Frosty, Long Ago Ch. 01

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This is true. Happened in March of 1968. She was 26, divorced; I was 30, engaged. I remember it clear as a bell.

Her first name was Frosty (honest) and I’m not telling you her last name because it’s famous. Well, maybe not famous, but very well known. She was very rich and kind of hot and we worked together in NY. She didn’t need the job but it was what trust fund babies did in the Day.

We weren’t particularly close, but she picked me for the honor, which it was, sort of. I was reasonably fit, moderately good looking, had a pleasing personality but best of all (for her) I was engaged to another woman we both worked with, so I had a lot to lose if I didn’t keep my mouth shut.

She was very aware that she was widely regarded as a hot piece of ass. That, along with the fact that it was the 60’s and there was still enough propriety left in “her crowd” that indulging her sexuality as a young divorced woman was social suicide. Her marriage had sucked, she told me, and she had invited me to lunch that day because, even though Jess and I were only months away from our wedding, she — Frosty — had “a vibe.”

All of this came over coffee, of course. You never discuss the real reason for a business lunch until it’s almost over. The reason was this: she wanted to be Friends with Benefits before there ever was such a thing. Feminism, sport fucking and the full impact of the pill were still several years away. Frosty was Social with a capital S, but she was also a formerly married woman (a virgin at her wedding at 22!) and, as she put it so succinctly, “I love it, and I’ve gotta have it.”

“I kind of get the feeling you wouldn’t mind,” she said as I sat across from her. I wouldn’t have. I, too, regarded her as a hot piece of ass. My commitment to Jess notwithstanding, I was a member in good standing of the Frosty X fan club. A blonde in her twenties, perennially tan as the rich usually are, not beautiful but fresh-faced and fashionable, she was a sexy, full-bodied athletic type.

And she really did say that to me across the table: “Jon, I was a married woman, and I’ve got to have it! I’d like it if you and I could … well, get together every now and then. Jess will never know. Honest.”

Now, of course, I’m in a pickle. I love Jess, but what an offer! Then again, it’s only sex. Then again, it’s sex with someone who’s not your fiancée. Yeah, but it’s hot sex with a hot piece of ass. No strings. How cool!

No. Maybe Jess put Frosty up to this to test my loyalty. My bizarre imagination had the love of my life jumping out of Frosty’s closet yelling “Gotcha!!”

All of this went through my head in about 3 or 4 seconds. And then I looked directly into Frosty’s All-American blue eyes. There was a challenge there. In a situation like this, with a girl like her you can’t say, I don’t know. That’s a soft-dick answer. She’s asking a hard-dick question.

So I said yes.

You want to give me an argument about it 45 years after the fact? Be my guest. Or you could just enjoy my adventure.

She was in some hurry. She asked if I could meet her for a quickie at 5 o’clock. She escort bayan could take the afternoon off; could I leave a little early?

At about quarter past five I walked through the door of her west side apartment. She led me into the bedroom. It was dark out by 5, so the lamps were on and the bed was mussed; there were a few toys scattered on it. “I spent a lot of this afternoon thinking about this,” she said. “You’ve already made me cum twice.”

She shrugged off the white terry robe she was wearing, revealing a very naked, very firm, inviting body. She was exactly what I had expected and hoped for: full, upturned breasts that looked invitingly heavy, with large pink areolas and nipples already stiff and dark; a narrowing ribcage and trim waist flaring out to ample hips; strong, long legs with well-defined muscles in her calves and thighs.

She stepped to me and put her arms around my neck and shoulders, pulling her to me. “Let’s go for number three,” she murmured.

She pushed at my jacket and of course I gave her some significant help, my cock hardening as I whipped my clothes off.

She had lain down on the bed and as I stepped out of my boxers, her eyes went to my crotch. Her smile made me feel excellent. I crawled up next to her and took her in my arms. Her tongue immediately invaded my mouth and we were off and running, her little mewl of long awaited pleasure a soft kind of starter’s pistol.

As I put my hand in the small of her back and moved to trace the mounds of her ass, she was reaching down for my cock, almost desperate to hold it. She took it and ran her hands up and down the shaft, cupping my balls, and I felt her shudder and exhale deeply. She moved from her side to her back and I inched over to her. She opened her legs and I slid my hand up her thigh to her wet and swollen sex.

I was propped on my elbow, and looked her up and down, drinking in the tapered legs, the strands of blonde hair over her pussy, the slight and sexy swell of her stomach and the round plumpness of her tits. “Frosty, you’re amazing!” I breathed. She took my cock in her hand and squeezed it, pulled me to her lips and kissed me lightly. “So are you,” she breathed, “so be my guy and fuck me good!”

She pulled me by the cock and I had to roll over and on top. She saw surprise on my face and she said, “This will be a quick one for me, and then we’ll play, but I want some of this, inside, now!”

She truly did.

She spread her legs and led my dick toward her cunt. I took control of my cock, moved back slightly, and pressed the head between her cunt lips. She gasped and her eyes widened a bit, then I thrust quick and hard all the way in, my cock splitting her yielding cunt, pressing apart the velvet walls.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” she breathed, and pulled me tight against her. “Oh, god, it won’t take long! Oh baby” and she began to gyrate under me, eyes closed, breathing quickly. I pulled away to sit up and pushed her knees out wider. Her eyes opened and saw me looking down, watching my cock piston her cunt, and looked down at us herself. “OOoooooooooooo, tuzla genç escort baby, so hot!” and her hand moved to her clit.

