Don’t Delete: Open This!

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Brian Peters was out of bed and sitting at his computer in sweatpants despite the fact it was 7:30 in the morning…on a Saturday. The high school math teacher was so used to getting up early during the week that his body wouldn’t allow him the pleasure of sleeping in on the weekend.

He went into his e-mail by habit, not expecting anything besides the usual spam. Brian went down the list hitting delete, delete, delete until getting to an item with the subject “Do Not Delete! Open This!”. He didn’t recognize the sender’s username, but something about this one was different. Something made him open it, in spite of all the warnings going off in his head.

There was no message, just an attachment—shower.mpg. Everything the 35-year-old man knew about computers told him not to do it. His mouse hovered over the file name. He hesitated. Then he double-clicked.

A few seconds later his media player opened. It paused while a file loaded and then came to life. Brian could hear the soft sound of running water behind the clear glass door of a shiny, modern shower. It was empty. Then a female entered the scene, followed by another. They wore full length white robes.

The moment they turned to face each other Brian sat upright in his chair and leaned towards the monitor. Was that…nah. And…Jesus, it WAS. The blonde on the left was Jessica Allen and the brunette was Kaitlyn Casey. If Brian Peters had been asked to name the two sexiest girls in last year’s senior calculus class, without hesitation he would have said Jessica and Kaitlyn.

Jessica was an inch or two taller than Kaitlyn, but both were tall for 18-year-olds. They had shoulder-length hair that flowed over the top of their robes. In the time it took Brian to realize what he was watching, the girls had moved closer together. They placed their hands on each others side and gently brought their lips together. The kiss only lasted a couple seconds, but already Brian was feeling a twinge between his legs.

The girls began a second kiss at the same time they pulled open their robes. When the robes were hanging loose, they placed their hands on each others breasts. That’s when the kiss became much more intense and muffled moans could be heard in the video.

As if on cue, the girls stripped each other of the robes and stood naked in front of the camera. Their hands were everywhere while they continued to kiss. Brian looked at both asses and both sets of breasts, the front of his sweats now being pushed out by his ever-hardening cock.

Jessica and Kaitlyn held each other by the ass and pressed their breasts together. Another kiss, followed by more moans.

Then Jessica took Kaitlyn’s hand and opened the shower door. She entered the enclosure first, pulling her brunette friend behind her. Brian eagerly watched their tight asses before the glass door was pulled shut.

To the teacher’s great delight, the girls were perfectly visible behind the glass. He saw Jessica place her hand between Kaitlyn’s legs while kissing her neck and shoulders. Water poured over both of them, but they didn’t seem to care.

Soon, Jessica had her lips on the very top of Kaitlyn’s breast. Both girls had ample breasts with nipples that had grown more erect since entering the shower. Jessica’s mouth seemed intent on finding one of them fairly quickly.

She kissed her way down and put Kaitlyn’s nipple between her lips, biting it lightly before taking a large portion of the breast in her mouth. The whole time, her hand was working on the brunette’s clit. Brian watched Jessica rub it harder and felt his cock begin to throb.

Kaitlyn tilted her head backwards and cried out with desire. She put her hand on the back of Jessica’s head and pulled the blonde tighter against her chest. Kaitlyn spread her legs and let Jessica insert a finger deep inside her pussy.

Brian was now rubbing his cock through his sweatpants. A few seconds later he had his hand inside, with the bulging cock firmly in his grasp. Muffled sounds from inside the shower only caused him to stroke himself harder and faster.

The man watched as Jessica lowered herself and positioned her face just inches from Kaitlyn’s neatly shaved pussy. He saw her lean forward. Brian’s hand fondled his cock roughly, bringing himself to the threshold of an orgasm.

Then the video went black…total and complete darkness.

Brian held his cock in his hand in utter disbelief. He stared at the screen for what seemed an eternity.

“Hi, Mr. Peters. This is Jessica,” a voice in the darkness said. “Sorry about that. We just don’t know what happened. Anyway, we’re going to try it again tomorrow. Watch for us in your e-mail. We hope you like it.”

Then the video ended.

Brian’s cock was already starting to soften, a shiny drop of cum poking out of the tip. He removed his hand and pulled his sweatpants yalova escort back up.

“Fucking God damned whores,” he muttered.

