Gasping in Lust

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Gasping in Lust

The trio of furs tumbled into the apartment with tipsy giggles on their lips. Two Arctic foxes and a goat clung to one another with the hint of a flush in their cheeks, though the night was still young as far as the bar-goers and those more interested in clubbing were concerned. The twins and the goat, however, had something far more intimate and fun to get busy with and that involved an ‘early night’ for those who were not clued on in their particular situation.

Kylie, the vixen, collapsed into the smaller goat’s arms as her brother hung up his jacket, flicking on the light as he shook his head at their antics. Out of the three of them, Kyle had had the least to drink and was the chaperone of the group, although he would not have said, if asked, that he was perfectly sober and with himself. It helped them all loosen up, especially when it was the special offer cocktails that were flowing.

“Are you ready for some fun, cutie?” Kylie giggled, running her paws down the slender goat’s chest. “You’re just as cute as you were before.”

Blushing, Goatie bleated and ducked his head shyly, jacket unbuttoning under her deft, quickly-working paws.

“Oh…” He shook his head, cheeks crimson. “I… I’m glad I ran into you again.”

“The pleasure’s all ours,” Kyle interjected smoothly as he took the jacket from Kylie, leaving the coat in a fitted pink vest shirt made of mesh and his more casual jeans; not his usual wear. “But I think there’s something my sister has been longing for from you.”

Goatie couldn’t help but grin, his eyebrows raising.

“Maybe you’ve made quite an impression with me too!”

That was more than enough for the twins who took a paw of his each, towing him lightly through to the bedroom as the vulpine’s paws pattered over the carpet. The twins laid him lovingly back on the bed, only turning the lamp on for just enough light to see by, as Kylie immediately set to work on removing Goatie’s jeans. They were hardly becoming for a fur who was keener to express himself when going out and about, but he’d not been out at any club that his more feminine attire would have been acceptable at, at least on his own.

That, however, didn’t mean that his undergarments weren’t better suited to his sweet personality.

“Oh, my,” Kylie murmured as she revealed the soft silk panties cupping his sex, mesh stockings and a suspender belt in the same shade completing the ensemble. “And I thought you had gone tame tonight!”

Goatie blushed and wriggled, though would have said that he felt far better without the cumbersome görükle escort ‘acceptable’ clothing on his lower half. The vest had been a compromise and one that he had undertaken with reluctance at least, but all he could do was moan into Kyle’s muzzle as the fox claimed his mouth with his lips and tongue and his sister enjoyed his body just the same.

She could not deny her lust though, shifting up and over him as she flipped up her skirt, panties tugged to the side. Even with his lips pleasurably crushed to Kyle’s, Goatie’s nose twitched, her scent flooding the room.

He groaned. There was nothing like the aroma of an aroused vixen. Nothing like it at all.

“Such pretty fur…” Kylie murmured, running her paws up beneath his mesh top. “Oh…”

Goatie squirmed beneath her paws as Kyle caught his lips in a kiss, the bolder Arctic fox’s tongue darting between his lips to explore the smaller fur’s mouth. The goat moaned into his muzzle as Kylie straddled his waist, his hard cock slipping up against her needy pussy as she groaned and rocked her hips back and forth, panties still pulled to the side.

“If you need him, sis, take him,” Kyle invited her, breaking the kiss for but a moment. “There’ll be plenty more goat to go around tonight.”

It wasn’t as if Kylie needed any invitation; she was a vixen well-used to getting what she wanted when she wanted it and her brother only served to enable her wherever possible. With a smirk, she pressed the tip of the goat’s cock to her dripping pussy, panties soaked through coolly as they pressed to the side of his shaft. Goatie groaned into the fox’s muzzle and then she was pushing down and down, taking the full length of his cock into her tight cunny.

Moaning, he rolled his hips up as she worked down on his cock, her pussy squeezing and clenching around him as if she was trying to drag him in deeper. But he was already hilted inside her and Kylie yipped softly as her paws roamed the goat’s body, slipping up under the mesh and higher still. Her paw landed on his throat and, without thinking, Goatie groaned loudly, cock throbbing and pulsing as if he was going to cum right then and there.

Kylie stilled, lips parted and the only faint sound that of her breath, ears pricked curiously. The silence in the room rang loudly, even Kyle pausing as he pulled back just a little to survey the little goat beneath them in a new light.

“Well, well, well,” he murmured, breaking the quiet as Kylie moaned and rocked her hips on Goatie’s cock, a fresh lust in her eyes. “Seems someone likes things a little…kinkier…”

Goatie blushed and shook his head, but Kylie paw crept back to his throat, her jaws parted in predatory lust.

“Oh, he does,” she growled. “How hard can I go, Goatie? Will you throb like that again if I just…press down?”

Closing her paw around his throat, the vixen growled and slammed bursa escort bayan her hips down, eager to hear those muffled, squeaking cries burst from his lips once again. And the pressure there was enough for Goatie to close his eyes, head rolling back as he submitted to her touch, windpipe slowly being closed off bit by bit.

