Extreme Big Brother – Day 04

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I awoke, still holding Maria in my arms. Big Brother had yet to wake us, and she was sleeping softly.

I felt the need to pee, and moved myself carefully away from her, without waking her from her slumber.

As I walked to the bathroom, I smiled at the memory of last night. Such a sexy woman. Her husband truly was lucky. I wondered if she would let me fuck her when she woke. I thought of a quick wash, but realized I’d need her to access the showers, now it needs 2 people. As I left the toilets, I gazed over the corridor and saw Sarah, wrapped in a white towel, standing by the shower complex, waving me towards her.

“Hi Matt, help a lady out?” she said playfully, and then turned into the towel room of the shower and sauna area. It was obvious she wanted me to follow. I followed her inside, suddenly realizing I was still naked from last night. I grabbed the first towel from the shelves, and covered myself.

“Oh, no need to do that” she told me quietly. “I saw it all yesterday. Anyway, we’re going to have a shower. We shouldn’t get the towels wet.” And with that she dropped her own towel to the floor, revealing her nakedness. Yes, she was chubby, but it wasn’t unsexy. In fact, it had it’s own sexiness to it. There was a deep tangle of red hair between her legs.

“Oh, yes.” She said as she saw me staring. She led me into the shower room. The moment we were both in the room, the warm water began to fall, filling the room with a gentle steam. She slowly began to lather herself with dispensed soap and water. “I don’t like to shave. My body, my choice. Tell me about your night with Maria. What’s it like to fuck an Indian pussy?”

I began to wash myself too, trying not to stare too much at her naked body. And not to draw attention to my rising cock. There was a wide wooden bench in the middle of the shower room, without any jets of water on it. A dry island, in the sea of falling water. She moved into the dry area, put one foot up on the bench, and slowly began massaging the leg. She was facing away from me, showing the small bird tattoo on the base of her back.

“We didn’t fuck. She has a husband, back in India. She wasn’t ready to fuck another man yet. What about you and Jeff?”

She made a tutting noise. “You know young men. They talk tough, but when it comes time to fuck, they pump hard for two minutes then fall asleep. No idea about pacing or stamina. I had to finish the job myself while he was already snoring. But you didn’t get to fuck at all? You poor man.”

She turned round to face me. She saw my now fully erect cock, pointing skywards. “A cock like that needs to be used. You can’t let it go to waste. Why don’t you show me what a real man can do?”

She moved back towards the bench in the middle of the shower room. She bent over, spreading her legs for me. She licked a finger, and moistened her cunt. “Come on already. Come here and fuck me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I grabbed her hips, and moved my cock to the opening of her lips. I pushed myself into her, and she put out a moan as I pushed into my full length. Maybe it was the steam in the shower, or the way her legs were spread, but she wasn’t as tight as I expected. I used her hips as handles to push myself hard into her in a steady rhythm. After a couple of minutes. I pulled myself out, and told her to lay face up on the bench. A smaller woman I would have moved around myself, but I was pretty sure she weighed more than me. She arranged herself on the bench, and I spread her legs wide open. My fucking had made her pink lips were as red as the hair above it. I lowered my head down, and began to lick and lap at her moist cunt. After a minute, I moved myself around, and lowered myself onto the bench, face still aiming at her moist pussy. It was time for 69. She got the hint of my cock dangling in her face, and soon began sucking as I licked. She was good at blowjobs, but I wasn’t ready to blow my load yet. After a few more minutes of teasing her clit and lips, she called out to fuck her, and to fuck her now. How could I refuse? I climbed off her, and keeping her on the bench, legs open, I pushed myself into her open pussy. My hands were on her ankles, keeping both legs apart. Her boobs giggled with every thrust. “Keep going” She cried “Keep going, I’m almost there!”

I felt her body shudder with an orgasm, and the muscles inside her gripped my cock hard. She pulled her open legs from my grasp, clamping them behind me. “Cum inside me Matt, cum inside me now!”

Her shudders around my cock had already taken matters out of my hands, and I came deep inside her.

After a minute, our bodies wrapped together as water poured all around us, we began to untangle. “Now THAT’ She said, sitting up from the bench. “…was a good fuck. God I needed that.” A trail of cum started leaking out of her pussy, as she stood up and began to finish showering.

“So?” she asked, “What do you think Big Brother’s got in store for us today?”