Then he hit the play button again. And again, until he had to close the media player or cum inside his sweats. He replayed the scene over and over in his head during the night. The following day he anxiously awaited the next installment. But it never came.

The day after that, in the early evening, he opened his e-mail and saw the message: “Do Not Delete! Open This!”

Yes! It had an attachment.

He clicked on the message and impatiently opened the attachment. In the few seconds it took his media player to come to life, Brian had pulled down the zipper to his jeans and unbuttoned them at the top. He felt his cock pulsate inside his boxers.

The new video began to play. This time, both girls were already in view of the camera, which was stationed at the foot of a four poster bed. A young woman’s mournful cries caused Brian to concentrate on the girl lying on the bed. It was Kaitlyn, in just a pair of light blue panties, struggling against the rope that tied her left wrist to the bedpost. A young blonde, quickly distinguishable as Jessica, was leaning over Kaitlyn’s body.

Despite Kaitlyn’s thrashings underneath, Jessica managed to fasten her prisoner’s right wrist to the opposite bedpost. Jessica, too, only wore panties. Her breasts hung down, oftentimes brushing against Kaitlyn’s body as she finished the chore of securing Kaitlyn to the bed. The entire time, the girl being tied down cried out in anguish, begging the other girl to stop.

Brian’s cock was fully erect in a matter of seconds while watching Jessica in action. He reached inside his boxers and stroked it slowly as the video continued.

Jessica quickly grabbed the top of Kaitlyn’s panties and yanked them down her legs, exposing the girl’s pussy to the camera. Jessica persisted in her attempts to free herself. Her body writhed wildly and Brian alternated between watching her breasts, her legs and her ass as the girl thrashed about on the bed.

Jessica stood by the edge of the bed, looking down with delight at the results of her work. Unhurriedly, she took off her own panties and let them fall to the floor. Now Brian was pumping his cock vigorously, intent on cumming.

Kaitlyn was a little more subdued when Jessica moved onto the bed and placed her bare breasts directly above the other girl’s face. Soon, one of her nipples was touching Kaitlyn’s lips.

“Come on, bitch. You know you want it,” Jessica said. “Suck on my tit.”

Brian watched as Kaitlyn opened her mouth and began to lick all around Jessica’s nipple. Then she took it in her mouth. Jessica lowered herself a little bit so that the part of her breast not in Kaitlyn’s mouth pressed against the girl’s face.

Brian’s cock had never been harder. He slowed his stroking so he wouldn’t cum right away. He was pretty sure the girls had more in store for him.

He didn’t have to wait long. Jessica leaned back up and Brian saw her reach toward a bedside table. When her hand returned, it held a massive, curved dildo with ridges along the entire shaft.

Jessica ran it over one of Kaitlyn’s nipples.

“This is what you want, isn’t it? You want a big, thick cock up your pussy,” Jessica taunted her captive.

“No. Please. Not that one. It’s too big. Please, no,” Kaitlyn begged.

Jessica ran the dildo over Kaitlyn’s stomach and down the inside of one of her thighs. Kaitlyn squirmed on the bed, rolling onto her side with her legs squeezed tightly together. The more Jessica pulled on Kaitlyn’s leg to roll her back over, the more the bound girl fought.

“No. No. Please. Not that.”

Brian frantically needed to cum. But he was engrossed by the erotic action on the screen and didn’t want to miss a second of it.

He watched Jessica finally get Kaitlyn onto her back again, her legs spread wide apart and Jessica’s body between them. Now she had access to the brunette’s pussy, dildo in hand.

Jessica slid the toy up and down over Kaitlyn’s clit. Within seconds, Kaitlyn was moaning as much with lust as with fright. Her hips rose and fell as if she was fucking somebody. Jessica smiled wickedly.

“Are you ready? Is it time to fuck?” she asked.

“No. Jessica, please.”

The dildo was moved to the entrance to Kaitlyn’s pussy. Brian waited for it to be inserted. But Jessica just let it rest there—the tip barely separating the pink skin on either side of it. He didn’t know how Kaitlyn’s petite body could possibly accept the thick toy.

“Here we go,” Jessica said excitedly. She pulled the dildo back a couple inches, then began to shove it forward.

“No. Noooooooooo…”

The screen went dark. But Kaitlyn’s wails could still be heard. edirne escort Brian’s heart, racing a mile a minute a second ago, skipped several beats. His hand clutched his throbbing cock, unable to move.

