Cuckold Love

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I lapped on the water in the bowl as I waited in the cage for you. I had to crawl around to get to the water as you made sure that I built it too small for me to enjoy the space. The heavy chain around my neck was starting to ache now so I chose to lie down and kept changing my position for some comfort but it was a futile effort. The wind whistle as the night grew old and me being naked didn’t make things any better. Well, almost naked as my penis was covered in the usual cage that has become its home and my butt was stuffed with a plug. My life in a nutshell I thought as waited eagerly for you.

Then I heard the bag door open and saw my beautiful Mistress gracefully walking, dressed in the most elegant dress that I only help her put on. The black looked good on her, I thought. You simply smiled and opened the lock of the cage and undid my chain. I knew what to do. I crawled forward and kissed your feet, worshipped them for the beautiful creations they are. Then you grabbed me by the hair and made me kneel and held up our ring, I the gently pecked our engagement ring. A sigh of our love if you will.

“How is my cuck doing?” You asked rhetorically.

I knew better than to answer that as you brought me up and pushed my head on to your cleavage and beneath the neckline I could make what Kurtköy Anal Escort dangled on your black chord necklace. The key to my cock was nestled between your beautiful breasts . I knew this was the tease of a torture yet to come. Before I could think more you pulled my head up and we locked eyes and we smiled at each other while you slapped me hard across the face 3 times. No matter the intensity none of us broke eye contact nor did the smile fade. The last slap ended with a passionate kiss as our tongues explored each other mouths and our hands our bodies. You loved to tease me and give me glimpses of what truly wouldn’t be mine.

“Follow me love” you said, breaking the kiss. I went down my knees and crawled behind you into the house to find your man for the night and waiting for us inside.

“Gosh he is really small isn’t he?” The man asked, genuinely surprised.

“Why do you think he doesn’t get to fuck me? That weenie is only good for leaking” you said laughing as you motioned me to kneel.

I knelt and watched in pain as you embraced your lover for a long, sensual kiss. No matter how many times I saw it, this part still stung. It went on for a while as you got lost in his arms. It was hard to see the woman you worship lost in such passion.

It Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort was degrading, humiliating, I hate it but absolutely loved it at the same time. I probably couldn’t live without it. “On the bed pindick” you ordered me on to the bed so I would lie down and you guys could fuck on top of me.

I lied there in emotional agony as the stranger fucked you with everything he had and you moaned in utter delight. I don’t ever remember you moaning with such passion in any of our encounters. I mean there was romance but the penetration was always quick to conclusion. A few thrusts was all I could muster before letting it all lose and you would fake a few moans.

But now, I could hear and feel the passion raging inside you. I could never take my eyes off the chastity key bouncing on your breasts as emotions tore through my soul. You were lost in a world of pleasure as the raw passion of being taken raged through your body. Eventually you lied down on your back on top of me as he shot his load on to you. Time seemed to slow down and the next few minutes were a blur until he left us you ordered me to clean you up with my tongue. I hid my disgust as I lapped down the cum on your body and you ensured that I gulped everything down. However the privilege to lick worship your Kurtköy Zenci Escort body and pussy was something I always considered heavenly. You lifted my face with your soft hands, brought me up and kissed me. It was long, sensual and delicious. Even though I could still taste him and my dick throbbed in its cage. You didn’t forget to make me suck his cum out of my key that dangled on your breast. I happily worshipped your pussy for another orgasm as I Was left denied and extremely horny for the night.

“When did you last cum?” You asked mischievously.

“3 weeks ago” I replied meekly.

You smiled and kissed me again. It has been 6 months since I last came inside her. It was the painful truth and it will probably be another few months till I earn that privilege again.

You then ordered me to kneel down on my kneeling pad that was specially made with different seeds and sand to increase the pain while I kneeled on it… and I followed the usual routine and begged permission to sleep on the same bed. You considered and given my acceptable behaviour today you allowed me the privilege. There were more than enough nights when I would chained up in the garden covered in cane marks or sleeping in bondage on the floor next to you.

But you loved me as well. You liked having me at your arms reach, locked up and frustrated. We cuddled and kissed as you teased my caged cock once again and reminding me the action that it is missing.

We fell asleep as we lay in each other’s arms and you kept telling me how you will cane me before we go for a swim in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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