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You feel so nice as I wrap my arms and hug you to me. I hold you to feel your warmth and enjoy your size. I smell your hair and feel its silkiness against my cheek. Your body, tentative at first, now approaches mine more comfortably. I pull back and you must bend your neck to look up at me. In an instant I take your beauty in… your eyes and nose, your full lips and your cleavage. My eyes are pulled magnetically downward and I can see the front of your body with full hips and thighs’ conforming within the soft material as it clings. Slowly my eyes travel back up to your face and I’m delighted with your warm welcoming smile and you softly ask if everything is okay.

I lean forward to kiss your lips lightly but in a moment it becomes more than a light kiss. My body has set off its alarm and made up its mind. I mash my lips to yours and rotate my head slightly and your lips are superbly soft and fresh and your taste is like a perfectly aged sweet wine. You return the kiss just as warmly and my answer is that everything is perfect… now.

I don’t know where it started but now I notice your tongue and my own in a sweet nested greeting. And I want more. I want all and can’t draw my mouth away. I notice the softness of your back and my fingers massage it lightly telling me you’re wearing nothing beneath the lacy blouse with those damned double thick modesty panels that prevent my seeing what else my body yearns toward… and yet allowing my imagination full reign to imagine the subtle wealth hidden within.

Your return embrace increases and I feel your breasts and hips thrusting hard and my own eagerness welcomes and returns it measure for measure. My hands stop wandering and deliberately descend to your cheeks and my palms gently trace over them. I enjoy the feeling of curvature and perfection beneath your skirt. Again… honestly I wasn’t checking for it… but I’m aware of no ridge of panty or thong. I remember no stockings and this realization is relayed to my manhood as he raises his head even more eagerly.

You must feel my response as your arms surround my neck and your own kiss becomes intimately demanding. I feel you turn and your hip is against my arousal and moving very slightly in tune with lust’s melody. My hands clench your cheeks and I lift you nearly free of the floor in my desire for you. I hear a soft moan from your lips and I’m shaken from my reverie.

Where am I? Am I really with you at last? Can it Alanya Zenci Escort be? Or is it too much and too good to be true? My eyes had drifted closed moments earlier and now I am afraid that I’ll waken to an incomplete dream where I’ve been in a scene with a Venus.

Even so, I feel awake now and my eyes drift lowly open to find it is real, or I’m dreaming that I was dreaming still in a dream. Now I remembered where I am in your doorway. I had been afraid to come to you, fearful right up until the door had opened. After that it really is a dream. That perfect dream come alive.

You feel my pause and open your eyes also. Now you study me and my smile… and pull me inside and push the door closed. You are back with me and my fantasy continues as you step forward and whisper hello. We’re kissing again only now I feel your fingers sweep from my knee upward across my eager center. Your hand continues to my waist moving slowly until I feel the fingers close on me and your head is back with your eyes closed. I lean forward again and kiss those sweetest of lips and suddenly surround you in my arms and pull you close and tighter locking your hand and fingers against me. I move because I can’t help myself. I’m yearning from just above my stomach down through my groin. My need for you travels lower and then back upwards to that swelling in your hand.

This time I use my fingers to slowly clench and bunch your skirt while inching it upwards until it is possible to reach across and clasp your warm, soft, eager ass in both my hands. You seem to melt into our kiss and my fingers begin again. I want to feel you, all of you as my hands slowly spread your cheeks. They’re reaching down, teasing and feeling the muscles tighten as I cross your rosebud and tease it before curving down and in. You are deliciously wet and hot as your back arches into me and I first touch your other gentle lips.

My fingers circle and spread and slowly enter that sugared treasure and I lift. Your legs come forward, lock around my waist and then you’re closer to me. You’re more open as I extend one hand under and forward to find and hold your pearled treasure. Now your reserve is abandoned and your need mounts. Your legs tighten and I lift you before lowering again immediately. You begin a slow hump and it builds, you feel so good to me, everything is so right and my body is hot for you.

