Double Trouble

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I still pull out my notes from that semester quite often. The ‘official’ book, with my lecture notes, grade records, and sample papers from my best students, is appropriately filed away in my office at the college, ready for the next time I teach Physics 115. This book, identical in appearance on the outside but with quite different content within, stays at home, in the bedroom.

I started keeping the journal the very first week of that semester, using it as a way to find release without doing anything that would jeopardize my career. I had always prided myself on my ethics, my professionalism – well, let’s just put it bluntly: my ability to keep my cock in my pants even when confronted with short-skirted hotties sitting in the front row of my lectures and all too eager to use their sex appeal to bargain for a better grade.

And Physics 115 – Physics for Arts Majors – was the worst of all. Unlike the sedate, serious crowds that filled my upper-level majors classes, this group was filled with music, art, and dance students, none of whom were very eager to actually learn in a science class. Their fear of failing my class inspired a sad parade of bribes and inappropriate offers. Fortunately for all involved, not to mention their educations, I never succumbed, instead using the pressure to find new, creative ways to get them interested in the material.

But that semester, I was confronted with Cassie and Chrissie. Yup, you guessed it, twins. And not just any twins. 5’8″, long blonde hair, green eyes, beautiful tanned skin, perfect bodies from their long legs to their perky tits – C cup, I found myself musing on the very first day of class, before snapping myself out of it and beginning my lecture.

If it had just been their appearance, these two might not have gotten the best of me. But they were that deadly combination of hot, slightly high maintenance, overly confident for their naivete, and, let’s face it, not the sharpest tools in the shed. It was like watching a train wreck – but with T&A I couldn’t ignore.

They quickly decided I was someone to be flirted with. I was never sure if it was specifically because of their grades, because they truly needed a father-figure to talk with, or if it was just their habit to flirt to get their way. I knew I was the type who brought attention from the young women – handsome, fit, confident. Whatever the reason, they always arrived in class early, stayed late, and never missed my office hours.

But again, those pesky ethics of mine. I couldn’t possibly take advantage of the situation. Nor could I share my experiences with anyone – my fellow faculty friends sure to judge. So I began keeping a journal of sorts, where I would record our encounters – what the girls were wearing, the bizarre conversations they’d start when working in my office, my fantasies about watching them both go down on me and then slowly fucking them, one by one, to orgasm.

I flipped through the book urfa escort again now, each page increasing my arousal. I gently stroked my cock as I read again about the time they had come to my office hours to ask whether I liked the outfits they’d chosen for their modeling interview. See, they patiently explained to their ignorant physics professor, the industry likes twins. It was as good a shot as any, they thought, to pay their way through school. Oh, and yes, I did approve of the outfits.

Then there was the time, a few weeks later, that they arrived, uncharacteristically, in quite different outfits. Cassie was looking both professional and hot in slacks, a blouse, and fitted vest, her tits prominently on display. Chrissie, on the other hands, was in jeans and a university sweatshirt. When I inquired, innocently enough, as to why they weren’t matching quite as well as usual, they giggled, explaining that they’d each had an interview that day, and decided to wear the same outfit. I felt myself blush as I imagined them quickly swapping clothes, the same tight-fitting outfit touching both twins’ skin.

I couldn’t resist, and asked them whether they’d also shared the same underwear. “Oh no,” Chrissie replied, “Cassie always wears a thong, and I prefer bikinis – we never share underwear.” Oh god, I thought, taking a deep breath and quickly sitting down behind my desk so they wouldn’t see my growing erection.

As the semester wore on, two things became clear – our banter (still innocent, I kept telling myself) was getting more and more risque. And they were going to have to hope for a miracle to pass my class. It didn’t seem to matter how many times I explained things, they just weren’t getting it. Determined as they were, I just kept seeing more of them. More time spent in the lab; more requests for extra credit assignments; and more skin – this was, after all, spring semester, and the weather got hotter as the weeks passed.

By the last week before the final exam, they’d managed to pull their grades out of the gutter, and I found myself giving them a pep talk. “You know, if you study really hard for the final, you’ll probably both be able to pass my class. If you get the grades I know you can on that last test, you should both get a 2.0 for the semester.”

Cassie gleamed with a broad smile, and exclaimed, “So that means a 4.0 for both of us!” I’m still not sure, to this day, whether she was trying to make a joke or not.

The final came and went, and I patted myself on the back for managing not to take advantage of any of the many opportunities I’d had with these two hotties, alone in my office. Sure, I’d kept an elicit journal, and jacked off to images of half-naked co-ed teens several times each week. But technically I’d done nothing wrong. That was, though, about to change. There was one story that didn’t make it into that journal, the one I’ll share with you now.

