Experiment in Violet

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Dave whips his sleek car into the parking space, agitation making him reckless. He drops his mirrored sunglasses onto the passenger seat of his car and resignedly climbs out. He hears his friends advice again, “Go see my friend Dr. Marsae, she might help you with your blues, she is doing some research on electricity and skin reactions, tell her office you are interested in the V-Project”.

Well he has, and here he is outside a sliver of a white building with a small glassed in entryway. He strides forward shoving his hands into his pockets to hide any nervousness. When he tells the receptionist his name she almost coos, “Well aren’t they the lucky ones today!” she says with a repressed giggle, “You sign up right here, and fill out these release forms that anything that happens is with your consent, Dave” He does as he is told, then paces the confines of the reception area trying to blow off some of his nervous energy.

“We are ready for the next subject.” The clipped tones suddenly come over the intercom making the lithely muscled young male jump. He gulps nervously, entertaining second thoughts about this mystery project. The still smiling blonde receptionist waives him towards the door to the lab; “They will see you now”.

He breathes deeply, squares his shoulders, flips his waist length inky braid to lay straight down his back and marches toward the door. One more deep calming breath and he opens the door and disappears through it, his shoe heels clicking on the tiles. The brilliant glare of the fluorescent lights is momentarily blinding, as his eyes adjust he wonders if he is perhaps seeing double. In front of him stand two women, he would guess they are about five-seven, but the heels they are wearing make them five-ten easily, and only five inches or so shorter then him. Their dark hair is cut in identical chin length bobs, framing their faces with tortoiseshell glasses, and pouting full mouths. As he carefully looks each woman over he notes that while one has piercing green cat’s eyes the others are an almost midnight blue.

His eyes skim over the expected lab coats, but his perusal has his eyebrows rising when he realizes how short they are. He could see the top of their stockings clinging to their thighs, the silky stockings sliding down their legs and into the heels both ladies wear. “What” He clears his throat, his British accent strengthening in his nervousness” Would you like me to do?” he asks as his eyes darted around the neat laboratory environment.

“Take off your clothes and we can begin.” Clips out the lady with the midnight blue eyes. “You may call me Dr. Grygori. My assistant in this research is Dr. Marsae” His eyes flicked to Dr. Marsae to see her lips quirking into a small smile as one eyebrow rises.

“Come on now, you don’t need my help getting undressed do you?” asks Marsae. He feels the flush of blood rising to the surface of his skin move up his chest and into his face; he slowly starts to undo the buttons of his shirt.

” I may not need your help, but I might not mind it, Marsae” He thinks as he slips his cufflinks into his pants pocket, then undoes his belt.

“All of them” Commands Grygori she stalks to a counter, her heels clicking on the tiles. He slips off his shoes, and then slides his shorts and pants to his ankles in one lithe movement, neatly folding them over a chair to his left. He could have sworn he hears a low murmur of appreciation but when he glances at the women they are both cool competence and seem to be ignoring him, Marsae wheels in a padded examining table and covers it with a white sheet.

Marsae steps forward and leads him towards the padded examining table. “Don’t forget your socks, feet are so sensitive.” She commands softly. He peels off his socks and tosses them over towards where he had folded his pants. “Lay down now please, face up.” Marsae commands gently. “Please take a moment to relax while we prepare”

He actually manages to relax enough to let his eyes drift closed, so he misses the glint in Marsae’s eyes as she carefully unravels the wide nylon webbing straps. However when she draws them snugly across his chest and secures the plastic latches his hazel eyes fly open in mild alarm. “Wouldn’t want you to jump away now would we?” Murmurs Marsae as she binds him across his thighs and calves as well. She gentle lifts his head and tugs out the length of his braid as well, freeing it from porno underneath him, she gently separates the length of it, sliding her fingers through it. He feels the beginnings a fresh blush and curses his fair skin as he feels the blood rush to his groin, and his penis begin to thicken and harden. When he looks up at Dr. Marsae she is simply finishing spreading out his hair.

When he glances back across the pale length of his body, willing his cock to not get any harder he realizes the lights in the room have been lowered to nearly off, and Dr. Grygori is pushing a wooden cart with a laptop to where he is strapped down. “Dr. Marsae please get your equipment so we can begin.” Snaps Dr. Grygori causing Marsae to jump; she quickly moves her hands from the lush length of his hair and retrieves her matching cart.

“Please discuss with us the sensations you feel as we run through our testing.” Marsae asks as she brings forward a wand shaped object, when she flips the switch it glows a pretty violet color. Dr. Grygori starts typing softly on the laptop. Marsae brings the mushroom shaped head of the wand close to his skin and he watches as the electricity swirling in it arcs to his body with and audible “zap”. He jumps, completely unprepared for what was happening.

“Relax, this should not hurt, but please tell me what it feels like.” Murmurs Marsae softly. “You can close your eyes if that helps.”

