Gym Submission Ch. 04

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Usual disclaimers, though if you are already browsing stories on this site, you must have an idea what you’re getting into by now. 😉

This story contains Male/Male sex, Male/Female sex and Dominant/Submissive themes, so if this is a problem . . . wave off!

This story is fictional story based on a fantasy of mine. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send your thoughts, dirty as they no doubt are. It’s always good to get feedback!


It didn’t hit me till I walked into the gym. Oh, fuck! I stumbled to a stop. Valerie was meeting me at the gym tonight. Oh, Fuck! I looked down at my ‘outfit’ again. Feminine, heather gray, shorts with pink trim and a matching pink shirt. Pink trimmed ankle socks and shoes. Then, of course, were the items underneath it all. The pink thong and butt plug nestled inside me. I felt a wave of panic. I could delay the questions about my shaved body, or at least explain them as a kinky experiment. But the cloths were another matter completely. I debated getting back in the car and going home.

I was still stopped in front of the desk, working up a good panic attack when Lisa seemed to appear in front of me out of nowhere. She was in a similar outfit from yesterday. Orange trimmed sports bra/top which accentuated her full bust and showed off her flat tummy. Skin tight lycra bottoms, also orange trimmed, ending just below her knees. She’d obviously been working out, as her skin had a sheen of sweat. She was so sexy, standing there with her hand resting on her full hip.

“Doesn’t Erica look cute!” She said with a smirk. I just blushed even brighter red. She handed me a bottle of water and an iPod Shuffle. “I made a special workout playlist just for you. You will listen to only this as soon as you start exercising and you will continue your workout till it’s done.” A devilish smile blossomed on her face. “You’ll get further instructions at the end of the recording.” She then leaned in close as I looked at the innocent looking music player in my hand. “Is Erica’s pussy nice and full?”

My breath caught and it took a couple seconds to get enough moisture in my mouth to actually talk. “Yes. I followed my instructions.”

“Good girl.” She said with a smile. Then put her mouth at my ear. “I bet it felt soooo good to fill up that tight, little hole. I’m sure it reminded you of yesterday. When it eagerly swallowed every inch of our master’s cock.”

I swallowed hard and felt my hole twitch around the plug in memory. Something about the way she said ‘our’ master’s cock gave me a thrill. She gave me a wink and knowing smile, then turned to leave. I just watched in lust as she sauntered back towards the aerobics area. What an amazing view it was watching her hips swivel and sway that lusciously curvy ass. I just found myself walking in after her. My previous concern momentarily forgotten.

I was still blushing bright red as I walked towards the men’s lockers. I’d never worn a thong before so the feeling of walking around with barely enough material to hold my cock and balls in place was weird and not a little bit sexy. The feeling of my bare butt brushing against the thin jersey material of the pink trimmed shorts was keeping me very conscious of how I was dressed. Not to mention the butt plug shifting a little with each step. I had never been more aware of my hips and ass as now. I just hoped that the little pre-cum stain on the shorts from the drive over wasn’t clearly visible.

I tried my best to ignore the stares and surprised glances as I passed through to the mens lockers. Of course it was worse inside. At first nobody was paying attention, but then someone came out of the showers and saw me walk by. I could feel his eyes run up and down me. Then I heard a wolf whistle from behind that must have been him. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them everyone was looking at me. There was probably 8 guys in various stages of dress or undress, giving me the once-over.

“Hey, girlfriend, I think you came in the wrong door.” This from a college aged jock with just his boxers on. I looked at him and he smiled, reached into his underwear and fished out a semi hard cock. He stroked it a few times. “Unless you were looking for something.”

My face was on fire with embarrassment and I felt short of breath. A tiny part of my brain wondered what he would do if I dropped to my knees and started sucking him right there. But most of my mind was just occupied with wanting to disappear. He and the others just laughed as he put his dick away and went back to getting dressed. I could hear bits of conversations as I moved towards the back. Words like, “fag”, “sissy”, “pussy” and “cocksucker” drifted out of the general hum of conversation.

I quickly grabbed my towel and stowed my gym bag and headed back out. As I walked out I had to squeeze past a group of middle aged men talking. I scooted sideways past, facing the wall so I didn’t have to look anyone in the eye. I was surprised as they shifted a bit and I was pressed against the bursa escort wall. It was only for a second or two, but several hands groped my ass before I shifted clear. I looked back and they were still locked in conversation, as if nothing had happened. Heart pounding from nerves, I hurried back out to the cardio area.

