Danny’s Navy Cake

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Once I would have pushed his hand away but now? Well a lot of water has passed under the bridge since that first day I spent with Danny and certainly I am a much different human being, having discovered the real me, which is mainly thanks to Danny’s persuasion and deep compassion.

He helped me to realise and understand something which had secretly been hidden for some time, something of which I was ridiculously ashamed of – all those things I did with myself in experimentation, to gratify the most innermost feelings I realised when I reached puberty, when my hormones were going mad, but when I realised I was not like most others of my sex, them liking girls and such, me fancying boys.

But I kept it all dark, because I didn’t realise there were others of my leaning, but of course there must have been and they were probably like me, very shy and very ashamed of what they were thinking and doing was wrong. And myself, having come from a Catholic family – if my parents ever knew it would have been a disaster.

I managed to keep all my secrets to myself altho0ugh carelessly once or twice I was almost caught by my mother, who coming into the bedroom without knocking, almost caught me experimenting per anal with a bulbous screwdriver handle – just in time I managed to flick the duvet over me, only the mirror was in an ominous position but I managed to explain that by telling mum I had it down there on the floor against the chest of drawers because I was cutting my toe nails.

Although she did catch me once masturbating and was I embarrassed! After that she always knocked before she came into my bedroom,. I suspect realising that her little boy had grown up in more ways than one, but she never said a word about it, she simply smiled and departed quickly closing the door.. But back to Danny, the guy I love and the guy I sleep with, I was ready as always for his need of me. It was good and wonderful the way he always pampered me before he had me. And that first time I slept with him, with another guy completely nude was really gorgeous, the thrill and excitement of feeling and touching in the night, the smell of him, the taste of him, all so very wonderful and meaningful.

I vouch now that without love, the sexual experience cannot truly last like it has with us, for a whole year at least, and we never tire of being with each other in the most full and intimate way.

At first some of the things he wanted, and some of the things he wanted me to do seemed repellent to me, like for instance he loved to gag me with his worn briefs when he fucked me. And yet, under the spell of lust and all Danny had done in such a very gentle and unrushed way, made it all seem good and right and beautiful.

I Ankara escort have many times thought of that, of how when being under the spell of lust and love with the one you want so very much, how all you inhibitions go which makes it so wonderful and special to use all those dirty words you’d never use ordinarily, well I wouldn’t anyway, and then the things you do, which become bog standard when you are making it together in the most intimate way, all the sucking, the poking, tying up, and all the oral sex you could wish for, having his cock and balls smother you, which with Danny I love and I know he loves me doing, he stretching my ass cheeks so wide apart as he does his thing with mouth and tongue between, giving me so many beautiful vibrations.

“Shall we spend the evening listening to romantic music?” Danny asked as he started to squeeze me there though my jeans. “It’s been a fuck of a day and just to be with you this evening, just you and me before we slumber will be heaven. You are perfection Babe – you are the one I love so much.” I had no need to reply, he could see in my eyes I was a willing horse, he always told me that, me teasing that I am no horse – his answer to that? “well you certainly have the gallop, babe when you have the bit in your mouth!”

And what he was meaning was when he liked to strap me in harness, something else I have learned to adapt to, to meet with his liking, but something I do enjoy sop very much. It is like Danny has many sexual moods and wants, so it is never boring, not as though it could be anyway, he was never predictable, but he knew I would always aspire to his wants, I loved and cherished him so much. But for now I enjoyed his gentle touch, the way he unzipped me as he continued to feel and explore like it was the first time.

“Babe you smell divine,” he said – then he always liked to compliment the way I smelt, like I was a favourite fruit, I told him that and you know what he replied? “You are always fruity in my eyes” and then he went on to give me the most wonderful cock sucking you could imagine, and no half measures, he’d want me just to chill, lay back and enjoy and of course I did, every moment, it was divine, to feel his mouth explore me everywhere down there as he slowly stripped me bare, all the time his tongue teasing the balls off me, then tracking up, stretching my ass cheeks apart, the gentle sniffing again as I felt his tongue start to wet and rim me there, always a delight to behold.

If I moved to touch him, feeling a little selfish in letting him do all the work, he said to wait, there was plenty of time for that, but for now he wanted to enjoy the flavour of me. It was nothing unusual for Danny to partake in taking a banana Ankara escort bayan or a few grapes from the fruit bowl as he enjoyed me between, taking a bite of his banana then of me, not literally of course but you know what I mean, it was thrilling to watch him mush both a banana and my pulsing appendage into his mouth, munching them all together then sucking me again, and how wonderful that was.