It’s only a moment and I feel you cum. Alanya Manken Escort Your body sizzles in need and then slowly recovers as I release one hand and bring it forward to allow your own hand a moment to exit. This time I turn and move you back to the door and against it as my fingers explore the soft tissue of your the warm wet lips. You’re on my mind and in my hand. You’re literally sitting between my hands and moving as I hear your breathing cease and then quicken. Your body and hips rock me and you pull your mouth away and I hear you scream in long-waited pleasure. I use both hands and fingers and you use your thighs and hips. You’re my perfect lover. You climax three times in very rapid succession and then relax with your arms around my neck and your head rests against it.

I’m breathing hard and my pants seem to hurt as I turn while still holding you but with my fingers no longer exercising. I notice a large pair of body pillows on the floor in front of the unlit fireplace with a large comforter on the chair next to them. I walk slowly to the pillows and lower myself to my knees and then lower you to a pillow. As your bare bottom touches the cushions you release your hold around my neck and sit back. I continue without slowing to eagerly remove your blouse and skirt. Their soft material is almost as soft as your body and still warmed from it. As I remove each piece I raise and immerse my face in it then inhale your scent deeply and pleasurably.

The room is warm and comfortable but I barely notice. My attention is devoted to you as I reach out and tentatively touch an ankle and then tease upwards with my fingers. I circle each part of your legs and kiss those sensitive spots where I sense an arousal. You’re smiling with eyes closed as I force you flat and then roll you onto your tummy. Your muscle tone, strength and softness in contrast keep me aroused and working. I trace each shadow, each ripple and each indent in your back and shoulders. But first I begin with your perfect bottom, an ass that any man could worship over. After I’ve traced I return with a deep finger massage.

Your flesh yields to my firmness and my mind’s determination to make this a long memorable evening and night. I roll your skin and each muscle. I knead each portion of your body that I can grasp and kiss each spot that I can’t. Finally I’m at your beautiful ass again and I begin by grabbing a large handful and Alanya Anal Escort rolling it between my fingers and my palm. Each cheek is rolled again and again as I change the direction of each roll. Your ass is rosy and warm when I finish and then I begin to place finger pressure and rub down the crack and across your rosebud to your lips and then pinch and roll each lip between my fingers.

For a long time I’ve heard nothing except your breathing and an occasional sigh but now I hear a hum of appreciation and interest and it continues as I work. Before I get to your hood, I stop and roll you onto your back. On your back your eyes are open but hooded. Your arms raise to my head and pull my face to the fullness of your breasts, and my cock betrays me by coming to rest across your thigh hard, firm and hungry. The pressure on my balls increases as you raise one thigh and move it back and forth teasing me.

Since I’m here I decide to massage the tissue of your breasts next and I begin with my palms flat on them rolling each entire breast with the nipples at my palms. Slowly I close my fingers and begin kneading and working up to your nipples. I pull gently but firmly and then roll each between my thumb and fingers again. You’re moaning and rocking your body from side to side as finally I slip my lips over one and begin to tease and suckle before moving to the other. Now each breast is warm and rosy as I lower my face to your tummy and begin to bite massage it. I take a small bite and roll the flesh between my teeth firmly and then move a half bite and roll again until I’ve covered a swath across your tummy and then I begin the second swath overlapping the first.

Tummy massages are slow and deliberate and always leave the skin toned and the blood freely circulating… another rosy patch of warmed tissue. Now I pause and kiss you. I wipe my fingers between your lower lips and then bring them to your mouth and together we hungrily clean them. Another kiss now even more delicious and savored as I lick your lips and then my own before lowering myself to the source of that sweetness.

I position myself between your legs, on my knees by your feet and lean forward to nibble your mons and spread your natural bush with my fingers. The fine hair is matted with moisture but fresh and sweet. I am in that posture, face down and on my knees that many women prefer over straight all-fours. But it is my chin on the sheet as I again begin to nibble your lips beginning again where I’d left off moments before.

As I’m about to extend my tongue I hear you asking me something. I pause and hear you begging me to swing around and let you taste me, too. Finally I get up, turn and lay down next to you in sixty-nine, head to waist, and we begin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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