Curious WM 30 Ch. 06

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Disclaimer: To tell the truth I don’t know where the end of this story came from! If you have read the entire story I would be pleased to hear your thoughts. Could it have been better if the sex had remained between the two curious men? What if it were to involve one or more of Phil’s bisexual friends but not the women? Should Phil’s wife find out? If you have a better ending please post it as CURIOUS WM 30 Chapter 7 or 7.1 or 7.2…. you get the idea. Criticism, as always is welcome unless it is rooted in ignorance or bigotry.


The sun light warmed my body as I performed for Angela. It was as if I was on a stage illuminated by a spotlight; almost floating in mid air. My exhausted legs hung over one arm of the chair; my head over the other making me look like a rag doll a child has tossed aside. With my left hand I casually stroked my chest and ribs cupping first one tit and pinching its nipple and then lazily moving on. I was engaged in solitary foreplay. My fingers would lightly brush the skin from my chest to my pelvis, play briefly in my neatly trimmed bush and then travel to my chest to cup the other tit.

Ever so slowly I played with myself. Remembering my first taste of Phil’s dick as my hand found my balls and rubbed them. As his velvety cockhead slipped between my lips the very first time I knew that I was a cock sucker. I always loved kissing a woman’s body. Her neck, her breasts, her belly, her pussy were all exciting; so exciting that many times I would experience an orgasm just by giving her head for the first time. But Phil’s cock entering my mouth seemed so right, so perfect; giving me the last piece of the puzzle.

As I remembered Angela wiping the cum from my lips my right hand began to copy what my left hand was doing. First they cupped my tits and pinched my nipples. I recalled that in the embarrassment of learning that she knew why I was meeting her husband I almost abandoned my cock slut/sex slave adventure. I was afraid of what might happen but my fear was overcome by my desire to suck him again and again; even if she knew. And if she wanted to watch so much the better!

As my hands stroked my ribs and belly I recalled how Angela had so easily taken control and made me strip in her presence. Whatever reluctance I may have feigned was overcome by my single minded desire to suck Phil’s cock. I think she knew that I would do whatever she might dream up when I unbuttoned my first shirt button.

I continued to tease myself as if no one else were present. Both of my hands massaged my crotch reaching deep under my balls to target the pleasure center that was my anus. Until Angela and Kate introduced me to anal sex I had no idea how naive I was! How limited my experience was. First their fingers and then the little butt plug awakened my desire for anal stimulation. Kate’s expert use of the dildo made my ass a man-pussy ready to serve. With the palm of my hands mashing my balls I teased my asshole wishing that Kate would fuck me now while I jacked-off.

My mind raced ahead to Angela fucking my ass while she used my mouth to fuck her husband. My fingers were teasing my penis, gently feeling the veins pulsing steadily in my semi-erect member. I pinched the head istanbul escort and pulled while my free hand grabbed a tit and squeezed. I recalled how it felt to just relax and let them fuck me. Their cocks stroking in and out; just being a cunt for their use, taking my pleasure from being their sex toy. I squeezed harder, pinched harder; sending waves of pleasure to my crotch.

Suddenly Angela’s dildo was Phil’s cock and Richard was ready to penetrate my throat. I squeezed my penis and started pumping. Slowly at first, remembering the feel of Richard’s cock sliding up to my tonsils and back, my lips sealed around his dick and my tongue licking as it slid in and out. My cock was hard now and I pumped harder, I squeezed my tit harder, I pinched harder. I was so close I was moaning like a whore.

I remembered Phil shooting his load into my rectum, feeling his heat in my body. Kate took his place and used his cum to lubricate the dildo. I pumped even harder knowing what was next. Richard would take my throats cherry! My balls tightened and I came, squeezing my tit and milking every last drop into a puddle on my belly as I moaned and panted, exhausted from my performance.

I relaxed completely. My feet were just barely touching the floor, one hand gently rubbing my wilting cock the other resting, also on the floor. The sun warming my naked, exhausted body, I was satisfied, and I was the definition of a slut.

I opened my eyes and looked around, it was quiet, they left me to finish without them. I was saddened but Angela always surprised me. I sat up and the cum slid toward my crotch. I looked for a tissue but couldn’t find any. I was disgusted by the thought of eating my own cum, having just experienced an especially intense orgasm. I was very much like the man who cums and then rolls off his lover to fall asleep. The eagerness with which I ate my masters cum while I served their carnal desires was a product of my progressively intensifying lust. I relished being their fuck toy. My reward was to experience their sexual domination, their use of my mouth, my throat, my ass. I was their slave and I gladly volunteered but now there was no excitement to urge me on without their goading.

I stood up and went to the outer office. The door stood open, inviting anyone to enter. The screen was gone, my clothing piled on the chair next to the door! I had no choice but to risk exposing myself if I were ever to get dressed and leave. Using one hand to keep my cum from making my crotch a sticky mess I dashed across the open office and grabbed my clothes and retreated just as quickly to the inner office. In my little bundle were my trousers, shirt and shoes. My underwear and socks were missing. I peeked around the door frame looking for the rest of my clothes. They were nowhere in sight but now there were two women talking across the hall.

Unexpectedly the risk of exposure was making my cock throb. It was all I needed to quickly scoop up the mess on my belly, slurp it off my hand and get dressed. I checked my appearance and left. The two women were waiting to take the elevator. I tried to avoid eye contact. When the elevator arrived I ushered them on saying, “After you, ladies.”

