Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 09

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The following morning Abby chose to milk the cow, thereby giving the girls time to chat with Alec. He was finished with breakfast and was sitting in an arm chair in front of the fireplace, wearing his shirt and trousers and smoking his pipe. June and Rose approached him from behind, and each one slid an arm around his neck and kissed his roughly whiskered cheeks. He suspected what they were up to, thanks to an early warning from his beautiful Abby.

“Yes, ladies. What can I do for you?” He asked in a low voice. They giggled softly in his ears, then each took a seat on a muscular thigh and fluffed their skirts while he gathered them in his arms.

“How’s our handsome man this morning?” Rose asked with a happy smile, and ruffled his long, wavy hair.

“I’m well. How can I not be with such a pair of beauties on my knee?” he teased.

“We have a question for you, kind sir. Would you mind terribly?”

“Of course not. I’m here to serve, milady,” he answered with a careful expression.

“Your women are asking if you’ll be with us a final time before we head north. We know not what the future brings and we’d love to have you again, please,” Rose asked while looking deep in his eyes with all the sincerity she could muster.

She’d caught him a bit off guard. “My women? Do you consider yourselves my women?”

“Yes we do, dear Alec. A part of us will always belong to you. We’ve both grown to love you more than you know.”

He looked at June and she nodded in agreement while hot tears gathered in her eyes.

“It’s true, sweetheart. We both have strong feelings for you. You’re an amazing man and we love you deeply,” June managed through a tight throat.

“What about George and William? Aren’t you afraid of hurting them? I want you both to realize that if we’re fortunate enough to find them I’m going to tell them of our relationship. It’s something I must do if they’re ever going to trust me, and I need their trust because I intend to make Abby mine forever.”

“Oh, Alec!” Rose let out a little sob. “Abby is so lucky to have you, and you’re such a lovely couple. I hope we don’t ask too much of you.”

June hugged him close and wept on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, dear. We’ve asked you to take the place of our men and it’s not fair to you. We’ve endured so much and we just need to be close to you as long as possible. You’re the rock we cling to in these hard times, I hope you understand.”

By now he felt warm tears soaking through his shirt from both women and he felt his heart melt with love for them, a different love than he felt for Abby, but love nonetheless. He kissed them both in turn and ran his fingers through their long hair while they sniffled in the hollows of his shoulders. He drew a deep breath and sighed to himself. It was no chore to service the ladies, that was for sure, but the possible upcoming confrontation with their lovers worried him to no end, however the private words Abby had spoken to him gave him some solace and he made his decision.

“I’m yours, my sweethearts. I’ll love, protect, and take care of you both until we meet your men. Then the future of our relationships will be determined by George and William, fair enough?”

“Oh yes, thank you, Alec! You truly are a wonderful and understanding man,” Rose said tenderly and kissed him softly on the lips.


“Yes, Master. Fair enough.”

He stiffened a bit at her words. “I’m not and never will be master to you, June, regardless of your race,” he said sternly.

The beautiful quadroon maid looked up him with a subservient but determined expression. “You may not like it, but you’ll always be a master to me. You enslaved me when you first took me like a beast. I’ll never forget that for all my days. I feel the same way about George as well. You’re both my masters and Abby is my mistress.”

He shook his head in wonder as he’d never imagined her saying such a thing. “Well, please don’t call me that in public. I’ll not have it. You may call me master when we’re intimate or with Rose and Abby around if it pleases you.”

“Thank you, Master,” she giggled and kissed him soundly.

He noticed both ladies had perked up and were sporting little smiles of joy. He heard a little devil whisper in his ear and decided to listen.

“If you ladies wish to ravish me, it’ll cost you something,” he stated solemnly.

“Anything you desire, sweetheart,” Rose said with a sly wink.

“Today will be washing day. I’ll haul all the water you need to bathe and groom yourselves. I’m going to partake in some whiskey and watch you vixens wash and shave each other, then you’ll do the same to me and Abby, and then after lunch I’ll make an afternoon of satisfying you ladies to the best of my abilities, deal?”

“Deal!” they said together, then laughed happily and shook his hand to seal the bargain. He jerked in surprise when Abby’s slender arms slid around his neck from behind.

“It’s a deal, handsome. Come with me and we’ll start fetching water,” she whispered in his ear, then kissed his cheek soundly.

