Fantasy Week

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It was a beautiful morning and I was sitting in the lawn enjoying nature. I was looking at the snaps of my 21st Birthday which I had celebrated last fortnight. It was winter and I was enjoying the sun shine. I had just come back from the railway station after dropping my mom and dad; they had proceeded on a week long tour. I was planning how to spend the next week as I had to cook the food, look after the house, the maid, milk man, etc. Just then the phone rang.


“Is this 25…?”

“Yes! May I know who is calling?”

“Sunny! I am your aunt, Sangeeta from Delhi. I am coming to your place for five day training in the evening. Could you pick me up from the bus stand?”

“Yes sure! You are welcome. What time should I pick you up?”

“I’ll reach by about five”

“OK. See you in the evening”

If there was a contest of an odd couple, this aunt of mine and her hubby would win it hands down or at least give others a run for their money. My uncle and she are totally opposites. He is of average height by male standards while she is tall. He is dark and she is very fair. He is fat and she is slim. He is partially bald while she has long silken tresses. He is matriculate while she is post graduate. He is… while she is… (Totally opposite). The only reason that they are married are because my uncle was a young widower and my aunt was from a poor family and her parents did not have enough money to marry her off to a smart boy from a good family.

I consulted my watch. It was 11. There were still 6 hrs before her arrival. I went to the local video library and rented a couple of hard porn movies. I saw one of them, masturbated, went to a nearby eating joint, had lunch, saw the second movie and again masturbated. Before returning the CD’s, I copied it on my PC hard disk to see them later on also. It was now 4.30PM; I locked the house and went to pick up my aunt. She arrived at around 5.15PM. On the way back, I picked up some snacks and we had a cup of tea together.

We were meeting after a long time say 2-3 years and we talked for about two hours about the common relatives. Her son and daughter were now in the 5th and 3rd class respectively. Her husbands business was running fine. She was recently promoted in her department and now she had to undergo five day training course. Her training centre was very near to our house; say 1 km only. She prepared dinner and we sat in one room watching TV.

Now came the big question-where to sleep. I proposed that she can sleep in my parents’ room while I will sleep in my own room. But, there was one problem-that very morning the flush handle of the cistern in the bathroom attached with my parents’ room came off and despite repeated calls, the plumber did not turn up to fix the problem. As such, she had to use the bathroom attached with my bedroom. It was OK for her. We said good night to each other and dozed off. Up till now everything was quite normal.

Since I had seen two hard porn movies that day, I was very much aroused and I masturbated once again before going to sleep. For this I opened the drawstring of my pajama and started playing with my cock. I do not know when I fell asleep and the drawstring was left untied. I had a dream that my girlfriend is giving me a blow job and I was enjoying it too. When I actually ejaculated, I realized that it was not a dream!! My aunt was actually giving me a blow job. She had sucked my cock and had the fluid in her mouth. I was shocked. She quickly got up and went away.

After recovering from the shock I went to her. She told me that when she came from the loo in the morning she saw my erect cock and since it was quite big as compared to Alanya Sarışın Escort her hubby’s she decided to suck it. Moreover, her hubby was not interested in fore play. She had been married for the last 10 years but she had an unsatisfied sex life. They would just get undressed, he would fondle her boobs, finger her cunt to see if it was wet, ride over her, fuck her and after ejaculation doze off, she would then get up, clean herself and doze off. What is foreplay, what are different positions of sex, what is after play, she only knew theoretically and not practically. She also confessed that this was the first time she had done such like thing to any male except her hubby. Saying this she broke down.

I comforted her and she hugged me. She begged that I should make these 5 days memorable for her. She told me that these were “safe” days for her and that I should not worry about pregnancy etc. To begin with we had an erotic bath together. I removed her sari, she removed my kurta (shirt). Slowly, I opened the hooks of her blouse and she removed my vest. I then opened the drawstring of her petticoat with my lips and it dropped on the floor in a fraction of a second. She reciprocated by opening the drawstring of my pajama with her mouth and removed it. Now she was in her bra and panty and I was in my underwear. We hugged tightly. I freed her boobs from the clutches of her bra. Wow! The 37C were now free to be fondled and sucked and I did not disappoint them. Now, my aunt removed my underwear and I removed her panty. Now we were both as naked as we were born. I turned on the hot shower, made a proper mix with cold water and we stood under it. She soaped me and I reciprocated. We just fondled each other; I sucked her nipples and fingered her cunt. She played with my tool and gave me the second blow job of the morning. We helped each other to dry with towels, got dressed up, had breakfast, I went to the college and she to her training.

