Exploration Of Desire

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The kids have long since gone to bed. We sit about the living room having enjoyed a nice meal out. We sip our drinks and talk. The conversation growing more and more comfortable as we all settle in. Yet, despite the laughter and ease there is still something hanging out there. A certain feeling in the air that’s at once dangerous and exciting yet soothing and inviting. Like a mystery begging to be solved.

We’re all very aware of the feeling. Catching each other’s glances from time to time. Eyes meeting briefly. Eyes that now have a special shimmer. The kind of shimmer that can only come from excited anticipation. We tell stories of days past yet floating in all our minds is the knowledge that this is just superficial. Our own minds screaming at us to just get on with it.

You and Stacy sit beside each other on our over-stuffed dark brown sofa. I sit across the room in my green wingback chair, quietly watching and sipping my beer. The two of you like school girls as you talk, laugh, giggle. I notice Stacy lightly slap you’re thigh, her hand lingering for a moment, “Tessa…you’re bad!” as you tell a story of a prank you once pulled. You too are very aware of the brief touch. A touch that may well go unnoticed in a different time, different place. A touch many would simply dismiss. But a touch that to the intuitive speaks volumes. The subtle touch of a woman. The touch of my wife.

And so I watch. Each of you touching one another’s shoulders as you say, “Oh wait, wait. There was this one time…” Then more laughter. The touching becoming more frequent and lasting longer each time. You’re now very comfortable with one another and the sexual tension in the room is almost tangible.

Stacy gets up to use the bathroom and you and I are left alone.

“You’re awful quiet over there Hitcock!” You say, purposely using my screen name.

“Just watching and listening dear.”

“Oh yeah? And what are you seeing and hearing?” You ask, intentionally yet cautiously turning the conversation toward what is really on your mind.

“Ohhhh I’m seeing a lot more than may you realize.”

“Like what?” Your eyes casting down slightly, nervously. You can’t believe you’re feeling giddy and nervous. You curse yourself in your mind but know you’re hopelessly lost to the moment.

I hear Stacy returning and my only reply to you is warm smile and a wink.

Stacy steps back into the room saying, “Okay you two are quiet. What did I miss?”

“Tessa was just telling me she’d be more comfortable naked is all.”

“I DID NOT!” you retort with a laugh.

“Well you didn’t say it out loud but you said it all the same.”

“Be nice!” Stacy says with a laugh and slap on my shoulder.

Stacy returns to sit by you. Each of us secretly happy that the plane has been broken. Knowing that we’ve now crossed over the line and are well on our way to taboo exploration.

As the two of you discuss what a “horn dog” I am, I rise and ignite the oil lanterns hanging on the walls. Then turn and extinguish the harsh light of the electric lamps. It takes a second or two for your eyes to adjust. The flames flicker and shadows dance across the deep golden walls of our living room.

I retreat to another room to search out some scented candles. When I return I find you and Stacy very close together. Lightly kissing one another and softly touching. I’m not sure who made the first move or exactly what happened, but I’m certainly glad it did.

I take off my shirt and return to my chair. Watching the two of you and allowing you to explore. I can feel the nervous tension emitting from your bodies as you ease into the moment.

Stacy pushes your shoulder and you respond by easing back against the couch. Your mind is whirling with thoughts yet they seem to be somewhat fuzzy. A more basic and simpler thought taking center stage in your mind. The thought that you are extremely turned on.

Stacy moves closer, almost on you as she gently cups your soft cheek. Her lips purse and she kisses your own. Her perfume filling your mind. You’re amazed at what is happening, amazed more that you want it and want it badly. She places soft kisses all around your face. Your cheeks, your lips, your head, randomly moving about.

She kisses down over your chin and onto your neck. Your head eases back and rests on the sofa as you surrender yourself to her. Her kisses grow more aggressive as she now begins to suck and nibble at your neck. She continues to pleasure your sensitive flesh with her mouth as her hand snakes up your leg. Up the inside of your thigh, rubbing hard as it glides upward over the denim of your jeans. Coming oh so close to your center. Your legs opening slightly in anticipation of her touch. Yet she slides her hand just beside it and continues up your belly.

