Curious Eliza and the New Slave

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Eliza was a pretty girl. She was petite and blonde with pretty blue eyes and a dazzling smile that showed off her dimples. And she was spoiled. Her mother and father loved her to pieces, sparing nothing to give her whatever her heart desired.

They lived on a plantation, a large sprawling thing. Eliza sometimes felt it was too gaudy, a relic of her grandparents. But the spacious lands allowed for Eliza to spend her days in sunshine and play as a child and for daydreaming and happy sighing as a teenager.

Earlier that year, in the Spring of 1845, little Eliza turned eighteen and the suitors began to court. Eliza’s father, as any other in his position, was leery of the young men, handsome and homely alike, who came to profess their undying love and brag of their own riches. He had little to worry for, however, as Eliza had yet to find a man to catch her fancy.

That was, until Big John arrived.

John Jackson, or Big John as he was nicknamed by the slave foreman, was the biggest man Eliza had ever seen. On the day of his arrival, she was hiding in the pecan grove lining the drive up to the main house. The man was wrapped in chains and the porters bringing the man watched him from the corners of their eyes. Eliza crept closer to the drive, hoping to catch a better glimpse. The man was bald, although she saw that it was not from age but shearing. He had tight muscles and a perfectly sculpted jawline. He was beautiful.

The men passed her hiding place. Eliza counted to ten and walked back through the grove and around the pond. She climbed a sturdy oak tree, her dress snagging on small limbs. When she was high enough, she was able to see the majority of the slave quarters, where she knew the man would end up. She waited. And waited. Eventually, Eliza saw her father and the slave foreman walk Big John to a cabin. Eliza inhaled. It was one of the nearest to her own hiding place in the tree. She watched as her father ambled back to the big house and the foreman show Big John around.

When she heard her name being called from her own home, Eliza dropped from the branches laughing at her skirts flew up around her face.

“Whoa, there!” a deep voice said. Eliza turned. It was Big John! How had she not noticed the man? “Are you all right, Miss?” Eliza couldn’t find her voice. Her eyes were wide and she was staring, although her mother frequently scolded her for being rude.

“Yes, I am perfectly fine,” she said when she found her voice. “If you’ll excuse me, I must be going.” The girl half ran and half skipped to the house to see what was needed. She put Big John to the back of her mind to save for later that night.

The house finally quieted, her parents to bed with a night cap, her younger brothers and sisters asleep in the nursery. Eliza looked out her window and across the pond looking for Big John, but of course she couldn’t see him. She settled in her large four-poster bed.

Eliza pulled her light cotton nightdress up and over her head. She made a small nest in her pillows so that each touch felt as what she dreamed a man’s intimate caress would feel. She closed her eyes and thought of Big John, his large body. She imagined that body naked in the light of the moon streaming in the window. Sweat ran down his body, in her mind, and down down down to that place only men had. A shudder ran through Eliza’s body. She felt between her legs. She was soaking wet.

Using her own juices as lubrication, Eliza worked her fingers around and around, up and down. Over the last few years, with so few opportunities for this expression, Eliza learned how her body needed to be sated. She found the spot. She gasped yalova escort for breath, grinding her pussy against her own wet hand over and over and over. She stuck one finger inside of her and moved in and out until at last a flow of juices poured from her. Eliza licked her fingers clean, hoping to hide some evidence. Her breathing returned to normal and then slowed as she drifted off to sleep.

Eliza found her obsession with Big John only grew. She followed him constantly, always hiding in a branch or behind a shed. The other slaves paid her no attention; they were far used to Miss Eliza’s wanderings, despite the fierce warnings from her parents. In the end, they decided if it made her happy then so be it. And so she did as she pleased.

One sunny September afternoon, Eliza slipped up. She had been following Big John a little too closely, becoming careless as the time had gone on. She followed him out past the pecan groves, past the pond, past the smallest tobacco field and the main potato field until they were in a grassy meadow. What on earth is he doing out here, Eliza thought to herself. Lost in thought, she didn’t notice when he stopped.

“Why have you been following me?” the man began in an accusing tone. “Are you trying to get me in trouble with the master?” Eliza froze, terrified. She shook her head.