“Thank-you,” escort bayan One said as they entered. They turned as if it was choreographed and I swear they looked directly at my crotch. They exited on the fourth floor and when the door closed I looked down. There was a large wet spot on my pants just where my semi-hard penis was bulging out. Once again I was embarrassed but excited. Angela had set me up again and I wondered what she might have in mind for Monday. How could she make me any more of a slut than I was already?

Once again it was the weekend and I could only wait until my regular scheduled appointment. I wondered what new twist Angela might add that would open new avenues of sexual domination. I would never have imagined wanting to be such a slut but she awakened my baser instincts and made me crave cum. She took the simple cock sucker that I thought I wanted to be and molded me into an insatiable sex toy willing to be fucked and eager to suck not to please them but to satisfy my deep seated need to be the center of a gross sexual orgy. She had discovered and developed the perfect cum hungry slut; willing to serve both cocks and pussies, all that was left was to see if there was anything she couldn’t get me to do!

Monday morning at nine AM I walked into an empty outer office. Angela was not there to greet me but that happened once before. The screen was not set up so I went to the closet to get it. The closet was empty!

I walked towards the inner office and called out, “Hello! Is anyone here, I’m ready for our consultation! There was no answer.

The empty office was just as I left it with the chair turned towards the window and the sunlight streaming in. I went to the chair and turned it back and then put the extra cushion back were it belonged. The little butt plug was between the cushions; I picked it up and smiled.

“How can I help you?” An unfamiliar voice interrupted my thoughts.

I put the butt plug in my pocket as I turned and was confronted by a man who appeared to be a custodian carrying blinds into the office. I was stunned and confused. “What are those for?”

“These are the replacement blinds.” He answered simply.

“I thought these offices had tinted windows.”

“Don’t I wish! If they did I wouldn’t spend so much time replacing faded and sun rotted blinds.”

I was stunned, Phil lied about the windows. All the while I thought I was ‘performing’ in private I was, in fact, on display. I looked out the windows and could clearly see numerous points from which I might be seen if close enough to the windows and Phil made a point of keeping me as close as possible.

“You haven’t told me why you’re here.” The man challenged.

“I have an appointment for a consultation.” I stated briefly.

“The Morton’s won’t be consulting anymore.” He said, simply.

“What do you mean they won’t be consulting anymore?” I asked.

“I’m sure you haven’t heard,” he said, “But the word will be out soon. Let me show you what was in this mornings paper.” He went to the outer office and returned with a newspaper. He opened it to page three and handed it to me. “See for yourself!”

4 Killed in One Car Crash
Two Kurtköy escort men and two women
were killed in a one car
crash on Canal Rd. Autho
rities are w i t h o l d i n g
details but sources close
to the investigation say
the victims have been
missing for over a week.

“This doesn’t name names,” I said, “How do you know it involves the Morton’s?” This was the first I’d heard their last names!

“Because Brad and Angela have been missing since last Friday night and more importantly my partner Eric was one of the first responders.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Yesterday afternoon some children playing in Tinker’s Creek found a car under the Canal Rd. bridge.

“So?” I questioned, “What does that have to do with Brad and Angela?”

“The car was registered to Angela but the authorities weren’t certain who was in the car. It seems none of them had any I.D. physically on their bodies. The women had theirs in their purses, of course, but the curious thing was the men didn’t have their wallets on them! That’s why the authorities haven’t released their names, and won’t until they are positively identified.

“What seems to be the delay?”

“This is where Eric says it gets interesting. Both women were in the front seat!”

“What makes that so interesting?”

“Eric says they were both wearing ‘teddies’, you know, those sexy undergarments some young women wear, the ones that have the snaps for thigh high stockings. He says the driver was wearing a royal blue teddy and the other woman wore black. They think Angela was wearing the blue teddy.”

I knew she was, I was confused, maybe in shock. “Did Eric say how the crash happened?”

“They found a deer’s antler in the front seat and some fur and blood on the left front headlight, and a dead deer in the creek. It’s pretty obvious she hit a deer, lost control and went down the embankment. If the kids hadn’t found them they would still be there, rotting in the creek bed.”

“This is awful, I don’t know what to say.”

“You haven’t heard the juiciest part yet, you’ll never guess what else Eric told me.”

“I don’t want to play games, I feel terrible about this already. What could make this worse?”

‘Eric said that the reason they couldn’t identify the men was because they were in the back seat, totally naked! I’ll bet they were having sex and that’s what distracted Angela. It’s too bad, too, they were such a nice couple.”

“Yeh,” I mumbled as I walked out of the office, unable to comprehend what had happened to me for the last nine days.


When I read the original ad placed by CURIOUS WM 30 I wondered who would be brave enough to place such an ad. How could anyone trust a complete stranger? My fictitious answer was an equally curious 61 year old, a bolder version of me! Someone who fantasized about oral sex for so long that it was an obsession, a deeply felt need that must be satisfied before it was too late. My first surprise was how willing my character was to be naked, to put himself on display for another man. He gladly and willingly supports the fantasy of a man he knows only by a pseudonym and in so doing reveals a latent desire to expose himself.

My next surprise was when Angela revealed herself to be in control. She was the one who knew my characters weaknesses and knew how to develop them so that each step into sluthood was taken willingly.

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