Daddy’s Birthday Surprise

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He said it was a birthday surprise.

He knew that I was not looking forward to turning thirty this year. It wasn’t the idea of thirty that bothered me, so much as the actual milestone. The actual event itself, coming at me with guns blazing. Did it have to be on Easter this year? Really, why must I always connect thirty and a national holiday? A fun holiday with bunnies and candy? One of the most childish to celebrate, when not observing it strictly in a religious setting. So one of the most childish holidays, ushering in the official death of my childish twenties. Figures. He knew I felt this way, and when he saw me pouting at the calendar hanging in the kitchen he came up behind me and wrapped me in his arms.

“Hey, where’s my smile?” he asked in a teasing voice. I stuck my lip out farther in an even more exaggerated pout. “Come on, now…give me my smile. You know how much I love to see it. Give me what I want and I’ll tell you a secret.” He whispered the last bit against the skin of my neck as he leaned down and grazed my flesh with his lips. I held out a moment longer, loving his playfulness whenever he wanted to cheer me up. As soon as I felt him nuzzling into my neck farther I couldn’t withhold the giggle that bubbled up, and when his fingers started tickling at me I gave in to full on laughter. “That’s my girl!” I heard him chuckle from somewhere behind my ear.

“What’s the secret?” I breathed out quickly as I felt his hands slide from my ribcage to the front of my shirt, slowly creeping up to cup my full breasts. I could feel his fingers locating and teasing my nipples into stiff peaks while I tried to keep my composure. Leaning back against his chest to fully enjoy his onslaught, I repeated my question. “Erik! What’s the secret?” I let out in a combination whine/moan.

I felt his teeth nip my neck in that wonderful sweet spot that only he could ever find at the same moment he ground his erection against my ass. I moaned louder and slid my hands behind him, cupping his firm ass through his jeans as I rubbed my own ass back against him. His hot mouth slid up from my neck to the outer shell of my ear, licking and nipping me into a frenzy. His hands were working my tits almost roughly now, and I couldn’t contain the groans being drawn from my body. I heard his deep voice rumble in my ear, not even attempting to hide his own arousal.

“Shhhh….I have a surprise for you, but you don’t get it until your birthday. Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort You have to be a very good girl until then,” he whispered between a nip and sucking my earlobe into his delicious mouth. He knew he had me at that moment as I sagged against him. I was absolute putty in his hands. Putty for a master sculptor, who could bring such magic into the world with his large, capable hands. I felt his hands leave my breasts in order to pry my grip loose from his delectable ass. He then took my arms and positioned me, bending me forward to grip the edge of the kitchen counter. As I leaned forward and braced myself, I felt his warm hands run down the length of my bare legs and back up again, slowly creeping up the backs of my thighs. As he reached the hem of the obscenely short skirt that I wore whenever we were alone together, he paused. “Are you being a good little girl right now?” he asked breathlessly, heat dripping from every word. I could feel myself growing wetter by the second, my moist lips and clit swelling with every breath I took.

“Yes,” I managed to slip out. I felt his slowly circling fingertips stop abruptly.

“Yes, what?” his deep voice boomed in my ear. Oh God, he was going there already. I always knew that I was done for the second we went down this road.

“Yes…Daddy,” I swallowed deeply, gulping down air, trying to fight that instant heat wave that came over me whenever he became forceful like this.

“That’s better,” he rumbled from behind me, where I felt his ministrations continue. “Now, if you are truly being a good little girl for your Daddy, I won’t find any panties under here. You’re not going to disappoint me are you?” I felt him slowly tugging at the edge of my skirt.

“No…Daddy,” I could feel my pussy pulse at the mere mention of the word. “I am your good little girl.” I felt my skirt being flipped up then, revealing my naked round ass to his gaze. I heard him moan deeply, and then his fingers kept moving upward, stroking my soft skin.

“I love this big, soft, round ass that you have left bare for me. Arch your back more, let me see this just how I like it.” I complied instantly, arching my back and shoving my ass out farther for his viewing pleasure. I used to be embarrassed about my weight and my size, but this man made me feel absolutely stunning. He was tall and fit, and unbelievably gorgeous, and somehow attracted to me and all my flaws. I could feel Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort his hands stroking me lovingly, trying to decide what to do next.