The whole day I started thinking of her. Now that the barrier was broken, there was no shyness. In the evening after tea, I invited her to watch the hard porn movie I had copied a day before. She had never seen such a thing and was fully aroused. She started fondling her boobs and teasing my tool. When the movie was over, we came to the bed. We made passionate and wild love. Well! You all must have read quite a large number of such stories. I am still not going into details as to how I fucked her. What I am going to tell you is that we decided that normal sex is just a matter of routine. We decided to utilize these 5 days to fulfill our long pending fantasies.

It was decided that we should have a “morning shift”, bath together, an evening xxx hard porn movie session and a normal fuck and after dinner it was the “fantasy fulfilling time”. It was also decided that the morning and the evening sessions should cover many different positions. My first fantasy was “Golden showers”. She did not know what it was. When I explained her, she blushed and was at the same time excited too. Both of us drank 5-6 glasses of water, saw some relevant pics and read some literature on the net as to how to enjoy them. It was roughly after an hour that we both felt an urge to urinate.

We went to the bathroom and got undressed. She lay on the floor and out came my pee shot. The first target of the pee shot was her face, I then adjusted it to strike her chest, then stomach, pussy and finally the legs. The pee jet did not seem to end and I continued my upward journey. I drenched her from head to toe twice and. She felt the warm pee on her body and started moaning.

“Aaa…aaaa… continue please!!!”

“Don’t stop”

“You Alanya Şişman Escort should have drunk more water!!”

“It is simply amazing!”

Now it was her turn. I lay on the floor and she stood over me spreading her legs. The first drops I got on my body were of my own pee. When she started, she also moved from my head to the toe. Watching her pee was equally erotic as her hot pee on my body especially on my cock. It was decided there and then that every morning before bath, we will have a golden shower session and a blow job during the bath.

The next day (Day 2), it was her turn and she decided that we make love in the open. Since, it was winter; we would have frozen in the lawn or in the terrace. Accordingly, we decided to have it in the verandah. It was cold there also, so I collected some firewood and burnt it nearby. There was a lot of fog that night, no one was outside. But, we made sure that we do it with a quilt over us. It was a bit difficult to strip off each other, so we did self service on the stripping front. We did not remove the upper garments, only lifted them to allow each other play with the top portion. We lay beside each other and I fingered her cunt. She was feeling cold and my body heat provided her some relief. The only limitation was that free movement was not possible, so we restricted ourselves to the missionary position only. During the fuck, the quilt would come off and a pause had to be taken. This led to the cock losing its erection and it took some time for it to regain its momentum. This helped us to enjoy the fuck longer. Frankly speaking, it was not very good in terms of convenience but it fulfilled her fantasy. It took us some time to come to the normal temperature.

Following day (Day 3), it was my turn and I proposed anal sex. She protested.

“Ass hole is only for shitting.”

“You saw in the movie yesterday, wasn’t it,” I replied.


“No ifs and buts please!!”

She feared that my tool will rip open her ass but as promised she agreed. I made sure that she felt comfortable. I first kissed her ass, licked it, fingered it with one finger, lubricated it, fingered with two fingers, lubricated it… and when I felt that the time has come, I inserted the head of my tool in it.



“You will rip it open!!” “It is paining!!”

“No problem aunty. You will soon feel comfortable and will enjoy it!”, I comforted her.

This was the first time I noticed that she was in pain. I slowly and steadily thrust in and out just the head. Now she was a bit comfortable as the pain did not seem to be pain. When she began to enjoy, she asked me to thrust harder and faster.

“Fuck hard! Fuck fast!! You…!”