Taking her advice he let his eyes drift closed, he hears the zap of the next contact and then the brush of the electricity spreading across his skin, like bubbles. “Its like bubbles across my skin” He mutters, growing uncomfortable as his cock continues to swell. He hears the zaps as Marsae slowly trails it down one side of his torso, down his thigh, and back up the opposite side. Her perfume drifts delicately over him, something spicy, it is both exotic and erotic. He helplessly feels his body respond, his cock now hardening to stand erect surrounded by the dark nest of his pubic hair.

His eyes fly open when he feels the wand tip brush the shaft of his cock; several zaps has bubbles of sensation sliding down the shaft and across his balls. Dave gasps. Visibly squirming beneath her sensuous torture and Marsae quickly moves it away with an averted smile. Masae then moves over to her cart, he hears the click of her switching the device off, and then several more clicks as she disengages the mushroom shaped head and attaches what looks like a small glass garden rake. When she turns the device back on the rake glows neon red, Dave swallows nervously.

She comes back to his bench, a gleam in her eyes, “Such lovely hair just begs for some attention don’t you think, Grygori?” Marsae questions as she begins to brush her fingers through it.

“Indeed” Smiles Grygori. Dave thinks Grygori’s smile looks feral, and catlike.

Marsea sweeps the rake through his hair from his scalp and down its length and he shivers as the electricity pulses through his scalp sizzling along his neural pathways. She sweeps it through his hair several more times and all he can do is moan, as his body arches, “You don’t have to tell me how good that feels, I think we can tell.” Marsae comments glibly as she watches his cock strain in the lab’s cool air. She moves the rake gently across his collarbone only to let it take up its electrifying path along his chest.

She contemplatively brushes it through his chest hair, watching as each of his nipples hardens in response. She then follows the slim arrow of dark hair that ends with the thatch of curls at the base of his cock. As she slowly rakes it just above the skin around his cock he convulses in the bonds, his cock jumping as the intense tingling invades every sensitive cell. Marsae chuckles deeply, for a moment the picture of a mad scientist dances through his head but he firmly shoves it away.

He closes his eyes in silent prayer as the devilish device continues to slide down his lightly furred legs, setting up riotous tingles everywhere it slides. When she slides it back around his cock on the return trip he is more prepared but he still feels his body arching off the table in reaction. His eyes flicker open again as the rake leaves his skin.

“Very unusual research you ladies seem to do”, he comments his accent much thicker with nerves and arousal.

“This project is personally funded, a friend referred you did he not?” japon porno Said Grygori as she stepped forward from her cart. “We do this for our own amusement, and pleasure” She comments as she starts undoing her lab coat, Dave watches appreciatively as soon she is dressed only in stockings, and a snug corset gently binding her torso, she kicks off her heels as she comes over to Marsae’s cart. Dave watches, stunned, as Grygori softly kisses Marsae and undoes her lab coat for her. Marsae is naked except for her stockings and shoes in moments.

She slips off her shoes, and takes a cord with a probe like device, which she slips into Grygori’s snug corset. He watches Marsae then switch on the device, Grygori brings her hands up to Marsae’s nipples and the electricity arches from her fingers to the coral colored crests, they instantly harden as more sparks rain down. Grygori kisses Marsae again, their tongues visibly dancing across one another, the electricity arcing from Grygori’s skin to Marsae’s curvy body. Marsae breaks the kiss off and moves towards Dave.

“Who referred you anyway?” She asks her soft hands caressing his cock, “I want to make sure to thank them” she grins her hand gently caressing the length of his cock.

Marsae climbs up onto the table over him, her silk clad thighs slide across his as her hands and small nails caress and drag across his body. Her hand firmly circles his cock, sliding up and down the shaft with slow precision, “You do not mind if I make use of this do you?” She asks, her voice purring as she catches the pink tip of her tongue between her teeth.

“Not at all Dr. Marsae.” He blurts out, wondering briefly about her sanity.

Grygori grins as she comes forward, “As if anyone can ever resist you love,” she says fondly. In her one hand she holds a strange tined device that has a corona of violet sparks jumping from point to point. Dave doesn’t recognize the Wartenburg wheel, but he will never forget his first sight of one. He wriggles in the bonds as she dances the tines with their small sparks across his chest. At the same time Marsae slowly slides those warm pouty lips down the length of his erection.

As Marsae continues to slide her mouth up and down his cock, Grygori continues her path with the wheel, across his chest, over his nipples. It leaves a trail of electric stimulation wherever it paths, each pinprick and spark setting up a new line of fiery sensation centered in his cock and balls, which are being lavished by Marsae’s deft mouth.

Once Marsae feels his body begin to bow off the table, his body preparing for orgasm she drags her teeth lightly along his shaft and lets his cock slide out of her mouth. Dave would have wept for release if she had asked, but instead she simply lightly fondles his shaft letting the cool air and lessened sensations pull him back from the edge of orgasm.

“When I get such beautiful toys I don’t like to give them up quite that quickly.” She flashes him a feral smile.

If Dave could find his voice he would swear, or pray, he isn’t sure.