“N-no,” she stuttered. She felt her eyes widen. “I was just…curious.”

“Curious,” the man said slowly. “About what?”

“About, well, you.” The man stared at her for a long time. “You see, I was in the pecan groves when the porters brought you here. And I was peeking because you’re really tall and I just…I don’t know, I just wanted to, I guess.” The man looked at her. She quivered, afraid. But also excited, for some reason. The man smiled.

“Curious about parts of me, anyway. You’re enjoying this.” Heat flooded Eliza’s cheeks. She noticed she was sweating and her nipples were erect.

“I fantasized about you,” she whispered. The man looked at her sharply.

“That can never be so,” he said.

“We don’t have to go the whole way, do everything,” she said, a little hurt to be rebuffed for the first time. And by a slave, at that. “I know of other things.” She thought of the characters in some of the books she had read as she matured. An idea struck. She sauntered over to the man, trying to move her hips in a seductive way. She fell to her knees in front of him.

“I can’t let you do this,” he said.

“You’re not stopping me,” she replied as she untied the rope holding his trousers on his body. She let his trousers fall to the dirt. This was the first time she had seen a male member this close. Except, of course, for animals and her baby brothers’.

She inspected the member. Already it was hardening under her attention. The cock was long and thick with veins running up to his scrotum. She cupped his jewels, feeling the weight. She licked her lips and closed her eyes, gently pulling his cock into her mouth. He sighed and put a hand on her head, wrapping his fingers into a handful of blonde curls. He pet her head as she took more and more of him into her mouth until she thought she would suffocate. She began to bob her head back and forth, paying mind to her teeth.

Big John groaned. Suddenly, he was pressing her head harder to his cock, shoving it down her throat. Eliza tried to make a noise but no air could escape. He released her, seeing that she was in distress, and she pulled his cock out with a loud pop. She pushed the cock back in, running her tongue over the tip until the man was making maddening noises. She decided edirne escort to bob again, giving it another try. This time, he didn’t force her. At last, he gave a cry and Eliza’s mouth flooded with his warm, salty essence. She licked her lips, savoring the musky flavor.

“Come back here tonight,” she told him. “Right here, right where we’re standing. At midnight. I’ll wait for you.”

“Miss, we can’t do this,” the man said. “I’ll be killed. I’ll be hanged. And you…”

“No one will find out. This time of year, I’m almost the only one who ever comes out this way. And no one goes into the fields that lay fallow. We will be fine.” The man nodded. “Say you’ll come. Say it!”

“I will come,” the man said. “At midnight.”

Eliza told the man to go. He would be missed before she would. He would walk straight back to where he was supposed to be in the fields and she would take the long way around until she would end up on the other side of the plantation. No one would notice. She thought of what would happen later tonight. Her pussy quivered and let out a fresh rush of juice. Just wait, she thought to herself. Tonight will be the night.

The moon was merely a sliver in the sky. It took longer than anticipated to return to the clearing but when she arrived, she saw him waiting for her. With no thought, she ran to him. He caught her, unthinking, in her arms and the two were entwined. The man was experienced and was able to knowledgeably pry her mouth open with his tongue, twirling his with hers. He planted kisses along her mouth, trailing them along her cheeks, her jaw, her collarbone. It was forbidden and wonderfully exquisite.

“Are you sure about this, Miss?” he asked.

“It’s Eliza. And yes. Don’t ask me that again.” She spread a soft down quilt on the grass they had stamped down. If anyone asked, Eliza would casually mention she found a doe and her fawn there sleeping. It was perfect.

“Ready to begin where we left off?” she asked. She got on her knees as she had earlier in the day. This time, she was ready. He pounded into her mouth and she took it, only occasionally coming up for breath. She kissed his cock and wrapped her lips around it until he moaned and pushed his seed into her mouth. She licked her lips. “What next?” she asked.

Big John pulled the small teen to him. He kissed her neck, undoing the buttons of her nightdress until it lay useless at her feet. She had worn no other undergarments. She was naked. He held her hand and twirled her to better see. He whistled and rubbed his hands over her arms, making her shiver. Within a heartbeat he was just as naked as she.

