Deep Secrets

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Hey people I was so tired of reading stuff that wasn’t mine. Can’t wait to hear if you guys think I have what it takes to continue this story. I don’t know where it’s going I just started writing and every minute of it felt great. Really great.

“HELL YES!!” I thought.

It was my typical Saturday night/early Sunday morning again. I was a little tipsy and tired as hell from a night of partying and dancing with friends in what I called my “dancing shoes”. A term I use loosely for all my shoes because I dance whenever and wherever I can. But tonight they were my 12,5cm high, black Christian Louboutin pumps and a simple yet elegant white cocktail dress with a diamante broach in the centre of the built-in black waist belt which connected one haltered cup to the other.

It was one of my favourite self-designed dresses. I’d designed and worn it to one of my high school valentine’s ball.. I figured “hey its ladies night and I rarely ever dress up this much”, especially not for my regular chill spots.

The evening had started out as usual. Pre-drinks at my flat. Enough for some Dutch before we were off. So the list of people in the cab consisted of Jenna, Pearl, and Raya and of course me. Perhaps it’s time I introduce myself. My names Aurora but most people know me as Rory.

I am 22 years young with a height of 1.64 by no means skinny but I used to be a little on the chubbier side until a few months ago. I now fit into a size 34/12 jeans which is normal considering my plump derriere and the twins are now sitting at a comfy 36C. I have a tiny waist which I always try to show off with tight tops. My skin is the colour of a rich chocolate,you know, almost a golden brown..

We walked ourselves into the club as 4 gorgeous women and while Jenna and Pearl flirted their way to VIP lounge couches, Raya and I chased straight to the bar for quick shots of tequila and Stroh rum. I looked around admiring the smoky atmosphere with the feeling of the beat bouncing all through my chest, you know, just revelling in the vibe that all the other clubbers had set up already when I felt a slap on my ass and looked towards the bar behind me, “Raya you bitch!”

“Ha-ha. What?”

“You bloody well spanked me” I said as I smacked her back on the arm.”Don’t touch this tush if you can’t follow through and finish the job!”

“I’ll follow through and let you finish first.” some nosy guy whispered into my ear from behind me. Slowly tilting my head back a little I replied “Yea sure. Everyone says that until…”

God he’s HOT! Those smooth pink lips fit so well into that olive skinned square jaw. But those eyes…Is that crystal or sky blue? Wait a minute I thought I hated blondes. But this isn’t blonde it’s more of a shining light brown…

“Until…?” he asked with a slight grin.


“Until they see what a firecracker she is on the dance floor. You know how guys are around girls that can handle themselves.”Raya said sounding so cool while coming to my rescue.

“Oh really?” he asked never looking away from me.

I can’t believe this. All I’m doing is fucking staring at this guy while… “Oh My God! Rory its our song!!” Raya screamed as she pushed a drink in my hand and pulled me towards the dance floor. I couldn’t just leave things like that so I did all that could do in a crowded loud-as-hell club; I smiled and gave a soft toodaloo wave with my fingers.

Soon as we got to the edge of the dance floor I made sure to pull her in deeper so I wouldn’t have to live up to the hype she set around my dancing. That’s not to say that I couldn’t dance I just really didn’t want to feel like I was being scrutinised by Hot bar guy.

BUT man once the beat from Jeremiah’s ‘Put it down’ struck my hips started gyrating to no end. My head was swaying from side to side letting my medium length braids fall in any and all directions while I bent my knees and let my swinging hips carry my ass slowly lower and lower to the floor before quickly bringing myself up again.

“Yea you really are a fire cracker aren’t you, ha-ha?” Raya teased. “Oh shut it, Rai.”I said looking over my shoulder at the bar.

“He’s not there anymore.” I heard Pearl say when she and Jenna stopped behind me. “He went to the other end of the club when you just walked away from him after you’re little trip to flirt-Ville.”

“That’s not what happened.” I said rolling my eyes at her.

“Yea guys you got it all wrong” said Raya “HE flirted. She on the other hand just stared at him like he’d grown a third head let alone a second one.”

“He wasn’t even flirting with me. It was more like…friendly conversation. I always butt into peoples conversations at bars. It’s the norm at a club.”

