Ellen’s Story

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Ellen stood in the steaming shower trying to prepare her self for what was coming. He would be here soon and she knew this would be a serious session.

Her bottom seemed to tingle in anticipation. Her stomach had butterflies in it as she scrubbed herself. Still she could not deny her growing arousal and she lowered her hand held shower massage towards her aching need.

Mike dressed after a hot shower and drank a cup of coffee as he remembered last night. Ellen had asked him to coach her as she worked through this time of change in her life. She had gotten deep into debt after her divorce and had turned to junk food to consol her self. She was drinking way too much as well. When she had to move from the apartment she rented because she couldn’t pay the rent she had come to him in desperation. He moved her into one of his rental properties on the condition she would let him help her get her life straightened around. A diet and exercise program had helped her shed 65lbs. and firm up considerably. She had quit drinking on his insistence and had found her job performance and moods quite improved. Together they worked on her finances and she was slowly getting out of debt and paying her cards off. So why, he wondered did she go out and get drunk and end up stuck in a farmer’s field with her car last night?

The deal they had made was that she would keep close track of these parts of her life and he would come over bi-weekly and review her notes and check lists. Any and all violations would lead to a punishment spanking for her.

The severity and implements would depend on how badly she had erred.

It was an arrangement that provided a release for both of them and filled a need to halt Ellen’s self-destructive ways. She was a woman that needed the sexual release a spanking provided. Mike was more than happy to provide this for her for it also filled his own needs.

The night before Ellen had a bad shift at the restaurant she worked and the one glass of wine she was allowed turned to 3 then 4 and a couple of shots.

She knew she shouldn’t drive but did anyway and somehow forgot about the roads sharp turn and ended up stuck in a hay field. Frightened from the incident and fearing a DWI if the police came she had called Mike and woke him up to plead for help.

After first finding out if she was all right he jumped into his four-wheel drive truck and rushed to where she was.

Mikes concern turned to an angry glare after he realized she was drunk. He hooked a chain to her car and pulled her out. Her apology fell on deaf ears as he checked the car over to make sure it was safe to drive.

“Get in the car and I’ll follow you home he said, and drive slow!”

She knew better than to say anything and did as he said. At her house he followed her in and poured her a large glass of water and made her drink it.

His stern lecture was short and to the point. Tomorrow punishment was going to take on a new meaning for her.

He sent her to bed with a hug and a slap on the bottom and left her to ponder her fate. Ellen felt both guilty and sorry for herself as she dried her hair. She put on very little makeup, as she knew soon tears would fall and smudge it anyway. She modeled her naked form in front of the mirror and was secretly pleased with what she saw. Though she was too voluptuous to ever be called thin she felt she looked quite good compared to before. Large breasted and wide hipped she was all curves. She stuck her ample round ass out and looked over her shoulder at it in the mirror. Although she still felt it was too big she had to admit it was a hell of a target. Slipping on a pair of plaid pajama bottoms and a white cotton button up top she finished getting ready.

Mike had been surprised by her admission that she liked to be spanked and was shocked when he had half jokingly suggested it as a way to motivate her and she had eagerly agreed. Now as he drove over to her house his thoughts turned to last night and the task before him. She had told him of her father’s dreaded sessions with his belt against her bare bottom. She hated the belt and up to now he had never had to use one. Very soon that would change as he thought of her close call the night before. They had set strict rules and limits for her behavior and she had bettered herself in many ways from when they started. Every once in awhile she would push the limits he had found, as if to bring on a severe session. This time, he thought, she had gone altyazı porno way too far.

Her phone call had scared him at first, he wasn’t sure what he would find, but to find her drunk had turned his fear to icy anger. He thought of the guilty looks she had given him as he lectured her the night before after he got her to the safety of her house. Her tears were flowing as he sent her to bed with a hug and a firm pat on the bottom to remind her of what was to come.

Noon was the appointed punishment hour for them and as he drove along he timed his entry to arrive a few minutes before. He expected her to be ready when he got there.

She was drinking her second cup of coffee and nervously watching the clock when his old Lincoln pulled into the yard. The sound of the stones under the big cars tires sent an electric tingle through her body. She watched him get out of the car and walk to the kitchen door and realized her hands had started to shake and those familiar feelings of excitement tinged with dread filled her. “This is it she thought”, as he opened the door.

Mike stepped into the kitchen where she stood waiting, looking like a little girl who had brought home a report card filled with F’s. Her nipples, he noted, stood out like two bullets against her white cotton pajama top.

He set his bag of implements on the counter and said simply, “Bring me your list.”

She took it from the wall and he read it over silently as she stood there before him. He noticed as he read that she kept touching her bottom and curling her toes as she stood there.

“Good, he thought, she’s nervous.”

