Falcon and Domino Ch. 03

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When reporter Dirk Petersen awoke that Saturday morning, he immediately thought about his date that evening. He had arranged to meet Sadie Newman, the assistant of property magnate Aaron Lansdown, who he had interviewed a few days earlier. He climbed out of bed and was shocked when he looked down at his body. The previous evening, Dirk’s alter ego, Falcon – a costumed crimefighter, had been captured by a sexy femme fatale called Domino. She had paralysed him and shaved off all his pubic hair as an act of humiliation. For many years, Falcon had captured petty criminals in the city. Yet twice in recent weeks, he had attempted to capture Domino, but was tricked by her booby traps. On both occasions she had unmasked him and violated his body.

During the day Dirk forgot about Domino, as he prepared for the evening. When the time arrived, he slipped on a smart shirt and jacket, and caught a cab to the bistro. Moments later, Sadie arrived and they were led to their table. Sadie was wearing a stylish silver dress and matching sandals, and Dirk thought she looked beautiful as she subconsciously ran her fingers through her long black hair.

The conversation started lightly, as they got to know one another. ‘What made you want to be a reporter?’ Sadie asked.

‘I guess I’m just interested in the news,’ Dirk replied. ‘What made you want to work for Mr Lansdown?’

‘I didn’t,’ Sadie said. ‘I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, and moved to the big city to attend university. I studied science, but when I graduated I found myself working for Mr Lansdown’s company by chance.’

Throughout the evening, they exchanged stories and it was clear to Dirk that he had strong feelings for her, and suspected she felt the same way about him. At the end of the evening, they caught a cab to Sadie’s apartment and stood on the doorstep.

‘I’ve really enjoyed this evening,’ she said, and Dirk noticed that she looked even more beautiful when she smiled.

‘So have I. Can we see each other again?’

‘I’d love to,’ she replied, and they arranged to meeting the following Tuesday. Sadie kissed him on the cheek, just before she entered her apartment.

Dirk spent the next few days constantly thinking about her. During the following three weeks they saw each other several times, and on the Friday evening arranged to visit a trendy cocktail bar. Dirk sat alone in the bar wearing his best shirt, and wondering when their relationship would move on to the next level. He then noticed Sadie arrive, wearing a green halter-neck dress, which accentuated her figure.

‘Hi,’ she said. ‘I’d like an orgasm tonight.’

‘What?’ he said, unable to contain his surprise.

‘An orgasm. It’s my favorite cocktail.’

Dirk laughed at Sadie’s delft humour. ‘Then I’ll make sure you have an orgasm, and there’s nothing I like more than a slippery nipple in my hand.’

Sadie laughed. ‘Maybe later you’ll have an erection,’ she said, as the bartender handed them their drinks.

It was almost midnight when they left and took a cab to Sadie’s apartment, where she invited Dirk in. As they sat on her couch, Sadie placed her arms around his neck and started kissing him passionately. She undid his buttons, removed his shirt and stroked his chest. Dirk unzipped her dress, and as she slipped it off, xslot he saw that she was wearing a white silk padded bra, which enhanced her petite breasts. He was about to unclasp her bra, when she pulled away suddenly.

‘I’m sorry Dirk,’ she said. ‘I’m not ready for this tonight.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘It’s my job. Mr Lansdown is unbearable to work for at the moment. He’s so angry about the delays with his development project in the red-light district.’

‘I’m sure it will start soon,’ Dirk reassured her.

‘But Mr Lansdown is so impatient. He even employed a private detective to investigate the area. Apparently the prostitutes are being protected by some guy called Domino. The cops have no knowledge of him and nothing to work on. Mr Lansdown is considering offering a reward for his capture.’

‘The police can’t accept rewards,’ said Dirk. ‘They’re public servants.’

‘Mr Lansdown knows about a crimefighter called Falcon, and is hoping he will help.’

Dirk laughed. ‘I hear he’s just a fruitcake in a fancy costume.’

