my throat bulge under his hand with each thrust as his balls slapped into my nose and brow, spit dripping everywhere.

Incredibly, his cock seemed to get harder and thicker with each thrust and I felt him start to tense up. I knew he was about to cum and I tightened my lips on his shaft as he pumped away and began to groan. He reached down and pulled his dripping cock from my mouth.

“Open wide boy, here it comes.” He grunted as he aimed his cock at my mouth.

I opened my wet, sloppy mouth wide, looking up at his balls and his taint as he made the final strokes in front of my face. With a loud grunt, his cock exploded shooting a huge stream right into my throat. His aim was perfect as he squirted hot ropes of cum into my mouth. It dripped off his cock and into my nose and upper lips as he continued to explode, filling my mouth and covering my face and chin. The entire time he had not touched my rock hard cock once, and as he finished, I stroked my cock and instantly shot my own huge load. My cum sprayed out all over my stomach and chest, even hitting my face.

We both were panting. Him standing over me, while I laid on my back, covered in our cum. His hot cum tasted great in my mouth, thick and creamy, salty as I swallowed it down after savoring the flavor. He used the head of his cock to push the cum from my face and chin into my mouth and I greedily licked it up. He then scooped my cum of my belly and proceeded to feed it to me and I eagerly obliged and he smeared the remainder of it all over my face, neck and torso and I sucked the last drop from the tip of his cock. He sat down on the bed as I sat up, catching our breath.

“Dammm man, that was really fucking hot, I haven’t had a blowjob that great in years!” he said.

“Yeah, thanks! Your cock is very suckable and I loved that huge load, your cum is so thick and delicious!”

Suddenly, a feeling of awkwardness fell over the room now that we were not thinking with our dicks. Usually these encounters are a onetime thing, rarely repeating with the same person. But knowing we would be seeing each other everyday at work, it started to be uncomfortable.

“Sooooo, we can have to be really discrete about this” I said to him.

“Oh hell yes, we are both married and there are all these people we work with here. Don’t worry, I’m not going to say a thing to anyone, our secret is safe with me.” He replied.

“Oh cool man, I really enjoyed it” I said as I leaned over and took his semi hard cockhead into my mouth again, getting the last drop of cum that had leaked out. I sat up again and smiled at him.

We both stood up and I grabbed my clothes and started to get dressed while Kent pulled on a pair of boxers. I was just pulling my pants up when he walked over, standing in front of me. He placed his hand on the side of my face and slowly rubbed his thumb over my lips and I opened my mouth and sucked his thumb into it smiling.

“We can make this a regular thing, you can be my on-call cocksucker.” He said.

“Yes, that would be great, we just have to be cool around our co-workers so they don’t find out.”

“Not a problem Steve.” His hand slid down to my still red ass and his fingers probed my hole, “I’m going to have to fuck this tight ass now and then too.”

“I think we can arrange that Sir.” I answered feeling a bit embarrassed.

The cum that he smeared all over my face was drying and I asked to use the bathroom so wash it off.

He said “Leave my cum on your face until tomorrow morning, I want you to smell it on your face until you wake in the morning. You’re my cocksucker now, it’s your badge of honor to wear my cum.”

I was going to object, what if someone saw me walking back to my room with dried cum on my face? I kept my concerns to myself though, figuring that at this late hour, nobody would see me and I only had to go down the hall.

“Ok Sir, I’ll leave it on all night.”

He leaned in a said “Get used to it cocksucker”, as he opened the door and pushed me into the hall.

I headed back to my room that was only 4 doors down and thankfully I didn’t see anyone along the way. I got undressed, feeling the drying cum tighten on my skin. I brushed my teeth and had some bourbon for a small night cap before heading to bed. As I drifted off to sleep, I hoped everything would seem normal between Kent and I tomorrow so nobody would suspect anything.

I had no idea what to expect going forward, but after a while, it became clear that Kent had very specific plans for me.

To be continued…

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