Dancing Horses

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The Snow Queen was angry. Very angry. Livid. She was not used to being betrayed. Even worse was the fact that her two most trusted servants were at the heart of it. Something would have to be done with sweet Meadow Nymph and proud Wood Witch. Something serious.

A year ago, both had begged Snow Queen for equestrian lessons. They cited personal development as the reason. Snow Queen thought it foolish but the girls were persuasive. It would give them more topics of conversation at parties and they would meet the nicest people. It would be good for the Queendom. Snow Queen finally relented and gave her permission.

Now she found out from her stable master that Meadow Nymph and Wood Witch have been methodically seducing every stable hand on Snow Queen’s vast holdings. Young, old, married, it mattered not to them. The girls would compete to see who got into each man’s breeches first. Once this game was over, they began to go for quantity. Maintenance of the stables was at an all time low due to exhaustion.

The Snow Queen was livid. Something had to be done. Something appropriate.

Snow Queen consulted with her wisest advisors. They were somewhat embarrassed about the situation and couldn’t offer any creative advice. Snow Queen began to wonder if they were also part of the game. She would have to investigate that later.

Snow Queen then fondly remembered various chance meetings with the Forest King and thought he might have some ideas for the girls. She arranged a secret meeting and discussed the situation. The Forest King had a plan at the ready. Snow Queen was surprised. “Does he spend every waking moment thinking about matters such as this?” she wondered. It mattered not. Preparations began.

Snow Queen called the girls into her bed chambers one evening after dinner. “How are your riding lessons going?” she asked.

“Oh, Mistress, they are going so well,” said Meadow Nymph.

“We are learning much and have met the nicest people,” Wood Witch said with a smirk.

Snow Queen set the stage. “I think it would be wonderful if you two could show the castle what you have learned. I think I shall organize a riding exhibition and you can be the star performers. How soon can you be ready?”

Wood Witch and Meadow Nymph gave each other a funny look. It would be quite awhile until they were ready since they hadn’t actually received any instruction on riding horses. They had ridden much, but not horses.

“Oh, my Queen, we would need costumes and fancy bridles. It may take weeks. We couldn’t possibly do it any sooner than that,” Wood Witch said nervously.

“Nonsense,” said the Snow Queen, “I can have my staff prepare all you need by this weekend. Simply tell the stable hands and the clothiers what you need and all will taken care of”.

Wood Witch and Meadow Nymph passed a worried look between them. “As you wish, my Queen,” said Meadow Nymph. They left the room and made plans for real riding lessons. And soon. They were afraid it may be difficult because the stable staff was now trained to serve them in other ways and might not believe they wanted to actually ride horses.

The castle was unusually busy for the next few days as bridles and costumes were readied. Unbeknownst to the girls, two sets of bridles were being prepared; one set per the specifications of the performers and one set per the specifications relayed from the Forest King. They were very different in design and intent.

On the day of the performance, Wood Witch and Meadow Nymph dressed in their new costumes. They had chosen designs that were very feminine and not well suited to equestrian activities. They thought that they would not be expected to perform complicated maneuvers if they were elaborately costumed but they would still look as if they had trained well for riding. Wood Witch felt out of place in lace and frills but Meadow Nymph seemed to relish the look.

Both had strict corsetry that contained and shaped their already shapely figures. Their bust lines where raised to where they almost overflowed their low cut bodices and their cleavage was dramatic. Wood Witch, the more well endowed of the two, was worried that the prancing of the horses would cause her to bounce completely out of the garment.

Long full skirts fell from their nipped waists. Voluminous petticoats gave the skirts shape and peeked out saucily from under the hemline. Riding side saddle would cause the skirts and petticoats to gracefully bounce and flutter in the wind, hopefully distracting onlookers from noticing any unpolished riding skills.

Both girls had special boots designed for the event, again in hopes of disguising any poor riding technique. The boots had an elaborately high heel and laced securely up to their knees. The high heels matched special loops in the new saddles that would hold them securely in the saddle during fancy turns and when the horses pranced.

