Heather, My Niece Ch. 02

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To all perverts: All persons depicted herein are over the age of eighteen. To assume, question, infer, or jump to an insane and idiotic conclusion that it is otherwise is incorrect.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. I’ve tried to lengthen certain parts. There are more surprises cumming. Hope you enjoy.


Several years ago my father passed away. He, without going to college, had ascended to become the vice president of a major internet provider. The two pieces of status he acquired, besides his second wife and former stenographer, were his 1934 Ford Roadster and a roll-top desk. And when he passed away I inherited it, proudly displaying in my office in the house. Heather and I had developed various methods of getting time together. One was for her to crawl under my desk and give me head while I worked. This included when my wife was home as the bottom of the desk was complete enclosed and she fit perfectly underneath. On this particular Wednesday, without looking I scooched my chair under desk and dived into the mountain of paperwork before me. Ever since her mother’s illness my wife Claire had wanted to set aside a trust for the grandchildren as well as a scholarship for struggling women. Though her goal was benevolent I was left to deal with the lawyers and the paperwork. Heather’s role gave me incentive, over and over, to complete it.

No sooner did I begin filling out some tax exemption request forms did I feel a familiar sensation. An unseen force had mounted my leg and wrangle my zipper free. The fore then fished around my underwear, freeing my penis the office air. The soft supple wrist brushed up against my thigh and the head of my penis, twisting a little as it went. The fingers curled and uncurl, jerking my shaft at different speeds. The thumb pressed against the underside of my penis, heightening my sensation. It then grew tighter and pumping faster and then relaxed as it slowed. Every so often the warm flick of a tongue would caress the head, followed by another round of twisting motions to make my pen pause. Another part of the same force reached for my balls, massaging them as my cock was jerked. I about lost consciousness as it found the secret spot at the base of my penis; that only Heather knows about that sends me over the edge. Knowing Claire was in house I had to, on several occasions, stop myself from crying out. I felt my shaft align with my view and I risked a peek at the force providing me great pleasure. I saw the little hands helping me towards orgasm and quickly look away. The hands came out of the darkness and I was glad. Suddenly I felt the hands let go and be replaced by a warm mouth, complete with attentive tongue swirling in all directions. Concentrating on the form in front of me I attempted to remember my wife’s name.

“Julie, no,” I struggled, “Sara? Crap, no. Claire? Yes. That was it.”

And no sooner did I think of her did she appear.

“Have we gone over the initial financials, yet?” She demanded.

The jaw on the mouth closed as it neared the base of my shaft, creating a spike in my pleasure.

“Uh,” I stammered, “Yes, at least for the first six months.”

“Is that it?” she asked.

“How far are we supposed to go?” I asked.

“At least a three to five year projection”, she replied, obviously annoyed.

“For a non-profit?” I asked. Losing my train of thought was happening more frequently as the sucking I was experiencing continued with increasing frequency. My pubic hair was now the object of squiggles and scrutiny by an exploring tongue. A pair of breasts was rubbed against my knees, the erect nipples felt like pokers tracing lined patterns in my slacks.

“Are you listening to me?” Claire asked.

“Of course, dear,” trabzon escort I responded, “You want business cards and stationary on the 11 weight, bone-colored, with Romalian type.”

The tongue ran its way up my entire shaft and into the slit in my head, wiggling there.

“Holy fuck!” I thought, “Here it comes.”

The mouth enveloped my entire, shaft. A hand clamped on and began to twist on my shaft in rhythm with the sucking motion. Over and over, withdrawing and thrusting.

“Honey, I’m almost finished here. Why don’t you go upstairs and take a bath. I’ll come check on you as soon as you’re done.” I said.

“As soon as I’m done?” she asked.

“Uh, as soon as I’m done,” I said.

“Yes. Ok. You’d better. You haven’t touched my cooch in forever.” She said.

“There’s something I look forward to.” I said.

I plaster my fake smile on in an attempt to hide the fact that I am about to cum in an unbelievable way. Claire walks away. Her ass actually looked delicious in the navy blue skirt and heels she was wearing. My heart stops when, half way down the hall she’s stopped by Heather. Heather is wearing a sun dress, yellow with small white flowers. Her hair is gorgeous and her breasts are gently protesting against being restrained. She was carrying a small black shopping bag.