So far there was no sign of Mark, and I could see Lisa through the glass, beginning an aerobics class. I found an empty recumbent bike and sat down. The plug shifted inside me again making me sigh and once again, I felt the distinct sensation of pre-cum working it’s way out of my cock. I looked down to see that the little dark gray spot on my shorts was still there. And if this kept up, would be getting bigger as I peddled. I looked around and noted I was still getting a lot of looks. A few showed hostility or disgust, but the majority were more curious or questioning. They just weren’t sure what to make of me in my obviously feminine attire.

My mouth was still dry, so I cracked the cap on the bottle of water Lisa gave me and chugged about half the bottle. I then put in the ear buds and switched on the iPod as I started peddling. There was the sound of rain slowly building in the background. Wind in the leaves melded with the rain in a relaxing way. I don’t know how long I listened to the wind and water. So very relaxing. At some point I thought I could hear voices, buried in the background. After a bit I realized that it was indeed voices, but no matter how hard I strained, I couldn’t make out what they were saying. The words were at the edge of my comprehension. But it seemed like they might be getting louder, so I kept listening intently.

I became vaguely aware of my cock hardening in my thong and had to shift a little to try and keep it hidden. Of course shifting only caused me to rock against the plug. I sighed, feeling anther drop of pre-cum ooze up my shaft and into my shorts. It felt so good and so naughty. My eyes were closed as I just drifted there with the wind, rain and voices in the distance.

I could still taste the delivery guy’s cum from earlier. My tongue swished around my mouth in memory. I could almost feel the weight of his cock as it slid into my mouth. And that dirty thrill from being used like that. Yeah, it felt good to be on my knees. Anyone could have seen me. Seen me getting my face fucked by that black cock, like some wanton slut. I relived it in my mind. Remembering his strong hands on my head as that magnificent cock . . . penetrated my mouth. Another man’s cock inside me. Thrusting and in control. Using me. Hard cock. So beautiful and strong. Long, thick and powerful. Feel so relaxed and horny. Horny from thinking about cocks? Yes, that must be it. Thinking about a man’s hard cock is making me hot. It shouldn’t, but it does. Makes my lips tingle. Lips? Because I want to . . . suck. I do like to have something in my mouth and a cock fits perfectly. I really like cocks, don’t I? So relaxed . . . and horny. So fucking horny!

Drifting . . . so relaxed. Soooo . . . relaxed. So . . . passive. Passive. Just want to let things happen. To be . . . submissive. Yes, feel so submissive. Doing what I’m told is . . . so relaxing and . . . exciting. Such a turn on to follow along. To let others make the decisions. Don’t want to be in control. Don’t want to be in charge. Relaxing to just let others guide me. Tell me what I should do. What I should do to . . . please them. Want to please others. Relaxing. Happy to please. Nice to do what others want. I WANT to do what others want me to do. I am submissive. I want to do what I’m told! Yesssss. So relaxed and submissive to what others tell me. Makes me happy to make them happy. So nice to let others make the decisions. To be led. To be told what to do. Mmmm, makes me horny to be told what to do.

I keep thinking about cocks. So hard and commanding. I like, no, I love cocks! Did I always? I don’t think so, but . . . why wouldn’t I? A man’s cock is so powerful. A real man’s cock is so strong and dominant. Cocks are dominant. I like dominant cocks. They tell me what to do and i like to do what I’m told. Obey? Yes, I should always obey them. The bigger the better. So horny! For cocks . . . Mmmm, yes. Big cocks! Big, manly cocks that dominate me. Submissive. I am submissive. Cocks are dominant. So I am submissive to cocks! Yes, that makes sense. I should be submissive to big cocks. It’s just natural to submit to strong, dominant male. Real men have large cocks. Natural to submit to large cocks . . . strong men . . . real men . . . with big cocks. They deserve to be pleasured. I have a cock, don’t I? But it’s not big and I’m not strong or dominant. I am submissive. Submissive to any cock that is bigger than me. Yes! Yes! That’s it, a real man is bigger than me and dominant. Natural to submit to cocks larger than mine. Any cock that is bigger is superior. Dominant. Powerful. I should obey. Must obey . . . and give them pleasure.