It balıkesir escort was a hot sunny day in July when I heard the knock on my door, and without even looking up from my research, grunted for whoever it was to come in. The door opened and closed again, and I finally looked up to see Cassie and Chrissie standing next to my desk. They were wearing sundresses, one green and one blue, both fitted on top with flowing skirts. It took me a moment to realize that I was ogling, and I blushed as I looked away from their chests and back to eye-level.

By Cassie’s smile, I knew I’d been caught in the act, but I decided to play it cool. “So, what can I do for you ladies today?”

“Well, we just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us during last semester. We couldn’t have passed your class without you.”

“Oh, well, you’re welcome. That’s my job!”

“But um,” Chrissie added, “that’s not all you did for us.”


“No,” Cassie jumped in. “You also inspired us. See, when we were younger (I tried not to let my inward grin become visible) we always used to fight over the same guys. But we were thinking, maybe this time, we could share you.”

“Um, excuse me?” I shifted in my chair, realizing that my erection was already visible to Chrissie.

“Well, we were hoping, now that the semester’s over, that you’d let us thank you properly for all the time you put in with us.”

Before I could say anything, Chrissie had taken a few steps towards me and began a lap dance, pushing my chair back from my desk, standing over me, and grinding against me. I hesitated for a moment, but then allowed the logic to flow through me. The semester was indeed over. They were no longer my students. They were over 18. What the hell. I grabbed Chrissie by the hips and encouraged her grinding motion.

“Oh, goody, he’s up for it!” Cassie came around the desk as well, dropped to her knees, and gave Chrissie a suggestive look. She climbed off of me and knelt on the other side of me, so that I now had a blonde hottie kneeling on either side of my lap, looking eagerly up at me, as if awaiting instruction. I needed no more encouragement than that, and quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening cock.

It was immediately clear that, naive as these girls might be about physics or life in general, they were not a bit inexperienced when it came to sucking cock. Both girls gave me their full attention, their hands and mouths playing with my cock and balls. First they took turns, then worked together, like they’d done it hundreds of times before. No objections here, the sensations were incredible as they stroked, sucked, fondled, and bobbed up and down, their breasts bouncing.

After a few minutes of this delightful attention to my cock, I could easily have lost control and shot my cum all over their pretty faces. But I decided both they and I deserved to get more trabzon escort out of this little scenario. As they continued to suck me off, Cassie now taking my entire length deep into her throat, I began working them out of their sundresses – a few buttons here, a zipper there, and they were able to step out of them, leaving them puddled on the floor, and leaving me with a great view – they hadn’t worn anything under those dresses.

I climbed out of my chair and walked to the center of the room. After tossing a blanket from the couch to the floor to provide some cushion, I laid down on my back, pulling Cassie with me. She needed no further instruction, lowering herself onto my hard cock for the ride of her life. Chrissie watched for a moment before kneeling beside me, fingering herself in rhythm with my pumps into her sister’s pussy.

I reached towards her and pulled her closer, first replacing her fingers with mine, stroking her clit expertly as she began to pant and moan. But I knew I could bring her more pleasure, and grabbed her by the hips, hoisting her on top of me so that I could begin licking her pussy. It was immediately clear from her reaction that she’d never had this kind of attention, and judging by Cassie’s increased pace as she pounded my cock, she was excited to watch, as well.

A few moments later, both girls were squealing with delight, their exclamations silenced only when they locked in a passionate kiss. It was then that Chrissie came, moaning deeply as she covered my face in her juices. As she collapsed beside me, Cassie pulled off of me as well and gave me a deep kiss, obviously savoring her sister’s juices just as much as she was thanking me for the great ride.

I climbed up from the floor and pulled the girls towards the couch, with a plan to bring us all to orgasm. Cassie positioned herself first, lying at one end of the couch with her legs spread wide. Chrissie joined her, burying her face in her sister’s pussy in an attempt to bring her some of the pleasure she’d just experienced from me. This left Chrissie wide open from behind, and without any warning, I plowed into her. The feeling of tightness in her hot young pussy was overwhelming, and she moaned with pleasure even as her face remained buried. I watched Cassie’s face as she watched me fuck her sister, and the hotness of the whole scene began to catch up with me.

After a few more minutes of pounding Chrissie from behind, when I felt I was almost ready to cum, I shifted our positions one last time. I pulled both girls up to their knees, their forearms on the back of the sofa and their asses high in the air. Stepping down to the floor, I took turns fucking each of them from behind as they looked into each other’s eyes and fondled each other’s tits and clits.

I was moaning now, my cock buried in Cassie’s pussy when I knew it was time. As Chrissie watched, furiously fingering herself to orgasm, Cassie and I both came hard, her clenching pussy coaxing a huge load of cum from my throbbing cock. I remained inside of her for several moments more, not wanting to let the moment pass as I realized I’d just experienced the hottest sex of my life.

So, there you have it. Despite my better judgment, the twin hotties got the best of me. Hey, I’m only human.

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