“What friendly conversation DOESN’T include is a guy staring at you like you’re the last piece of chicken in the bucket.”Pearl chimed in while Jenny mumbled “Oh there was chicken. But not in the oven.”

“And what the hell does that mean, Jen?”I asked.

“It means that bursa escort you” she poked at me “miss Chicken-shit” poke “always have an excuse for not hooking up with any guy that shows even a hint of interest.All you ever want to be is the good friend. Take a bloody chance already.”

“Ha-ha ah sweet Jenny…” I bated her.

“What’s so funny?” she asked me.

“Not all of us freely give our goodies out and call it charity.”

“You know what actually…fuck this. I’m going to go and get myself a drink and then do what I do best.” She stated with pouted lips while she jutted round and flicked her hair before she left the group.

“Rory you know she was just looking out for you right?”

“Yea I know but…..”

“And you know that what you said was a low blow right?”Raya continued.

“But …but its kind of….”

“What? True? It doesn’t matter.”Pearl finally joined in “Friends don’t say things like that to each other.”

“ALRIGHT damn it. I’m going, I’m going!” I shouted back at them.

“No Rory. Nobody wants you to leave. We can….”

“Good thing I’m not leaving then. I’m just going to go and apologise. I saw her heading back to the VIP lounge I’ll meet you guys in a bit.”

I was pissed off so I did the only thing I could do to make this a successful and fun evening for everyone. I decided to go straight to the bar first. I find drinking calms me quite a bit,provided its not whiskey. And after that bitch fit I’d just handed to Jenna I figured I had to award myself with a re-fill.

This time I had two Vodka shots before strutting my stuff into the lounge where I saw Jenna taking shots with a group of guys…”Ok, Rory” I thought “lets make this short and sweet so you can get your ass back to drinking and partying on the dance floor.”

“Hey guys sorry to disturb but could I have a quick word with Jen?”

“Oh hey, Rory.” Oh God she’s trashed “Meet the guys. This is Keagan” she said pointing drunkenly to a cute-faced red head to her right who had his hand resting in the middle of her thigh. He’d barely looked up at me but just peeked and gave a slight nod before offering me a shot of tequila. I made a mental note to keep an eye on him during the course of the night after cautiously declining. “These are two non-identity twins.”

“Actually ‘twins’ already tells you that there are two of them but who cares right? After beer goggles, numbers don’t matter anymore anyway” one of the twins laughed before getting up and turning to me and introducing himself as David “and this is my non IDENTICAL twin, Darren.” They each pressed kisses on both of my cheeks before they offered me a seat smack bang in between them. They were both fairly good looking Darren had caramel light skin that made him look borderline a light black guy while David was as white as they came. So I just had to ask…

“Um so are you guys really brothers or are you just bros?”

“Haha” Darren laughed “We actually share a mom and a dad.”

“Oh okay, I get it.” I said

“Do you? Are you sure? Because it’s ok if you don’t.”Asked David looking mock-menacingly at me.

“Yea we’ll be sure to educate you as best we can if you want us to.” Whispered Darren as he moved closer towards me.

“No no no boys let me educate you. Four words; Dominant and recessive genes.”I said giggling at their expressions .

“Ah dam it, Dave! She knows our secret now we cant pick her up by charming her with our brilliance and big words.” Belted Darren as he feigned disappointment.

“Speak for yourself, man. I always got a Plan B.” Replied David pulling another heartfelt laugh from me.

I had just turned to whisper words of comfort into Darren’s ears when I heard that voice again. “So, I see you’ve met the the fire cracker?”

“Oooh so this is the gyrating beauty you were salivating over earlier?”Asked David.

“Yip she’s the one. Left me at the bar all on my ace.”

What was up with this man? He never broke eye contact.

“Damn near broke” oh God I could feel his stare on every inch of my body as it slowly moved from my neck to where my thighs crossed before he finished off with “my heart. Especially when she started dancing.”He said licking his lower lip like he could taste me on them already. I felt light-headed; like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Then I realised id been holding my breath since I heard his voice. “Oh shit I’ve got to get out of here.”I thought

“Um Jen babe I’m sorry bout earlier…”

Jen ended what I’d only just realised was a heavy make out session with Keagan to tell me that all was a-okay and that she’d catch me later. And that was my cue.