I walked denizli escort back to my room, a towel hiding my now-shriveled cock. Maria was up and awake as I entered. She had changed her panties, and was now hooking up a fresh bra.

“Hi” I said. “I was just…”

“Fucking Sarah? I saw you in there with her. Glass door, remember?” She interrupted. I looked down, feeling uncomfortable.

She laughed. “It’s OK! We’re…what was your word…fuck buddies. I’m happy for you. It looked like you were having fun. But it did change my plans for this morning.”

“Mine too.” I replied. “I’d planned to return to you after visiting the toilet, but I got…distracted.”

Big Brother’s voice boomed through the house, calling us to assemble in the living room. Everyone had a smile on their faces when they entered. It was clear that we had all been able to release the tension built up from days without sexual contact.

“Good morning. This is the voice of Big Brother. The next task will be at 6pm tonight. One male member of the house will be eliminated at the end of the task. No female members will be evicted. The task will be sexual in nature.”

Of course breakfast conversation was on only two topics. Last night’s antics, and today’s task. I’m more used to keeping my sexual exploits private, so I was surprised to hear Maria openly discussing our encounter in the bedroom.

“With just his hands?” Asked Shuko, clearly impressed.

“One hand! Well, yes and no.” she replied. “He only had one hand on my pussy, but he used the rest of his body too, in different ways. And his cock kept pushing into my back, like it was trying to make a second pussy!”

The whole room burst into laughter. Jeff slapped me hard on the back. He was less impressed when Sarah told of her ‘brief’ night with Jeff, and her longer morning with me. Later in the day I overheard Henry and him in the gym, Henry giving him some advice and pointers, in the hopes he could escape the joke nickname ‘Mr Two-Minutes’.

The day was spent with our usual mixture of films, food and conversation. Maria came and sat next to me while we were watching an old James Bond movie (Guiseppe’s choice). She whispered if I wanted to find somewhere more private to finish yesterday’s time together. But I had to politely refuse her. Though I really wanted to feel her beneath me, and taste her sweet pussy, I needed to keep my stamina ready for this evening. All the other guys were thinking the same. Even Davide wasn’t flirting in his normal way, and I heard him rebuff an offer from Sarah.

“It’s got to be sex this time, hasn’t it?” asked Shuko. “Like yesterday, but with sex?”

It was 5pm, and we were all getting anxious. Everyone except Candy, Maria and Davide was in the big living room. Candy and Maria were having a shower, while Davide had gone for a nap. From Ivana’s description of the previous night, neither of them had had much sleep.

“We don’t know. Maybe, but I don’t think so” replied Ivana.

“Why not?” Asked Henry.

“Because only one person is getting evicted tonight. A guy. So whatever happens, it’s going to be more about them, rather than us ladies.” Replied the blind Swede.

“Maybe they will need to jerk off in front of us?” Asked Shuko, apparently getting excited by the idea.

“As long as it’s not ON us again. I hate trying to get cum out of my hair. Maybe they will need to give each other blowjobs? Any of you boys bi?”

None of us were, although Henry admitted to experimenting once before, during a MMF threesome. I was purely a ladies man, and would have to think very hard about the prize money, before sticking Davide’s cock near my mouth.

At six o’clock, Big Brother announced that we were all to move into the karaoke room. Ivana took my arm, and I escorted her like a gentleman. When everyone was seated, we were instructed to sit and watch the TV. As Ivana was next to me, it was my job to describe for her.

“It’s a video of yesterday’s task,” I explained, “showing the blowjob competition.” It had been professionally edited together. It looked like a real porn movie. It made me wonder how many cameras were in the house. Then it made me wonder how many people worldwide had jerked off to us.

“How do I look?” Asked Ivana.

“Covered in cum” I answered honestly. “But in a sexy way.”

“Good.” She said, with satisfaction.

After the blowjobs had finished, it showed a montage of our bedrooms. I realized that nothing we did in this house was private, even when the bedroom doors were closed. I blushed as I described to Ivana my encounter with Maria, Shuko’s 69 and cowgirl with Henry, Jeff’s mad two minutes with Sarah, and Candy cum leaking pussy from Giuseppe’s doggy style. Finally I had to describe to Ivana, her own encounter with Davide. She didn’t blush at all, even as I described him shooting his load all over her breasts while she had three fingers inside herself.

I waited to diyarbakır escort see if my encounter with Sarah in the showers would come up, but it didn’t. Instead, it showed us a scoreboard.