Crack! Down came his palm on my cheek, leaving a sting that burned. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning too loud, not wanting to distract him from what we both loved so much. Crack! Now on the other side, spreading the heat all over me now. I was throbbing with need for him and desperate to feel him inside me. After a few more sharp cracks that left my cheeks bright red, I felt his left hand come around to squeeze my breast again as his right hand started creeping down between my legs.

“Is this pussy wet for me?” he growled against the back of my neck. His hand reached down farther, moving forward towards my throbbing core. As soon as his fingers hit my inner thighs he could feel the wetness there, dripping down at an alarming rate. “I said, is this fucking pussy wet for me?”

“Yes Daddy! So wet for you!” I gasped, trying to grind back against him when I felt his fingers probing for entry against my soft, cleanly shaven flesh.

“Who’s fucking pussy is this? Who are you wet for? Who’s big cock do you want to fuck you?” I was delirious now, hearing these dark, forbidden words. So naughty, so right. Every time we played this out we both went crazy. He being my older and wiser Daddy, he would teach me all the ways to serve and please him. He was only ten years older than me, but for some reason we both took to this fantasy immediately.

“Oh God, yours Daddy! It’s all yours! I want your big cock inside me now, Daddy! Please!” I start bucking back against his hand as he begins circling my clit with his middle and forefinger and slowly inserting his thumb inside my pussy. I am going insane, feeling him touch me like this. Feeling his huge cock grinding against my hip as I shove myself back onto his fingers. I know what he wants before he even says it. He has my body so fine-tuned to his desires that all it takes is his voice, his deep command.

“Cum…now! Right now,” he orders, and my body jumps to please. I can feel my inner walls clamp down on him, my hips bucking and my screaming unstoppable. He allows me to ride this one out, shaking where I stand, using him for support as much as the counter top. As I come down I hear the distinct sound of a zipper, and my smile is beaming now. Some slight rustling of denim and then it was there…the Kurtköy Ucuz Escort big, broad tip of his glorious cock. Nudging at my entrance, toying with me. “Does my good little girl want this cock? Tell your Daddy…tell him you want this cock.” I decide to give him more of what he likes, the surest way to get him hot and bothered.

“Oh yesss…Daddy, please! I want you to put that big cock inside me. Do you think it will fit, Daddy? Are you sure that I can handle that?” I can hear his groan, torn from his soul as he grabs my hips and shoves it in. I can feel my inner walls stretching wide to accommodate him as he slides in up to the hilt. I love this feeling. This first initial thrust. No matter how we are doing it at the time: slow and sensual, fast and dirty, intimate and loving or just plain filthy kinky. Nothing beats the first thrust of his beautiful cock inside me. He withdraws slightly, teasingly, then slams it back in hard. I let him set the pace this time, just trying to keep up. I never know what is in store for me from one day to the next, but it is always guaranteed to be just what I need. Harder, faster, I can feel his hips piston into me from behind, setting a rough rhythm. I throw my head back and look at him over my shoulder. This is what I have always wanted. This is living. This is my Daddy. He knows just how to take care of me.

I can feel another orgasm coming on, surging up to take over my body. He slams into me harder, deeper, letting me feel every inch. Right when I think that this will be a solo flight, he lets out a sharp yell. He can feel my pussy clamping down on him, milking him, and he decides to give in to the need to spill his seed deep inside my body. I can feel a hot rush of liquid as he spurts out thick ropes of cum, and feeling this triggers another orgasm for me. I scream even louder, cumming hard around his spasming cock. He slumps against me, his hands landing next to mine on the counter. I feel him scatter light kisses on my shoulders and neck. I lean back and kiss him lightly on the mouth, loving and gentle once again.

“Erik?” I whisper lightly, my light green eyes looking into his soft blue.

“Mmm?” he grumbles, sated and at peace.

“What’s my birthday surprise?” I giggle, bringing us back to our earlier conversation.

“This was the surprise.” he states matter-of-factly.

“What do you mean? My birthday isn’t for a few more weeks.”

“Yeah, I know, but now you aren’t obsessing about it, and I got laid.” he chuckles, and I try to smack him playfully while he fights me off. Sometimes I just don’t know what I’m going to do with him.

“I love you Daddy,” I breathe against his lips when I finally catch him.

“I know, my sweet baby girl. I know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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