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If people asked me when I was younger, if I would ever dress like a woman, suck on a BBC, and serve my wife as her slave. I would have said NO. But today that is how I live.

I’m 46, married to a 26 year old (36-28-36) woman who controls every aspect of my life. I met my wife when she was 19, and since the very first day she took over in one form or another.

My wife likes to have black lovers who are bisexual so she can watch me get on my knees and prepare their cock for her. Below is what happened several nights ago.

When I return home from work everynight I must change into woman’s clothing complete with make-up and nails polished. My hair is very long and I keep it in a ponytail at work. But as soon as I enter our home I must take out the ponytail and brush it back to life. On this evening I was ordered to change into a long black sleeveless vinyl dress with open sides. My nails needed to be perfect and of course I still needed to cook dinner for my wife.

When I was dressed and came down the stairs my wife informed me to cook a meal for 3 as she was having a guest over. I was to go down into our wine cellar and choose 2 bottles of white wine for before dinner and 1 for after dinner. With my instructions, I kneeled kissed her feet, thanked her and rushed to complete dinner and chill all the wine. The dinner table was set for two with candles and flowers, while I prepared place I on the floor near the end of the table. Out of site, but close by to please her and her guest.

Soon the doorbell rang and I went to open it, I thought it would be our guest for the night; however it was our neighbor who just looked at me strangely and asked if he could borrow Betturkey my lawn mower. I grabbed the garage keys and went with him to the garage and opened the door and just asked him to lock it up when he was done. Nothing was said of my style of dress; though I am sure the gossip mill is running fast. I went back in the house and continued to work on dinner.

A short time later the doorbell rang and this time it was my wife’s guest, a tall large black man wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The bulge in his shorts looked massive.

I introduced myself, as nikki, the house servant and let him into the front living room. Where my wife was sitting and reading a book. When he entered the room she stood up, walked over to him and they kissed pulling each others bodies close. When the kiss ended, my wife looked at me and ordered me to bring them wine. I bowed and left the room.

When I returned with the wine and glasses, I opened the bottle and poured each a glass, then kneeled next to my wife as she petted my head. The bulge in this mans’ pants continued to grow. They made small talk for awhile as they drank the wine, with me kneeling awaiting commands from my wife. When the bottle was almost finished, she ordered me to go into the kitchen and serve dinner. I kissed her feet and left the room hearing the tall black stranger laugh as I entered the kitchen. I placed everything on the table and announced that dinner was served.

I assumed my position on the floor after I presented the food and refilled their wine glasses. About 5-10 minutes later my wife’s guest was moving around in his chair and my wife asked him what was wrong. He said that she looked so hot that Betturkey Giriş his cock was going to explode and with his hard-on it was difficult to sit in the chair. With that my wife ordered me to remove our guests shorts and help him relax. I crawled over to his place while under the table, kneeled and placed my hands on his shorts pulling them down revealing a large (10 inches) hard black cock about 3 inches wide. When his shorts where removed, I kneeled in between his legs and started to lick the length of his BBC. I licked from the base of his balls to the tip of his wondrous purple head. I then felt his cock pass through my lips as I began slowing moving my mouth up and down his BBC, trying my best to take as much as I could. I could taste his precum as I worked my tongue around his cock, I felt him place a hand by the side of my face as he patted me with delight. Then I inhaled his whole cock in my mouth and felt his cock head expand as he released a large load of cum down my throat. I swallowed all I could, and then licked him clean. I returned to my place at the end of the table when I was done awaiting more instructions from my wife.

When dinner was complete my wife and her guest went out onto our porch, she instructed me to pull down the bamboo blinds so no one could see them. As I did this they embraced as his large black hands began kneading my wife’s fine ass causing her to rub her body into his harder. I filled the wine glasses and kneeled on the porch as they continued to embrace while their hands covered each others bodies. He was naked from the waist down, since I did not replace his shorts when I had finished pleasing him. His cock began to Betturkey Güncel Giriş grow erect as my wife caressed it with her hands.

She broke off from the kiss and informed me to help remove her skirt and panties as she was going to fuck him on the porch. I crawled over and gently unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor of the porch, as it hit the floor, she reach back and slapped my face for allowing her clothing to touch the ground. I kneeled, kissed her feet while picking up her skirt and placing it on a chair. She grabbed his BBC cock, told me to open my mouth and lick it, which I did. As I was licking his BBC, she lay back on the patio table, kicked me out of the way and told him to fuck her with that BBC. He moved forward and placed his cock on hermoist lips and entered her. Her head tilted back as a loud moan escaped her. Lifting her head back up she screamed for him to fuck her hard, as he was doing this he picked her up off the table and drove himself deeper into her. Her ass was off the table and she ordered me to lick her ass while she enjoyed this BBC inside her. I got underneath the end of the table, turned my head up and guided my tongue into her ass as sher bucked up and down with delight. I could taste her juices running down from her thighs as she was getting fucked. Soon she was screamed from an intense orgasm and I heard him moan as he released himself deep inside her.

After a few minutes he withdrew from her and there was sperm leaking all down her. She smiled, looked me in the eyes and ordered me to clean her up with my tongue so they could continue inside. I kneeled between her legs and lowered my tongue to do as I was instructed. He stood up, and grabbed their glasses of wine and they talked as I cleaned her with my tongue…….

There is more to this story, but this is basically my life 2-4 days per week. My wife is having me quit work and become her emfemmed male slave 24/7

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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