“Beautiful,” I said, through gritted teeth. Her hand went from her clit to my cock, her fingertip on top as it entered and withdrew. Then she closed her eyes and pulled me to her again. Her brow seemed to furrow and her cunt was clenching at my cock.

Her hips moved even more violently, matching me thrust for thrust, and she came, grunting and pushing as if she were trying to rid her body of her fluids, her legs tightening around me with incredible strength. “Awwww, give it to me, give it to me, awwww fuck my cunt! Unh! Unhhh!” She babbled on and on, as if squeezing out the nonsense words, urging herself to cum. “FUCK O FUCK …………. ME!!!”

She moaned as her orgasm washed over her, “Awwww, awwww, awwww, and as it waned she breathed, “oh, baby, oh, I hope Jess realizes what a lucky girl she is!” She relaxed her legs, catching her breath. As I started to pull out she said quickly: “Stay! Stay in! “

“I might come.”

“For just a minute. You’re so big, it’s so good!” And I think it was, indeed.

We laid like that for a minute or so, then Frosty slipped my cock from her and sat on her knees beside me. She bent her head, her hair spilling down, and gently bit the head of my cock. Then I felt her tongue lap around it, and heard her say, “That’s me I taste!”

“I think I leaked out a bit myself,” I said, and she laughed, taking the top part of my dick fully into her mouth, then sliding her pursed lips down the shaft. Before too long she was swallowing it almost fully, nipping with her teeth and tonguing the base — a masterful blow job. A virgin when she got married? My ass.

We maneuvered, with me directing, so that she was straddling me, her face in my crotch and her crotch in my face. Heaven. I fingered her clit and her cunt lips, then softly flicked my tongue across her pussy, stopping at her clit. I felt her warm mouth engulfing me and I thrust up, fucking her face to her delighted squeals. I clenched the full, firm globes of her ass, spreading them apart, my finger seeking out and teasing her puckered hole, while my tongue pressed and teased her clit.

I wanted her cunt again so badly I simply pushed her off me and onto her back. She was on fire and ready, her legs opening and waiting to grasp me. I rammed my cock into her as fast and deep as I could and she seemed to swallow me whole, my balls banging against her ass. She screamed,” OHHHH!!! FUCK ME! FUCKME HARD” and I did, and she came again, quickly, arching her back up and lifting her hips off the bed, my cock embedded in her clenching, spasming cunt. Her thighs almost bulged as they twitched and shivered.

She stayed like that for almost a minute, a monstrous cum, wet as a thunderstorm, her juices flowing against my surrounded cock and oozing out onto her thighs and my balls.

She fell back onto the bed, her eyes glazed, unfocussed. “O goddamn, goddamm” she breathed, her chest heaving. I rested with her, grasping her heaving tits tuzla kendi evi olan escort and squeezing them. She brought her hands up and covered mine, and I whispered, “You are some hot fuck, baby, some serious hot fuck!” In my ear she breathed “Oh yeah. Let’s get more.”

“Get on your hands and knees” I said, and she took that position, her ass lifted high, her legs spread wide, then she turned her face to me said the words I’d never heard before: “I love it in the ass!”

It was so hot, so dirty, I thought I’d cum. “Okay?” she asked. “Oh, yeah okay!” I replied. A little bravado happening there. But the white skin of her ass, juxtaposed to her bikini tan line, was a sight to behold.

“Let me get some lube,” she said as she crawled up to the nightstand, opened the drawer and handed me a tube of AstralGlide.

She lay flat on her stomach and reached around with her hands to spread her cheeks wide. I dripped some lube on her stretched asshole and rubbed it around the rim, then pressed my finger inside. She moaned and pushed her hips and ass up against my probing finger. “Put more on,” she instructed, letting go of her cheeks.

I lubed my finger and my cock, then re-inserted my finger. Together, we widened her anal opening, she putting her hand under her and playing with her pussy as I finger-fucked her asshole.

“Okay, now!” she breathed, and she rose up on all fours again. I pressed my cock at the hole and was surprised how easily it opened and made way for the first inch or so, but then I hit the tightness. I thought my balls were going to explode. I grit my teeth to keep from cumming. She was half grunting, half moaning, fighting her sphincter and trying to relax the tunnel at the same time. “Godamm!” she shrieked, “You’re big!”

“I don’t want to hurt you!” I hissed.

“Just push!” she demanded, her head down, bearing the pressure. “The hurt feels good right now. PUSH!”

I pushed, but slowly, my cock like a drill, opening the tunnel before me, the walls squeezing me more tightly than anything I’d ever felt, even the orgasmic grip of a passionate woman’s hand. Finally, she exhaled deeply and lifted her head. “Oh yeah … oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me good …”

I began to stroke and the feeling was amazing — smooth but tight as a drum, with Frosty grinding her ass around and around, cooing and growling with the unspeakable pleasure. I felt like a possessed her completely and that increased the urgency even more. I was able to move more easily as her canal surrendered to my insistent cock, and she was literally gasping for air.

“Cum with me!! I’m going to cum all over that cock!!!” Her hand reached between her legs and under me, grasping my balls and squeezing them. That was enough to send me over the edge.

I heard her and felt her lose control as she came, but I can only remember the enormous release as I shot my first spurt of cum deep into her ass. More and more shot out, each jet as hot as the last, my entire body tensing and jamming my cock as deeply as possible into her.

My cum came dripping out of her ass, down the slit and onto her cunt.

She rubbed it with her fingers, then turned to me with a nasty little girl smile, and sucked at her three cum-soaked fingers, one at a time.

“You are the best cheap whore in the world,” I said.

“Aren’t I,” she smiled. I thought about Jess, and I knew I was in trouble.

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