“I’m going to show you something,” he told her. He lay on the blanket on his back. The small amount of moonbeams reached him, just as she had imagined. His sweat shone on the dark mystery that was his body. “Come here,” he said, grabbing her arm. She went to him.

“Now sit here,” he said pointing to his face. She looked dubious. “Trust me. This will be worth it.” She planted a knee to either side of his head and gently lowered herself. He laughed and moved his head up to lick once. That one touch was all she needed. Eliza plopped her pussy on his face.

“More,” she said. “More more more!” He used his fingers to pry her virgin folds open for better access and began his work. His moist tongue ran along her pussy making her shiver even in the heat of the night. He sucked one that one spot only she had ever touched. Somehow, he knew the rhythms. He tongue pumped in and out of her tight hole. He sucked on her clit until she closed her eyes and felt her breath coming. erzurum escort “Faster. Faster!” she cried. His tongue flicked in a flurry until…she came on his face. Her cheeks reddened, but Big John licked the juices from between her legs. He sucked a little more and she sobbed with want. She was spent.

“Please, John, please. Please take me.”

“I can’t. You are a maiden. This other stuff is okay but – ”

She didn’t wait. She scoot backwards until his cock was in her hand and she was positioned over him. She placed it in and gently, oh so gently, lowered herself. Her head fell back in an agonizing blend of pain and pleasure. After a few inches, she stopped herself. When she was used to his girth, she slid more in. The process repeated itself until there was only a few inches left. Big John suddenly thrust upward and Eliza’s maidenhood was no more. She gave a cry in fear and pain and surprise.

Instinctively, Eliza began to bounce. Her thighs, strong and muscular from her outdoor adventures, pushed her up and down. John’s cock filled her to the brim. She began to bounce faster, her tits matching her movement. John reached up to squeeze them. Eliza leaned forward, her body on the man. She kissed his hard on the mouth and then laughed as he flipped her onto her back.

He placed one of her legs on either of his shoulders. He rubbed her clit with his palm. “Such a pretty pussy,” he whispered. “Such a pretty, tight, wonderful young pussy.” He pulled his cock out and stuck two fingers in, working her.

“Yes yes yes!” she cried. She had never felt more alive, more electrified. He slammed his cock back into her, meeting much resistance but accomplishing so nonetheless. He pushed harder and harder and harder until Eliza thought she was going to come undone. A tremor started within her.

“Not yet!” John growled. He pulled out of her and flipped her so she was on her hands and knees with her pussy presented to him. And swiftly he was going back at it. He took her from behind, sliding his lengthy member deeper than he had yet. He pushed in slowly until Eliza thought she could feel it in her soul. Her heart was full for this man, although it could never be. She began to rock back to meet his cock, matching his rhythm. The sounds of their bodies meeting filled the air.

“Yes, you love that big black cock,” the man growled. Eliza groaned. He pulled her back to kiss him, stretching her body to do so. He pumped over and over and Eliza felt herself being wound into a tighter and tighter knot. She couldn’t breathe. And then there was an earthquake.

“Aaaah,” she screamed as she came on the man’s cock.

“Yes, give me that cum! Give it to me!” She poured her life’s essence and collapsed with her ass and pussy still in the air. She sobbed the man’s name as rapture shook her again and again.

“Mmmmy ttturn,” the man said. Thank God he had the sense to pull out. He came on Eliza’s upturned ass, spraying it with a gooey whiteness. He moaned and collapsed, pulling Eliza the rest of the way down. He wrapped his arms around her until his head was resting on her breasts. He kissed one and pulled the nipple into his mouth for a half-hearted suck.

“Mmmm,” Eliza murmured. The two lay there listening to the frogs croak and the crickets sing. Eliza stroked the man’s head tenderly.

“This can never be,” he said. “Are you all right?”

“More than all right,” Eliza replied, a smile on her face and peace in her heart. “We should meet every couple days. Breaks are important, you know, so we can actually sleep.” The man’s booming laughter rang in her ears.

“Yes, I think so.” A few minutes later, Big John left, making his way back through the grasses and too his shabby quarters. Eliza attempted to clean herself up and decided to dip in the pond before returning to her room. As she ran the cool water over her recently used breasts, she closed her eyes and smiled at the nights to come. The nights with her own Big John.

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