“How’s grandma doing?” Heather asks.

“She’s ok. She had a good day today.” Claire says and sighs.

“Please give her a hug for me, ok?” Heather asks.

“I will, Heather. You are so caring about your grandmother. It’s a good thing,” says Claire.

“I love her so much,” replies Heather.

Claire turns and walks upstairs. I freeze. If Heather is walking towards me, then who is under the desk, I think to myself, my mind is racing. Everything goes into slow motion and I see Heather’s luscious body stride slowly towards me, her breasts bouncing in her dress, hips swaying from side to side. She gives a small wave of which I am unable to make any return gesture. She leans over the desk and smiles. I’m jolted back to present by my orgasm. I twitch an unknown number of times and the mouth sucks all cum up so none of it gets on my slacks. The heightened sensation of hiding my blowjob and seeing Heather made me so excited; my consciousness finally catches up with the rest of me. I hear the water rushing to the bathroom upstairs and I roll back slowly in my chair. Cindy’s head emerges from the darkness, her mouth covered in my cum. She giggles, swirling her tongue around in her mouth, pushing the thick white liquid around overflowing on her lips. Another giggle emerges. It’s Jahan, who is also in Heather’s class and graduating this year. Cindy’s eyes say thank you as she turns to Jahan and kisses her full on the mouth. They passed my cum back and forth. It slides all over their mouths and they kiss for several heartbeats, tongues exchanging waves of cum. I can feel my cock twitch again at the scene as Heather leans over the edge of the desk.

“Uncle Jim, have you met Jahan?” she asks.

I nod slowly, incredulous at the scene and wave hello.

Jahan gives Cindy a final kiss and waves back. With one finger she pushes the remnants of cum into her mouth before sucking on it. My cock twitches a final time. Cindy massaged Jahan’s breast, searching for the nipple. Jahan giggles and smacks her hand away.

“Well, since you girls have already had a snack. I have to go get one. Uncle Jim, will you take my friends for ice cream while I take a bath?” Heather asks.

Again I nod wordlessly, not registering what she said. It isn’t until we are on our way to the Rooter’s Nest for ice cream that I realize what she said. By then there was nothing I escort trabzon could do, but wonder what my niece was up to and how much it would cost to set up video cameras throughout the house. Heather strolled upstairs towards the sound of rushing water. She arrived at the large wooden door and slowly turned the knob. Only opening the door a little she could her aunt disrobing and letting it dropped to the floor. Heather’s face went flush as she was in full view of her aunt’s hips which were full and plump. She stopped her left foot from coming forward to announce her presence as her right foot would have announced her intention to nibble on said hip. She stood and waited. Clair slipped down into the tub and put in the stopper. The water was the temperature she desired and now she could begin filling the tub. Thinking she was alone Heather witnesses a curious behavior from her Aunt Claire. She slid down towards the gushing water and put her pussy underneath the running water. Claire gasped as the water pressed against her clit, gently massaging her thighs as it left her body. Waves of euphoria began to build in Claire’s lower half as she placed her legs in the rounded corners of the tub, raising her pussy closer to the stream. Her hips began to move in rounded rotation in the water. Claire’s head went back thinking about the many individuals and their skills that she’d had between her legs.

Heather knocked. Claire shot up like a bolt of lightning, her face flushed red from her enjoyment.

“Hi Aunt Claire,” Heather said.

“Oh. Hi, Heather, did you need something?” she asked.

“Oh no, I’m ok. I just wanted come see you and talk to you about grandma,” Heather said, “You’re really the only one who understands what I’m going through.”

“Oh you poor thing,” she said, “What did you want to talk about?”

“Actually, I was worried about you,” Heather said.

“Me?” asked Claire, “Why would you be worried about me?”

“Because it’s your mom and I can’t imagine how that must feel. You must be carrying such a burden and feel such tension right now,” said Heather.

Claire considered the events of the past couple of weeks and saw that she really hadn’t accepted what was happening to her mother. The comprehension of the loss of her mind and body had been pushed aside for more practical concerns, like care and feeding. Clean sheets and nutritional content had superseded grief and attachments.

“It hasn’t been easy,” said Claire. She looked down into the rising water.

“I’d like to help you feel better in any way that I can. How about I rub your shoulders?” Heather asked.