Davide 79%,

Ivana 76%,

Sarah 68%,

Matt 59%,

Candy 52%,

Henry 48%,

Maria 36%,

Guiseppe 33%,

Shuko 25%,

Jeff 14%.

I was pleased to see my name near the top, but I was surprised to see Shuko and Jeff so far near the bottom.

I wondered if that meant Jeff was to be evicted, but Big Brother began to explain the task for the evening.

“Tonight’s task is Hide and Seek. Due to her disability, Ivana will not be participating. All other housemates will be required. Penetrative sex will be involved.”

“I don’t mind skipping this one” said Ivana loudly, before the murmuring became too noisy, “I’m still a little sore from last night with Davide!”

We all laughed, and Jeff gave Davide a high 5. We’d all fucked at least once since arriving in the house, so nobody moved or suggested leaving. We were all in this competition until the end.

Suddenly, 4 blindfolds dropped neatly down from the ceiling in the karaoke room.

“Each female contestant in the task must collect a blindfold, and remove their underwear.” The overhead voice instructed. “The blindfold must not be put on until the first horn.”

We passed over the blindfolds, as the ladies took off their underwear in varying degrees of confidence. “Female contestants. When instructed, you must leave this room, and find a hiding space, somewhere within the house. All bedrooms will be unlocked. The shower and sauna will be inactive, but accessible. There will be no penalty for being claimed first. However, there will be a minor reward for the woman claimed last. Please leave the room now. You have…3 minutes.”

All four of the competing girls ran out of the room to find a hiding spot. As soon as the last girl had left, the door locked shut, preventing the boys from cheating.

“Men” the voice boomed, “Your task will be to locate the missing women, and claim them. To claim a woman, you must have penetrative sex with her, either in the vagina or anus, including ejaculation inside. You cannot claim a woman already claimed by another man. You must also not speak or reveal your identity in any way to the women, until you have ejaculated, either inside their vagina or anus. If you intentionally reveal your identity to a woman before claiming her, you will be instantly evicted.”

We looked at each other, counting the number in the room. With Ivana not involved, one of us would not be able to ‘claim’ a woman. That’s how one of us would be evicted from the house. Time would be the main factor here.

“What about Ivana?” Asked Jeff loudly, clearly addressing Big Brother.

“An audio description will be provided for Ivana, stating when each woman has been claimed, and by whom. She will remain in the karaoke room. She cannot be claimed.”

The first horn sounded. Each girl must be hidden, and now blindfolded.

“What if the woman doesn’t want to be ‘claimed’?” Asked Jeff again.

“We do not encourage any of our female contestants to resist being claimed. However, each contestant must be claimed, either by vagina or anus, before the contest is finished.”

There was a dark silence. Nobody wanted to think about that. About what might need to happen, if one of the women resists.

Suddenly a second horn sounded, and the door unlocked. We all ran out, fast as we could. We didn’t think there was anywhere to hide in the gym, so Jeff, Giuseppe and I started hunting the large kitchen, while Davide ran straight through into the larger living room. As I checked behind the dishwasher, I heard Shuko’s voice, asking who was holding her. I turned to see that Jeff had found her, and he was gently lifting her out of a cupboard and onto the kitchen counter, his underwear already down by his knees. 3 left.

Giuseppe kept checking cupboards in the kitchen, but Henry and I moved onto the next room. In the middle of the room, Davide already had his cock moving in and out of a large pile of beanbags in one corner. Sarah’s voice came muffled from under the beanbags. “Oh! oh you must be Davide. That cock is massive. Oh, oh, right there. Oh, oh…”

Henry and I moved on, as we saw Giuseppe following us out of the kitchen.

“Jeff has claimed Shuko” Big brother’s voice boomed through the house.

We moved to the bedroom corridor. All the doors were open. Henry charged into the first bedroom, so I decided to move to the end room and start from the other side. While checking a wardrobe, Big Brother’s voice boomed again. “Henry has claimed Maria.”

Damn. Only Candy left!

I gave up on this room, and moved into the second to last. All the time wondering if Giuseppe would beat me to it. Luck was with me. Under the bed, was Candy, antalya escort her feet sticking slightly out from underneath. As I gently pulled her out, she asked “Giuseppe, is that you?”

Remembering the rules, I didn’t answer. Instead, I picked her up, and put her gently onto the bed. As she stared blindfolded up at the ceiling, I pulled down my boxers and knelt down at her pussy. I gave it a few licks and teased her clit, trying to get her wet enough to enter. It didn’t take much, and I soon tasted her juices flowing.