As they made their way to the stables, Meadow Nymph seemed to enjoy the surreptitious glances of the castle staff, grounds keepers and stable attendants. Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort The corset gave her a more womanly shape than normal and the high heels caused her to walk with a sexy sway.

Wood Witch seemed a little put off by the attention and cast withering glances at any of the staff she caught looking at her. She noticed some curious whispering among the staff and wondered why they seemed in such a mood of anticipation.

When they arrived at the stables, the old stable master told them their horses were waiting in the stalls at the far end. He pointed out the castle guards that would help them get mounted and would lead them out to the riding arena.

“Why are aren’t our regular stable boys here to help us?” queried Wood Witch.

“They have been given the day off to enjoy the performance,” said the stable master with a strange leer.

Wood Witch and Meadow Nymph walked down to the end of the stable and were made nervous by the stares of the guards at the far end. As they neared the stalls, the guards leaped to attention and the Head Guard bade them hello.

“Good afternoon, ladies. Are you ready for your performance?”

“Yes,” Wood Witch replied curtly. “Help us mount the horses and be on your way!”

“As you command, M’lady.”

Two burly guards were standing by each horse, just to the rear of the saddles. Wood Witch and Meadow Nymph went to their horses and stood haughtily facing away from the guards, waiting to be assisted. On the command of the Head Guard, strong hands grabbed each girl’s wrists and pulled them behind their backs. Each felt the bite of a leather strap as it encircled their captive wrists and was cinched down tightly

“What is the meaning of this?” demanded Wood Witch in her most authoritative tone. “Release us immediately!”

Meadow Nymph looked at Wood Witch in wide eyed fear. “What is happening to us?”

The guard replied, “Silence! We are acting under direct orders of the Snow Queen. You will remain silent or we will silence your brazen mouths for you!” They remained silent.

“Remove their garments,” commanded the Head Guard.

Since both girl’s hands were bound behind their backs, their bodices would not come off as they were designed to. The guards ignored this detail and simply tore them off, roughly exposing the upper part of their corsets and their nicely displayed breasts.

Wood Witch could not remain silent. “I demand you release us IMMEDIATELY,” she screeched. “You have no right to treat us this way!”

As if expecting this, the head guard motioned to two of the guards. “The bridles!”

Two complex leather harnesses were taken from hooks on the walls. It was obvious from the appearance that they weren’t meant for horses. As the two guards approached the girls with the sinister assemblies, the other guards cradled each of the girl’s jaws with a free hand and squeezed their cheeks against their teeth. To avoid the sharp pain, each girl was forced to open her mouth.

Each bridle had a thick rubber bit that was forced into the waiting openings. Straps from the bit were pulled around their heads and buckled tightly, forcing their mouths wide open and efficiently removing their power of speech. Both girls moaned with the unaccustomed strain on their jaw muscles.

The harnesses had many other straps, each cunningly designed to secure the bit in place, further hamper the wearer’s senses and increase their feeling of helplessness. One pair of straps went down from the bit and was buckled under the chin. Another went up from the bit and was buckled over the top of the head. Another fit below the nose and fastened behind the head. Smaller straps ran from this piece, up along the nose where they met in an O-ring at the forehead. A strap connected the O-ring to head strap, then ran down in back to the bit buckle. Once all the straps were adjusted, each girl felt as a pony must feel when it is first harnessed.

Blinders were slipped on the head strap so that the girls could not see to the side. This, combined with the straps along their noses, gave them a very limited field of vision. Pads on the blinders extended back to cover their ears and muffled any sounds they could hear. Having their sense of sight and sound diminished increased their feeling of vulnerability.

As a final touch, reins were attached to short handles on the bits. Each bit was flat and oblong inside, and if the reins were pulled up or down, the bit would press uncomfortably against their tongues and force them to move their heads up or down to relieve the pressure.

Wood Witch and Meadow Nymph could see each other being outfitted with their bridles. Both were very worried and began to wonder about the subterfuge of the “show”. Exactly what was going to happen? Their only possible communication was by looks and the bridles barely allowed even simple eye gestures.

