Forbidden Fruit

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Evan and I had been dating for seven months and had moved in together before I met his mum, Tina. I knew she had been only 14 when she had given birth to her only child, and I also knew that she was a lesbian living with her lover, Julie. Evan talked about her a lot, he was obviously quite close to her, but he had never told me how sexy she was. The first time I saw her I actually drew in a breath. She was the most stunning looking person I had ever seen. Copper curls cascaded around a beautiful face with piercing green eyes and luscious red lips and I actually felt a tingle between my legs. My eyes moved down further over her rounded breasts, tight waist and perfect arse encased in blue denim and my nipples became sore and erect. Even though I had never been with another woman before I knew I had bisexual tendencies, I often fantasised about women when I masturbated, but I had never felt an attraction quite this sharp before. I took a quick glance at Evan feeling guilty for these unwanted feelings, but luckily he hadn’t noticed my arousal. Tina had though. She was staring directly at my nipples through the soft fabric of my top and smiled. I looked away in embarrassment.

‘Hi Holly,’ she said. ‘Glad to finally meet you at last.’

‘Hi Tina,’ I replied, shaking her hand. Her touch was electric and she didn’t miss the way I shuddered.

‘Where’s Julie?’ Evan asked.

‘Working, I’m afraid, so it’ll just be the three of us for dinner.’

‘Two,’ Evan admitted. ‘Stephen need’s the company at the moment so I’d said I spend some time with him tonight, but I thought bakire porno it would be a perfect opportunity for my two favourite girls to get to know each other at last.’ Stephen, Evan’s life-long best friend, had just lost his wife of four years in a car accident and was now having to bring up their baby son alone, and to be perfectly honest, wasn’t coping that well. His phone call just minutes before had not been entirely unexpected, and Evan would never leave a friend in need. He said his goodbyes and Tina poured me a glass of wine and put on some low music.

‘Don’t be embarrassed by being turned-on,’ she said after he had gone. ‘It’s a perfectly natural reaction.’ I flushed again and said nothing, I just looked down into my drink and fought the urge to run into the bathroom and finger myself. After that, we spent a very pleasent evening getting to know each other. I knew there was no chance of this ever happening so I did my best to ignore it and become friends with her.

I’m ten years older than Evan, so I’m only four years younger than Tina so it was very easy to get to know her. We have a lot of the same likes and dislikes and very soon we were laughing and joking and I relaxed a little, until I felt her hand on my thigh as we sat next to each other on the sofa after we had eaten. We were both quite drunk at this point, so I didn’t try to stop her as she squeezed my knee gently. That small touch felt amazing.

‘You’re a lesbian virgin, aren’t you Holly?’ she whispered huskily, sending shivers thrilling through my whole body. I nodded, brazzers dumbstruck.

‘Do you want that to change? Do you want me to fuck you?’ I was shocked at the sudden change of mood, shocked and excited. Her hand moved further up my naked thigh under my skirt.

‘Y…yes,’ I managed to stammer. I moved my legs apart without even thinking.

‘Will you be a good girl and do as you’re told?’ I couldn’t speak so I just nodded.

‘Good. Now sit on my lap, Bitch.’ I straddled her and as I slowly lowered myself onto her lap, the hand between my legs pushed aside the fabric of my now soaking panties and her fingers entered my slit with her thumb resting on my clit. I gasped in pleasure.

‘Do you like that, Bitch?’

‘Yes Tina,’ I replied, wriggling to increase the incredible sensations in my pussy.

‘Don’t call me Tina. Call me Mistress.’ The command turned me on even more.

‘Yes Mistress.’ Her thumb then started to encircle my engorged clit.

‘God, you’re so wet. Your juices are running all over my hand. Hump me, Bitch. Ride my fingers until you cum.’ I began to bounce up and down on my knees, finger-fucking myself with her fingers. With her free hand she pulled up my top and pulled my tits out of the bra cups, squeezing and twisting one nipple so hard as it jiggled up and down. At first I hated the pain, but as I slowly accustomed it with pleasure it excited me even more and I began to crave it.

‘Yes, Mistress, hurt me, please hurt me,’ I begged my new dom.

‘Are you cumming yet?’

‘Yes, I’m dede porno cumming, I’m cummingggg!!!’The orgasm ripped though my body like never before and my cunt pulsated violently around her fingers. From the look on her face I could see I had pleased her.

‘Have you ever tasted your own cunt cream?’ I shook my head in a no and watched fascinated as she bought her fingers up to my lips stretching one long line of sticky pussy juice from my still gushing hole which clung to my chin as I greedily sucked and licked my own desire for her from her fingers.

‘That’s it,’ she urged. ‘Eat it all up, you dirty little whore.’ When I had finished she commanded me to stand in front of her. She stood too and she kissed me so passionately before she made me remove all our clothes.

‘You’re such a dirty bitch, Holly, aren’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘What are you?’

‘I’m a dirty bitch Mistress. I’m you dirty fucking bitch.’

‘Lie down on the sofa, Bitch, and spread your legs.’ I did as I was told and she lay down on top of me so her face was directly above my pussy and her pussy was directly above my face. Her lips then clamped down on my lips and her tongue probed my hole so I did the same to her, raising my head to her sweet tasting wetness. I was so turned on I came in seconds, moaning into her cunt, her juices all over my cheeks and her thighs, but she didn’t stop. I took her nub between my lips and sucked hard, just as she was doing to me, willing her to orgasm as hard as I had. When she did, her whole body shook and I came for the third time moments later.

Afterwards we cleaned up and I went home. When I saw Evan I didn’t feel guilty at all, I just silently thanked him for having such a goddamned sexy mother. I couldn’t wait to see her again the next day when we went shopping, little realising then just what we had started…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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