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Life at Ivy’s house was unbearable thanks to her mother. Her mother was Jennifer & she was a bitch. She hated her husband for getting her pregnant in high school. She hated her daughter for being born when Jennifer was only 18. And she made sure both of them knew of her hatred on a daily basis.

Neither Ivy nor her father, Carl, talked about the house of misery they both lived in. Instead, Ivy would stay alone in her room for hours on end. Then, when she was older, she would go to a friend’s house after school & on weekends. Carl spent his time at work. His overtime hours were unbelievable & he was the best lawyer in San Diego because his clients & their causes gave him purpose. They were the one things in his life he could change.

Sure, Carl sometimes felt guilty that he avoided his daughter because of his wife’s miserable attitude but he tried to make up for it. Ivy never wanted for any material thing. She always had the best clothes, shoes, & jewelry. When she turned 16 she got a brand new car & it was known that she could go to any college she desired & it would be completely paid for.

But Ivy wasn’t greedy. She wanted a family, not all the gifts & expensive lifestyle. She watched her friends’ families with envy & some regret. WAS it her fault her parents were in such an unhappy marriage?

Carl blamed himself somewhat but he had been a kid when his lust had made him stupid. He never thought to use a condom when all he wanted was what Jennifer had between her legs. Of course that had been the last time. And she hadn’t even been very good. But he had married her hadn’t he? And provided her with a good life. She had everything she could ever want. He had even encouraged her to go to college if she wanted or whatever else she wanted to do with her life. But Jennifer would rather complain about what could have been instead of making something happen.

So the family kept up their separate lives. Jennifer wallowed in her unhappiness. Carl worked all the time. Ivy spent every spare moment outside of school with her friends.

It was at her friend Tina’s house that her life started to change. Tina was complaining about her parents as teenagers do. Tina & Ivy had Beylikdüzü escort just turned 18 & though they wouldn’t graduate for a few months they both felt they were adults & therefore entitled to be treated as such. Tina’s main complaint was that her parents always wanted her to go places with them but they were so plain & boring she was embarrassed to be seen with them. She wanted to be out on her own as an adult instead.

“It’s not like with your patents,” she told Ivy. “I mean your dad? He’s HOT!”

“What?” Ivy was blown away & confused by this description.

“Oh come on! He’s completely gorgeous! I mean the way he fills out those suits he always wears?” She sighed dramatically & added a small moan for effect. “And with his height & build & those wide shoulders? Well you just KNOW he’s packing in those suit pants!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t be such a prude, Ivy. I’m talking about his cock.”

“Jesus! Tina! I knew that’s what you meant! But that’s my FATHER!” Ivy was horrified.

“Oh please,” Tina scoffed. “Every girl thinks about her father that way at least once. Hell, even I’ve wondered what my dad’s packing but he’s so goddamn disgusting I haven’t spent much time on it. But YOUR dad? Mmmm… I’d love to see what he’s got going on in happy town. Admit it. Wouldn’t you?”

Ivy was quiet. She hadn’t ever thought of her father that way. But Tina’s words made her feel sweaty & nervous but also strangely excited.

“I bet he thinks about you,” Tina said quietly, like she knew Ivy was trying to figure out how she felt about this whole thing. “He’s probably seen the way you’ve grown into those DD tits. I bet he likes them. Your mom’s are so tiny & she’s so frumpy. I bet he wishes he could touch you.”

Ivy knew her cheeks were beat red. She was having trouble catching her breath. “He’s my father,” she said, but weakly.

Tina whispered, “That’s what makes it so hot.”

Ivy escaped from Tina’s house soon after but she couldn’t run away from what Tina had brought up as easily. She slowly became consumed with thoughts of her father & what he had between his legs. Thoughts of seeing him naked filled her waking Beylikdüzü escort hours & her dreams.