Alec ankara escort bayan lay back naked on the bed propped up with all the pillows and sipped his drink while thoroughly enjoying the show his women put on for his benefit. They gave him hot glances occasionally, especially when he was stroking his cock lightly in a big fist while he watched them groom each other.

When it was his turn, they replaced the water in the washtub and tackled him with soapy rags and giggles of excitement. When he was squeaky clean, June stood him up and lathered his cock and balls, then carefully shaved his shaft to the thick root and scraped the hair from his dangling scrotum. He held his breath when she lifted his heavy sack and razored the hair beneath them with a soft touch, her little tongue was caught between her teeth in concentration all the while.

When she was finished, he let out a sigh of relief and she giggled happily while rinsing him off. She caught him in her small hand and licked a drop of pre-cum from his dripping cock head while he groaned in pleasure.

The girls donned his extra shirts and paraded sexily around the cabin as they made lunch. He kept his hands full of hot female flesh every time one of them got within his long reach, caressing partially exposed breasts and trim ass cheeks whenever they presented themselves.

They allowed him only a towel to wrap himself in and they returned his favors, running their warm hands through the hair on his chest or caressing his thighs and strong biceps whenever he was close by. By the time they’d finished their lunch, passion was burning in all four of them, particularly in Abby. The knowledge that the gorgeous hunk of manhood sitting before them belonged to her was having a major effect on her.

She seated him in a wooden chair and tugged his towel open, then she straddled his legs and sank down on his lap. He tugged her shirt apart, then she pressed her firm tits against his thickly muscled chest and kissed him deeply. He slid his big hands down to cup her ass cheeks and caressed them gently while she moaned her approval.

Rose knelt between his knees and caught his semi-hard cock in a small hand and stuffed him in her mouth without preamble. She was aching for him due to the slow sexy buildup during the day and was running thin on patience. Abby rose to her feet and gave him her breasts to feast on. He languidly suckled her hard nipples, back and forth until she was whining in anticipation of taking him inside her.

His fingers dug between her buttocks to find her soaking wet pussy and he gently peeled it open to allow a questing finger inside. She crooned in his ear and writhed her hips atop him, searching vainly for the cock that was still ensconced in Rose’s sucking mouth.

Meanwhile, June was making due with watching the threesome and using a small cucumber to fuck herself with. Little sighs of pleasure broke from her pursed lips when she saw Rose pull off of Alec and point his cock at Abby’s dripping center. Abby slowly and exquisitely impaled herself, moaning as he split her open with his swollen cock head. Her head fell back and she rose and fell in a gentle rhythm, taking him a touch deeper with each grind of her slim hips until she was taking half of his intimidating length.

Her swollen clit found a rigid abdominal on the plank of his belly and she ground herself back and forth for long minutes on it until she felt a sensational orgasm arrive. He’d been doing fine controlling himself because he wanted her to reach satisfaction first, but when Rose caught his balls in her hot mouth, licking and suckling them gently, he helplessly lost himself.

He gripped Abby’s waist and followed her movements, trying not to ram deep and plunder her, but rather let her find her own pleasure. Instead, he found a hard nipple atop a firm breast and sucked it in his own mouth, teasing her as best he knew how until she lost herself in orgasm. She cried out in pure pleasure as the tidal wave washed over her and the contractions of her tight pussy dragged him with her and he released himself deep inside her.

Rose exclaimed in joy when she felt his balls spasm and jerk in her mouth while he growled out his pleasure above her. Abby felt every vein and tendon in his mighty shaft as he poured himself inside her clenching walls while she continued rocking her stiff clit on his rock hard belly. She barely heard June cry out in her own orgasm as her cucumber and whirling fingers joined together to bring her to her crest as she watched the rutting pair.

Slowly Abby’s head fell to his shoulder and she relaxed on top of him.

“Thank you, lover. You feel so damn good inside me I can hardly explain it,” she crooned in his ear. He held her close and petted her back and shoulders while she purred in his arms. She reached down between them to find the exposed half of his cock and caught it in her hand.

