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Many years back I bought a share in a food truck, I traveled to all the fairs anything that was going on I was there. I was looking forward to a rodeo that was coming to our city, watching the guys riding was fun to see. I got there a couple days before the start of the entire show, I had a great spot just outside where the riding would be happening. I caught them coming in and going out, it was crazy busy from the start I did not even get set up and I had customers lined up, guys who were setting up, some of the riders were also there, the line never seemed to stop.

For the first three hours it never stopped, I was rushed off my feet, good thing I had prepared so much in advance or I would have never been able to serve them all. One of the last guys I served was a rough tough looking guy, puppy dog eyes, he had this look about him, emotionless, one of those guys that hardly talked but you knew by his expressions what he wanted. I took his order, he paid me, not a word was spoken by him.

“It will be a few minutes as I have run out of a few of the ingredients, take a seat and I will bring it to you when it was ready.” I told him with a smile.

He did not reply he gave a look, he nodded his head, took a seat, I got his food ready, I gave him a few extras, brought him a soda, with ice, set him up at his table.

He did not give me a thank you just a nod of approval, and a slight smile. I checked him out he was a rough looking guy, his clothes were dusty, his cowboy hat worn, weathered, he had five o’clock shadow on his well tanned face, his arms were well built, working man arms, his button up shirt showed a hairy chest of dark almost black hair. This man was ruggedly handsome, after a few bites he thanked me,

“This is very good, best food I have had in a very long time.” He commented with a smile.

“Thank you very much appreciate the compliment.” as I took a seat across from him at his table.

He introduced himself “My name is Samuel but everyone calls me Sam.” He told me his hand outstretched.

“Nice to meet you Sam I’m Thomas, call me Tom please.” I said taking his hand in mine.

Sam and I chatted a bit he was not one to mince words, he had been on the rodeo circuit for three years, he was doing fairly well, he had not won first place yet but was hoping this time. It was nice to sit, relax and chat with Sam, it had been a long time since I had the opportunity to sit and enjoy the company of a man, even if it was just to sit and talk.

Sam was single he lived at his parents, he worked the farm with his father, did the rodeo circuits when they came up. Both his parents wanted him to quit, take the farm over, but he had rodeo in his blood.

“Once it gets in you, you can’t seem to stop.” Sam stated.

When Sam was done eating I grabbed his plate

“I better get back to it.” I said with a smile.

“Thanks Tom for the excellent food and the company, it gets tiresome being alone on the circuit.” Sam said with a look in his eye.

“Come back for dinner tonight I can make us something even better to eat.” I said with a grin.

I actually got a smile out of this guy, Casibom he had beautiful teeth, a great smile, his whole face lit up when he smiled. I did my prep work then started to get dinner ready for Sam and I, the man could eat. I would make him a steak, every man loves a steak, baked potatoes, veggies and a desert.

“The way into a mans pants is thru his stomach right or something like that.” I said to myself, grinning.

Sam and I would have a late dinner, once I got all my customers served, I could get us served, I had Sam come into my motor home, we could have a nice dinner without interruptions.

“Can I clean up somewhere?” Sam asked rubbing his hands together.

“I have a full shower if you want, or he could simply use the washroom sink.” I said as I opened the bathroom door.

“Would it be okay to use the shower its been a few days since my last shower?” Sam asked with a puppy dog look.

“Help yourself Sam I have a few things to get ready before dinner anyways, there are towels in the cabinet.” I said as I pointed to the cabinet.

Sam would run, grab some clean clothes, then hop in the shower. Sam came out a new man, he really was a ruggedly handsome man, he looked so different without his hat, he had long black hair he kept in a pony tail, he had on a form fitting white tee shirt, and jeans. We sat having a beer before we would sit for dinner.

“Sam are you hungry?” I inquired.

“Starving actually, I have not eaten since you made me lunch.” Sam said quietly

“Okay I will get the steaks grilling.” I said as I got up to cook.

“Steaks I have not had a steak in a very long time.” Sam said licking his lips.

When I got everything cooked we sat and enjoyed our dinner, I raised my beer,

“To new friends and good eats. I said with a grin.”

“New friends, and maybe more.” Sam said turning red.

“Yes more is always good.” I said giving Sam a look.

We ate till we were stuffed,

“Tommy I have not eaten like this in a very long time, Thank you so much this was so good I could kiss you.” Sam said squeezing my shoulder.

“Another beer Sam?” I asked as I opened the fridge.

“That would be great,” Sam said as he watched me.

“Want to sit outside for a bit?” I said to Sam.

“Sure its a beautiful night, we should go sit under the stars.” Sam said looking skyward.

“You old romantic Sam.” I said with a smirk.

We talked about all things, including girlfriends, I was upfront with Sam from the start

“Sam I am an out and proud gay man, I have never been with a woman and have never been attracted to them ever.” I told Sam bluntly.

Sam did not say anything to my comment about being a gay man, we chatted about his family, he was an only child, his parents were getting on in age, they wanted him to marry, settle down, have kids, take over the farm. Sam was not interested in settling down just yet, he had not met anyone he wanted to settle down with.

“Do you have a girlfriend Sam?” I asked.

“No I have not, I have never had one, I can not find a girl I want to be with.” Sam said gruffly.

“Sam Casibom Giriş are you a gay man in the closet?” I asked Sam wanting to know.

Sam was clearly insulted, got up and walked away, no goodbye, nothing he just left, clearly I had touched a nerve it seems.

