Finding Release: The Sadist Dom

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Big Tits

I have to say I was interested in him from the first message, but he only sent me a message to see about doing a photoshoot with my current partner, who is an adult internet entertainer. I should mention at the time, I was a photographer, part owner and graphic designer for five hardcore tranny websites. I’m a gg or a genetic girl, though. And yes, for all of you wondering I’ve had sex with a tranny & if you’re good I might tell you all about it…

Anyway, we talked. We flirted. He made me laugh. We clicked. It was nice. Which was a welcome pleasant event in my world. Most people I talked to were either into trannies and wanted to fuck my girlfriend on camera or were a tranny and wanted to be fucked on camera. This was of course in addition to living with a psychotic tranny porn star girlfriend who ignored me and wouldn’t touch me if I was on fire, but yet she fucks whomever will fuck her on camera daily. (I’m not still bitter, NO!)

After a few brief cyber interludes, I did not see him online anymore. I forgot about him and moved on with life in my world. I talked to many, many men daily, so my memory of him faded, but not completely.

One of my duties was to run the advertising. You know send the email spam and submit links to link lists, etc. One afternoon, I got a random email response to a personal ad I had secretly posted under the guise of advertising.

The screen name was familiar. So I replied. I asked if he had a screen name on the messaging service and if it was the same screen name. If he did, then we spoke before. Later that day I received a response to my email asking so are you going to tell me who you are? I had peaked his interested. I responded with my screen name.

The email I got back was what I expect. Reminding me that I told him I was a lesbian and not single. Which is sort of true on both counts. I explained that my girlfriend and I were on the outs. I was tired of her antics. I made it clear I was not leaving her yet though. I was merely taking her advice and finding my own life. As for my sexuality, I told him exactly what I tell everyone else. I take it on a case by case basis. It’s the person not the gender. Besides, when you’re on the hunt and craving release, why cut you chances in half.

His reply was far warmer than our last internet conversation and we began to get acquainted via email and the messenger service. After about a week, I was so engulfed by my curiosity that we exchanged phone numbers and I called him one Wednesday night from a friend’s house…

We talked for about an hour or so. The sound of his voice had me wet. He had a charisma. A wonderful smooth voice that I knew could talk me out of my panties easy. We talked about normal run of the mill things. He told me about his military background and his drug experience in Europe. He told me about his ex-wife and his children. We flirted and the conversation shifted from the interrogation to the seduction.

I told him I wasn’t sure if I wanted to meet him in person. I admitted to him I was quite intrigued and that I found him incredibly charismatic, but I was very hesitant to meet in the flesh. He laughed and assured me I had nothing to worry about.

He began his attempts at convincing me to meet him. He asked some very direct questions, mostly about my sexual desires. He asked me if I like to be spanked, how I felt about pain, whether or not I liked anal, if I liked to kiss. Questions I was asked fairly regularly by men I spoke with so it wasn’t an issue for me to answer them. Through our conversation about fetishes and kinks, I discovered he was a sadist & a dom. I was still quite curious about him despite my hesitations. I was not at all put off by this particular kinks. Even though pain in my eyes really does not belong in my bed any longer.

After some serious convincing on his part and a little phone sex, I decided it couldn’t be that awful. I mentioned that I didn’t want to have sex with him the first time we met. He found this quite amusing.

I had to explain that every man I met lately, within hours we would be fucking somewhere. I am not complaining. Almost two years without a good romp, I needed the exercise, but I was still feeling a little cockslut-esque. After he stopped laughing, he said okay and we would have a non-sexual meeting. After all of our flirting and mutual desire for release, a non sexual meeting was a laughable idea, but I convinced myself it was the case.

He said he was free Thursday morning. Fortunately, so was I. He told me he wanted to see me at 11 am and to call at 10am for directions to his house. I hung up with him and I felt the butterflies in my stomach.

I knew it was going to be sexual no matter what we agreed upon, but I was going to try to Betturkey keep it non sexual. I didn’t shave anywhere and I am usually bare from the waist down. I didn’t wear any sexy lingerie either. I was dead set on keeping my clothes on.