“Mmmm, such a mighty weapon you’ve got there, big man. Thanks for not killing me with it,” she giggled. “I could tell you wanted to, ankara bayan escort but you were holding back for me. You’re such a sweetheart.” She kissed him and sucked his tongue until she stole his breath away. He could feel himself softening and begin to slip out of her tightness, then stiffened in surprise as Rose’s clever tongue slid out and licked the ring of cream encircling his shaft.

“Oof, shit fire woman!” he moaned as Abby twisted about to see what was happening.

“Rose, you little tramp. What’re you doing to my man?” she teased.

“I can’t help it. You two are so delicious I just need to have a taste!”

Abby shook her head in amazement at her friends antics, but played along with her by rising up completely off of Alec, allowing thick cum to pour out of her pussy to course down his head and shaft to meet Rose’s pink tongue. Her eyebrows raised in surprise as Rose licked and slurped up every drop of their combined juices, humming in pleasure as she rolled them in her mouth, savoring the taste of the the two lovers.

Abby looked over at June to see an almost pleading look in her eyes and she nodded slightly, then rose completely off of Alec and moved aside to give June some room. She almost ran to him and copying Abby, slid astride his thighs to straddle him, but with her back to his brawny chest so she could look down between her thighs at Rose servicing his depleted cock. He reached around to cup her breasts and she sighed with pleasure as he pinched and rolled her nipples in his strong fingers.

Rose gestured Abby to join her between Alec’s legs and offered her his cock when she settled down beside her. Abby eagerly took him in her mouth and moaned at the taste and texture of his swollen, dripping head. June gasped when Rose parted her pink pussy with two fingers and leaned in to sample her sweetness. Her tongue flickered lightly over June’s wet pussy until she was panting and writhing her hips, seeking more friction on her stiff clit.

Abby pulled off of Alec to gain her breath and watch Rose please her lover with her talented tongue. June reached down to grasp Alec and nudged him into her soaking wet center, moaning when his thick head rolled over her sensitive clit time and again.

Rose took the opportunity to please them both, and began licking his cock and her clit as they rubbed together. Abby was aghast at the sight taking place just inches from her wide eyes. Alec and June both were making happy sounds of pleasure as Rose switched back and forth between them, driving them crazy with her wet mouth.

Finally, June ran out of patience and put a hand down to guide him inside her.

Abby loved how she groaned when his thick head split her open and she slowly lowered herself on his mighty shaft. She took just over half his length and came to a halt when he struck bottom. She shuddered and groaned in painful pleasure, then worked her hips in a careful circle, enjoying how he felt buried deep inside her.

“Rose, please,” she begged in a voice ragged with lust. Rose leaned in again and softly licked their joining, running her tongue up his shaft to linger around June’s clit, then retreat only to do it again. June began a slow, languid fuck, rising and falling gently while Alec continued fondling her breasts and hardened nipples. His massive cock and Rose’s tongue brought her to orgasm in just a handful of minutes and she cried out in passion. She began to rapidly flog her hips on him and he also felt a second orgasm rising within him. He valiantly held himself back until June slowed her movements and panted for breath as she recovered, leaning back against his chest in sated satisfaction.

The last contractions of her tight pussy tipped him over the edge and groaning out, he helplessly thrust up in her, seeking the final sensation he so desperately needed.

Abby saw and heard his predicament and pushed June up slightly to tug his cock free of her. When he sprang out with a rush of juices, she bravely clamped him in her mouth and sucked him hard while running her tongue over the bottom of his swollen head repeatedly until he cried out and unloaded thick wads of hot cum down her throat. She moaned in pleasure when she felt him pulsing in her mouth again and again until cum was dripping down her chin in thick streams. He gently grasped her head in his hands and worked himself as deep as she could take him and shuddered in his final spasms.

She was almost to come like she had before, just from the joy of taking him in her mouth and sucking the life from him. Rose stood and leaned into June, kissing her deeply as she leaned back in Alec’s warm embrace. The two women pushed their breasts together and traded hot kisses while Alec filled his hands with their hot bodies, stroking and teasing to his hearts content.

Eventually, Alec needed to move from the hard wooden seat and gently pushed the girls away so he could stand up. June stood on her tiptoes and tugged him down for a kiss.

“Thank you, Master. You felt so good inside me, maybe I can sincan escort bayanlar repay you later,” she teased. He squeezed her ass and gave her a sexy wink of acknowledgment before turning to Abby.

