Cuckold in Training Ch. 02

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It’s been two months since that fateful night that I confronted my husband Tony and forced him to open up about his sexual fetishes; the night that I took control of Tony and made him my little cuckold, much to his enjoyment. That was the night that I had forced Tony to watch as I fulfilled his interracial fantasies about me, with the assistance of a professional ‘sexual counselor,’ Steve.

Steve is the incredibly handsome black man that shared his well-endowed body with me for Tony’s benefit, and mine. I had recently discovered Tony’s long-time fantasy where he imagined me being fucked by black men, and I was only too happy to make his dream come true. Steve used his very large cock to fuck my mouth and pussy multiple times, and I was rewarded with several intense orgasms.

But Steve didn’t just share himself with me; I forced my little cuckold husband to also ‘taste of the flesh.’ It took some coaxing and threat of punishment at first, but Tony eventually took to it quite well. He particularly seemed to enjoy tonguing Steve’s balls. By the end of that night I had even persuaded Tony to take Steve’s thick, black cock deep into his mouth and give him a vigorous blowjob. Steve rewarded my little cuckold’s fine efforts by pumping his mouth full of cum, which I then commanded Tony to swallow. I was so proud of him!

I surprised myself at how much I was enjoying this new dominatrix/cuckold relationship with my husband, and Tony took to it as well. Since then we have been continuing our role playing and sexual exploration. I don’t always dominate him; sometimes we have very romantic, intimate and loving sexual encounters, but I must admit that our most intense and sexually gratifying times are when I take charge and control Tony. I still insist during these cuckold sessions that Tony refer to me as ‘Mistress’ and he has dutifully obeyed. In fact, once or twice in public settings he’s accidentally referred to me as ‘Mistress,’ but then quickly corrects himself to say my real name, “Uh…I mean Marcia!”

Soon after that night with Steve I surprised Tony by introducing a large black dildo to our sessions. I force him to suck it while I hold it between my legs and pretend to be the black man. It helps me remember the image of my little cuckold sucking on Steve’s cock that one night, which I found intensely arousing. I even used that prop to teach Steve new and better techniques on how to suck cock, and he is definitely improving. Secretly, I am preparing Tony for the next time we spend an evening in Steve’s company; I am committed that we will repeat that experience again very soon!

One night while Tony and I were fucking, when I was in a particularly playful mood, I pulled out the large black dildo and threatened to fuck Tony in the ass with it. He hollered and refused saying that he didn’t want to do anything like that. I said to him, “Why not? You don’t object to fucking my ass with your dick. I’ll admit that it took some getting used to for me, but I love it now!” Tony still refused and also pointed out that it wasn’t fair because the dildo was much bigger than his own dick. He did have a point there. Suddenly an idea sparked in my mind.

A few days later during one of our cuckold sessions I commanded Tony to get on his knees and then I pulled out a strap-on harness with a small dildo and put it on and said, “If you get to fuck my ass then I get to fuck yours! No, no! Get back on your knees! Now, don’t worry my little slave, I am going to start you off small and I promise to be gentle.”

I proceeded to initiate Tony’s asshole with that small dildo and rewarded him by reaching around and stroking his cock at the same time until he climaxed. He admitted to me later that he felt pleasure at the combined stimulation of his penis and asshole and wanted to keep trying it. I kept this up nearly every day for the next two weeks, increasing the length and girth of the dildo every few days until he was accustomed to one that was even a little larger than his own penis. Tony was experiencing intense orgasms during these times, more powerful than those without the anal stimulation.

Things were going well between us and I was feeling the urge to have another threesome with Steve. I was missing the feel and taste of his large, black cock and I was anxious to test Tony’s newfound skills he had learned on the dildo. My pussy tingled every time I imagined our next night with Steve. So the next evening, after one of our sessions where I fucked Tony once again with the strap-on, I told him that I was going to call Steve and have him come over again soon. I asked Tony what he thought of the idea.

Tony surprised me by saying, “As much as I would love that, I was hoping we could have a threesome with another woman. You did promise you’d be willing to try that too!”

I was annoyed, mostly because I was really looking forward to another night with Steve. I scowled at him and walked away while saying, “I’ll think about it!”