The next day Sam came to my truck to get something to eat, he did not say hello, he just ordered, took his food and left, he really was mad at me. It was a long day, I got back to my motor home I was sitting having a beer, Sam came up asking

“Can I join you Tommy?” Sam asked quietly.

“Beer?” I asked him.

“Please, sorry about yesterday Tommy, seems you touched a nerve.” Sam said his head down.

“Sam why would you get mad at me all I did was ask if you were? All you had to say was you are not.” I stated.

“Tommy it gets to the point after a while you get tired of lying, I want to say that I am, I’m proud to be a gay man, but after years of being in the closet I am terrified to come out.” Sam said looking at me.

“Sam you will never meet anyone unless you come out of the closet to be the true to you.” I told Sam.

“I wish I could be like you Tommy, honest and truthful.” Sam said kicking sand not really looking at me.

“Sam did you eat dinner?” I asked trying to lighten the mood.

“No I did not but I did not come here to eat your food.” Sam said looking up at me.

“Sam I cooked enough for the two of us, you will eat and we can talk.” I stated.

“I would rather do more than talk Tommy.” Sam said coquettishly.

“Okay I would be up for that.” I said giving Sam a sly smile.

“Do you need a shower Sam?” I asked knowing the answer.

“I sure do but don’t have any clean clothes to put on.” Sam pointed out.

“You can wear a pair of my sweats and a tee.” I told him as I motioned him to the shower.

When Sam came out we sat and ate dinner, man he was a handsome guy, with his hair loose he looked so different, after eating, I got up to clear the table, I was washing the dishes when Sam came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, grinding his cock on my ass,

“Sam grab a towel, wipe these dishes then we can fool around.” I said with anticipation.

Sam flirted with me as he dried, his cock was tenting the sweats, the guy had some nice equipment his cock was wide and long, I was licking my lips. I got all the dishes put away, Sam again came up, hugged my waist, his big cock rubbing my ass, he leaned in, kissed my neck.

“Sam I really need a shower, give me a few minutes, help yourself to a beer.” I said ducking into the shower.

I came out in only a towel, I did not need any clothes, they would just come back off anyways. I locked the door took Sam by the hand, led him to my bedroom. I pulled Sam into a kiss, my tongue in his mouth, we tongue wrestled, Sam pushed his tongue into my mouth, I gently sucked his tongue, massaging it with mine.

I lifted Sam’s tee off his entire chest was covered in black fur, I ran my fingers thru it, it felt so good, made my cock get even harder, I leaned in, licked his nipples, they were so pink compared to Casibom Güncel Giriş the dark hair, Sam has a beautiful body, a little on the thin side, I like a more beefier man myself, but I could beef him up.

I removed Sam’s pants, his cock sprung out, it was a sight to see, arcing out from his body, he was at half mast and it was impressively huge, his knob was uncut, the foreskin holding his precious precum, waiting for me to roll it back to lap it all up, I dropped to my knees, took Sam’s cock in my hand, I could not close my hand around it.

I slid the skin back, his knob was dripping wet with precum, his knob glistened in the light of my bedroom. I licked away all the beautiful precum, Sam tasted so good. I took his knob in my mouth, Sam took a deep breath, I circled my tongue around his knob, then I got down to it, Sam kept trying to push his cock into my mouth, I had never tried to swallow a tool so big in my life, could I do it? it would be fun to try. I took maybe half of Sam’s huge cock into my mouth, I had him grab my head, fuck my mouth, but I could not take more than half of his big cock. I pulled Sam’s cock out of my mouth,

“Fuck me Sam, its been a long time, I need your big cock in me.” I said with anticipation.

Sam just smiled, we got into position, I handed him the lube, with his cock slicked up he put it to my ass, Sam put more pressure, his knob slid in, my ass felt like it would split in half, his cock quickly slid in, my ass took all of Sam’s huge tool in my hole, I could feel his bush on my ass, his balls on me, Sam soon started to fuck me, I wanted it hard, I wanted him in me, his seed in my hole. Sam fucked me hard, his cock a slamming my hole,

Sam cried out “Fuck Tommy I’m gonna cum.” as he unloaded his balls in my hole.

Sam shot volley after volley of cum up my ass, he collapsed on my back his hairy chest felt good on my back, we laid there while his cock deflated Sam rolled off, I got on him, kissing him,

“Thanks Sam I needed that.” I said with a smile.

“So did I Tom dam your ass is so tight. Think I drained my balls for a week.” Sam said with a grin.

“You better not have I want you to fuck me again tonight.” I said grinning ear to ear.

Sam’s eyes got big,

“Not sure I can do this again tonight Tommy.” Sam said with concern.

“With the right motivation you will be ready and hard to do this a couple times more tonight.” I told Sam as I kissed him.

Sam spent the night we held each other, his hairy chest was so warm and inviting,

“I could get used to sleeping like this every night.” Sam said so cutely.

“So could I Sam you’re a very sexy guy.” I said turning a little red.

Sam and I spent the rest of the week in each others arms every night, I quickly grew feeling for Sam, he was an easy man to fall in love with, I would follow him to the next rodeo, we decided to stay together after the circuit was over I sold off my share of the food truck, we would take over the family farm, his parents were more than shocked by the fact that Sam was gay but they quickly accepted me into the family, I loved Sam, he loved me, we took over the daily chores of the farm, I took over all the household duties, his parents traveled some, but would live with us, I learned to love Sam’s parents like they were my own. We lived and loved each other more and more every day for many years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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