By now she is devouring your neck. The air whistling over your skin as she struggles to keep her breath. Her mouth fully engulfed in pleasing and tasting your flesh. She rubs over your shirt and up until she feels the warm crest of mersin escort your breast. She spreads her fingers wide and her entire hand lies flat against your breast. She can feel your nipple swelling beneath the fabric as she touches you.

She slips away and pulls you forward slightly. Fumbling with your shirt and whispering, “Take this off…” You respond in a swift motion and whip the shirt over your head. Your gorgeous hair falling about your now bare shoulders as, without a word, you reach back and unclasp your bra. Your breasts fall free and Stacy smiles at the darkness of your swelling nipples. Your eyes, lusty and dark, lock for a brief moment. That moment that says, “yes,” without a word spoken.

She kisses down your chest and slowly out over your breast. Your head tilted forward, watching as she moves lower. Your hand lightly resting on the back of her head. Your nipple beginning to tingle in anticipation of her mouth. Her lips so close to it now. She pauses for just a brief moment. Then her mouth opens wide and she swallows your nipple in full and hard.

I hear you groan and your head falls back. Now both your hands hold her head as she devours your nipples. Back and forth from one to another. She’s completely engrossed in pleasing you. Her own sexual desires beginning to boil as she explores you. She pleases and tastes your breasts and nipples. Licking, kissing, sucking, nibbling. Although you have had your breasts pleased so many times, this feels somehow different. Is it more intense? Is it more directed? Is it more in touch with what you want? Is it better? Your mind whirling as you answer yes to them all. And then you realize, its because its another woman.

She slides onto her knees and between your own. Her lips now kissing down your soft belly as her fingers fumble with the button of your jeans. You begin to assist but her hands push yours away. This she wants to do herself.

She pops the button open and then pauses. She slips inside your leg and kisses your thigh. You open your legs and purr. Her fingers and thumbs begin to pull at your jeans and the zipper ever so slowly opens. Your growing so wet now. You wonder briefly if your juices are showing through your jeans and then your mind returns to the excitement at hand.

Stacy’s fingers slip inside the band of your panties and she pulls them as far down as the open fly of your jeans will allow. Exposing the soft tender flesh where once stood your pubic hair. She raises up slightly and licks and sucks at the spot. Again you purr and now your fingers twirl in her curly brown hair.

She kisses, licks and sucks at your mound and your soft belly. Sensuous and exciting. But it isn’t long before her fingers grip the waist of your jeans and she begins urging them downward. You lift your ass and your own hands assist hers in removing the garments. She pulls them down over your knees and you feel the cool air rush between your legs. You raise each foot one at a time as your last bit of clothing slips away.

You sit now completely naked. You’re somewhat nervous as you gaze down to see another woman kneeling between your exposed sex. Her hands land softly on your full hips and she pulls your ass right to the edge of the cushion.

Your legs open wide. Even from across the room I can see your juices shimmering in the lamplight. You are so turned on. So excited. So wanton. Stacy’s lips purse and she begins softly kissing your thighs. First the tops then slowly rolling inside. You moan quietly. She kisses higher and closer. Your mind screaming inside your head, “Oh yes. Yes Stacy. Do it!” But she kisses back away from your core and back over your leg.

Her teasing is driving you crazy and your hips are unconsciously beginning to roll and move. She kisses over your bent knee and down the side of your calf. Then her tongue lies flat, wet, and warm just above your ankle. She glides it up, tracing the path of the kisses that led her there. Licking and tasting your flesh. Higher. Back over your knee. Your mind dancing at the feel and the anticipation. Licking you. Up the inside of your now fully spread thigh. You can feel her body rising and easing in closer to you.

Her hands slide up the outside of your thighs as her tongue moves higher. You feel her warm palms slide over the tops of your legs then slip inside. Her palms push at your legs and open you further still. Her tongue glides in so close to your now soaking pussy. Your scent fills her mind and she purrs at the sweet erotic sense it brings. You moan lightly as she makes a long slow lick just beside your lips. Up along that spot just where your thigh melts into your body.

Your hands lie on her head and you struggle to keep your chin down and watch. You gaze down over your breasts, your nipples standing out so hard they’re beginning to hurt. Down over your belly still wet from Stacy’s kissing and licking. Down to where she kneels between your legs. You watch mesmerized at the sight of her licking you so close kocaeli escort to your pussy.

