Fantasy That Came True

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Big Tits

Right from the beginning I have been attracted to my mother-in-law and her to me. She told my wife she liked me better than any of the other boys she had brought home. I was 20 and she was 42 with a thin well shaped body.

Whenever we would visit her, she would kiss and hug me in a way that had more intention than a mother-in-law. Things went along like this for a couple of years. One Saturday we had a family wedding and at the reception we all had been drinking. Buy the time of the wedding my mother-law had been divorced for six months. My wife was busy talking to the bride when her mom grabbed me to dance a slow one with her. She worked me into a dark corner of the dance floor and was grinding against me. I became rock hard in an instant and she knew it. She rode my leg as we danced and then she stiffened and then became limp. She had an orgasm right there on the dance floor. The only thought that went though my mind was, I had to fuck this woman. She seemed to stay away from me the rest of that night.

The following day I made an excuse to go Bayan Escort Gaziantep to her house and pick up a garden hose, but when I got there her son was visiting her. Bad luck! I went down into cellar to get the hose and pretended I couldn’t find it. I called her down to the cellar to help me find it. She came down and I grabbed and kissed her deeply our tongues explored each other, I rubbed her ass and she moaned. She then pushed me away and said this is wrong and ran up stairs.

We had many encounters like this one when my wife was there. She would call me in the cellar, kiss and fondle and run upstairs.

This went on for about three years until she got a boy friend and married him and moved to Florida. After 15 years in Florida they move back to NY, they wanted to be closer to the families. For being a woman of 62 she still looked good and that passion started to burn in me again. The only problem was I could never get her alone. I could see the twinkle in her eye, she knew I wanted her.

Then there was a problem, a wedding on the stepfather-in-laws side and a wedding on our side coming up soon on the same day. The father-in-law decided he would go to his relations wedding and my mother-in-law would go to hers. The father-in-law decided he would have to spend the night away because the wedding was 200 miles away.

The day of the wedding came and as we were getting ready to leave and pick up my mother-in-law, my wife came down with a migraine headache. These will put her down for more than 24 hours. She called her mother and told her she wasn’t going and that I was still going and would pick her up in about an hour.

When I picked up my mother-in-law I told her she looked and smelled great. She told me she wanted to be that way for our date. At the wedding and reception we went our own ways. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was she wanting to dance to a slow one. On the dance floor I felt that grinding and riding I remembered so well. I could tell she had a couple of drinks but not drunk. When the song ended, she asked me to take her home she was tired.

In the car on the way home we did not say a word to each other, I wanted to make a move but was not sure. Then I felt her had on my thigh and then my cock and she whispered in my ear she wanted me tonight.

She led me to her bedroom where we kissed for what seemed to be hours. She confessed to me that she had not had sex in five years because of her husbands heart attack. I slowly removed her cloths and kissed her ears, neck and then her breasts which were still very firm. Her nipples stood out begging to be sucked. She moaned when I sucked them, but I moved further down and kissed and licked her clit. It only took a minute and she was coming. Then she was begging me to fuck her, which I did. Her pussy was so wet and hot it was hard not to come. I did not want to come until she was coming again. I worked her slowly and I could feel her orgasm building. After 20 years the moment I had dreamed about was happening we both came together so intense we both almost fainted. We lay and kissed for about fifteen minutes then she jumped up grabbed her rob and told me this is wrong and asked me to leave.

Never give up on your fantasy because they can come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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