I turned to the twins and said some very quick goodbyes to them too before running straight to Raya and Pearl who I could still see on the dance floor, partying away. Maybe I should do one more drink before joining the girls back on the dancefloor again. Not that I wasn’t already tipsy as hell I just needed malatya escort maintain the vibe that I had going on. That damn guy had really gotten my blood pumping and in a very good way. He just seemed like too much man for me.

I abruptly turned away from the dance floor and I was just about to signal the bartender when I felt an arm wrap around my waist and effortlessly lift me off the ground to carry me towards the cloak room. It all happened so fast. The next thing I heard was the door clicking shut and the lock turning before he put me down slowly. I was shaking with my hands fisted and up towards my chest. I was nervous and running all kinds scenarios through my mind but still couldn’t bring myself to turn around.

Then he finally spoke “So Rooory.” Oh God it was him. The hotty. I let out a heavy exhale and turned around with such force that he had to know how mad I was.

“What the fuck, Asshole? Do you have any idea what the hell you just did to me? In fact who does that?” at this point I started slamming away at his chest which was right in front of my face. “Who the hell just literally picks up someone they don’t know and carries…?”

I didn’t even finish that sentence before he grabbed both of my wrists tightly and twisted me so that my back was up against the wall with either wrist held tightly to the wall too, parallel to my shoulders. His face on the other hand was no longer above mine but right in front of it. I could actually feel his breath against my cheek every time he opened then clenched his jaw.

He looked like he was struggling with something. Even his eyes had changed. They were a much deeper darker blue now,toatally captivating yet too intense to keep looking into. So I looked down and to the side I realised how close his lower body was placed and the reason for his face being so close to mine too.

His left knee had somehow gotten between my thighs and he’d leaned his entire body weight into it while his other leg was stretched back. He was so close… Maybe too close. I had to get him to relax his hold on me. I looked up again to see him licking those gorgeous lips again. This man was too hot for his own good. He even smelled all male.

He looked like he hadn’t shaved in a day or two,but it was He was big. Not obscenely big just,you know, Hugh Jackman big. He sHe looked like he’djust rolled off the set of Spartacus.

“What’s your name?” I asked. Dead silence. I didn’t want to see what his face was saying.

“Look at me” he said in that deep honey filled voice. My shaking had begun again, but I wasn’t so sure if it was from fear anymore so I looked “James. James Wilkz.”

“OK James. Can you…can you please let go of my wrists? We probably aren’t even al- allowed in here and I –I –I promise that if …”

“No. I like you just like this…Up against the wall…at my mercy. In fact, I’m thinking” he moved his lips to my ear “that you might just like it as much as I do.”

I swear I was about to deny everything he’d just said and tell him he was insane but then he did what I think I wanted him to do all night. He brushed his thigh up against my sizzling wet crotch and all I could do was hiss as I quickly took in one hell of a deep breath and let it out slowly as he nibbled on my ear before kissing and sucking the skin just below it. “Oh shit, mmm.”

I felt so pathetic. He’d barely touched me and I felt like he’d set my entire body on fire. I knew he could tell he was having an effect on me because that smirk was back on that bloody gorgeous face. I couldn’t see it but I could damn well hear it when he said “Shall we try that again?”

He did it anyway, before I could even reply but this time he kept his hot hard thigh in contact with my pussy grinding harder and harder into it. My breathing was quick and laboured and I couldn’t stop myself from arching my back and pushing my hips down harder into him before sliding them up against his leg and repeating the motion and “Oh!”…Did I just make that shrill sound? Oh shit, this man is going to make me cream my underwear. I hadn’t even removed one item of clothing yet.

“Rory, do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He’d pushed his body back a bit but there was still some intense heat at the apex of my thighs and although my arms were still up against the wall he wasn’t holding them there. “You have such amazing skin. So soft and smooth.” He was running his hard calloused hands gently down and across my arms and there was nowhere else for those hands to go but lower. His hands, perfectly timed, slid across my shoulders and met tip to tip at the back of my neck before sliding palm up around my breasts and cupping them in both hands and squeezing. “Ah. These are so soft and heavy” he said before sticking his tongue in my cleavage and tasting them. “And taste as sweet as you’re perfume. I wonder what else you have that tastes sweet… “With that he put his hand under my chin and lifted my face çanakkale escort towards his so that our lips were an inch apart before saying “watch me.” Oh God his other hand was moving again. I could feel the heat across my stomach coming through my dress.