You feel her thumbs touch your lips. High up, close to your clit. You purr as she opens you. Spreading your lips to expose your swelling nub. Your eyes wide as she centers her mouth just in front of your pussy. Her lips part. Your body rigid and frozen. Waiting. So ready. Her breath warm on your clit as her mouth is only a fraction away. Your hips buck to try and push yourself into her but she recoils. Waiting until you again settle onto the cushion.

You’re so close to just pulling her head forward. Then, suddenly, you groan deep and loud as her mouth swallows your clit. It swells in the wet warmth of her mouth. Finally. Her tongue pressed hard against your clit as she takes you. Pausing only to make long slow licks up between your tender pussy lips.

The sensations shoot from your pussy. Out through your entire body. It feels so good. Your mind alive with the idea that another woman is consuming you. And doing it in a way no one has ever done before. The actions may be the same yet there is something somehow different. Something just makes it feel better than any of the times a man has done this to you. Its as if she’s inside your mind. Reading your thoughts. Knowing just what you want and need before you yourself even realize it. Just the right speed, just the right pressure, and in just the right places.

I watch the two of you. Your head now back, eyes closed, lips parted. Your right leg now up and your foot on the edge of the sofa. Your left still on the floor, spread wide. Opening yourself as wide as you can. Allowing Stacy as much freedom to your pussy as you can possibly give. Your hands roam over your breasts and you roll and squeeze your nipples. I can see Stacy’s fingers easing in and out of your drenched lips as her mouth works your rock hard clit.

Your hips buck in synch with the thrusts of her fingers. She can feel your legs begin to tighten. One hand leaves your self pleasing and grips her head. She senses that your close and her fingers move faster. Her mouth feverishly devouring your clit.

Your leg visibly trembling now. The pleasure wrapping around your entire body. Your so close now. So very, very close. You struggle to raise your head and open your eyes. And that’s all you can take. The sight of a woman consuming your pussy is too much for you and you explode. Stacy moans against your clit as your hips buck and grind. Your hand pulling her hard against you. Her fingers a blur in and out of your lips.

“Oh God. Oh God. Fuck………..nnnnnnnnnnn. Yes Stacy. Yes!!! Eat me……..don’t stop……Oh God I’m cumming again……… uuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn…….”

Your hands slap out to your sides and back against the sofa. Your head slams back as another more intense orgasm rocks your body. You moan uncontrollably as your ass slams up, driving your pussy into Stacy’s mouth. She holds your clit in her mouth and simply presses her tongue hard against it.

Slowly, your orgasm begins to subside. Your body loosening as your muscles begin to relax. Stacy softly kissing your pussy lips and your now wet inner thighs. Her hands roaming soothingly over your body. She rises up and slides along your body. Stretching up until she lies flat against you. Your breasts and bellies pressed against one another’s. Warm and pleasing.

You open your eyes and stare straight into Stacy’s. Her cheeks glisten in the dim light. Wet with your sweet nectar. Without a word and before you even realize what you’re doing, you reach out and cup her face. In one swift motion you bring your mouth to her and your tongue licks your juices from her face. You can smell the familiar scent of your pussy on her flesh.

You lick her lips and then, shocking even yourself, you kiss her deep and hard. Your tongues dancing together as, for the very first time, you taste yourself in the mouth of another woman. After a long passionate kiss you pull back and again your eyes meet.

“That was amazing,” you half whisper.

Smiling warmly, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. You taste wonderful.” She replies.

“Do you want me to do that to you?” you ask nervously.

“Yes. But only if you want to.”

You surprise yourself when you realize you’re nodding yes.

Stacy rises and comes to the center of the room. Winking at me. You follow her and stand close to her as she undresses. Your eyes locked on her large heavy breasts and thick nipples. She kicks her pants away and sits down on the floor. She’s facing me and that places your back to me.

She sits on her ass, knees bent, feet on the floor, resting back on her palms. My eyes trail over your soft shoulders, down your back, over your delicious ass. You kneel down onto the floor. I love the look of you like that. My eyes follow the dark crease of your ass, spread slightly from your kneeling, as it disappears between your legs.

“Are you sure,” she whispers.

“Very” you say as your hands roam over her legs. samsun escort You’re nervous and to be honest, still unsure. But you know she wants you to. But you also know you want to. Despite your uneasiness, you know you want to experience what another woman tastes like. What she feels like. What it’s like to feel her cum on your mouth. What it’s like to experience all of her.