Kaitlyn’s screams seemed to last forever. Then there was nothing…no video, no sound. Brian could hear himself breathing in the silent room.

Suddenly, Jessica’s face reappeared on the screen.

“Hi, Mr. Peters. It’s me again, Jessica. I hope you liked the show today. Kaitlyn would be here…but she’s, uh, recovering. Did you cum, too?? She sure did once she relaxed a little. Anyway, we thought it would be nice if you’d join us one of these times. Since we’ve graduated and we’re not technically your students any more, we thought it would be OK. What are you doing Saturday night? We’re going to be alone at my house. Come on over. The address is 357 Elm St. Be here around 8.”

Brian Peters had spent an entire year fantasizing about the two girls. Now they were inviting him to join them in…something. Nothing was going to stop him from doing it. He kept thinking about how he would regret it the rest of his life if he declined. Besides, he got hard just thinking about the videos. Why not see the action up close and personal.

At 8:15 on Saturday night he was ringing the doorbell of 357 Elm St. The house was a small mansion, compared to his place, on a secluded cul-de-sac. He stood in his shorts and t-shirt, waiting nervously.

Finally, the door swung open and a beaming blonde invited him in.

“We thought maybe you chickened out,” Jessica said.

“Why would I do that?” Brian asked, acting surprised. He took a quick look at the t-shirt that covered Jessica’s perfect body down to the top of her legs. He couldn’t help but wonder if there was anything under it. He followed her down the hall, watching her ass sway under the shirt.

They entered the family room. Kaitlyn sat on the couch in a brightly colored bikini, her legs pulled up under her.

“Hi, Mr. Peters.”

“Hi, Kaitlyn.” Brian said. He sat in a recliner by the couch and accepted Jessica’s offer of a beer.

As Jessica walked into the adjacent kitchen, she yelled down into the family room: “Kaitlyn and I have been in the hot tub. Maybe you’d like to try it out later.”

“You didn’t tell me to bring a suit,” Brian replied.

“Oh, you won’t need one.” The nonchalant tone of Jessica’s response was accompanied by a persuasive smile as she returned with Brian’s beer.

When Jessica sat across from him it became apparent she, too, wore a small swimsuit under the t-shirt. He had little doubt he’d get to see it soon enough.

They talked for a short while until Brian finished his drink. He could feel the throbbing in his cock increase the more he watched Kaitlyn in her revealing bikini, and the more he stared at the bright fabric of Jessica’s suit showing between her legs.

So he was very happy to see Jessica stand up, remove her t-shirt, and say, “Let’s head to the hot tub. There’s more beer out there.”

By the time they arrived, Brian was semi-erect from anticipation.

“You can only appreciate this when you’re naked, Mr. Peters,” Kaitlyn said. “We do it all the time.”

The two girls both looked at him for a second without moving or saying anything else. Brian could take a hint, so he kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head. Smiles crossed their faces when the former students first saw their teacher’s rugged chest. They watched him open his shorts and let them fall to the ground. He stood before them now in a pair of briefs, the outline of his cock clearly visible.

Nothing was said, so he grabbed the waistline of his underwear and took them off. He let them stare at his body, nervousness seeming to overtake them for the first time.

“Well. I’m not going in alone,” he said.

Jessica turned her back to him. “Take off my suit, please.”

Brian grinned at the girl’s tactics. This was a true flirt.

He untied the string in the middle of her back, leaving the one at the back of her neck tied. He moved his hands around her and placed them at the base of her breasts. Brian moved forward so his cock touched her ass, then slid his hands up under her suit and on top of her full breasts.

Jessica moaned when he cupped her breasts and played with her nipples. Her soft blonde hair brushed against his face as their bodies got even closer. He kneaded her breasts harder and pulled her back.

Jessica reached behind her and touched his cock. The harder she gripped it the harder Brian squeezed her nipples.

Then Brian untied the top behind her neck and pulled it off. This time it was Jessica who touched her own breasts, pushing in on them eagerly. At the same time, Brian reached between her legs and slid his fingers erzurum escort down the front of her bikini bottom.

It barely covered her pussy to begin with, so he had no trouble finding her clit. He rubbed it for a few seconds, then Jessica untied the suit on both sides and ripped it off.