I climbed on top of her, keeping her legs apart, and pushed my cock inside. She let out a soft moan. “Oh, you’re too fat to be Guiseppe” she gasped. I hoped she meant my cock, as I was skinnier than him. I kissed her deeply as I kept thrusting in and out of her. Normally I’d hold back, but time was important, and I quickly filled her moist cunt with my seed. She bit down on my neck as I came inside her. I rolled off her as Big Brother announced, “Matt has claimed Candy”.

She took off her blindfold. “I thought it was you. Your cock is very straight.”

“Thanks?” I said, unsure of the compliment. It was true though. Both Guiseppe and Henry had more of a curve to their cocks. “I guess that’s it?”

“No” she replied. “Nobody has claimed Sarah yet.”

That was true. Big Brother hadn’t announced anything. I pulled up my boxers as Candy dubbed some tissues around her pussy to soak up my semen. I kissed her again, and we left, hand in hand to find the final couple.

We were shocked to see the living room. In the centre of the room, Davide was on his back, with Sarah on top, his massive cock in her pussy. She was kissing him passionately as he pumped in and out. BUT Giuseppe was also on top of her, entering her ass from behind in a deep double penetration! It was unbelievable. If Guiseppe could cum inside her ass first, he would win!

Sarah arched back and moaned, as someone’s cum began filling her. But whose?! Both men had their eyes closed, their faces full of concentration and bliss. Suddenly, Davide stopped his thrusting, and pulled his shrinking black cock out of her pussy. A think fluid followed it, landing onto both him and the living room carpet. Guiseppe didn’t seem to know he had lost, and a moment later moaned as he came inside her ass.

Shuko clapped. All the other housemates had been watching the threesome. Sarah took off her blindfold to give a proud wave to the crowd.

“Davide has claimed Sarah” Big Brother proclaimed. “Giuseppe is evicted. You have fifteen minutes to say goodbye.”

We sat in the big living room, as Giuseppe and Sarah went to the showers first to clean themselves up. Davide was angry with the Italian/American for trying to steal Sarah, so was waiting in the kitchen until Giuseppe had left the house. I didn’t blame him. I would have been angry too. But we all understood why he did it. $5m makes you do a lot of things you wouldn’t normally.

Ivana joined us all in the big living room, and each girl told her version of how she had been found. They were all still naked, but not showing any signs of shyness or being uncomfortable. We’d all gone past that stage, even little Shuko. Unlike yesterday, and the awkward feelings between the blowjob couples, each girl was cuddling up with the man who had claimed her. Candy had her head on my shoulder, and was holding my right hand.

As Maria described her blindfolded doggy style with Henry, Giuseppe and Sarah re-entered. Sarah had wrapped a towel around herself, clearly a bit more sore than the rest of the women.

We hugged and shook hands with the American, and wished him the best. He opened the thick black door, walked through, and didn’t look back as the door closed behind him.

After Giuseppe had left, Davide re-entered the room. He told us that a huge Chinese takeaway meal seemed to be waiting for us in the kitchen. We didn’t hesitate, and the 9 of us moved quickly to eat. We had all built up an appetite.


After eating, drinking and relaxing for at least one hour, we decided to try the sauna room. None of us had tried it yet. It wasn’t as big as the shower room, but we fitted everyone in, with a squeeze. It was pleasant, and the steam induced sweat made me feel nice and clean.

“You know what this place needs?” Asked Sarah to the group. “A swimming pool. Nothing like a sauna then a swim.”

Ivana agreed, explaining how important a sauna, and sauna culture was in Sweden.

“I lost my virginity in a swimming pool.” Candy said, bringing our conversation back round to sex. It was hard to avoid the topic of sex now. “It was a frat party”.

So that lead to us all sharing how we ‘popped our cherries’. Like me, most were to long term girlfriends and boyfriends. Maria had waited till her wedding night. It was strange to think of her keeping her virginity for so long, only being with one man for two years, then coming here, and being sexual with two men in four days. Sarah went twice, sharing about her first time with a guy, then again about her first time with a girl.

“Sarah, what was your reward, for being the last to get ‘claimed’?” Asked Candy. We had all but forgotten that detail of the task.

“Big brother let me choose the sleeping arrangements for tonight.” She told them all, a sly smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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