The guards next removed their skirts and petticoats. These were simply unbuttoned and allowed to drop to the girls ankles. As their garments Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort fell away, each made futile efforts at modesty, first trying to grab the falling material with their bound hands and then trying to move their hands in front of them. Neither attempt was successful.

They now stood before the guards in only their corsets and boots. Neither had seen the necessity of other undergarments due to the full petticoats. Even though both had seduced many men and had used their naked charms to melt the most steadfast resolve, they felt helpless and vulnerable in their current state. To be exposed, bound and harnessed like ponies was a humiliation neither had ever imagined.

Their alternate costumes where not yet complete, however. The guards next brought out thick leather collars that were locked around their delicate necks. The collars were of such a height that each girl had to hold her head up and look straight ahead. The collars had rings at each side to which the guards fastened long chains. The girls were lead out of the stalls to the middle of the stable where the collar chains were fastened to posts flanking either side of the aisle, forcing them to stand exposed to the guards. Each faced the other, to better view the process and to know what they themselves looked like.

The guards brought out two pairs of leather straps. Each pair was tightly fastened around the girl’s chests just above and just below their breasts and encircling their arms. As the straps were tightened, their arms were securely clamped behind their backs, preventing even the pretense of using them for protection from leering stares. As a side effect, the upper straps pressed down on the tops of their breasts, causing them to bulge ominously and almost pop out of their corsets. Each felt that any movement at all would cause their nipples to be exposed to the guards.

The final piece of their costume was heavy leather cuffs that were fastened around their ankles. The cuffs had rings on both sides that could be used for attachment points.

The guards stood back and admired their handy work. There was lust in their hearts, but they knew the penalty for lust in the Snow Queen’s castle and did not want to join in the punishment.

“It’s show time,” the Head Guard announced.

The neck chains were unfastened from the posts and the free ends reconnected to the girl’s ankle cuffs. With each guard holding one of the chains, the girls were perfectly controlled. If they weren’t well behaved, their feet could be pulled out from under them or they could be helplessly bent over with their heads pulled down toward the ground. Neither girl tried to get away. The Head Guard gathered up the reins connected to their bits and lead the procession out of the stable.

At the rear of the stable, the Head Guard threw open the heavy doors. A loud cheer went up and the girls were astounded by the huge crowd that was gathered. It was clear the entire castle staff was aware of their impending performance and no one wanted to miss it. The Snow Queen was front and center, surrounded by attendants. There were two seats empty on either side of her — the girls would normally have sat next to their queen and it was obvious the queen wanted to make them well aware of her ire by the empty positions.

The girls humiliation was complete as they were lead by their reins out into the sunlight. They could not walk gracefully in their new costumes. With their high heeled boots, with their heads head rigid by the collars and harnesses, with their arms straining behind their backs and being tugged by the chains connecting their collars and ankles, they stumbled and lurched toward the crowd. They were well aware of the magnificent display their bulging and jiggling breasts presented to the crowd. There was much pointing and cheering and laughing and leering as the hapless wenches were brought forward.

The crowd was assembled in front of a low wooden stage that had been built just for this performance. It was about the size of a theater stage and was bare except for two unusual appliances in the center. Each looked like a large perch that a huge bird might settle on, T-shaped and very solid. One was taller than the other.

The girls were lead onto the stage and were stopped next to the perches. The girls noticed rings in the floor next to the perches but could not discern their purpose. As the girls stood there helpless and humiliated, the guards went through a presentation ceremony with much marching around, foot stomping and bowing to the Queen. A small speech was made by the Head Guard, but the girls could not hear it well because of the ear coverings.

“Your Majesty, Lords, Ladies and castle staff, I bid you welcome to an extraordinary equestrian event. Her Highness Show Queen has commanded her trusted attendants to perform feats of daring on their mighty steeds. Alas, the maidens Wood Witch and Meadow Nymph squandered their training time on other pursuits and are unable to properly command Her Majesty’s stallions. Kurtköy İranlı Escort But perform they must and will now demonstrate the other abilities they so cheerfully learned. With Your Majesty’s permission”. The Head Guard bowed deeply to the Snow Queen.