I got up early Thursday morning & logged on. My girlfriend was still asleep. I told her the night before, I had to be in to my other job earlier than normal. When I logged on, I got a message that said I was about to call you. Here are the directions to my house. I read them over I could remember them easily. We talked for a few moments. He asked me if I was still coming over. I replied absolutely and logged off. I quietly left the house, carefully closing the door. I got in my car and the butterflies took over. I had no idea why I was so nervous. He wasn’t the first man I had gone to meet while with my girlfriend. I had already dealt with my anxiety about her and whether or not she was going to find out. I was pretty sure she was oblivious, but still I was shaking.

I looked over my face and hair in the mirror at the stop light. I dressed nicely, a well fitting tank top that framed my tits, a lacy green bra, a long skirt and a loose button down sweater that I frequently wore open over my tank tops. Most importantly, I wore cotton granny panties. I was not planning on letting him get beyond my breasts, if it indeed got physical.

His house was not too far from mine. Only a few minutes and a few turns. I found it relatively easily. I parked and checked myself in the mirror one more time. His dog barked from the back yard with my footsteps on the gravel. I knocked on the door and saw a face pop into the window. He opened the door and wrapped his arms around me. They felt wonderful around my waist as he pulled me into him. He held me close to him for a few moments. I couldn’t help melting into him.

I sat down on the sofa across from him. He let me meet the cats. There was music playing in the background as we sat and broke the ice. the kitties climbed all over me as we talked. They purred and fell asleep. I began to relax. The ambiance was very porn flick.

He got up to pet the female kitten who was asleep on my lap. He rubbed her neck and face. She stretch out and let out a little purr. He smiled. He reached out and touched the back of my neck. He stroked the back of my neck, my chin, and cheek.

“Will you purr, too?” he asked with a smirk. A sigh escaped my lips before I realized it. He began stroking and touch my face and neck without hesitation. His hands felt incredibly soft and firm, with a little bit of a rough edge. An electric shock ran through my entire body giving me chills when he grabbed the back of my neck.

He scooped up the kittens from my lap and set them down on the sofa next to me. He took my hands and pulled me toward him. his strong arms enfolded me as his lips found mine. I melted in his arms. I would have done anything he asked of me.

We moved towards the bedroom. He had candles burning.

I asked, “What happened to the non sexual meeting?”

He laughed. “We aren’t having sex yet I’m just going to massage you a little. Take off your sweater and to lay down on your stomach,” I quickly did as I was told. he climbed on the bed between my legs and positioned himself between my thighs.

I felt his hands begin to explore my body. He cock pressed against my puss as he leaned in to bite the back of my neck. Slight moans escaped my lips as I squirmed beneath him. I felt his hands slip under my tank top and unfasten my bra. I didn’t protest. He knew I would yield to his touch. I was his. He began kissing my back, neck & shoulders coupled with intermittent nibbles. Then it happened, he spanked me. Hard too, but for some reason I didn’t mind the first one. I yelp as another landed hard on my ass. I began to squirm beneath his hand. I could feel my pussy begin to moisten. I wanted more.

He continued to tease. He massaged my back and shoulders. He laid down next to me and laughed. He pulled my body to his and began to kiss me. His lips trailed off. Down my cheek and my chin to my neck. He nibble through my shirt at my nipples. My entire body was covered with goose bumps. My nipples were straining against the fabric of my tank top. Before I could feign protest, he removed my top and bra. he planted his lips firmly on my left nipple and began to unmercifully work it over with his teeth. I squirmed and squealed as he lick and suck. He held my nipple with his teeth and tugged it harshly away from my breast. I was overcome with a wave of pain and pleasure. A guttural moan escaped my throat as he released my nipple from his teeth.