Stacy lies back flat on the floor, her knees still up and spread. You caress and touch her. Feeling the smooth skin of her legs, her belly, her breasts. You explore her body as you explore your mind. Touching with fascination. Your fingers pinch and roll her nipples and she coos at your touch.

Then, again, you surprise yourself. You had planned to kiss her, to suck her nipples into your mouth. To tease her in the same pleasing passionate way she had you. But you don’t. Something comes over you and you cannot resist the urge to taste her pussy. Right now!

I watch as you drop onto your elbows. Your hands beside her pussy. Your fingers spreading her open just before your face. Her clit thick and swollen. You smile at its size and marvel at the beauty of another woman’s pussy. Then in one swift motion you suck her deep into your mouth. Stacy groans in pleasure as you aggressively eat her.

Amazing yourself at how much you’re enjoying this. All the worry and tension now completely lost from your mind. You love the musky scent that wraps around your head and seems to pull you in closer. Love even more the taste of her. Similar to your own taste yet different. Your senses are alive as you consume her pussy.

Now it is Stacy who rolls and squeezes her nipples as another woman’s mouth brings her intense pleasure. You still cannot believe how turned on you’re getting bringing another woman so much pleasure. You lick and suck and kiss at her pussy, wanting to taste every bit of it. Wanting to feel the silky wetness of her lips on your tongue. Feel her hard throbbing clit in your mouth. Your own pussy again growing wet and your clit again beginning to tingle.

You are completely engrossed in the moment. Her hips grind slowly and she purrs and moans at your oral pleasuring. As you taste and please her, a thought drifts through the back of your mind. The thought that now you understand. Now you understand why so many women enjoy having another woman. Why they said it’s different than being with a man. Why they couldn’t really explain why its so wonderful but know that it just is. Because now you feel exactly the same way.

The thought strengthens your resolve to make her cum and you devour her pussy with a fervor. I watch your ass, pouted up and out. Moving and wiggling just before me. A deliciously wonderful sight. You are once again completely turned on and your clit is crying for release.

You cannot take it any longer. With the finger and thumb of one hand you hold her open to your mouth. The other snakes between your legs and you begin to masturbate. Stroking your own pussy as you eat hers.

I rise and come behind you. You’re not even aware of my presence as I pause to watch your fingers deftly work your clit. You moan deep against Stacy’s clit as you feel the cool rubber vibrator sliding into your wet pussy. The vibrating sensations of your moan on her clit cause Stacy to groan lustily in response. You’re surprised at first but then realize it must be me maneuvering the vibrator in and out of your pussy.

Instinctively you fuck back against it. You again moan as I turn it on and the vibrations rumble deep inside your pussy. I replace your fingers with the tiny flat-topped toy Stacy so loves on her clit. You return your hand to Stacy’s pussy and struggle to stay focused.

All at once tasting and eating another woman’s pussy while a man is behind you filling your own with a wonderful vibrator and rubbing another against your now throbbing clit. Your entire body is engulfed in a pleasure you have never before known.

You pause and gasp as you feel my tongue swirling around the tight pink flesh of your nether hole. It puckers and flexes in response. Your pussy filled, the vibrations deep inside you. Your clit buzzing and tingling at the intense vibrations running over it. And your ass being licked and pleased.

You know your orgasm is going to be quick this time. You try to keep eating Stacy but the sensations overcome you. Your head thrusts back and your eyes slam shut. You’re so close. Again. You groan in disappointment as I pull the vibrator out of your pussy and my tongue leaves your tight ass. Stacy’s fingers now flying over her own clit as she watches us.

Watches as I rise up behind you. Gripping my cock in my hand. The disappointment is short lived as you feel my cock plunge deep and full into your wet pussy. I reach around your leg and put the tiny vibrator back on your clit. You shove back hard against me and your ass presses against my belly. Finally feeling my cock inside you. Feeling it throb as your pussy instinctively clenches around it.

Your juices spreading out onto my thighs and belly as I fuck you. Thrusting ball deep each time. Hard yet passionate thrusts. Bringing my cock almost completely out of you, the swollen purple head just inside your lips. Then slamming back full into the warmth of your pussy. The scent of your ass mixes with that of your pussy and my mind whirls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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