That night I sulked. I was disappointed, but I remembered mardin escort that I had made that promise to Tony to include another woman. And, I thought, Tony had been good about obeying with my demands. After all, there will be other chances to get together with Steve. I was feeling better now. I even started to think about the possibilities of a threesome with another woman and that was exciting to me too. It was decided, our next adventure would be with another woman, but how? I wasn’t sure how to find someone else to play along.

Steve will know! He can help me! So, I called him up and asked for his help, but being sure to tell him that I wanted to hire his personal services again very soon. Steve asked me what I was looking for in a woman participant and what brought us to this idea. I gave Steve an update on what Tony and I had been doing the last two months. I also told him that I had proposed another night with him, but Tony requested we first try an evening with another woman. After a short pause on the other end of the phone Steve said, “I have the perfect person for you, Marcia!”

Steve proceeded to tell me all about her and the more he spoke the more I smiled. When he finished I said, “Steve, you’re a genius! She sounds perfect for us. Can you help me contact her and set this up?” He was happy to do just that and so the next day I sat Tony down and resuming my commanding persona I said, “Well, my little cuckold, you are getting your wish! This Saturday night, two days from now, we will be joined by Samantha. She has agreed to come and play with us. Are you pleased?”

Tony was visibly pleased and said, “Yes Mistress! Can you tell me what she’s like? Have you met her in person?”

I said, “I have seen pictures of her and spoken to her on the phone. I will not show her pictures to you. You will just have to wait patiently, but I will tell you this much: she is tall and strikingly beautiful with long hair. I will also tell you that based on her pictures she has a great body and even I am anxious to see her naked in front of us. I think we will both enjoy her beautiful body very much! Are you happy?”

Tony was beaming as he said, “Yes Mistress!” I smiled back at him knowing that I too was going to enjoy our time with Samantha.

As we waited for Saturday to arrive I spoke with Samantha a couple of times to coordinate the evening and prepare everything. She was very helpful and eager to make this a pleasurable and memorable night. The night of the event I had everything ready and Tony was visibly excited. I made Tony wait in the bedroom, dressed only in his bathrobe. I greeted Samantha at the door, also in my bathrobe and led her to a separate room so she could prepare herself. When she was ready I took her just outside our bedroom door and asked her to wait until I called her inside.

I entered the room to find Tony sitting on the edge of the bed looking nervous. I told him to kneel on the floor while I told him the ground rules for the evening. “First, my little cuckold, this is no different than any other night. You will obey my every command without question or hesitation. But tonight, you must also treat our guest with the same respect. You will speak to her only if spoken to. You will do whatever she asks of you and you will do it promptly and without argument!

“If you agree to these terms I will allow you to feel much pleasure, but if you disobey you will be punished! The more disobedience, the greater the punishment. If I determine that you are not cooperative enough I will stop and Samantha will leave. Do you agree to these commands?”

Tony quickly responded with a clear, “Yes Mistress!” I gave him a pat on the head and then opened the door.

I said, “This is the lovely Miss Samantha!” Samantha walked into the room and I could see Tony’s eyes grow wide in pleasant surprise. Samantha was indeed tall and beautiful, but I hadn’t told Tony that she was black. She was statuesque, standing over six feet tall in her high heels with long wavy reddish-brown hair. She was wearing a long, sheer negligee with matching sheer cloak that allowed glimpses of her body beneath the folds of the fabric. She had a strong, curvy body with rounded hips, ample ass and large breasts. Her dark nipples could just be seen under the layers of sheer negligee fabric.

Samantha stepped in closer until she was standing directly next to Tony as he stayed on his knees. Samantha looked down as I continued the introductions, “Samantha, this is my little cuckold. His name is Tony, but I prefer that you refer to him as ‘cuckold’ or another nickname if you like. He specifically requested a beautiful woman join us and because lately he has been an obedient cuckold I have agreed.”

I walked over to Samantha and putting an arm around her waist I turned to Tony and said, “So, my little cuckold, are you happy with Samantha?” Tony nodded as I continued, “Isn’t she beautiful? Look at her luscious skin, those full red lips and big brown van escort eyes! I can already see that below her lovely negligee her body is quite amazing. Would you still like to see Samantha make love to me?”

Tony smiled up at us and gulped, then said, “Yes Mistress!”

I said, “Perhaps you would like her to make love to you too? I might allow that, if Samantha agrees and you are properly obedient.”