My head fell back as I felt his lips touch my other nipple. His hand was slowly creeping up my thigh. Betturkey Giriş I could feel him inching up my skirt. His fingers quickly found their destination. He lightly flicked my clit through my gray cotton panties as a distraction to his assault on my nipple. My body coursed with pleasure as he worked over my nips with delicate pain and precision. I squirmed with his soft tongue flicks over my right nipple. He abruptly stopped and began to kiss me softly and sweetly. I relaxed into his kiss. I felt his hand trail down my right breast, over my tummy, to the mound of my clit. he pushed my underwear aside and slipped his fingers in. he gently worked my clit. tugging and stroking it as he kissed me. I moaned uncontrollably lost deeply in his touch.

He asked me to get up and remove the rest of my clothes for him. I reluctantly moved away from his lips and fingertips, hopped from the bed and removed my skirt and wet panties. He also got up when I did and stripped. I caught a glimpse of his body. I could tell he tanned nude and that his job installing appliances paid off physically. He was strong and muscular. His cock sprang out as soon as he removed his pants. Mmm…no underwear. I would have to say the biggest cock I have ever seen up close. As long as a cucumber and almost as wide. I was mesmerized. I was in heaven. I wanted to feel him pound me. I wanted to sink right down on it and feel every inch penetrate me. The things I wanted to have that cock do to do me, to do in me.

I laid back down on the bed. He wrapped his arms around me. He began nibbling and biting my neck. He bit the back of my neck hard as his hands explored my body. I whimpered and submitted to his touch. His fingers found my clit once again. He began to fingerfuck me a little more feverantly. Then he did something I have never had done to me before, I felt his hand leave my clit and return with a hard slap. My body rattled between extreme pleasure and pain. I buried my face in his neck and bit his earlobe as I squealed. He pressed his hand against my mound and rubbed until the slap sensation subsided and then went back to fingerfucking me. He slipped three fingers deep into me as I ground my clit into his palm. I cooed and moaned as his hand fucked me. My hips bucked against his hand and then he did it again, he spanked my clit. I squirmed and squealed as his hand palmed my mound and penetrated me once again. I felt my body begin to shutter and so did he. I felt another slap to my clit. I let out a screamed. He filled me with his hand once again as he returned to fucking me. His lips found my left nipple. Ever inch of my body quivered as he fucked me. He slapped my clit and sent me over the edge. His fingers pumped my puss furiously until the spasms subsided. He pinched and tugged at my clit. I squirmed and squeaked. Every inch of my body vibrated with pleasure. He slowly stroked my puss until my breathing relaxed and I purred softly under his touch.

He ran his fingers through my hair as he kissed me gently on the lips. He stroked the back of my neck and slowly nudged my head down towards his waist. I let him push my face to the head of his cock. I sat up and positioned myself so my pussy was in his reach while I serviced him. The tip glistened with precum. I licked the tip. I could feel his body tighten when my lips encircled the head of his dick. I wiggled my tongue against the shaft. We developed a rhythm as he fucked my mouth. I shifted to be able to take as much in my mouth as possible.

I felt his fingers probing my pussy as I wiggled my tongue up and down his dick. He placed his hands on my thighs and pulled them towards his head. I caught his hint quickly. I gingerly rested my puss right down his waiting tongue. His warm breathe gave me goose bumps when he exhaled on my clit. His tongue thrust in and out. He probed every inner and outer fold. Finally, finding my pulsing clit with his tongue he sucked it hard into his mouth. I lurched forward driving his cock deeper down my throat.

His hands slide up my thighs. I felt a few of his fingers replace his tongue inside my puss while his lips traveled to my clit. His tongue made deliciously tight forceful circles. He bit my clit causing me to jump. I gagged a little on his cock as it hit the back of my throat.