She wouldn’t act on it. Of course she wouldn’t. But that didn’t stop her from stealing glances or from waking up from vivid dreams of her father on top of her with his large cock buried in her tight virgin pussy. Yes she dreamed about her father fucking her & couldn’t deny it to herself. But she couldn’t control her unconscious thoughts. She knew it was wrong.

What Ivy didn’t know was that she talked in her sleep.

Carl was used to sleepless nights. He didn’t sleep well beside his wife. Jennifer seemed to give off waves of anger & resentment. He’d taken to sleeping in his home office but the couch was uncomfortable. Usually he’d work until he couldn’t keep his eyes opened but even that burnt him out sometimes.

The main issue was: he was horny as hell. Dammit he hadn’t been laid in eighteen years! That was inhumane! Sure he masturbated all the time but everyone knows that’s not the same thing at all. Of course he looked at other women – he never claimed to be a saint! – but he could never bring himself to ever go through with it. Carl may have had a horrible marriage but he had taken vows & just couldn’t go back on them. Though it felt like he would die if something didn’t happen soon!

He left the den to try a stiff drink to settle his brain when he heard what sounded like sobbing coming from his daughter’s room. Concerned, Carl moved to her door & eased it opened. He caught himself before he gasped in shock.

There was his sweet little innocent Ivy naked & writhing on her bed. The blankets lay tangled at her feet as her hips bucked in a blindingly fast rhythm to meet her thrusting fingers which were buried in her sopping wet pussy. Carl took in the sight without thought to right or wrong. He simply couldn’t help himself. It was the single most beautiful sight he’d ever seen.

Ivy was tiny in waist & hips but her tits were massive pillows of flesh that her father watched bounce & sway in wild abandon as she pleasured herself. She moaned in exquisite ecstasy & said, “Yes! Ooohhh YES!!! Just like that! YES!” while her body moved.

Carl Escort Beylikdüzü slowly started recovering from the shock of what he was seeing enough to realize what he was doing was probably an invasion of privacy. Plus he felt himself reacting. His cock was growing rapidly & even his undersexed brain knew this was the wrong way to find release.

But then Ivy spoke some more.

“Oh Daddy, yes!” she exclaimed. “Your cock feels so good in me, Daddy! I love your cock! Fuck me, Daddy! Please fuck your baby girl! Oh Daddy! My pussy is so wet! I want your huge cock in my wet pussy, Daddy! Yes! Fuck me, Daddy! Yes! I’m cumming, Daddy! Your baby girl is cumming on your huge cock, Daddy! Fill me! Fill me with your juice! I want it all, Daddy! I want your cum in me! Give your daughter your cum, Daddy! Yes! Yes! YES!!!”

Sometime during this, Carl had released his cock from his straining pants. It had been an unconscious gesture just as his movements had been as he stroked himself in time with his daughter’s thrusting fingers. He just couldn’t help himself. A part of him knew he couldn’t even blame his nonexistent sex life. No, Carl was pretty sure that even if he’d cum in his wife’s pussy – or any pussy for that matter – this spectacle of self-pleasure would have pushed him past reason.

Ivy came in violent, shuddering waves. She sighed, moaned, whispered, “Daddy…oh Daddy…” over & over.

Carl shuddered himself as he came with his daughter. He luckily aimed his load into his pants, ruining them but keeping the floor clean of evidence. He knew he hadn’t made a sound but before he could put his still semi-hard cock away, Ivy was awake & watching him.

“Daddy?” Ivy’s sleep-clouded brain saw her father in her doorway. It took her several seconds to realize a mind-blowing orgasm had awakened her & even more embarrassingly, she was naked. But it only took her a moment to take in the sight before her. To recognize that her father held his cock in his hand. That he was touching himself. That he had been watching her. That he knew her biggest secret.

Carl knew his options. He could turn & walk away. He’d deal with it later or – better yet – pretend it never happened. But that’s not what he wanted to do. And since his daughter made no move to cover herself from her father’s lustful gaze, he had to assume she felt the same.

So he didn’t leave. Instead, Carl shut & locked his daughter’s bedroom door then joined her on her bed.

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