“Um, sure,” replied Claire.

Heather positioned herself at the head of the tub and began to rub her aunt’s temples. She started with small circles and moved down to her cheek bones. Small sighs and moans escaped Claire’s lips and Heather’s hands kneaded her Aunt’s skin. Heather moved her lands slowly down Claire’s neck, using her finger tips to make small circles. She did notice her aunt’s eyes had closed, her breathing slowing, rising up to meet her fingers. Dropping her hands down to her shoulders she began to rub, fingers spread across her clavicle in counterclockwise motions. Her fingers stretched towards her Claire’s breasts as if reaching towards the Sun from Earth, straining.

Claire was sinking into relaxation. She wished that Jim would come and thrust him man pole into her aching cunt. She hadn’t been touched in so long. Furtive touching sessions with her assistant in the Ladies’ Room had been all she could manage. She’d signed a thousand forms. What should happen if her mom stopped eating, if she couldn’t manage the bathroom herself, if resuscitation…Claire trabzon escort bayan couldn’t bring that into this space, this moment. She was surrounded by white tiles and blue accents. So many peaceful things struggled to enter her mind. And then here was the hands providing her pleasure. She let her mind wander that perhaps it was not her niece, but a lover, female and gentle, touching her while her husband looked on and eventually fondled her toes. The hands moved closer to her breasts. Claire imagined them reaching down, brazenly to grab hold of her nipples and twist them unmercifully, releasing all the tension that had been building inside her without any significant release. The bubbles and water covered her entire body. Slowly she slid a hand down in between her legs and flicked her clit. She did several times; small shocks were received and made her ache even more. She began rubbing it, careful not to move the water too much. Heather’s hands kept moving lower. Claire had to keep herself from breaking into a full sprint on her clit. Her eyes were closed.

“Heather that feels really, good,” Claire said.

“I’m glad.” Heather said, smiling big.

“Heather would be a dear and get me a towel?” asked Claire, “There are some down in the basement next to the dryer.”

“Sure. Oh I got you a present,” said Heather.

“Why thank you, Heather,” replied Claire, “That’s really sweet of you.”

Heather left to get the towel. As soon as the door clicked closed Claire went to work on her clit. She laid a few smacks to her pussy, bringing more blood to the area than was there. Using her forefinger and ring finger she rubbed her clit in strong circles. She pressed hard at first and feeling the initial rise she backed off. She opened the drain to let out the water and turn on the faucets. Getting the right temperature she moved her pussy underneath the flow. She’d heard about girls going this on the internet from the women at work. She maneuvered her clit under the water and received a rush. It was like a wonderful pressure was giving her pleasure consistently. It felt amazing. She plunged two fingers into her ass and franticly moved them in and out. She had to hurry. Heather would be back at any moment and she had to fill the tub again. Oh she was so close, she could feel the buildup, and the orgasm was almost here. She put a finger from her other hand in her pussy, the water massaging her clit in a thousand, impossible ways. Claire gritted her teeth as she came. Her release came again and again. She thought of a five women lined up to give her head in her office. She imagined Jim cumming on her face and smacking her with his huge dick. Heather was there and squatted over her, releasing a warm shower of urine on her, running down her next. Wait. Where did that come from, she thought and quickly pushed it out for some more office assistant pleasuring her. Her head shot back and she came again and again as her fingers thrust into her ass and pussy. Her body locked and her mouth let out a silent, curdling scream. Over and over she was ravage by those she lusted after day in and day out. After about seven seconds she relaxed. She half-heartedly put the stopper back in the drain, watching the water rise once more. She turned off the water and took in a small breath. Heather hadn’t returned. Claire lay there in the gathering silence. The mid-morning light streamed in the windows, making rectangles on the floor. Claire fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time Claire awoke. Her neck was slightly stiff, lifting it off the side of the tub. A white bath towel lay on the edge of the sink.

“How long was I asleep?” she wondered.

She really didn’t need to be anywhere after visiting her mother this morning. She could work from home and was already ahead of schedule with most her projects. Stretching out her legs she lifted them out of the water one at a time to see if she needed to shave. She did not. Rolling onto her left him, her leg bumped into the purple dildo her and Heather had used. Claire stopped herself. What, she said to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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