>Ellen kept a list of her financial budget and her strict diet for him to read at their bi-weekly sessions. She was always honest at this, as she knew it was the only way she could better herself. She handed him the list with dread as she had overspent on her budget last month. She had also

faltered on her strict diet and knew the scale would tell the sad fact. She could tell from the expression on his face that he wasn’t pleased and she felt her throat go dry as he looked up at her.

“Not very good is it, he asked?”

“No, she whispered!”

“We agreed you would not use the card unless you could pay it off at the end of the month didn’t we?”

She could only nod as she fought the lump in her throat that was there.

“I see you over spent almost $400:00 on this stuff, he said quietly. Do you remember why we made this rule, Ellen?”

Again she just nodded miserably.

“Tell me, he said.”

She hated this part of these >sessions; her body was sending mixed signals. Her bottom was tingling in anticipation and her sex was growing increasingly damp. Her throat was dry as she spoke.

“So I can pay off my debts and not lose my good credit again!”

“And, He said?”

“Because you loaned me the money to pay off cards so I could get out of debt and learn to control my finances.”

“Well since you haven’t held up your part of the agreement, I’ll have to provide you with an incentive don’t you think, he said quietly? I think a good hard dose of the paddle will serve to remind you to stay within your budget, don’t you?”

She could only nod yes, as she wished he would just get started, the waiting and lecture was terrible torture for her.

He then turned to her diet “cheat sheet”. She kept track of her every snack. Although Sundays she was allowed to “cheat” a little she had gone a little crazy after she got her credit card bills and knew now she would pay for it.

Mike frowned at her as he read the list. “I’m not even going to weigh you today, he said! You do want to keep the weight off that you’ve lost don’t you, he asked?”

Again she could only nod her head as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“You’re a beautiful woman and you look great now, and you’ve fought so hard to lose it, I don’t want to see you have to start over again.”

Ellen heard the concern in his voice and it touched her.

“I’m sorry,” she said guiltily, as more tears fell.”

“What should I do about>this, he asked?”

“Spank me, she whispered with her head down.”

“I think so too, said Mike.” After we’re done then we’ll have to deal with last night’s escapade, as well.”

“She’s ready, he thought as he pulled her to his side.”

He looked straight into her tear filled eyes as he unfastened the catch on her plaid flannel amatör porno pajama bottoms. She was trembling as he slid them over her hips and down to her ankles. He was surprised to find she had worn no panties. She knew he liked her to wear them so he could start her spanking over them.

Cupping her one bottom cheek he pulled her over his lap. She knew this position well and wiggled herself into a comfortable place. Mike ran his hand over her ample round bottom, cupping and squeezing them.

“Since you didn’t wear panties I guess you won’t need a warm up so we’ll get right to the main event, he said!”

“Ellen had went willingly over his lap, anything was better than waiting, she thought.” She tried to prepare herself for him to start as his hands ran over her bottom.

“No warm up, she thought after he spoke, oh no!”

Before she could look over her shoulder or say anything his hand connected with a SPLAT that burned like crazy. Then a flurry of blows smacked into her bottom firmly as she tried to ride the pain. Each slap burned into her bottom. She could feel it becoming stinging hot. > Mike watched as her round globes of flesh shook and quivered as his hand came down again and again. White skin turned quickly pink then red as he spanked her firmly. He could feel the heat rising from her bottom as he kept up the steady rhythm. Soon she was rocking on his lap as her legs began to pump in an effort to relieve the burning sting.

After about 50 blows he stopped and cupped each cheek in turn. She sobbed quietly as he rubbed her hot bottom.

“A good start, he said.” Perhaps you’ll take your diet more seriously from now on.” She continued to rock her hips as he rubbed her red bottom.

“God she thought that this spanking would never end!”

His hands were driving her crazy as he rubbed her bottom, a fingertip occasionally grazing her sex. Yet she knew it was only a beginning and she was far from done.

Somewhere deep inside she ached for more, needed more, and wanted more even as her tears fell.

Mike helped her to her feet and took her by the arm and led her to the back of an overstuffed chair.

“Bend over, he commanded!”

She laid herself over the back of the chair till her elbows were on the seat. Her position limited her movements and she preferred it for more severe punishments even though it left her exposed fully. Her heart was thudding in her chest as she waited from him to pick an implement from his bag. With a shudder she realized she could feel her own wetness on her thighs.

He picked a plywood paddle shaped like an oversized ping-pong paddle. It could pack a hell of a sting but was easy to control. He tapped it lightly against his hand as he looked at the lovely site before him. She was bent over, her back arched to present her bottom properly to him. Her legs were spread enough that her sex was completely exposed like a flower waiting to be picked. He noted her obvious wetness as he walked slowly over to her. Each time the paddle tapped against his hand her bottom gave a little shiver. Standing beside her he placed a hand in the hollow of her back and rubbed the paddle over her shivering red buns.