Pleasure. To cum. Make them orgasm and empty their malatya escort full balls. To cum anywhere they want. They are in control. They command . . . dominate me. I should make them cum. Any time they want. I should give them pleasure . . . with my . . . mouth. Mmmm, yes. Love cock in my mouth. Like servicing the delivery man. So good to let a big cock into my mouth. Should always allow cocks to fill my mouth. To suck. Love to suck . . . on hard cock! Makes me so hot! Cocks love warm, tight places. Makes them cum so hard. I want, no . . . need to make them cum hard. Make cocks cum hard with my mouth. How else could I make them cum? Cocks need a tight, hot channel . . . to fill . . . to . . . penetrate. To fuck. Yes! To Fuck. To fuck me! Fill me with hard meat. I should let them fuck me. My tight hole is perfect for teasing the cum out of hard cocks. Women have pussies that are designed for cock. Cocks fuck pussies. My hole can pleasure a cock. If cocks can fuck my tight hole, is it a pussy too? Do I have a boy-pussy?! All pussy’s are designed to be filled with cock so a boy-pussy is also made for cocks. Made to be . . . mmmm, penetrated. Filled. Fucked! I should offer my mouth and boy-pussy to big, hard cocks. Seems natural . . . completely natural . . .

It’s natural for me. Not for a real man, but for a . . . me it is. Real men are always dominant. Only submissive men should offer themselves to pleasure cock. Perfectly natural for a submissive . . . . sissy, to service cocks. If it’s natural for me and natural for a sissy, then . . . am I a sissy? Sissies are femmy, toys for real men. I want to be a toy for real men. And I like wearing these femmy clothes. So sexy feeling. I must be a sissy. I’m a sissy boy for strong men! Mmmm, so natural to be a sissy. And sissies need a man to fill them. I need big cocks to fill me. Natural to be a sissy who needs cocks to fuck her. Proud to be a sissy. Proud to make cocks cum. To tease them with my mouth and pussy till they pump me full of . . . of . . . cummmm. Yes, it’s natural for a sissy to make men cum. Her job is to make men cum. Thick creamy cum. Tastes so good. Good for me. Makes me happy when men fill my body with cum. Or cover me in it. Sissies love cum anywhere, don’t they? It’s just perfectly natural to be a submissive sissy filled with cum.

Only natural to need big, cocks. Need to suck them. Natural to be fucked by them. To give them pleasure. To tease the cum from those over-full balls. The bigger the cocks the better. Love big cocks. Black men have large cocks. I Love large cocks. Large, black cocks. Black men are usually bigger, aren’t they? Bigger is better. Big is superior. Black cocks are superior. Sissies are submissive to big cocks. Black cocks are big, so sissies love black cock. Natural for a sissy to want big cocks. Big, black cocks. Sissies love big black cocks. I love cocks, Big cocks. I love big, black cocks. I’m a good sissy who loves to serve Black cocks. Black men are dominant. I am submissive. A submissive sissy. Submissive sissies need dominant, real men. Black men with large, dominant cocks for a sissy to serve. For me to serve. I’m a sissy who needs to serve black cocks.

Natural for me to want cock . . . want to please cocks. Natural to make them cum. Natural to be a good sissy. I’m a good sissy who wants to make cocks cum inside me. Cum on me. Love cum. Love cum from big cocks. Natural for a sissy to prefer big cocks. Black cocks are big. Dominant. Submissive sissies need black cock. Natural for a sissy like me to want big, black cocks inside me. Penetrate me. Fill me. Fuck me. Pump me full of cum. Breed me, like a bitch. Sissy-bitch. Mmmmm, YES! I want to be a sissy-bitch for big, black cocks like I was born to be. I was born to service real men with my body. My purpose. Only natural . . .

So relaxing. The rain in the leaves was so relaxing that it wasn’t easy to pull myself back. I opened my eyes and stretched a bit. When I looked at the bike readout I was stunned. I’d been riding for an hour. My pace was much slower than usual, but I normally only ride for 20 minutes. I really got lost in that meditation!

About that time, the recording began fading out. I was about to turn it off, when I heard Lisa’s voice come on.

“I hope you had a relaxing workout, Erica. You can skip the rest of your routine. You WILL go to the locker room and strip. With only a towel on, you WILL go to the steam room and wait there. Your plug WILL stay in, of course.” Crap, only a towel to hide the bright, red plug. I’ll have to be careful. Her voice came back again. “Now get your sissy butt in motion. You WILL be in the sauna by 3:30!” There was a little tingle when she called me a ‘sissy’. Seems like I should be bothered, but . . . I am in a thong, with a plug in my, my pussy? And I had sucked a stranger’s cock only a couple hours ago. Maybe I was a sissy.