“Rip it open”

“Do not show any mercy”

“Today the ass hole should know about its alternate use!!”

“It should know what a fuck is! Till now it my sweet pussy who bore the pain!!”

I obliged. After about 7-8 mins of hard thrusts, when I ejaculated, her ass hole was red and so was her face, her eyes were wet and I felt sorry for that. I then cajoled her with a full body kiss and a long smooch session. When she felt OK, did I doze off.

Day 4, it was her turn and she decided that we bring each other to orgasm only by oral sex and foreplay. Moreover, she wanted a mutual pubic hair shaving session and dirty/unrefined/crude talk. She licked and sucked my tools and balls for a long time.

“You slut! Take the whole of it in your mouth!”

“You son-of-a-bitch!! Will you choke me to death?”

I reciprocated by licking her pussy and making Alanya Sınırsız Escort her cum. A lot of water came out of her hole and she too had seen such a thing for the first time in her life. It was as if she has pissed on the bed. I sucked, pinched, fondled and squeezed her nipples till they became sore.

“Basturd!! The nipples are paining!” she moaned.

“You bitch! First you have these sexy boobs, then you want to play and now after enjoying you protest?!”

“I allowed you to play and not to eat!”

Then she gave me a boob fuck (thrusting the cock between the boobs and the glans goes in and out of the mouth) and I ejaculated on her chest. I brought jam, chocolate sauce and cream from the fridge and “garnished” her body with it. Then I cleaned her body by licking these things off her body. She was so aroused that she begged that I should insert, but as per promise I refused. She was so impressed by my gesture of keeping promises that she extended her stay for one more day on a lame excuse.

Then I brought scissors and my shaving razor, brush and cream. I cut her bush with scissors and when the hair was almost cut, applied shaving cream on the triangle, then I shaved her bush with my razor. Wow! Such a clean pussy. Even she had never shaved it. She just cut the hair periodically. When I suggested that she could use the hair remover, she was surprised. The thought never occurred to her. She shaved her legs and arms with it but she had never ever thought of applying it on her bush!! Now it was her turn. She cut my pubic hair holding my tool and then shaved it off. The clean surface was very erotic to see. We caressed each others clean and smooth area.

Day 5, it was my turn and I proposed that we do a body to body oil massage. She jumped at the idea. I brought a bottle of olive oil from my bathroom cabinet. Sine it was winter, it took some time for the heat convector to warm the room so that we could be nude. We stripped off each other slowly. Now I lay on the floor mat and she came over me. When our oiled bodies touched each other, it was a wonderful experience. She moved to and fro oiling me. Then she applied oil on her boobs and with them applied on the whole of my body. Now she oiled whole of her body and gave me a good massage till the oil was absorbed. Now I applied oil on palms and gave her a prelim massage. Then I too oiled my body and gave her a body to body massage till the oil disappeared. The experience cannot be described in words but it was a once-in-a-life type of a thing. During to and fro movements, my cock was enjoying to its fullest. It was as if I was masturbating. When I was about to come, I informed my aunt about it. She did not want it to ejaculate, so gave my tool a good squeeze and for some moments it became as inactive as a “wet cat”. Another bath together completed the act. As promised no intercourse was performed on that night too. Day 6 was a bonus day as she had extended her stay for another day on a lame excuse. She proposed that we do it in a completely dark room. Let me confess that even though we could not see each other, but lovemaking is more a matter of feeling than watching. The room was pitch dark, I gave her a body kiss and she gave the same to me. We would play a prank on each other by shifting places. It was a real fun when she was unable to locate my cock and I found it hard to locate her hole. Finally when everything was over, we had a hearty laugh.

Well! All good things come to an end and this visit of my aunt was no exception. After 6 days she left taking away and leaving loads of memories for both of us to cherish. When I dropped her at the railway station, we both had moist eyes. I think that for both of us this one week was the most memorable ever. We have met a couple of times more but never had a chance to do the act. When our eyes meet they convey everything. She once wrote me a letter and I can share it only with those females who write to me and send a real pic of theirs (preferably semi-clad or nude).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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