He stopped at the end of the dress and started bunching it up in a fist. Of course I couldn’t see this because my eyes were still glued to his but I felt the cool air. My breathing quickened at the anticipation of what was to come. But my fuck! Why was he moving so slowly? I couldn’t help myself I groaned and right after that I gave off a quick squeal. He’d just ripped my favourite boy shorts and was now cupping my sex. I was so shocked and so fucking turned on at the same time. Especially when he put them to his face and then put them to his pocket. I lurched forward all I wanted to do was put my lips all over his and to feel our tongues dancing with each other but he pushed me back up against the wall and slid his fingers over my slit. I was so confused and heavily embarrassed. Was this all he wanted; a fucking tryst in a club closet? Because as far as I know the only people that weren’t kissed on the lips were prostitutes. Is that what he thought I was? Ha-ha, it was almost funny. So I laughed. I threw my head back and hosed myself with laughter.

He was the one who looked confused now. So I used it to my advantage. I pushed him away from me and I guess I didn’t realise how mad I was because he fell flat on his ass, taking one of the coat racks with him. I turned around and unlocked the door before swinging it wide open. I had to have one last look at the man who’d turned out to be a total waste of gorgeous and my time. “Keep the underwear asshole, because it’s just you and your hand tonight.”

It had been a week since I’d hooked up with McHotty at the club and I was heavily on edge. To achieve such an anti-climax at the end of a hot escapade was brutal.

So when an old friend from Johannesburg called me up and told me he was going to be in town I was ecstatic to say the least. It had been over a year since id last seen him in the flesh and id missed him like crazy.

He was one of those I-don’t-give-2-shits-about-the-world-types. You know the typical white guy with hoards of peak caps and skinny jeans. He would make me cringe all the time when he’d loudly curse the worst of words and have casual chats about sex positions in public;the only person who could really make me hose myself though.

We’d met at a new club in Greenside. We’d both gotten bored of this supposed great clubs superficial atmosphere. He’d opted to go outside to light up his cigarette. I’d been sitting on the corner of the clubs old wooden steps doing the same enjoying the sound of the beats coming from the large speakers inside. I watced him as he used two lean fingers to place his cig between his pink lips and then pat himself down. I assumed he was looking for his light so I started pulling mine out of my hand bag hoping he’d eventually figure out that someone else was smoking right along side him. And then he finally did.

He looked right at me with those deep brown eyes that matched his chocolate locks and his tanned skin. He was dark and handsome and had this crazy cool roguish look about him. He was sex walking under a cap to put it plainly. He had this medium sized build that had just enough chisel to make him look like a model; so effortlessly.

I stuck my hand out towards him so he could use the lighter. “Thanks.” he lit the cigarette. “But what took you so long to hand me the lighter?” he said raising a brow jokingly.

“I was just waiting to see how creative you were. Totally disappointed me the by the way.”I said smiling

“How’s that?” he asked

“Because there lie two perfectly good rocks you could have rubbed together for a quaint fire.” I giggled before taking another drag of my cigarette. He laughed along with me before we introduced ourselves. He told me hios name was Hunter. We probably sat outside together for a good 45 minutes just talking about anything and everything before we realised that maybe-just maybe- the people who we’d both arrived here with may have been worried about us. So with that we decided to go back inside to find our respective parties but not before we exchanged numbers .

Its weird but from that day on we knew we’d be friends forever. Sure at a point in time I’d hoped it’d be more but once I realised how alike we were in terms of relationships, I just knew we’d NEVER get anywhere and somehow I was perfectly ok with that.

So anyway he’d arrived the night before and I told him “I’ll never speak to you again if we don’t go for lunch tomorrow!”Needless to say my charm won him over quick-quick.

” I said I was sorry.”I said rushing towards the table at the back of the restaurant

“If there is ONE person who is never on time, its gotta be you!”

“What can I say,Hunny, Im one one of those fashionably late ladies.” I said teasing him

“Ive missed you, you skank. And stop calling me that,damn it!” He said squeezing the life out of me. He’d always hated the nickname I’d given to him, but it was his fault for allowing his parents to name him Hunter. “I cant believe I crossed an ocean to get to this lunch an you’re late. Seriously? Worst af all people are looking at me funny.”

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