Dinner with Darcus and Bob

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As I walked up the garden path of Darcus’s holiday villa by the sea in Curacao I was feeling carefree. I had met him on the beach. He was a short, plump black guy who had spent a lot of time in England and spoke the language perfectly. I had enjoyed talking to him on an intellectual level, in addition to the thrill of being nearly naked next to his nearly naked body. He was wearing the sort of tight trunks that used to be fashionable but are now regarded as being a means of showing off.

They tempted the viewer to look at the mountain range beneath them and imagine the reality. So without really wanting to, I had feasted my eyes on the contours of his sexual equipment. I never caught him catching me looking there – he was too much of a gentleman for that – but I could tell he had observed my interest. At one point he had moved a testicle: just like a large grape sliding beneath red silk, it had moved up and back down.

Being the local guy, he had invited me to his house for dinner, and I’m sure he knew what I planned to eat and drink. I intended to suck his black meat and drink his cum. I also intended to bring his traditional African sausage back for a second course which involved entering my asshole. I was sure Darcus was aware of this and I was also pretty sure he had a menu of his own planned.

He answered the door wearing just a loose pair of shorts. His stocky, muscular body oozed out of the shorts in mouthwatering, contoured sections.

It was a pretty fancy place; Marcus was a computer guy, with a chain of shops around the island, so he had loads of money. Not that I was particularly impressed, because I had enough of my own. It just meant we had some nice surroundings in which to get down and dirty.

It was six o’clock and still sunny, so we sat out by the pool, in which a man was swimming. As he pulled himself from the water via the chrome-armed ladder I saw that he was similar to Darcus, but taller. He too was wearing gaziantep escort budgie-smugglers.

Darcus introduced us and Bob just said “Hi,” as he toweled down. Then he took off his trunks and lay on a lounger, naked.

“Oh yeah, forgot to mention,” Darcus said. “Tuesday is naked night.” He slipped his shorts down and I had to wrench my gaze from his long, elegant black penis. He motioned for me to follow suit, so I quickly took off my shirt , sandals and shorts, then awkwardly removed my underpants to reveal my semi-erect cock.

Darcus and Bob pretended not to notice, and I tried not to be so aware of it and hoped it would go away, at least until it was called upon. I leaned back on the lounger and sat up again.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Do you need something for that?” Darcus asked with a laugh.

“Sometimes,” Bob said, “The only way to get back to zero is to go all the way around and start again.” He looked at me intently and stood up. “You want to try that?”

“What do you have in mind?” I stammered.

“While Darcus fixes dinner we can go inside and I’ll help you get back to the beginning,” Bob said. “Okay?”

I nodded my head as Darcus walked towards the house.

“Save some for me,” he called over his shoulder.

I followed Bob into the house and straight into a cool, airconditioned bedroom. If I had forgotten for a nanosecond that I and these two men were naked, the realization came back that instant and slapped me in the face.

Bob stopped at the bed and turned to face me.

“You going to get on your knees for me?” His long, lithe body now had a mast growing from the middle that was about eight inches long and surrounded by tightly curled dots of hair. Before I could answer, Darcus came in.

“It’s in the oven,” he said. “Gives me half an hour.”

Darcus’s body, though shorter than Bob’s, was turning me on more. His cock was long and fat at the shaft, with a shiny, bulging head. I got on my knees and took Darcus in my right hand and Bob in my left. I sucked Darcus’s penis and it filled my mouth and my brain with the promise of thrills to come.

I swapped to Bob’s cock, slimmer and sort of pointed at the tip, and thought how easily it would slip into my anus.

“On the bed,” Darcus said.

Bob lay on his back, expecting me to suck him. I did. I sucked his long, delicious black cock. Darcus lay beside him on his hands and knees, giving his ass some air. I found it and stroked his buttocks, then my fingers roamed automatically into his crack and I savoured the delightful, shameful scenario as I saw myself for what I was: a helpless, willing sex slave for these two beautiful black men. I was sucking the cock of one and my fingers were loving being in the crack of the other.

“You want to lick Darcus’s ass?” Bob said suddenly. “Go on, we got all night. You ever licked a black man’s ass?”

“Yes I have,” I said.

“You like licking black ass?” Bob leered.

“I love it,” I said as I lowered my face into Darcus’s sinful dark delta. I licked that black man’s asshole, I smelled his classic ass smell, tasted that strange savoury essence and poured all my wicked desires into him through my craven tongue and the saliva that lubricated his cleft.

“Shit, you really do like that, don’t you?” Bob said. “You gonna do me in a minute?”

“Yes please,” I said, reveling in my role.

But first I had more loving to give Darcus. I licked the insides of his buttocks and stared at his dark rosebud. I tried to poke my tongue in it, but succeeded only in turning him on still further. He groaned happily.

“Oh shit, Philip. I have never had a rim job like this before,” he said.

“I would have licked your ass on the beach if there was no one there,” I said.

“Well I knew you wanted to look at my cock,” he said. “Put your hand around my balls.”

I did as he asked and he rewarded me by moving one, as he had earlier. Then I became aware of Bob, behind me. I don’t expect a rimjob to be reciprocated, but that’s what he was doing. Bob had his tongue in my ass and was squeezing it inside. That man had a muscular tongue. He was loosening me up. He began pulling my cock.

Meanwhile, back at Darcus’s ass, I had moved up from cloud 9 to number 10. I started chewing his buttocks and sucking his hole.

“I’m going to fuck you, Phil,” Bob said, smearing lubricant in my hole. Darcus pulled forwards and sat down to watch.

Bob pressed the narrow head of his big black cock against my entrance and let his weight push it in. I gasped as it passed the point of no return and gritted my teeth while my insides adjusted to the intrusion. Darcus was now recording the event on his phone.

Bob picked up the tempo and began slamming me, his mighty cock ploughing through me and back again. He banged and banged until finally I felt him withdraw quickly and I knew he was enjoying the sight of his dominant, manly semen spurting up my back and into my crack.

When Bob had finished, Darcus took his place. My asshole was now as slippery as a staircase in an olive oil plant, which was good, because Darcus’s dick was a monster. I was ready for him and joy flooded through me as he thrust his meat up my chute.

As always, I savoured the thought of what was happening. I had expected to have sex with one black guy that night, but here I was with Darcus inside me as planned, and I was already one cock to the good, with Bob’s sensations still radiating through me as his spunk was slammed higher inside by his friend’s ramrod. And as the cool air did its work, I could also feel Bob’s spunk outside, shiny on my inner thighs.

That thought took me to the verge of cumming myself, and when Darcus shot his load inside me, my own semen surged from my cock and onto the bed.

We did have something to eat later, but just a quick snack. I had no time to waste. I took advantage of the situation and serviced these two men all night long.

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