I looked at the clock and it was already after 3:20. I upended the water bottle and gulped the last of it down. Then I grabbed my towel and headed to çanakkale escort the locker room. There were fewer men around, which was good, as I realized that there was a huge dark spot on my crotch. What had I been thinking about to cause that? I was able to peel the wet panties down without showing anyone the thong or the plug. I wasn’t even sure if anyone could see the plug if I wasn’t bent over, but it certainly felt like it was on display. I wrapped a towel around me, but like most gyms, the towels weren’t very big it barely made it all the way around. So I made my way as quickly as possible into the back, past the showers, to the steam room.

Initially I was relieved to see that it was empty, though I also felt a little disappointed to, though I couldn’t say why exactly. It was a good sized room. All done in green tile, even the benches. There were benches built into the wall, all around the square room and another that ran across the middle. Between the steam and the low lighting, it was pretty dim. The steam was thick and seemed to swallow me up in a moist embrace. I made my way into the most shadowed corner of the dim room and sat on the tile bench. And let out a little grunt as the hard tile forced the plug up tight between my cheeks.

I shifted and pulled the towel out from under me and just draped it over my lap. Leaned my head back into the corner, closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. It was very relaxing. The moist heat seemed to make the tension in my muscles melt away. My ass and back felt slippery on the wet tiles. Felt kind of sexy actually. Couldn’t resist wiggling my hips a little. No idea how long I just sat there, my mind just drifting. Could have been minutes or hours.

At some point I heard voices outside and they seemed to be getting closer. Suddenly the door was yanked open and a group of young men seemed to almost tumble into the room. They were all young, black men, probably early twenties at most. I think they were the guys I sometimes saw on the basketball court. The first thing that struck me was that they were all nude. Didn’t even have towels with them. The second thing, was that they were all well equipped. Maybe not porn star huge, but very nice. None were hard yet they were nearly as big or bigger than my full hard on. It was then that I realized that I already had a hard on, probably from the idle thoughts rattling around in my head since the day began. And that thought brought to mind Valerie’s words from this morning.

I tried to steer clear of it, but the image of Valerie with these five young, black men slipped into my brain and made my cock twitch. I carefully crossed my legs under the towel to hide it as they took up seats in the room and paused in their conversation. Two set on the right, two on the left and one straddled the center bench directly in front of me. He then laid back down and crossed an arm over his eyes. I couldn’t stop my eyes from straying to his crotch. My eyes widened as I saw it pulse and begin to harden.

“Damn, Rob! You thinking about Denise again?” One of the guys to my left said laughing.

“Man, if Mary had an ass like Denise, you’d be dreaming about it all the time too.” Rob replied, without moving. Well, not counting his steadily rising cock, that is. “I have never wrapped my hands around a hotter piece of ass.” He sighed. “Shame she’s so stuck up about sex.”

One of the guys on the left chimed in. “Don’t tell me she still won’t suck your dick?” A note of surprise in his voice. “You’ve been going out for months!” A couple of the other guys nodded and seemed not to be able to believe it either.

“Tell me about it! The body of a goddess and the libido of a nun.” His cock was now sticking almost straight up and throbbing in time with his heartbeat. “Only even fucked maybe three times. Always missionary too.”

“Now that does suck, man.”

“And not in a good way!.” Chimed in one of the other guys, making them all laugh.

“I keep trying to get her on her hands and knees, but she keeps acting as if it’s demeaning or something. I told her I just get off better like that and how much I would like to see her luscious ass while we fuck, but no dice!”

“That’s tough. Mary may not have as good a body as Denise, but she’s a little whore in bed.” They all chuckled at that. I was still eyeing Rob’s cock out of the corner of my eye. Though I noticed that they were all getting hard now. “Not only doesn’t she mind getting on her hands and knees, getting ‘dogged’ is her favorite position!”

“Hey, Rob.” This from one of the guys who hadn’t said anything yet, other than to chuckle. He was sitting diagonally across from me, in the other corner of the room. “I think you have an admirer.”

My heart skipped a beat and my eyes snapped to my lap. I just stayed completely still, as if I wasn’t even aware they were in the room. But all the while my mind was swirling. His cock was so . . . hot. I was drawn to it. The same thought kept repeating in my head. Imagining my mouth sliding down over it. I kept imagining myself on my knees while this handsome black stud used me. ‘Black cock.’ I shivered at the thought. No one had said a word. Finally, I couldn’t take the silence any longer and glanced up. I couldn’t stop myself. My eyes went straight to his hard shaft again. Beautiful. He was now stroking it. The thought, ‘Suck it!’ popped into my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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