I felt his fingers running up and down my crevice. His fingers stroked at my anus lightly. I felt him start to poke a finger in. He pressed and wiggled it into my ass. He shoved another finger into my ass as he sucked my clit into his mouth hard. My cock muffled moans increased. I frantically sucked as much of his cock into my mouth. I felt his hot snorts against my clit. I knew I would soon get to taste him. My pace quickened. He slipped the rest of his other hand Betturkey Güncel Giriş into my pussy. I hadn’t had every hole filled in a long time. My body tightened and convulsed. I felt his balls tighten. I suck and bobbed over his cock. He jackhammerred my holes with his fingers. I was lost with the sensations. His balls began to twitch. He bit my clit hard and forced me forward as his cock exploded deep in my throat. I began to swallow as soon as I felt the first shot. I wanted every drop. My body shook uncontrollably as he fucked my holes raw. I panted almost not able to breathe. I collapsed on to him and rolled off on to the bed. We laid there for a few moments just breathing. My skin felt warm and moist. Every inch of my body tingled with release.

He lit a cigarette and curled up facing each other. Breathing. Basking. He told me more about his life and about his experience in Europe. He told me about his tour in the marines in the 90’s. He didn’t let me talk really. I felt a little self conscious laying there next to him while he babbled. He casually pinched my nipples or poked at my pussy as he talked.

His words echoed, but my attentions were drawn solely to the delicious cock on the other side of the bed. I could see it twitch. It still looked moist. I could see it starting to perk up while we laid side by side. I couldn’t help myself, I reached out and began to lovingly stroke it back to life. His words began to drift as my pace picked up. I tickled his balls with my fingertips. His breath quickened.

Suddenly, he hopped up off the bed and walked to my side. He grabbed both my hands and pulled me off the bed to him. He pressed his hand on my lower back and bent me over the bed. His hands ran down my back to my hips, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and began to tongue my puss. I leaned forward onto the bed and arched my back to give him easier access. He stood up and replaced his cock in the teasing. He teased me until I was squirming. He kicked my heels apart and grabbed my hips.

It became clear to me, I was going to get the hard deep fuck I was craving. He wasted no time plunging into me. He slammed me forward onto the bed with his first thrust. His cock ripped through my aching pussy. I squealed as he ripped himself free and plunged the full length in once again. He began a pattern of quick deep thrusts. I moaned and screamed under his hips. My pussy felt like it was ripping.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and his fingers found my clit. Every inch of my body screamed with pleasure. I felt him begin to slow his thrust and suddenly he dislodged himself from my puss. His cock slide up my crease. He pushed at my asshole with the head of his dick. I squirmed under the pressure. He pinched my clit and with one thrust was buried half way. He violently fingered my clit as he assaulted my ass. My body tingled with pleasure and pain. I whimpered beneath him. He began to thrust wildly, I knew he was close to coming. His grunts became louder and deeper. He plowed deep into my ass with one final thrust before he ripped his cock from deep in my ass and shower my back with warm splashes of cum. I felt it ooze and dribble down my crack. I panted as I recovered, frozen over the bed.

He grabbed a towel and wiped the cum from my ass and back. He wrapped his arms around my waist to steady me. My knees were quite weak and wobbly, but I was floating. He kissed me for a few moments before he told me he had to be at work in an hour. I was too wobbly and dazed to protest. I got dressed and he walked me to the door. He kissed me and told me he would call me.

I got in my car and drove to my friends house. It was the first time I ever really reeked of cum. My friend laughed when he saw me.

“You smell like you had a good time,” he snorted. I giggled and headed for his shower.

Oddly enough, he did call me a few days later to ask me how my pussy and ass were. We talked for a little bit and he asked me if I would call him in a few days. We played phone tag until I lost touch with him. He stopped logging on as well and eventually his screen name disappeared from the service.

All I was left with was the one morning, I vanished to be his cockslut.


2 months later my dom did call me again while I was on my way to pick up my current gentleman from work. He asked me if I wanted to come and serve as his slut. I paused for a moment and wondered if I could pull it off. All I could think about was being filled by his cock regularly. I explained, as much as I desperately wanted to, I was seeing someone and it was getting serious. He understood, but he was still a little disappointed. He said he was having difficulty finding another submissive who served him as well as I did.

I told him I was on the road and had to go. Sadly, I am not skilled enough to shift, drive, and talk on the phone. He asked me to call him over the weekend and maybe we could get together for coffee.

I never called.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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