“Come, lover,” he growled, and whisked her to the bed. He laid on his back and pulled her up over him to straddle his face, then tugged her hips lower so he could bury his tongue in her sweet pussy. She moaned with pleasure when she felt his long tongue dig deep inside her to taste her juices. He looked up past her flat tummy to meet her beautiful blue eyes and she melted into his seeking mouth. She cradled his head in her small hands and tugged his face tighter into the fork of her thighs, sighing in sweet delight as her man skillfully serviced her soaking wet pussy.

He felt warm hands on his knees and he spread his legs as wide as the bed would allow. Both June and Rose lay on their bellies between his thighs and began sharing his cock and balls between themselves. A wet tongue licked up under his balls to coat his taint in saliva while another wrapped around his cock head, urging him back to a full erection much faster than he’d thought possible.

For long minutes he sucked and licked Abby’s pussy until she had two more exquisite orgasms that curled her toes and left her panting for breath above him. Finally, with shaking knees she dismounted him and curled up next to his side. She glanced lazily down at her girlfriends who were doing their best to get Alec hard and ready. Abby’s hands trailed through the damp hair on his chest to trace his rigid abdominals and the v-shaped muscles on each hip that pointed the way down to his magnificent cock.

By now, Rose was almost beside herself with lust. Watching her two girlfriends get fucked by Alec had a massive effect on her and she was wetter than she’d ever been before. Her thighs were slick with pussy juice and she was unconsciously rubbing them together in a vain attempt to generate friction on her swollen clit. She was actually whining in frustration while she deep throated Alec’s cock as far as she could without gagging herself.

“I’m ready for you, is that ok?” she asked looking up through her sweat dampened hair at him.

“Of course, sweetheart. Where would you like me?” he asked in a low growl.

“Behind me, please.” She stood up and walked to the table, then bent over and rested her palms on it’s surface, spreading her legs and raising to her tiptoes, offering herself to be taken. “Be gentle at first until I get used to you, please,” she told him as he approached her from behind.

Her dripping slit beckoned him like a magnet and he slid between her outstretched legs, wedging himself in her slickness. She groaned in pleasure as he slowly but steadily drove himself inside her until he hit bottom. She cried out when he pushed into her cervix, jerking away from him slightly at the pain.

“Mmm, so big, so deep,” she moaned between panting breaths.

Reaching down between her legs she caught his exposed shaft in a small hand, exclaiming in surprise to discover that he still had a good five inches of cock awaiting entry at her command. She pushed back into him gently.

“Nice and slow, take your time for a little while.”

He obeyed her and began delivering shallow strokes, changing the angle every few times to work every inch of her tight tunnel open. Abby and June knelt on both sides of him and Abby ran her hands up his muscular thighs to caress and squeeze his ass cheeks as they clenched then relaxed with every stroke he delivered to Rose. He hissed in pleasure when June joined her and their clever little fingers wandered in between his buttocks to tease his deep cleft and cup his tight scrotum.

June’s other hand slid up to find Rose’s clit and her slender fingers began whirling on it lightly, then sped up when Rose’s moans grew into cries signaling an impending orgasm. Alec kept up his steady pace as Rose came apart on his thrusting cock, whining and crying in ecstasy. He reached down and spread her ass cheeks apart with his big hands and watched his thick shaft disappear and reappear as he plowed her steadily towards another orgasm.

Just as she asked, he didn’t go any deeper or speed up his pace, and in another minute or two she was heading for an even bigger orgasm than her first. Again, he plowed through it, ignoring her cries of passion as he concentrated on delivering a stellar performance for his women. He knew Abby liked watching him fuck and he was determined to give her a show.

Rose was now running out of steam and she lay panting with her breasts flat on the table top as he continued drilling into her from behind. Three or four minutes went by and he watched as her fingers slowly dug into the wood and she began grunting and pushing back into him, taking him a little deeper than before and he felt her grinding her cervix into his cock head with every stroke.

Abby started breathing hard and he looked down to see her using two fingers to fuck herself while she continued caressing him with her other hand. Her beautiful blue eyes were locked on his glistening shaft as it drove inside Rose’s soaked pussy time and again. Rose turned her head to look up and back at him and he was stunned at her expression. Her sultry eyes locked on his and she almost hissed at him like a she-cat.

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