Grygori’s path has now led her up Marsae’s thigh to her chest and he watches as the sparks arced across Marsae’s soft skin. He gazes raptly as Grygori plays with it over Marsae’s nipples and then captures each taut tip in her mouth. Marsae’s head falls back with a soft moan as Grygori continues her gentle dragging of the wheel and her suckling of Marsae’s nipples. Dave can feel Marsae’s excitement as her thighs clench and release against his and their juncture heats and dampens. Grygori suckles her nipples until they are a dark coral and her breasts seem blushed from the electrical attention. The wheel moves over her shoulder and across her back and he can only watch from his bound position as she shivers with the sensations her body grinding against his as her hands tighten and slide around his cock.

Dave then feels the wheel on his thighs, it has finished with Marsae for now. Marsae moves forward guiding his erection into her wet heated sheath. She keeps herself held high on tensed thighs, just letting the very head of his cock penetrate her. She will dip and inch or two then slowly draw back up her cat’s eyes staring deeply into his as she teases him.

Grygori draws lacings of electricity down his legs, and across the soles of his feet, each electric tingle forming a web of sensation anchored in lezbiyen porno his cock as it is torturously slid in and out of Marsae’s tight sheath. It feels as if his entire body is just an extension of his cock, each cell clamoring for entry into the ecstasy Marsae promises with her curvy body and knowing eyes.

He struggles in his bonds, his arms flexing and his legs trying to force free. Marsae slides her hands across his chest, and he struggles to relax as her hands slide across him. She brings her pelvis down against his, plunging his shaft into her depths she lets out a growling moan of pleasure. Arching above him she brings her mouth to his. Her lips and tongue trail across his lips until he is granted access to the depths of her mouth too. Her tongue swirls erotically against his. Her tongue rubs across his then retreats, he feels her arch away from him and groans in protest.

When she moves back to grind herself on his cock again he sees that Grygori has traded in her wheel for a new fan shaped implement. It looks about a foot long and has metallic brush like filaments gathered in a slim black handle. Grygori trails it down his chest a mischievous glint in her dark blue eyes, and he moans and shivers. It feels like fire across his skin, but so ephemeral a fire it just adds to the ones these devious ladies have already built.

As Grygori drags the fan of fire on a path over his nipples Marsae rides his cock raising and lowering herself in a slow rhythm, she feels his entire body jump as the fan of fiery electricity brushes across each nipple. She slowly speeds up her rhythm as Grygori’s fan plays across his body. Dave’s eyes drift closed as he looses himself in the sensations of fire and female. When the flaming path follows the arrow of hair across the taut muscles of his stomach he moans and when it trails through the tangle of curls joining his body to Marsae’s he feels her clench around him and a cry breaks free from him. His eyes slowly open and he watches as Grygori uses her other hand to massage Marsae’s clitoris as she rides him.

Marsae pants and moans, unintelligible cries of pleasure breaking from her as she reaches her first orgasm. She surfaces from bliss with her eyes so dark a green as to be black, riding his cock with an even more frenzied rocking motion. Grygori’s fan moves down his legs, as the intense fiery sensations move across his feet he surges into Marsae’s body, moaning and crying out. His eyes have closed, but he hears the whoosh of air and feels the shock of slick plastic dust his thighs as Marsae clenches around him. He slits his eyes open to see Grygori standing to their side, a Mylar flogger in her hands, the electricity dancing with in it like a nimbus as she whips Marsae’s back with it again.

One of Grygori’s hands trailed to her own clit and she deftly strokes it as she whips Marsea in a matching cadence. He feels the tails stingingly dust his thighs as they lightly slap Marsae’s back. Her rhythm on his cock becomes that of the whip; she becomes an extension of Grygori, fucking him for both their pleasures.

Her body rocks on his, she begins to scream as her nails rake down his chest, her body grinding down on his. Her body clenches him in waves as another orgasm rips through her in waves of pleasure. He feels his balls tighten, his orgasm starting from his body’s extremities and rippling through the shaft of his cock. Marsae can feel it, her agile hands reach out and pinch his nipples, what would have been too painful normally instead causes him to explode so strongly he almost passes out. His screams of pleasure join hers as he explodes within her, her body continues to convulse around him as Grygori lashes her a few more times.

He feels as if he is floating on a cloud, his body blissfully numb after all the sensations it has been through. Grygori comes forward and undoes his bonds, gently massaging the marks away from his arms and legs. Marsae slips off him, standing toe to toe with Grygori she kisses her again, then turns and kisses Dave softly.

They both pull a blanket out from underneath the table and shake it open. They push him back onto the table again and wrap all three of them snugly in it. He feels Marsae’s hands bring Grygori to a soft sighing orgasm as they lay there.

“We would be pleased to experiment with you anytime you would like Dave,” Marsae says, her tongue tucked firmly in her cheek “you seemed uniquely responsive to the program”.

Grygori chuckles deeply in response and soon they are all laughing curled together in the middle of the lab. He would have to think about that when he wakes up he thinks as he blissfully drifts into a nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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