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“Kneel, please.” My voice was soft; I never needed to raise it.

Katarine dropped to her knees, eyes downcast, a model of obedience. She was well trained to my moods and knew when a little resistance was warranted; this was not one of those times. She knew she had overstepped her privileges; she didn’t know that I knew, nor what I had in store for her.

My hand stroked her hair absently and she laid her cheek against my leg.


Her voice was soft, unobtrusive.

“Yes, love?”

“I did something today…” Her voice trembled slightly.

I looked at her eyes, but they were downcast. A blush spread across her cheeks.

I let the moment linger awhile, knowing she had something to tell me that she did not think would please me. Sure enough, she grew restive, her confession, her unburdening delayed.

“What might that be?” I asked her after a long silence.

Her response came quickly enough that I knew she had been worrying on this for some time. “I…touched myself today…”

This was not against the rules, so I knew more was coming; I did not reply.

“And…the paperboy saw me.”

I knew that my Katarine had had eyes for this paperboy—an athletic college fellow named Nathan—for some months, and that this ‘accident’ was likely not quite an unintentional one.

“Go on,” I said noncommittally.

She blushed redder and appeared to be having a great deal of trouble getting the words out. “He…watched me…through the window…”

I remained silent.

“…it made me come,” she finished, her voice barely above a whisper.

I considered. Katarine was a red-haired beauty, lithe yet curvy in all the right places, and insane indeed that paperboy would have to be not to react to my sub pleasuring herself. She must have known that before she began, and pursued this particular activity with a specific aim in mind. Still, I chose to play along.

“So you saw him watching you, and yet you continued to touch yourself?”

“Yes, xslot sir,” she replied, voice still soft.

“And what did he do?” I queried, though I knew the answer.

“He just watched…and I let him see…all of me…” She broke off, and I felt her face burning against my leg.

“What was it you were hoping for?” I asked her, keeping all inflection out of my voice, although I found her discomfiture arousing.

“I wanted…”

“Say it.” I let impatience come out in my command.

“I wanted to…”

“Say it now,” I told her, my tone brooking no disobedience.

“I wanted to suck his cock,” she replied immediately, albeit unwillingly.

I smiled a little. “You wanted to suck off the paperboy?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied, voice tremulous.

My own cock was hard by this time, thinking of my Katarine pleasing herself for the the unsuspecting delivery boy and the spectacle she must have made. “And that made you come?”

“Yes sir…” she began, but I knew there was more and waited for her to finish. “I wanted to swallow him.”

“You mean…you wanted to swallow his come?”

She nodded.

“Say it.”

“I wanted him to come in my mouth… I wanted to swallow,” she replied quietly.

I grinned. “Nathan?”

The paperboy in question emerged from the hall where he had been quietly listening.

“Did you hear that?” I asked him; I was confident of his response. He knew what I expected of him.

“Does she do that for everyone?” he asked me, a little smile playing on his lips.

Katarine was mortified. She gasped and tried to hide her burning face in my lap.

“No, not everyone,” I answered. “You should take it as a complement. Now, woman,” I addressed Katarine, “please continue your story. You masturbated in front of this person?”

Katarine was lost in her embarrassment; she did not respond. “Answer me,” I continued.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

“Did you do anything else?” I asked xslot Giriş her; she shook her head.

I faced Nathan. “Did she do anything else?”

“Yes,” he replied. “She licked her fingers. She looked right at me and licked herself off her fingers.”

Katarine gasped and trembled.

I grinned inwardly; this was coming along well. “And were you going to tell me this?” I pulled her abruptly to her feet, deaf to her protests.

“I think you know what to do,” I told her. She cast a furtive look at Nathan; she did not want him a party to what was inevitable. But her training prevailed and she dropped her skintight jeans and silk panties around her ankles, turned away from me and bent over.

The first crack of my hand against her bare ass made her gasp; I watched my handprint begin to form against her pale flesh before the next stroke descended, and I picked up the pace from there. Each slap of my hand brought a little gasp of pain from my beloved. I watched her eyes settle on Nathan, with raging hardon evident within his jeans; he was getting off on seeing Katarine humiliated. A boy after my own heart. His eyes were slightly glazed watching Katarine’s correction; he knew what was to come.

Each slap of my hand against Katarine’s beautiful ass was making her gasp. Despite her humiliation—or perhaps because of it—she was aroused. I could smell her excitement building. When I abruptly stopped spanking her and slid two fingers into her pussy, I felt her arousal in her wetness and heard it in her groan.

I withdrew those fingers and held them to her face; she sucked dutifully. The spanking had gotten her started and I felt as much as heard her animal groan of pleasure as she sucked herself off my fingers.

“Now,” I told her, “you will get ten times worse…unless you can make that boy come before I do.”

I felt her tremble; I heard her moan “oh fuck yes…” and then Nathan, the dutiful paperboy, thrust his hard cock between my Katarine’s lusting lips. xslot Güncel Giriş I was ready with my own machinery; I dropped my pants, stood behind her red cheeks and took her from behind, feeling her wet tightness surround me as I began fucking her with a hard, almost brutal rhythm, sending my cock home into her with each thrust, building, building…Katarine sucking, clenching herself on me, Nathan’s eyes half-lidded as he gave it all to her. She moaned repeatedly, her head bobbing faster and faster, an air of desperation in the gulping of the paperboy’s cock, soft suctioning sounds escaping her hungry lips.

We traded places, Nathan sinking himself to the hilt into Katarine’s sweet pussy as I let her lick the juices off my cock. She sucked and ran her tongue across the bottom of my shaft as Nathan drilled her from the rear, almost throwing her forward in his exuberance. Only my hands on her head kept her from pitching forward as I impaled her mouth. She worked on us for some minutes before pulling her mouth free. “Please,” she moaned, ” I want to taste me…” We traded places again, my sub sucking her own taste off Nathan’s cock as we each entered the race to the finish.

Nathan came first, to Katarine’s relief and evident pleasure. She made sucking sounds as she swallowed every spurt of his pleasure, head thrown back to allow him entrance to her throat as her own heat came to a head and I felt her squeezing me in her own orgasm. The moans escaped her now, each accompanied by a spasm from her grasping pussy, enough to bring me at last to my own summit and I…built…and spilled myself within her, moaning, coming…feeling her grasping in renewed pleasure.

For a while, there was oblivion; some indeterminate time later, it was dark. Katarine stirred.

“Sir…” she said quietly. “You knew.”

“Of course I knew,” I replied. ” I have expectations of you that some might consider restrictive; but know that I love you…and that if you tell me what you need, you may get it.”

She cuddled against me. We heard soft snoring; the overextended delivery boy sprawled on the carpet at our feet.

“Kids,” my sub said, a note of derision evident in her soft voice. Our soft laughter lit the darkness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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