Samantha joined in and spoke for the first time, giving Tony a beguiling look and saying, “I can’t wait to get my hands on the both of you. Your little cuckold is very cute, especially kneeling on the floor like that and looking up at both of us like a little puppy dog waiting for a treat. If he’s good I will take good care of him!” Her voice was sultry and warm, and I could see her have an effect on Tony.

Samantha turned to me and said, “And you look beautiful, Miss Marcia. Why don’t you take off that robe and let me see what you are hiding?”

I removed my robe and saw both Tony and Samantha smile in surprise. I was wearing a new dominatrix outfit; similar to my previous one, but with even less material. This one was black vinyl and left most of my body exposed, particularly my pussy and ass. It also exposed my tits and pushed them up and forward. My nipples were standing erect with excitement. The one added feature was that I was already wearing the strap-on belt and harness around my waist, the one used to hold the dildo for fucking Tony’s ass.

Samantha grinned and said, “You are loaded and ready for business, dear! And look at those pretty tits! Do you mind?” as she reached out to caress them with her long fingers with their long, painted fingernails. She then leaned over and gave one of my nipples a kiss and lick, leaving a small circle of lipstick encircling the areola. I could see that Tony was happy to finally see some lesbian activity between us. I decided to give him more of a show.

I said, “Samantha, I love your beautiful full lips and would love to kiss you.” I leaned forward and she did too and we brought our lips together softly. Our kiss lingered and deepened. She placed her strong arms around me and pulled me close as our mouths opened wide and our tongues moved deeply into the other’s. She was so strong!

Tony watched in awe and his hand went inside his robe as he began to rub himself while Samantha and I kissed. When we finally parted I was breathless, but I looked at Tony and said, “Do you want to see Samantha’s tits? I do!” I gently pulled the top of her flowing negligee off of her shoulders and slowly exposed her breasts. They were firm, full and round with pronounced dark nipples.

I gave a look to Tony to make sure he was watching before I moved down with my mouth. He wasn’t missing a moment as he continued to rub himself. I opened my mouth and with my tongue licked one, then both nipples before settling in to suckle on one for a long minute. Samantha was running her strong hands across my shoulders and back while I sucked, even reaching under to rub and knead my own exposed breasts.

Samantha looked at Tony and said, “Are you enjoying watching your beautiful wife making love to another woman? The way you’re rubbing your little dick tells me you do like this. I want you to come here and help her!”

Tony couldn’t believe his good luck, so he quickly stood up and came over to take his place next to me licking and sucking Samantha’s other breast. Samantha purred with her deep sultry voice and said, “That’s good! Give Miss Sammy’s tits a good suck. That’s nice!”

Then Samantha used her strong arms to pull Tony upright and she said, “But I know what you really want to see, little cuckold! You want to see me lick your Mistress’ pretty pussy, don’t you? Well, I want it even more than you do!” Samantha pulled me up and then she began to kiss and lick from my lips, down my neck and breasts. Kneeling down she continued down my stomach, past the strap-on belt until she was poised at my pussy.

I was moving my legs apart in anticipation and Tony was watching in rapt attention as Samantha looked up at us and said, “Miss Marcia’s pussy looks and smells so sweet!” Samantha dove into my pussy with her soft lips and long tongue. The sensation in my body was wonderful and I had a hard time staying upright. I braced my hands on her head as she continued the heavenly assault between my legs.

Tony couldn’t take his eyes off of this scene and when I noticed him standing there jerking himself off I yelled, “What are you doing? Get down there and help her!” Tony jumped on the floor next to Samantha.

Samantha pulled back for a moment and her lips and chin were shiny with my pussy juices. She smiled at Tony and said, “I’m sorry, honey, but her pussy is all mine for now, but I can give you a little taste!” She reached out and firmly grabbed Tony’s face and pulled his mouth onto hers and began to kiss him deeply. Tony just melted in her arms and allowed her to delve deeply into his mouth with ankara escort her tongue, dancing with his. The sight of this sent even more tingles through my already electric pussy!

When Samantha finally released Tony, he had a glazed look on his face, but she told him, “Why don’t you move around and lick your Mistress’ pretty little ass while I suck her pussy?” Tony quickly agreed and moved behind me. It wasn’t long before I was being attacked from two sides and the feeling was amazing!