It should have been painful and, truth be told, his mind swam and struggled against the lack of breath, getting a little and yet not quite enough for his lungs to stop burning. He couldn’t help but struggle as she rocked her hips on him, Kyle retreating just enough to play the part of the voyeur, though Goatie was sure that he would jump in at a moment’s notice if things seemed like they were going too far.

At least, he hoped so.

“Such a kinky goat,” Kylie murmured, hips working as she rode his shaft as if she had done so many, many times before and not just the couple of very sweet flings they’d had between them. “You like this, don’t you? You like being controlled like this. I can feel how much you’re fucking throbbing inside me! Your body gives it all away, Goatie!”

It was almost an order to like what she was doing to him and Goatie whimpered, looking up at her as his eyes widened, her paw pressing down harder still. And then her paw was gone, the goat twisting and gasping as he sucked in needy breath after breath but there was only something more stringent, something that made him throb all the harder, to come.

He wouldn’t have noticed the suit if not for Kyle passing the tie from the ensemble to his sister, a wicked little smirk tugging at his lips. After all, he was the enabler. The silken fabric wrapped around his throat as Kylie looped it taut, allowing her to more efficiently apply pressure while she leaned back, pulling on the tie to ride him.

Goatie gasped, eyes wide, but there was no air to suck back into his lungs, or at least nowhere near enough as his chest shuddered. But it was hard to concentrate or even be all the concerned about it as his body tried to arch up from the bed to relieve the pressure. Of course, Kyle was all too quick to pin his shoulders back down, holding Goatie gently but firmly in place to ensure, quite sweetly, that there would be no escape.

And he didn’t want there to be either. He placed his trust in the twins and groaned breathlessly, nostrils flaring and twitching as his body sought the breath that he could not glean for his lungs. The vixen riding him growled and pulled the tie tighter, never quite cutting off his supply of air completely for more than the briefest of moments. It was all but a tease, her toying with him to see just how aroused she could get her little goat as he rocked his hips up beneath her, spearing his cock into her soaked cunny again and again.

It was all he could do while under their control.

“Good little goat,” Kylie growled, lips stretched bursa escort into a feral grin as she rocked and bounced on him. “So kinky… Never thought you would let me go this far!”

And how far she went didn’t seem to be in his control any longer; he couldn’t have voiced a complaint if he tried as she stole his breath and he grabbed at her, only to have his paws clutched in hers, fingers weaving between hers. Kyle pressed down on his shoulders, keeping him still as his cock lounged half-hard across the goat’s muzzle, barely a distraction to the main event but a prelude to what more was to come. But his shaft drooled still, the pre-cum slick and heady as he struggled and tried to gasp in breath to no avail.

He would have two horny twins, after all, to please that night. And it would be his utter pleasure to do so.

But his need rose, the goat twisting and writhing as he sucked in a couple of gulps of air before the tie tightened again. He couldn’t hold back, eyes rolling into the back of his skull as Kylie laughed recklessly, pushing further than he had ever imagined, not even in his wildest dreams, she could, the pressure building and building until he could do nothing but release it.

“Cum for me Goatie!”

And, as his lungs burned, the Goat gave a strangled bleat, eyes wide and bulging as he ejaculated, shooting what felt like the biggest load ever into her needy, twitching pussy. Kylie groaned deep in the back of her throat as he filled her, her grip on the tie loosening just enough to allow the goat to take in short, shallow, panting breaths, just enough to let orgasm roll through him without the burning, lustful ache turning into a distraction.

With his load seeding her pussy, it was not long before the vixen too fell prey to the throes of orgasm, although she released the goat’s paws just in time to allow him to squeeze and rub the nub of her clit with those slender little fingers of his. Back arching, the fox whined and throbbed, thrust over the edge as his cock still pulsed spurts of cum inside her, refusing to soften as his climax rolled on and on.

Stroking his head, Kyle tucked his fingers under the tie to loosen it further, rubbing and stroking softly over where it had pressed down, a smile pulling sweetly at his lips.

“There, there,” he murmured. “That was a big one, huh?”

Goatie closed his eyes, languishing in the soft warmth of being taken care of. Fingers ran through his fur and smoothed back his ears as the goat sighed quietly, eyes half-closed as he relaxed in the afterglow. Kylie groaned above him as Goatie’s softened shaft finally slipped from her pussy, the vixen leaning heavily on the bed, paws on either side of his shoulders. The vixen’s breasts heaved and rolled, skirt falling down over her thighs as if she had done nothing untoward at all, although the scent of sex and sweat still cloaked them, hanging thick and heady in the air as if to entice them into further debauchery that night.


It was flattering to hear her stutter, struggling to get the word out as Goatie giggled faintly. Sometimes it was good to push the boundaries.

Even if they did take his breath away.

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