The Queen acknowledged the guard’s performance and bid them to carry on with a wave of her hand.

The Head Guard ordered loudly, “Officers of the Guard, help the ladies mount the Dancing Horses.”

The crowd buzzed loudly at the mention of the Dancing Horses and some pointed lewdly at the captive performers.

The guards returned to the girls and led each one to a perch. With tugs on their chains, the girls were forced to straddle the perches, Meadow Nymph on the shorter perch, Wood Witch on the taller. The perches were obviously made to order as the girls had to stand on tiptoes in their high heeled boots to prevent the perch from invading their most private areas. As they were maneuvered over the perches, the girls noticed they were padded with what appeared to be leather. They also noticed that they were beginning to secrete an embarrassing lubrication from their nether regions.

Standing on tiptoes was a strain, so each girl tentatively tried out the padded surface of the perch and found it was not that uncomfortable. They were strangely sensitive down there, however, and had to be careful to not move around too much.

To the girls embarrassment, the crowd began to offer shouted suggestions to the guards regarding other methods of mounting the horses. Although the guards ignored the crowd, some of the suggestions frightened the captives. Wood Witch, being the more daring of the pair, also found some of the suggestions somewhat titillating.

The Head Guard shouted for the unruly crowd to be still and ordered his troops to finish the preparations. “Officers of the Guard, adjust the stirrups.”

The two performers heard this and were puzzled. They saw no stirrups on the wooden horses they now commanded. As best they could, the tried to look around them to locate the stirrups. They were to quickly learn that the stirrups were merely a clever euphemism for securing them to their mounts.

The guards put an end to the exploration of their predicament by disconnecting the chains from their collars, pulling their ankles further apart and chaining them in a spread position to the rings on the stage. Each girl now found herself firmly planted on the perch even when she stood on tiptoes, which was almost impossible with their feet well separated.

With little else to do, the girls accepted their center stage position with resignation and tried to hold as still as possible to prevent any unwanted stimulation. The crowd was enjoying the show immensely, pointing at the once proud attendants and laughing uproariously. Since the girls could do little but look straight ahead, they didn’t notice that the rest of the performance was about to begin.

With the show properly staged, the guards completed their pomp and circumstance, as guards are wont to do. There was no point in getting dressed up in formal guard uniforms if you couldn’t march around and do a few formations.

As the Head Guard shouted military sounding instructions, the guards marched and stomped around the stage. Since marching is typically done in close unison, their heavy footsteps caused the stage to vibrate rhythmically, much to the featured performers misgivings. They discovered that the vibrations were transmitted rather directly by the wooden perches into their sensitive lower regions. Neither girl felt this was a good time to get aroused, but found themselves unable to resist. As the guards right-faced and left-faced around them, Wood Witch and Meadow Nymph began to squirm.

The ceremony was almost over. The Head Guard gave a few final formation orders with the grand finale having the guards marching in from all directions towards center stage. Just before a massive collision between the guards and the girls occurred, the Head Guard bellowed out “HALT!”

Six pairs of feet came to a sudden, crashing stop. The resulting boom from the stage seemed to lift the perches into the air. At least it looked like the girls were lifted a few inches into the air amid rather dramatic moans and writhing. Both were breathing very hard. More than a few members of the audience seemed to remember similar reactions from the girls in other times and more intimate locations.

As the guards softly marched off the stage, the performers looked like they wanted more of the ceremony. It was as if the ceremony didn’t quite do enough for them. They would soon have their wish and more.

With great fanfare, the Forest King appeared at the side of the stage. He was exceedingly handsome and was dressed all in leather. His boots were gleaming black and had large, heavy heels. As trumpets blared, he leaped to the stage, landing with a loud crash. The resulting vibrations traveled across the stage and up the perches.

The Forest King has been very clever in his preparations. The stage was carefully designed to have several points that were tightly coupled to the area where the girls were fastened. Any action in those points of the stage were felt by the Dancing Horse riders as if they were right there. And the place where he landed was one of those locations.

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