They kept this up for many minutes as I flailed around in ecstasy. Samantha’s tongue was delving deep inside me when she wasn’t busy licking and sucking on my clit and pussy lips. The combined efforts of both their tongues were quickly bringing me to a crescendo and within a few more seconds I was screaming and gasping in orgasm.

When I was finally done Samantha released my pussy from her mouth. I moved to the bed while she reached out for Tony and said, “Let me taste her pretty little asshole from your mouth, sweetie!” Again, she grabbed Tony in her arms and pulled him tight while driving her tongue deep into his mouth. Tony was completely under her spell and I think he would have been content to stay like that forever, but I needed to regain control.

I said, “Alright little cuckold. I want to show Samantha the new skills you have learned.” As I said this I opened the side table drawer and withdrew my large black dildo and inserted into the strap-on harness and then moved to stand next to Tony and Samantha still kneeling on the floor next to the bed. Tony had moved from Samantha’s mouth to her tits and he was licking and sucking on her nipples as she stroked his hair with her long fingernails and cooed at him.

Watching Tony enjoying this beautiful black woman so much I hesitated to break them up, but I wanted to move on so I finally said, “OK cuckold, show Miss Sammy how you suck black cock.” Tony reluctantly released Samantha’s tit and moved in closer between my legs. He dutifully looked up and opened his mouth so I could feed the end of the dildo in his mouth.

“That’s it, my little sissy boy! Take that cock in your mouth and suck on it!” Tony started slowly at first but soon he was pushing the dildo farther and farther into his mouth. Samantha was kneeling next to him with a smile on her face and watching. I continued saying, “You like that, don’t you? You like when I bring home big, black studs so you can share their big cocks with me. Tell me!”

Tony stopped sucking the dripping wet dildo long enough to say, “Yes, Mistress. I love sucking black cocks!” I smiled at him and then over to Samantha.

Samantha moved in closer to Tony’s face and in her sultry voice she said, “My, my, look at you, baby! I don’t think I have ever seen a white boy suck black cock like this!” She smiled up at me as she continued talking to Tony, “I even heard from my friend Steve how you sucked his long cock until he exploded in your pretty little sissy mouth! And that boy has got one monster dick. Believe me, I know!”

Samantha looked up at me and said, “Your little cuckold must have one talented tongue and I would love him to use it on me too. How about we trade, Miss Marcia?”

I said, “Absolutely! Did you hear that, little cuckold? Miss Samantha wants you to use your little sissy tongue on her now. You want that too, don’t you?”

Tony pulled back from the dildo again and wiped his mouth and said, “Yes Mistress, I want to lick Miss Samantha’s pussy now!” I gave Tony a wicked smile while helping Samantha to stand next to me. She still had her negligee and cover on, although it had been pulled down off her shoulders to expose her tits. Now I helped her remove the rest until she was standing facing Tony, still on his knees, with only her lacy panties to remain.

I said to Tony, “Doesn’t Miss Samantha have a beautiful body? Her skin is so perfect, so dark and smooth! I want you to come here and kiss her stomach before you remove her panties.” Tony moved up on his knees and brought his lips to her stomach and began to kiss and lick Samantha’s smooth, flat stomach. He even reached around and began to squeeze her ass. Tony then began moving his mouth lower, over her hips and upper thighs, moving steadily toward her crotch.

Tony was apparently anxious to taste her pussy because he moved in and began kissing her crotch through her panties. I smiled and patted his head in approval and said, “That’s good. Now help her with her panties.” With his fingers Tony grasped the waist of her panties and slowly began to strip them slowly off her hips and down her thighs, past her knees and down to the floor so she could step out of them. Samantha now stood naked before Tony, her legs together and only her well-trimmed bush showing.

I gently grabbed Tony by the back of his head and said, “That was very good. You are very lucky because Miss Samantha will now spread her long legs for you so you can taste her sweetness. I want you to satisfy her with your mouth like my good little sissy boy, just like you satisfy me!” Tony smiled with his eyes scanning over Samantha’s naked body, but he really smiled when I added, “You get her ready and then I will join you down there. I am very anxious to taste her as well!” I know the thought of seeing his wife lick another woman’s pussy was thrilling for him.

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