She could hardly breathe as his hand pushed down lightly on her back. The paddles cool wood sent electric tingles through her body as he rubbed it across her bottom. She hated the waiting for him to start and found herself pushing back against the rubbing wood. Tap, tap, went the paddle and she steeled herself for the first blow only to have him rub it across her buns some more. She let out a low moan at his sweet torture.

“This is for being irresponsible with money, he said, as he raised the paddle!”

He swung it firmly and it connected with a sharp SPLAT. He watched her buns shake with the impact and quickly swung again. Her gasps and groans soon became yelps and howls as the dance of the scalded ass began. 1, 2, and 3, on one cheek then the same on the other brought her to tears again in short order. He moved the blows around and varied the time in between so she couldn’t anticipate them. After 3-dozen swats he stopped and cupped her now blazing bottom. She sobbed as her rubbed each cheek for a moment.

Finally he said'”12 more to go, are you ready?”

She took several deep shuddering breaths and finally answered, “all right, I’m ready!”

Ellen felt like her bottom was on fire but she steadied herself for the next set amatör porno of blows. Still he cupped and rubbed her cheeks and she relaxed with his soothing touch. Then it was gone and she felt the air move as he swung the paddle against her with a loud SMACK!

“Too much, she thought, as the paddle connected.”

She squeezed the cushion tightly as she counted each swat that brought new burning fire to her backside. By the twelfth blow she was up on her toes and howling but she willed herself to stay in position. It took a minute for her to realize it was over but she still didn’t move till he told her to.

After the last set he stepped back and watch at the contortions she did with her bottom. It was as if she was trying to shake the pain out and modesty was clearly forgotten as she exposed all her charms.

He grasped her arm and helped her up. She clenched her fists against the urge to grab at her bottom and danced around some more.

Still with all this he knew she was not close to her limit yet, even with her tears he knew she would take more to bring to her breaking point.

“You can rub your bottom, he said”!

Her hands shot back as he watched her rub franticly. Mike slowly unbuttoned her top as she rubbed, her tear filled eyes on his. They slid it off together and he stepped back to look at her. Her nipples stood out from her large heavy breasts as he gently squeezed them his thumbs flicking the hard tips of them. He knew he had to only slide one hand down to her wet sex to bring her to a shuddering orgasm but he didn’t. Instead he took her elbow in hand and led her to a small bedroom.

He took her face in his hands and looked her in the eyes. “We’re not done yet, he said.”

“I know, she replied softly.”

She stood there waiting as he stepped to the bed and put 2 pillows in its center.

“On your belly, hips on the pillows, He ordered firmly!”

She looked over her shoulder at him as she climbed into position. Mike took her hands and put them up where she could grasp the bars of the headboard. He pulled her ankles apart some and then ran his fingertips up the backs of her thighs making her shudder. He then >walked out to his bag and picked up his newly purchased strap.

Ellen was familiar with this position and for just a minute she was 15 again, reliving the night she had gotten caught sneaking in from seeing her boyfriend when she had been grounded. Her father was waiting in her dark room as she crawled into the window. He lectured her with tears in his eyes and she realized he had been more than worried; he had been scared. So even when she had pulled her jeans and panties off and lay on her bed as he unbuckled his belt, she >had felt loved. She never forgot that feeling even as his belt bit into her bare bottom.

She looked back over her shoulder as Mike walked back into the room with the strap in hand. She felt strangely calm as she tightened her grip on the headboard and waited. He laid the leather across her hot cheeks and the cool leather sent shock waves to her sex. She felt like part of her about to be opened as he raised the strap.

Mike was surprised at how calmly she got into position for him. He raised the strap and the only reaction he saw was the twitching of her cheeks.

“Ellen, he said, last night was inexcusable!”

With that he brought the belt swishing down. It CRACKED across her cheeks leaving a purple stripe.

She let out a yelp and rocked on the pillows as the pain sank in. He slowly raised it again and waited a few seconds then brought it sharply down.

OOWWWWWW she yelled at that one and wiggled more vigorously as he raised it once again. Six slow strokes turned her red cheeks purple. Then five quick >ones broke her down, she had reached her limit. She sobbed limply into the pillows.

“NEVER do that again, He said!” and swung the final stroke.

He dropped the strap and rubbed her back till she got control of herself. She crawled of the bed and hugged him fiercely as she wept into his shirt.

He pulled a tube of aloe lotion from his shirt pocket and began to rub it into her punished bottom. She winced at his first touch but soon straddled his out thrust leg and began to rub against his thigh. Deep heavy breaths had replaced her sobs as he continued to rub lotion into her cheeks and she rode his thigh. Her orgasm came quickly and seemed to last forever to Mike. They stood for quite some time after that just quietly holding on to each other.

Later they had a cup of coffee together, she stood of course, and then she pulled him to her bedroom where they made slow passionate love.

Ellen had found her motivation to better herself but most of all they had found what they both needed. Each other!

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