‘I don’t know. But until the building project begins, Mr Lansdown is making me so unhappy.’

Sadie apologised and Dirk reluctantly put on his shirt and left shortly afterwards, agreeing to meet her again next week. When Dirk arrived home, he re-lived that evening’s events in his mind and knew that Domino’s presence in the red-light district was causing Sadie grief, and ultimately making Dirk unhappy.

The following evening, when darkness fell, Dirk undressed and pulled on his bright red leotard and tights. He then put on his black trunks, boots, hood and utility belt with his stun gun. He drank the serum from a phial, which would make him immune to Domino’s knockout gas. He then examined his gauntlets, which he had reinforced with an anti-conductive material. On their previous encounter, Domino had paralysed him with an electrical booby trap in her mask. She wouldn’t trap him in this way again. Falcon’s defences were now fully activated.

Falcon climbed down his fire escape and made his way to Domino’s lair in the red-light district. He ignored the nightladies and once again disabled the lock on Domino’s door and entered. He walked along the corridor to the room at the end. When he entered, he saw a mannequin modelling his original costume. Domino was standing with her back to him, wearing her familiar short black dress, gloves and stiletto-heeled boots.

‘This is the end for you Domino,’ he said. She turned around and he saw she was wearing her usual black mask.

‘My toy already has his costume,’ she replied casually. ‘So if you leave now, I won’t hurt you, and you can even keep your clothes on, which will be a new experience for you.’

‘Don’t push you luck,’ he said forcefully. ‘I’m a heavyweight crimefighter.’

‘Didn’t you hear me?’ she said. ‘I suggest you leave now, and don’t return.’

‘I’m leaving, but you’re coming with me – right to the nearest police station.’ Falcon started to move towards her, when Domino took the stun gun from the mannequin’s utility belt and fired it. Just before the dart reached him, Falcon held up his arms, causing it to hit his gauntlets. There was a loud crack and sparks, as the dart fell harmlessly to the floor. Domino fired the remaining seven darts, but each xslot Giriş time Falcon blocked them with his gauntlets. Domino dropped the empty gun in disbelief, as Falcon drew his own stun gun from his belt and pointed it at her.

‘My gauntlets have been lined with an anti-conductive material, so you won’t be able to use electric currents to defeat me this time. I’m a heavyweight crimefighter and much too strong for you.’ He then fired a single dart at her stomach, causing her to yell in pain as she fell to the floor in a heap. Falcon lifted her body and placed her on the table face up.

He took two lengths of rope from his utility belt and bound each of her wrists to a leg of the table. With the unconscious Domino lying spread-eagled, he tore the shoulder straps on her dress and pulled it off her. As he did so, a jet of knockout gas shot harmlessly from her dress cleavage, but Falcon ignored this as it had no effect on him. He saw that she was wearing black lacy panties and a bra which barely contained her ample breasts. Falcon took two more lengths of rope and placed one by each of her feet.

He climbed on the table and leant over and placed his fingers inside her mask. He felt a mild tingle as the electricity from her mask was absorbed into his gauntlets. A loud crack told him that her booby trap had short circuited, and was no longer a threat. Falcon removed his smoking gauntlets and threw them onto the floor. Both of her weapons had been disarmed.

Falcon climbed off the table and looked at his conquered victim, who lay unconscious with her hands bound to the table. He picked up one of the ropes and was about to tie her legs to the table when he heard Domino sigh. He noticed that she was now breathing heavily and that her ample breasts looked as if they were about to burst free of her bra. Falcon felt himself becoming aroused and was aware that he was getting an erection. He returned his attention to the ropes, but again found himself distracted by her heaving breasts.

He climbed back on the table between her legs and reached towards her mask. ‘I’ve got you now Domino. Third time lucky. You’ll be asleep for at least an hour. So now it’s time to see the face behind the mask.’