And when he used the squirty cream that was a real thriller, his mouth treating my cock and balls to a wonderful extravaganza supreme. And to feel his tongue entering me there was so stunning.

This is what I mean about him always being unpredictable, and you know something? It was nice and all part of our scene, both Danny and me. He loved to enjoy me down there in so many different ways, beneath me so my everything straddled his face, he simply adored that, his hands gently gripping my hips and manoeuvring me to his wants.

It all gave me a real sense of belonging, of being wanted lock stock and barrel, and then all the love he showed me, his kisses so warm and so deep after he’d made me cum so strong, I couldn’t hold back it was so wonderful, even though sometimes he applied a ring he’d bought from Ann Summers, along with the other things he’d bought there with which to experiment, the ver6y kinky briefs and tights and especially the jock strap, I loved him in that, he looking so very masculine end good, the way he stood there with it on, his bulge doing everything for me, soon I was in a world of my own sampling the goods as he liked to put it, I loved the flavour him, the pungent smell of hard throbbing prick ( as he loved me to call it) the touch and the swell as I took him into my mouth, feeling it grow so divinely and teasing back the foreskin with my tongue as with tight fingers I massaged it firm and hard, the way he liked it, the way his moans said he wanted it, his prick standing out so strong with that wonderful jerking movement he loved to tease me with, so much so I craved for his rough fuck inside me again, to feel the length of that so wonderful prick fuck the ass off me.

But before that he’d like a lot more generating as he put it, when I discovered his spanking kink it nearly put me off, how could he want to hurt me if he loved me so much and wanted for out togetherness to be lovely and thrilling.

But of course I relented, he really showed me that it could be a very integral part of our sexual relationship, I felt like a naughty boy bending over my Dad’s lap to receive that hurtful spanking I remembered from my boyhood when I broke a window with my football.

But it wasn’t like that at all, Danny’s gradual slapping, the nudging, his sweet licking and stroking Escort Ankara made it all so good and wonderfully stimulating, that when he did start to slap me with his open hand , he did it gently, gradually building up, and with the application of coconut oil with which he liked to massage it with, and once the initial sting was over, I’d feel a sort of wonderful pleasurable numbness set in, which made it all the more sensual , and most important, Danny loved it so much, telling me to say to stop if it was too much, but I never did, taking the pain with the pleasure, the pleasure always made it worthwhile and there I was, as I wanted to be for dear Danny, all ass for him, and looking forward to his quality fuck which would inevitably follow with such wonderful zest and depth, it was all I ever want.

Come the finish of the spanking, something sin jeans, other ties in my tight briefs or shorts, sometimes bare, he’d apply a final massage to ensure no bruising would develop, then I felt the wonderful sensation of his mouth and tongue lick me all over, his fingers entering me there with lots of lubrication, getting it ready for the good things to come, when I’d feel the best of his love could offer, that so well formed part of Danny I loved so much to be fucked by, the feeling of it sliding up inside as he heartily fucked me moving my ass in a rhythm for the best effect, his wonderful fuck inside me giving me all the most wonderful comfort I could ever desire.

The fuck ended with his inevitable shout of my name, and I felt the last passive thrust as he came so strong fully wedged inside my wanting ass.

It was always like that, and the gag in my mouth loosened I knew it was ended, the taste of him, the scent of him in my throat and his fuck, even although he had finished, felt like it was inside me. In fact that’s how it always was with Danny, and for the next day my whole being felt still submerged with his being, the numbness inside and in my ass was wonderfully soothing, it was like I belonged to Danny and no one else, and his demanding of me, which became ever more apparent, was perfect, in my eyes.

After that we’d sleep so wonderfully warm and holding each other, and then in the morning, he’d wake me with his mouth already wrapping my cock which he’d made erect in my sleep. What a wonderful awakening that was, and invariably, before he went to work, he’d want his ‘morning dose of pure unadulterated cock as he put it, he was very posh speaking which I adored, I felt I was being fucked by a Lord no less..

And always he took me the whole way, he wanted that ; his ‘pre-breakfast treat’ he ensued and he really did love to swallow what he called my love cream. Then he’d make me laugh because he was talking about how he fancied some snap, pop and crackle for breakfast

Well that’s how it is withy Danny. No wonder I love him to bits, and he loves all mine not to mention what he has lately taken to calling it his navy cake!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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