Their naked bodies ground against each other, moisture running onto Brian’s fingers as he fondled Jessica’s pussy and clit.

“Oh my God. That’s good. Now let’s get Kaitlyn ready,” Jessica sighed.

They moved over to the brunette, with Jessica the first to reach behind her friend and untie the top of her suit. Within seconds it was off. Jessica and Brian each took a breast in their mouth and sucked on the large nipples. Their hands came together on Kaitlyn’s ass.

Jessica leaned down and removed the bottom of Kaitlyn’s bikini. Brian moved behind her and let the girls kiss while he played with Kaitlyn’s ass and clit. His cock was now fully erect, pressed firmly against the young girl’s tight ass.

“Come on. Let’s get in,” Jessica urged her companions.

One by one they stepped into the hot tub and found places to sit. Brian was situated between the girls. They each took a moment to sink into the water and let it flow over them up to their necks. Brian watched the bubbling water splash against the beautiful breasts of his former students. His hands instinctively fell onto their legs.

They sat for a few seconds before each girl leaned over and kissed the man on the sides of his face. He felt their breasts rub against his arms. Then two hands met at his cock.

Brian’s cock had never been harder as the girls’ fingers ran up and down his shaft. Together, they moved down his body and put their heads directly over the cock. Brian slid back so that he was out of the water down to his knees. Now Jessica and Kaitlyn could see what their hands had been playing with.

Each of them began licking him. Brian arched his back to get his cock even closer to the two beautiful girls. They responded by placing their lips around him, alternating who would have him deep in her mouth.

The girls’ tongues beat against the cock with lust. Their mouths closed tightly around it, sucking him harder and deeper.

“I’m going to cum,” Brian warned them.

“Yes. We want you to,” Jessica said before continuing her attack on the thick cock.

Brian closed his eyes. One of the girls’ hands was stroking the base while the licking and sucking kept on. He felt the cum ready to explode out of his balls.

“Now. I’m going to cum. Ahhh,” Brian groaned.

He watched Jessica engulf his entire cock in her mouth. He rammed it even deeper, feeling it hit the back of her throat. Then he grunted loudly and felt the first blast of cum rise out of his cock.

Jessica was pulling back just as Brian’s orgasm began. She took the first of his cum on her lips, then she and Kaitlyn were both close enough to get splattered with the rest of his first shot. They licked him some more and took the next couple shots on their faces. Both girls tasted his cum as they struggled to suck him dry.

Brian saw cum flowing down both girls’ chins and onto their necks. The scene only made him hornier and he spurt two more times before slouching down into the tub.

He watched Kaitlyn reach for towels and the girls dried themselves off. Their smiles assured Brian they enjoyed it. They each kissed him and settled back into the tub next to their teacher.

“That was great,” Brian said with a sigh.

“I hope you can stay a while,” Jessica said. “We may not be done.”

“I can.” Brian smiled.

A short while later, they exited the hot tub at Kaitlyn’s suggestion only to end up on the patio with Kaitlyn on her back and Jessica between her legs. This time Jessica was using her magic mouth to work on her girlfriend. Brian only needed a minute watching the gorgeous blonde’s ass stick up into the air to move behind her and place his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

He found Jessica’s clit and played with it as he rammed his cock deep inside her. He couldn’t distinguish one muffled moan from the other as the girls kept making love in front of him.

Kaitlyn grabbed the back of Jessica’s head and pulled her closer. Brian maintained his attack on Jessica’s pussy, feeling his cock once again near orgasm. He watched intently as Kaitlyn finally came, her head rolling back and forth. He watched her breasts bounce as she shoved her pussy up to Jessica’s face. Jessica, meanwhile, held her by the ass and sucked Kaitlyn’s clit as hard as she could.

All of this drove Brian to another orgasm. His body slammed against Jessica’s ass, cum pouring out of his cock into her pussy. He worked her clit the best he could, causing her to cum halfway through his own orgasm. Jessica squeezed the man’s cock. She could feel it spurting his fluid into her and she came multiple times. Kaitlyn had moved up to Jessica’s breast and was sucking on it.

Finally, both Brian and Jessica were done and they fell together onto the patio.

He smiled as he watched Jessica roll over, get up and turn off the camera that was in the darkest corner of the patio.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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