Just as he was about to remove her mask, Domino opened her eyes and starred at him. She then lifted her legs and prodded her heels into his midriff. Falcon realised he had forgotten to restrain her legs, as he felt a sharp pain in his right midriff. When she removed her legs, Falcon saw a hypodermic needle protruding from the base of her left heel. He instantly felt drowsy, and within seconds collapsed onto the floor face down.

Domino tapped her heels together causing a sharp blade to spring from her right heel. With the agility of a gymnast, she raised her legs until her right heel touched the rope on her right wrist, and within seconds she had severed it. She quickly untied her left wrist and sat up. She then twisted both her heels, causing the needle and blade to retract.

Domino climbed down from the table and dragged Falcon’s limp body to the wall, placing his feet against the wall with his legs and arms astride. She removed his utility belt and trunks, and then opened a hidden panel and pushed a button. This caused a wooden X-shaped cross to lower from xslot Güncel Giriş the wall into a horizontal position directly above Falcon. With eight cords, she bound him to the cross by his ankles, thighs, wrists and biceps. Once he was secured, she raised the cross until it was vertical, with Falcon secured to the wall in an X-shape. Domino then placed a small bottle of smelling salts under his nose, causing him to awaken quickly.

‘Time to wake up Falcon,’ she said. ‘Do you like my boots? I call them my ‘killer heels’. Although you were only injected with a sedative. You’re like a bad penny – you keep coming back. You should’ve left when I told you to.’ Falcon was still feeling jaded and unable to speak. ‘Your gauntlets weren’t the only things with an anti-conductive lining. My dress also has one, so your stun gun was ineffective on me. I only pretended to be unconscious to trick you.’ She moved closer to him. ‘I don’t understand why you keep wearing a mask,’ as she grabbed his hood and pulled it off. ‘Don’t worry. I’ve seen it before.’ With a pair of scissors, Domino cut away his leotard. She then cut his tights between the thighs and waist and pulled the shredded lycra away, exposing his genitals. ‘I’ve seen this before as well,’ she said dominantly. Domino examined his naked body, and saw that his pubic hair was growing back.

She then placed a metal ring around the top of his scrotum and clipped it shut. ‘You said you were a heavyweight crimefighter. So let’s see how ‘heavy weight’ you are.’ She attached a weight to the ring, causing his scrotum to stretch. Falcon remained silent, so she added another, but still he said nothing. When she added the third weight, Falcon could not prevent himself from yelling in pain.

‘It’s alright to scream,’ she said, as she added a fourth weight. Falcon yelled out again. ‘I know you’re a big strong man, but you’re no match for me, are you?’ Falcon remained silent. Domino attached a fifth weight, and this time Falcon screamed out.

‘No! Please! No more!’ Falcon pleaded. ‘Please stop it.’

Domino said nothing, but disappeared into another room, leaving Falcon alone. Several minutes passed, which to Falcon, felt like hours. Eventually Domino reappeared and crouched down in front of him. ‘There are two ways we can do this,’ she said. She cupped the weights in her hands and raised them, relieving the tension on Falcon’s scrotum. ‘First, there’s the easy way. Then, there’s the hard way,’ she said, as she released the weights causing them to fall, and for Falcon to scream again.

‘The easy way,’ he pleaded.

‘Good,’ said Domino, as she unclipped the ring, allowing the weights to fall to the floor. She unfastened his restraints, and Falcon fell to his knees at her feet. Domino placed one leg in front of him and Falcon knew what he had to do. After he had finished kissing her boots, Domino told him to stand up and led him to the door of her lair. ‘I strongly advise you not to return here again. You know that you’re no match for me.’

Falcon staggered out into the cool night air. As he started to walk away, he was startled by two nightladies who suddenly appeared in front of him. Falcon quickly ran under one of the arches out of their sight. From his darkened position he could see them looking in his direction, trying to locate him. He knew that they had caught a glimpse of his naked body, and then realised he was still wearing his boots and the remnants of his red tights– a costume unique to Falcon. He prayed they hadn’t noticed them, and he also prayed that they hadn’t seen his face.

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